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Yume Ishiwata

I have prepared my entire life for this opportunity! I will not waste it!

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a character in “Pokémon: Legends Untold”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Age: 22
DOB: May 12, 1996
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Not Telling (... 125 lbs)
Voice Type: Soprano (0:27)
Body Type: Mesomorph

Personality: Yume is a bright and energetic young woman who loves and enjoys life to the fullest every day. She's always smiling and, because of how easily entertained she is, always laughing. It's almost impossible to keep a sour face or attitude around her. For whatever reason she almost always seems to know what to say and how to say it in order to have the intended effect of brightening your day. Whenever the opportunity arises, she's humming or singing regardless of whether or not anyone else is around. She has a beautiful voice, and she knows it. And Yume is a "if you've got it, flaunt it" kind of girl.

Her personal views on the Pokémon League are mixed. She agrees with most of how the League operates, but takes one very notable exception: Pokémon Experimentation. While the League does its best to oversee such experiments to make sure they're as humane as possible, given the goal of "understanding everything possible about Pokémon", there are lapses in its treatment of its Pokémon test subjects. There have been two Pokémon deaths involved in these experiments, and one of them publicly broadcast on television because the broadcast didn't shut down when the Pokémon was killed. It was supposed to be a demonstration of the effects of a new Super Potion spray, but instead of healing the Pokémon it caused a reaction similar to allergies which prompted the already wounded Pokémon's wounds to open further and it bled to death on camera. Yume was only twelve when she saw this, and it traumatized her forever.

Because of what happened, Yume is incredible outspoken about the League's failure to properly contain the scientific community's desire to learn about Pokémon through invasive and dangerous tests. While she understands that there are risks involved, she doesn't believe the League is minimizing those risks efficiently. More than once, thanks to her father, she has found her way into television interviews speaking out about it and she has a social media following of Pokémon Rights enthusiasts. While she doesn't consider herself among them, believing herself more to be a simple "it's common sense" kind of person rather than a "Pokémon Rights!" person, she recognizes the similarities in their views and beliefs about the League's treatment of Pokémon and thus accepts the recognition and following she has with open arms. Today she continues to speak out whenever possible, especially if she finds an opportunity to take it to the screen on a television broadcast.

Despite the flak her father has taken for his daughter's open criticism of the Pokémon League, he continues to support her and her right to speak her mind and give criticism where she feels it's due.

Starter Pokémon: Blaze

Blaze's Bio: Blaze is an extreme rarity among Pokémon in that he is what has become known to the scientific community as an Aberrant, a Pokémon with an alternate coloration to the species' normal color. He was also born with gigantism and stands at an impressive height of 3' 6", a full foot and a half above his species' normal height. Because of the gigantism, he is expected to reach a height of just over 10' as a Charizard.

However... Because of his gigantism, Blaze had a rough upbringing. Due to his size and his abnormal growth rate he hatched from his egg prematurely and came dangerously close to death. Had it not been for the rapid actions of the Pokémon Center staff as well as the Breeder overseeing his egg clutch, he would have succumbed to the premature birth complications. He survived, barely, and was in intensive care for over three months while the rest of his clutch hatched and was introduced to their mother during his isolation. He was introduced to his mother almost one full month after the rest of his siblings, and as a result she did not recognize him, nor had he imprinted on her as his mother. Ultimately the union was a tragic one in which she rejected him forcing the Pokémon Center to take him into their care until a permanent home could be found.

Luckily for Blaze, one such home was ready and waiting... The home of Professor Oak of Pallet Town.

Professor Oak was fascinated by Blaze's size and coloration and happily took him in. While initially for observation and study, he grew quite fond of the young and playful fire lizard despite his antics and occasional breaking of something in the lab due to his size. Before long the Professor had discovered all he could about Blaze's conditions, and he contemplated keeping him for himself or handing him out to a worthy young Trainer sometime in the future. But before he could make the decision himself, the Pokémon League confiscated him for private study.

