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Cendrillon Fiammetta

"Don't just rely on skills alone!"

0 · 481 views · located in Johto Region

a character in “Pokemon: Legends of Johto”, as played by Child of the Winged


Cendrillon Fiametta


”Just because you're the most skilled, doesn't mean you're the greatest ever.”
- Unknown



Name: Cendrillon Fiammetta

Nickname: Cen (read Sin)

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Status: Electric (With a hint of Flying and Rock)

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto

Legendary Pokémon: Raikou


Hair Color Length and Style: Her hair is a near bright green. It's long and comes down to her hips, though it can be tied up into two high ponytails. It's soft and feathery to the touch, despite it's smooth look.

Eye Color and Shape: Cen's eyes are gold-yellow and express her emotions, despite her good acting. If you need to know what she truly feels, look into her eyes.

Complexion: She has a peaches and cream complexion. Her skin naturally flushes to a soft pink and pales to a cream white. She doesn't burn too easily but she hates the sun anyways.

Height and Weight: Cendrillon's quite average. 5'5.5" and 130 pounds.

Body Type: Despite many diets, tricks and bad habits, poor Cen can't grow her stick-skinny body out like she wants to. She has a near straight body, with a slight curve for her chest and a slightly larger one for her hips.

Regular Clothing: Her regular clothing consists of a long, black, sleeveless shirt that's split at the hips, front and back and a pair of white shorts. The sleeves she wears start right bellow her shoulder and end at her wrist. She wears three red belts for her past. Her shoes are long boots, that come all the way up to her thighs

-Sitrus Berry x 10
-Lum Berry x10
-Secret Key
-Costume for Contests
-Fashion Case
-Max Revives x5
-Image 2000
-Contest Ribbon Case
-Poké Flute


Personality: If you were to ask Cen about her personality, she'd give you a long list of irrelevant things before high tailing it. She's a interesting character, though. She has a case of Dissociative identity disorder, making her an unstable person. She often switches between her normal joker self and two major personalities, Noir, her nice, innocent side and Canadido, her crazier, risk-taking side. Each understands the other exist but claim they are the original.

Brief History: Cen was born into a small family, only one older brother, who was an avid rock climber and paleontology expert. Her mother was a scientist at the Pewter Museum of Science and her father, a reviver of the museum. She grew up needing to be the best, lest her family leave her in the dust. At the tender age of 10, she took herself up to Mt. Moon with her starter, an Electrike and trained for a year. She came back to her mother crying. Come to find out, while she was gone, her brother had died on a cliff and her father had thrown himself of the same one in despair. When she went to comfort her mother, she was shoved away and yelled at. Her mother then kicked her out of the house, and a few days later, drown herself in anguish. At only 11, Cen had become an orphan and homeless. She traveled to Saffron City, where she found a love in Contests. She's traveled through them all once, only winning the Kanto Grand Festival and getting second in the other two.

Potential Interest: The one searching for Entei


Starter Pokémon: Manectric
Pokémon Nickname: Fulmine
Pokémon Nature: Adamant
Pokémon Ability: Lightningrod
Held Item: Magnet
Pokémon History: Fulmine is Cen's starter, her first friend. She was looking through the museum when she heard a small roar. She looked out the window to see a small, electric blue puppy being attacked by some of the local bullies. She ran out there and shooed them away. She took the Electrike and rushed him into the Pokemon Center to be healed. For days she didn't leave the hospital, caring for the little thing. She just felt this connection to him. When he woke up, he yipped and licked her hand, making her laugh. The nurse commented that they would make a great pair and they both agreed. He evolved during a hard contest battle, wiping the poor Pokemon on the floor and winning first place.
Move set:
- Iron Tail
- Ice Fang
- Electro Ball
- Toxic

Second Pokémon: Aerodactyl
Pokémon Nickname: Alt
Pokémon Nature: Impish
Pokémon Ability: Pressure
Held Item: Smooth Rock/Rocky Helmet
Pokémon History: Alt is her second Pokemon, given to her by her elder brother. Alt was an Old Amber he found on the mountain and for her 9th birthday, gifted her with the moody ancient bird. At first, he wanted nothing to do with her, which saddened her and pissed off Fulmine. This was because his loyalties lay with her brother at the time. When she went up to the mountain, Alt didn't join her, instead flying off to the top and roosting. When he heard her crying, he watched her break down. It was then he decided to protect her, in the place of his first master, her brother.
Move set:
- Dragon Breath
- Steel Wing
- Sandstorm
- Fly

Third Pokémon: Ampharos
Pokémon Nickname: Phare
Pokémon Nature: Sassy
Pokémon Ability: Static
Held Item: Bright Powder
Pokémon History: Phare. The little Mareep that stole Cen's heart. She was left by her former owner and was found, shivering, injured and weak, by Alt, who begrudgingly took her to Cen. Cen took the little girl in and tended for her. As Phare faded in and out of consciousness, the one constant was Cen's worried face, something she never wants to see again. Phare re-awoke, for good this time, Cen hugged her and laughed. Phare saw that Cen wasn't like the other trainer, she was dedicated to her Pokemon and would rather die than abandon them. Phare's first evolution was during training and her second was burning a double battle with Alt, her new protector.
Move set:
- Power Gem
- Signal Beam
- Heal Bell
- Thunder

Fourth Pokémon: Galvantula
Pokémon Nickname: Spinne
Pokémon Nature: Quirky
Pokémon Ability: Compoundeyes
Held Item: Muscle Band
Pokémon History: Spinne's history is a bit weird. Instead of meeting him as a Joltik, they met when he was a full grown Galvantula. The girl had been wandering through Unova for more beauty training for Phare when she literally stumbled over the sleeping spider. The two shared eye contact and quickly started battling. She caught him and sent him back out. They talked with their facial expressions before she hopped onto his back and they took off. That day is still a joke to the two of them and they still never talk, just make eye contact.
Move set:
- Sucker Punch
- Cross Poison
- Pin Missile
- Wild Charge

Fifth Pokémon: Rotom
Pokémon Nickname: Moteur
Pokémon Nature: Timid
Pokémon Ability: Levitate
Held Item: Wise Glasses
Pokémon History: Moteur was found in her Sinnoh contests, literally. Moteur crashed one of the contest battle and Cen, sensing opportunity, captured the little electric ghost. She won the ribbon because of that win. Later on, Cen found a broken fan and turned to her new hat, Moteur. The ghost took it upon herself to inhabit the machine, making it work and gaining a new moveset. All of them consider it an evolution, though. She often floats around with her, holding the little arm like things and riding along the air currents with her. They never go high though, more bouncing.
Move set:
- Will-O-Wisp
- Charge Beam
- Ominous Wind
- Air Slash

Sixth Pokémon: Magnezone
Pokémon Nickname: Calamita
Pokémon Nature: Calm
Pokémon Ability: Sturdy
Held Item: Scope Lens
Pokémon History: This is Cen's last Pokemon that she carries. Calamita was a twitchy Magneton, spazing out a lot. He had gone through many trainers before her and she knew this. She had captured him then returned him to the outside world. Come to find out, he was just confused and no one stuck along long enough to figure that out. She still laughs at that. He evolved for no reason really. They were walking through a cave when he started glowing. In reality, they were in Chargestone Cave, without either knowing. She blinked and looked up to see her three headed floating magnet head had turned into a flying saucer. She was startled but now because of this, she had a more powerful friend.
Move set:
- Flash Cannon
- Hidden Power (Water, 70)
- Thunderbolt
- Toxic

Password: VESI..? I am unsure...

So begins...

Cendrillon Fiammetta's Story