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Seig Alsief

"I'll change the world one Pokemon at a time."

0 · 259 views · located in Auxereilla

a character in “Pokémon: Legends of Old”, as played by RurouniBishi


Seig has short crimson hair that's spiked up and two strands that are hanging down, just barely avoiding getting in his eyes. His eyes are yellow in color and seem to burn with inner passion and determination. His skin is pale and far from unblemished, he has scars galore from a tough life. Scars from both people and Pokemon. They're mostly on his torso but extend to his arms and legs as well. The only place that isn't scarred up is his face. The most noticeable of his scars is the burn one he received after cauterizing a wound that would have killed him. This scar starts at the base of his neck on the right side and goes down to his pectoral muscle, as well and covering his collarbone and shoulder, it also extends into his armpit a little bit. Though it his usually covered by his Ranger uniform.

The Ranger uniform he wears is this one, minus the white headband. With him always is his Styler. It is one of the latest models and is worn as a bracelet rather than have to be carried. It is useful to the Rangers because they can't drop it or forget it. Seig is decently tall and has a toned muscular build, you won't find an ounce of fat on this guy anywhere.

Date of Birth:
October 3rd, 1990
Hair Color:
Bright red
Eye Color:
6 feet
Physical Ability:
As a Ranger, Seig's body is in top physical condition. He is trained to resist temperatures and the elements to a certain degree. He can traverse any environment, though not exactly with ease. He has tons of stamina and can keep going for long periods of time, and if he pushes himself he can go even further. He's strong and can lift pretty heavy objects, though his speed is average at best. He is trained in martial arts, Shaolin Kempo to be exact and can certainly hold himself in a fight, being a black belt in said art.

Smarts isn't Seig's strong suit. While he can think under pressure and has a lot of common sense and street smarts, the book smarts are lacking big time. He knows a lot about Pokemon from what he's seen as his years of being a Ranger, but couldn't tell you things like abilities, what moves they learn when, etc. He also doesn't know people very well and is terrible at reading them. Though he can read Pokemon pretty well and predict when they are going to attack or not. A very useful skill being a Ranger.

* Trainer Type:
Pokemon Ranger

Legendary Pokémon:
Entei was born of a volcano thirty years before the RP begins, and within its first two years of life it was exposed to both the best and worst of human beings. With both sides of the coin resting in its heart, Entei traveled the world trying to find out which of the two sides dominated the human heart. By remaining at a distance for over a decade and observing wherever there was conflict, it came to the conclusion that the two halves were roughly equal, and that it had no reason to think that such a detail would ever change. Entei began traveling the world simply to travel, searching for a place to settle away from humans where it could live its life in peace. Alas, it was to no avail as humans had spread all over the world preventing it from settling. Thus, Entei now travels the world to stay on the move and remain out of reach of humans. While it’s not exactly trusting of humans, it’s not hostile towards them either when it senses any level of goodness in the heart.

Above all, Seig is passionate. About the things he loves, the things he doesn't love. No matter what it is, he'll give his one hundred percent. He's more than a little stubborn and refuses to go down without a fight. On top of that he is naturally protective and would give his life to save another in a heartbeat. He's kind and affectionate, especially towards Pokemon of all kinds. While usually patient enough to win a staring contest with a statue, the minute somebody else's life is at stake, logic flies out the window. He can be headstrong and tends to follow his heart rather than his mind.

He desires to change the world for the better, after growing up and seeing the worst of people, and then becoming a Ranger and seeing the best. He's an optimist and always sees the good in people, situations, Pokemon, no matter how bad or dark they may be. He tends to push himself far beyond his limits, and is always growing because of it. He's neither a leader, or a follower, he likes to do his own thing and not start or go with trends. He has the strong sense of justice that one needs as a Ranger. He does try to push his ideals on people a little too much, but not to be rude. He does it because he truly believes he can change the world.

* Equipment:
Always with him is his Styler and a backpack full of supplies for both him and his partner Pokemon. A length of rope, food, medicine, berries, a sleeping bag, etc. Everything needed to travel and survive in world.

Seig was born in a large city on the outer edges Aquasia. His family was poor and he grew up in a bad neighborhood. He was the witness to murder and the victim of theft before he even reached his tenth year. His constant companion through it all was Fantasy the Eevee, his friend and now partner Pokemon. When he reached the age of twelve he took a train away from the city to Ranger School. At first he wanted to become a Ranger so that he could travel and catch the bad guys. Make his neighborhood a better place. But as he went through school that changed to something much bigger.

He graduated from Ranger School at the top of his class after the year was up. He was stationed at a base in Gayust, far away from his home. But he stayed positive through it all. As long as Fantasy was by his side, he could face anything. He trained at the Ranger base, helping people and Pokemon alike, all while growing stronger. Everything was going well until he was nineteen, just a few years before he became a full fledged Ranger. He was part of a mission to escort people and Pokemon out an unstable cave when it collapsed. Trapping him, Fantasy, and numerous people and Pokemon inside. He was injured in the cave in, bad enough that if he didn't get medical attention soon, he was going to die. Along with everyone else in there. He begged a trainer that had a fire type Pokemon to cauterize the wound, and the trainer wasn't happy, but did it because they knew how bad the situation was. It hurt like hell, but Seig stayed awake the entire time, and immediately leaped into action as soon as the bleeding had stopped.

Seig was no longer in danger of death, but they were still trapped. Seig organized all the Psychic Pokemon so they could try and shift the rubble using Telepathy and or Kinesis. But there were only a few and it was going slowly. Fantasy evolved that day, into an Espeon, so that she could help her partner and the others escape. And thanks to both of them, the casualties were at a minimum. They both changed that day, in more ways than one. And it strengthened their bond even further.

Several years later, Seig become a full fledged Ranger and had the freedom to chose the path he took. He chose to be a Ranger that traveled the world, not tied down to a single base, or section of the world. He goes wherever he is needed and loves being able to do it. He is well on his way to becoming a Top Ranger, and is already making quite a name for himself. Him and Fantasy are a team that can't be broken by anything.

So begins...

Seig Alsief's Story