Blaze's life took a turn for the worse during this period in which he was the subject of some rather invasive and exhaustive tests which saw him grow to distrust those who handled him. On more than one occasion he lashed out and snapped at his handlers when he felt they were too rough or poked him in the wrong places. Restraints were inevitable. Luckily for Blaze, this did not last. There came a day, almost a full year into his isolation in this dark facility, when someone new came into his life. A young human with crimson red hair and bright green eyes who threw out the scientists running tests on him and approached.

Her voice was soft and warm. Her touch was gentle and kind. Her eyes were welcoming and full of life. It was almost as if the Professor had come for him, but this wasn't the Professor. This was someone else. She released his restraints and he hopped down from the table to the hard floor below. But because of his isolation he was rather weak and stumbled upon landing. But instead of hitting the ground, he found himself wrapped protectively in the girls arms as she nuzzled his head and stroked his shoulders and back while cooing to him that it would be all right. That the tests were over and she would take him in from this point on.

He didn't know how to feel about it at first, hearing that he would have yet another new owner. But something about this girl compelled him to believe her words. As she continued cooing and singing softly to him while stroking his back and nuzzling his head, he quickly fell asleep in his new Trainer's arms before being called to his first Poké Ball to rest.

His new life had begun.

Biography: Yume Ishiwata was born on May 12, 1996, to parents Tomomi and Takashi Ishiwata. She was born in Pallet Town on a late and warmer than usual late Spring day in Pallet Town General Hospital at 7:38pm. She was exactly eighteen inches and six pounds, four ounces. Yume took after her grandmother on her mother's side, sharing her striking red hair and green eyes. And although it wasn't discovered until her pre-teen years, she also took after her grandfather on her father's side with her athleticism and taller frame (she's taller than both her parents who are 5' 2" and 5' 5" respectively).

Yume's mother, then Tomomi Outa, was a Communications specialist working originally in Saffron City. She was hired by a company called Berges International, a business corporation specializing in the production and distribution of computer chips to other corporate partners both overseas and in other Regions. Her primary duties included coordinating corporate meetings, events, and assigning translators when language and culture differences became an obstacle. It was during one such coordination effort that she was put into contact with one Takashi Ishiwata, a representative of the Alolan Pokémon Law Enforcement Agency, PPP (Pokémon Protection and Preservation). Though their talk was mostly about business, Takashi happened to like Tomomi's voice and asked her to coffee before the first real meeting was set to take place. Reluctantly, she agreed.

The rest, as we say, is history.

The young couple fell in love over the course of an eight month courtship dance in which Tomomi played extremely hard to get which drove Takashi up the wall. But his persistence paid off when he bought the ring and proposed. She accepted immediately and the two were wed a mere four months later on the day of their one year anniversary. They did not conceive for two full years as they wanted to be certain of their relationship first. Everything worked out just fine and the pair bought a small house in Pallet Town after Yume's father earned an early retirement (he comes from a wealthy family). With Takashi retired and free to stay home and take care of the family, Yume was conceived and brought into the world as the first child of the family. Two years later her younger sister, Ema, was born.

Yume shares her father's strong beliefs on proper treatment of Pokémon. Every time she's seen an example of abuse or neglect, she's been as public as she could be about speaking out against it. Even as a child she made her own signs and marched around Pallet Town demanding attention and action against the one(s) responsible. She became rather well known, even as a child, as Pallet Town's resident Pokémon Spokesperson. Thanks to social media her outspoken nature for proper treatment of Pokémon earned her millions of followers from Kanto to Kalos who agreed with her views and her determination to find justice in the name of abused and neglected Pokémon. Her social media following, to date, has started dozens petitions of the Pokémon League to punish wrongdoers for neglecting and/or abusing their Pokémon in a public fashion... All of those petitions have been acted upon by the League, and numerous prison sentences have been given out to those accused by Yume and her following after investigations into their actions.

