Kai Kisaragi


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a character in “Pokemon: Legacies”, as played by fullmetal642


Kai Kisaragi


Nickname/Epithet- Detective
Gender- Male
Age- 31
Description of Appearance-
Region of Origin- Sinnoh
Current Location- Threshield Islands
History- Kai was a famous undercover detective of the international police. It is said he has worked with in many of the world's criminal organisations, he was forced into early retire as some believed he had secretly been working with the criminal underworld build an empire of his own, thought there was no proof. He is the head of Threshield Information network and was picked up specifically for his connections he had. His battling talent and intelligence had allowed him to climb to the near top of each organisation, but would always stop himself from reaching admin level.

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Kai Kisaragi's Story