Hana Anenokoji

The Unmatched {NPC}

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a character in “Pokemon: Legacies”, as played by fullmetal642


Hana Anenokoji


Nickname/Epithet- A Self Proclaimed God
Gender- Female
Age- 23
Region of Origin- Kalos
Current Location- Threshield's Islands

Personality- Hana has what some would call a god complex and believes that all trainers are below her. She Refuses to hold any title that doesn't epitomize her unmatched talent, she even considers the title of Champion below her. Her Attitude is even worse than Lock's. She doesn't like those she considers below her to touch her skin, thus she wears long stockings and gloves. King Threshield is one of the only people that she considers her equal in this world.

Description of Appearance-

History- Hana has never lost a battle since she had begun her journey and has challenged all those from Champions to your average trainer.

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Hana Anenokoji's Story