Yume has always carried her father's beliefs close to her heart, and although it made her famous at a young age it did not help her personal life. Her loneliness outside of social media interactions with followers prompted her to seek companionship elsewhere. She asked her father, a Licensed Pokémon Trainer, if it would be all right for her to play with his Pokémon. Unfortunately the law forbid such a thing. Despite her father being a Licensed Trainer who's Pokémon were highly obedient and loved him and the family very much, the law prevented her from interacting with them because she was under aged and not a licensed Trainer herself. Yume spoke out about this law on social media, and it earned both her and her father a lot of criticism by the Pokémon League. But thanks to social media Yume and her father were well protected and vouched for by the online community across the Regions.

Several years later, when Yume was sixteen, her forceful social media assault on the Pokémon League's law preventing family members from interacting with Pokémon belonging to licensed Trainers hit a feverish pitch. Almost every other day she was re-posting and reinforcing her belief that if a Licensed Trainer has a family, those family members should be allowed to interact with their Pokémon. The League tried to fight back against her assault, but the overwhelming support her online assault received from the people forced the League to take the matter into consideration. Several months later, the Pokémon League changed its laws in favor of Yume's view that family members of Licensed Trainers, provided they were in good standing with the League, be allowed to interact with their Pokémon so long as it was within the confines of their home and property. Once you set foot outside your property line, it was illegal to interact with Pokémon. Period.

Not exactly what she was hoping for, but it was a step in the right direction.

Over the next two years Yume enjoyed spending time bonding with her father's Pokémon, especially one particular Pokémon named Inferno. Inferno was her father's Charizard, and the two were practically inseparable. Yume grew up bonding deeply with Inferno until Inferno died of old age when Yume was twenty one. She was this close to graduating with her degree from the local Pokémon University and registering for her Trainer's License when it happened. Yume's anguish ran deep during this period. She graduated all the same, but without Inferno there to congratulate her which is what she had been hoping for. During this time Yume's depression began to take over and she even disappeared from social media for a while. Her father, having held onto a favor owed him by Professor Oak for many years, cashed it in and asked the Professor to get Yume her very own Charmander as a partner. Yume had always been preparing for life with a Charmander thanks to her time with Inferno, and it was the only starter Pokémon she would accept.

Professor Oak accepted the request and ordered a Charmander from the Pokémon League, but before he finalized the order he remembered the colored Charmander named Blaze which had been confiscated from him one year prior. The Professor called Yume and let slip that Blaze was in the League's hands as one of their experimental Pokémon, and despite her depression the fact that Blaze was a Charmander ignited her passion once again. She petitioned the League to allow her to take ownership of the Charmander, lest they risk her making the petition public with her millions of followers helping her like they did last time. Not prepared for another headache, the League relented to her petition with minimal resistance and allowed her to come in and take Blaze away. She returned him to Professor Oak, who held him for her until her Pokémon Trainer's License was finalized and delivered to her. Once she had the license in her hands, Blaze became her starter Pokémon.

Yume has now been with Blaze for one full month, and the two already share a powerful bond which has pushed Yume to take the Pokémon League Gym Leader's Challenge. Earning the eight Kanto Badges will be a task and a half, but Yume and Blaze are ready. She may still be young and inexperienced, but Yume's studies and practical training with her father's Pokémon after she changed the League's rule about family interactions with Pokémon have prepared her for the rigors which lie ahead.

Yume's legend is now only just beginning.

So begins...

Yume Ishiwata's Story


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Pallet Town: June 6, 2018

A cool early Summer breeze swept across the land as Yume sat beneath the warm sun overhead and stretched her arms out. A small crack was released from her elbows as she laid herself down in the grass and closed her eyes with a smile.

Playing in the grass not far away was Blaze, her Aberrant Charmander and starter Pokémon. He was shuffling through the grass and spinning around to observe the shuffle marks his feet left in the grass, the blades bent in streaks behind him forming shapes in the landscape. Satisfied with his "art", he hopped on all fours to lay down beside Yume while ensuring the flame on his tail did not come into contact with her flesh or clothing.

Time passed.

Almost two hours lazily plodded onward as the pair rested under the sun.

Yume was finally roused from her slumber when a cool breeze swept through the area. She sat up, rubbing her shoulders as the warmth of the day seemingly vanished in the blink of an eye. Blaze, too, felt the change and had awoken. She reached out to embrace him and share his warmth as the skies darkened and suddenly became cloudy. The once calm, cloudless day turning to an almost frightening precursor to a violent storm.

A drop of water fell onto Yume's face, and instinctively she recalled Blaze to his Poké Ball... And not a moment too soon.

A downpour started from out of nowhere as Yume raced underneath a nearby tree for whatever dryness she could find. The winds picked up to a feverish pitch almost knocking her off balance. She was forced to grab hold of the tree to steady herself as the wind and rain intensified.

Not but a minute later the thunderclaps began erupting across the skies followed quickly by lightning strikes.

"What on Earth?!"
She yelled to herself.

The storm's near instantaneous rise and ferocity defied all logic. And to make things worse was the ever changing air currents which swept her body this way and that as she fought to keep herself stable by hugging the tree.

Suddenly, a sound emerged from the storm which she'd never heard before. Yume's eyes forced themselves open as she looked skyward towards where the sound was coming from and beheld the faint shadow of a serpentine figure flying through the clouds. Wafts of cloud vapor from the beats of its wings shot downwards towards the Earth, while a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a white tail with blue fins on either side broke the cloud layer a few times before the figure disappeared higher into the cloud cover.

She didn't get a good look at it, and all too soon it was gone. The flying figure hidden in the clouds disappeared altogether as its long, almost song-like call reverberated one last time before fading altogether.

Then, as if following the strange creature, the storm slowly dissipated. It flowed towards the creature as it flew away into the distance and disappeared after a few minutes leaving Yume once again in a bright sunny and cloudless day with the only signs of the storm being the now windswept and waterlogged grass and mud that was once dirt.

"What... What in the world was that?" She asked herself.

Yume jogged carefully back to the heart of Pallet Town where Professor Oak's lab was and knocked on the door before being let in by one of his aides.

"Professor! Did you see that storm?" She asked as she raced up to his desk, nearly slipping thanks to her wet shoes.

"I did. And... By the way Yume, are you all right? You look pale."

"I saw something in the storm, Professor."

"Did you?"

"Yes, Professor. It was a tail. Or part of one." She said.

"Well, that is intriguing. Did anything stand out about it?"

"Yes. It had two small blue... Uh... Fins? Fins. Something like that. One on either side." She replied.


The professor rose from his chair and paced the floor with an expression of deep thought before he glanced at Yume out of the corner of his eye.

"Did you hear anything?" He asked.

"Yes. It was a cry of some kind. Almost like a song. It, uh... It went something like this." She said, singing the cry she'd heard back for him.

((For full song: here.))

The Professor's brows furrowed as he turned away.

He seemed to mumble something to himself for a moment before turning back to her and waving his hands.

"Don't worry about it for right now, Yume. What you saw was indeed a Pokémon, but I don't believe what you saw was accurate. Perhaps your eyes played tricks on you in the stormy weather and the shock of the sudden onset it brought." He suggested.

Yume pursed her lips.

"I know what I saw Professor. It was a white tail tip with blue fin-like protrusions on either side. And that call was unmistakable. I'll never forget it for as long as I live. Despite how scary that storm's sudden surge was, that call was beautiful."

"Hrm... Well, either way, don't worry about it. The storm is past, and it's almost time for you to depart for Viridian City, is it not?"

Yume started.

"Ah! That's right! I have to gather my things and meet mom at the edge of town!"

She thanked the Professor and quickly darted away to her home down the road where she hastily gathered her belongings. Inside her backpack she kept with her a basic cooking kit including a pot for boiling water, utensils, a couple plates, a wash cloth, disinfectant spray for her dishes, a flashlight, a map of the local region between Pallet and Viridian, a wrap of rope (30' long), a 5 lbs bag of Pokémon food for Blaze (more as treats than for sustenance), a knife (you never know!), and two changes of clothing.

That was about all she could fit.

Thanks to the Professor, she also had five empty Poké Balls on her waist attached to a belt with small magnetized patches, three on either side for six Poké Balls for her team.

While the Pokémon League had no limitations on how many Pokémon could be carried on the Trainer's person, they did limit six to a team for all Trainers who registered for competitive pursuits such as the Gym Leader's Challenge.

Along with that she had her Pokédex, another gift from the Professor.

Once she'd double checked everything, she departed home where she met her family at the edge of Pallet Town. They all wished her well on her journey and reminded her to write and call as often as she could to keep them updated on how she was doing. After a semi-tearful farewell, Yume was off on her journey.

"All right. This is it!" She said, pulling out Blaze's Poké Ball and letting him out to wander.

"We've got a long way to go Blaze. You ready?" She asked.

Blaze enthusiastically barked at her and hopped a few times before looking around disapprovingly at the still damp path they were walking on. Since it was a concrete road frequented by cars, it wasn't as bad as the wet dirt and mud off to the side. Still, it wasn't so bad.

The pair walked off at a brisk pace, eager to start their journey together as challengers of the eight Kanto Gym Leaders!


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Route 1: June 6, 2018

Yume had stopped on the side of the main road to work with Blaze. Her not so little little Aberrant Charmander bounced on the balls of its feet in the grass as she sat on a log thinking about how best to train him.

Considering his future stages of evolution, especially his final form of Charizard, she figured it would be best to train him how to be light on his feet and flexible so he could make the most of his aerial acrobatics as a Charizard. It would be his most lethal weapon upon attaining his final stage of evolution.

"Okay!" She said with a clap of her hands.

"Let's see... I wonder if the Pokédex has any info on how best to do this." She thought out loud.

She brought out her Pokédex and filtered through its numerous menus and data banks to see if it had suggestions about training a Pokémon's speed and flexibility. Her search brought her to a Pokémon Trainer's online forum where veteran Trainers gave their thoughts and advice about Pokémon Training. Most of it was geared towards making your Pokémon "stronger", but Yume wasn't interested in that.

She continued to search until she found what she was looking for, "Speed Training".

However, after reading it she found it was more of a "how to quickly train your Pokémon" post than a "how to train your Pokémon's speed" post.

Disappointed, she put the Pokédex away and laid down in the grass with Blaze continuing to bounce on the balls of his feet awaiting her instructions.

"Let's seeeeee........... How would I train your speed?" She wondered aloud.

"Sprints?... Jumps?... An obstacle course?" She asked aloud.

She sat up and let out a breath.

"Sprints it is... And maybe a few yoga exercises for flexibility! Let's see how this goes!" She said excitedly.

She turned to Blaze and gave a hand gesture for him to come to her. He did as instructed, stopping just in front of her and looking up at her expectantly.

"Okay Blaze. I want you to sprint as fast as you can to that tree over there." She said, pointing to a tree on a hill just over 100 yards away.

Blaze looked at the tree, and then looked at her with a confused expression.

"Um... Sprint." She asked.

He tilted his head.

"Okay then... You know how to run, right?" She asked.

Blaze nodded.

"Okay. To sprint is to run as fast as you can. Do you understand?" She asked.

Again, Blaze nodded.

"Okay then! Run as fast as you can to that tree when I say the word "go". Are you ready?"

Blaze turned around and leaned forward, prepared to run.

"Okay Blaze... 3, 2, 1, GO!!"

Blaze took off... but it wasn't exactly a sprint. He was running for sure, but at a rather brisk pace. It was almost more of a power jog than anything else. It took him almost thirty two seconds to reach the tree before hopping up and down to show her he reached his destination.

"Hm... okay." She whispered to herself.

She waved him back to her, and he came jogging back at a slow and steady pace. When he returned, he was a little winded.

"Okay Blaze. Good attempt." She said, patting his head.

This was going to be harder than she thought.


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Route 1: June 6, 2018

The sun was now beginning to set on her first full day as a Pokémon Trainer, and she spent the majority of the afternoon teaching Blaze what it meant to sprint at full speed. It took several tries before he finally got the basic idea of running full speed without her. She started by trying to tell him to run as fast as possible, but it didn't work. He continued running at the same speed. Her next attempt, after giving him time to rest and forage for food, involved running with him. She encouraged him that it was a game of tag, and that if he wanted a special treat he'd have to catch her.

She ran up ahead of him and kept an eye over her shoulder. He was running well, but still holding back. Treats weren't the best method of reaching him. That was for sure. So she changed tactics. She switched it and said that it was her job to tag him, and that if she managed to tag him he would have to let her tickle him which was something he was not fond of.

This seemed to have the intended effect, as she saw him finally take off at a pace that even she found difficult to keep up with. She kept on him though. She ran after him as fast as needed to keep him at a full sprint until he reached the tree which was the safety zone. If he could touch the trunk with his hands before she tagged his shoulder, he was safe.

After a few rounds of this, she let him take a nap to rest. While he slept she stroked his back, neck, and head while keeping an eye out for Pokémon, other Trainers, passing cars, etc.

She was content to walk the distance to Viridian City as she was in no rush to get there.

A few hours later, and with the sun starting to set, she decided to ask Blaze one last time to run to the tree as fast as he could. But this time, by himself.

When she said "go", he took off at a sprint and reached the tree in just over eighteen seconds. Not bad at all for a young Pokémon who was only 3' 6" with short, stubby legs.

When he came back she gave him a big hug, a brief massage, and a handful of Pokémon food as a treat reward for his hard work today. He was finally getting what it meant to sprint, which would be invaluable for his ability to move around the battlefield whenever they challenged or were challenged by other Trainers. The better he could move, the more effective he could be.

After the sun had set, Blaze was still asleep. Yume recalled him to his Poké Ball and set up her sleeping bag and pillow before falling asleep. The fire Blaze had started for her before going to bed was freshly stocked with sticks and dead branches, as well as surrounded by stones and dirt to stop embers from reaching the grass nearby. As well it would keep wild Pokémon away at night.

Safe for the night, Yume slept soundly bringing her first full day as a Trainer to a close.

Not a bad start!


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Date: June 7, 2018

Yume awoke the next morning after what was actually a very nice first night for her out in the wilderness. Having camped near the road, she expected a few cars to wake her up, or the shrieks of a new night-time Pokémon. None of that bothered her last night. She slept soundly through everything.

Upon waking, she promptly cleaned herself up and gathered her belongings tucking them safely away in her pack before changing clothes behind a tree and setting off following the main road.

By around 10am, she released Blaze from his ball and he trotted happily beside her.

She spoke to him about a few things along the way. Namely, she spoke about their training regimen. She wanted him to do sprint exercises at least three times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. Blaze was a bit skeptical, but displayed his acceptance of her orders with a short bark of affirmation. She smiled happily and looked for a good spot to begin.

"Ah, there we are!" She said.

She stopped and pointed at a bench and bus stop up ahead.

"That's about one hundred meters or so. Perfect! Okay Blaze, get ready to sprint to that bench."

Blaze hopped into the air and then landed in his ready stance, and upon Yume's order he dashed to the bench at top speed. Watching her Pokédex for the time, she counted the seconds before he hit the bench. Right around eighteen seconds, just like yesterday. Good. He was consistent.

"Good job Blaze! Come on back!" She called.

Blaze trotted back, slightly winded, and received a few treats for his efforts as well as a pat on the head and a back rub which he was quickly growing to love. She gave him a five minute break, and then repeated the exercise a total of five times. By the end Blaze was becoming fatigued and his time was dropping to twenty one and twenty two seconds respectively on his final two attempts. She decided to stop and let him take a nap while she rubbed his back and enjoyed the afternoon sun.

By the early afternoon, Blaze was awake and looking peppy again, so they continued on down the road.

And then, while taking a brief detour off the beaten path into the forested area near a decently sized river, she spied a Pokémon splashing about which she had long desired to capture since she began the process of attaining her Pokémon Trainer's License two years ago: A Magikarp.

To most, the tiny Magikarp was useless. All it could do was flop around on land and swim lazily through the water. But it was its evolved form, Gyarados, which she was truly after. If she could capture a Magikarp now and evolve it later on, Gyarados would make a fine addition to her team and be a valuable asset for crossing large bodies of water.

That, and it was one of her favorite Pokémon.

Yume immediately started planning out how she'd get this Magikarp. It was swimming against the current at the exact speed of the water so it was actually still just beneath the surface. But its orange-red body gave it away.

Yume crept forward, ordering Blaze to stay back and wait to weaken it later once she got it out of the water... But how?

The water was fairly deep where Magikarp was floating. She guessed somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten feet. Yume was a good swimmer, but wrestling a Magikarp which was around three feet long and weighed a little over twenty pounds would not be easy. Even light weight fish-like Pokémon had more muscle and power than they often would lead you to believe. Still, she had to try.

Yume lined it up, and pounced into the water on top of the Magikarp... Or so she thought.

She was expecting to land on top of it, wrap her arms around it, and wrestle it to the surface. But instead she ended up essentially belly flopping into open water as Magikarp saw her at the last second and quickly swam forward to avoid her pounce. Now spooked, Magikarp took off upstream forcing Yume to return to shore with a sour face full of disappointment.

"Stupid fish... You're supposed to be easy to catch." She grumbled.

She opened the Pokémon and searched for Magikarp, and even the Pokémon Entry seemed to be mocking her with how easy it was supposed to be to catch.

Magikarp, the fish Pokémon. Margikarp is a weak swimmer, and its intelligence is below average. Often its tendency to splash about causes it to beach itself outside of the bodies of water it inhabits making it easy prey for any nearby predators such as Pidgeotto or Pelipper. Magikarp are among the easiest water Pokémon to capture, especially for beginning Trainers. But buyer beware. When it evolves into Gyarados, the game changes dramatically.

She slapped the Pokédex shut.

""Among the easiest water Pokémon to capture" my butt." She grumbled.

Blaze trotted over, sniffing her and licking the water off her legs which tickled a bit and helped put her back in a good mood.

"Come on Blaze... I need to dry off. We'll worry about catching something later." She said, giving one last glare over her shoulder at the river where Magikarp disappeared.


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Date: June 7, 2018

After drying off from her... incident with the Magikarp, Yume went back to training with Blaze.

Instead of straight sprints this time, she had him do lateral dashes. Like the sprint, she had to do them with him to demonstrate the technique and get him to do it right.

Step one, start neutral with both knees bent and on the balls of your feet. Step two, lean on one knee and push off with the opposing foot to slide to the side, keeping the knees bent the whole time. From there, do the same on the other side.

It took a while for Blaze to get the movement scheme down properly. About half an hour. But once he had the basic movement pattern down Yume put him to work with lateral dashes and slides. Right. Right. Left. Left. Right. Left. Right. Right. Right. Left. Right. Left. Left. Right. Left. Left. Right.

Over and over and over again as fast as he could in reaction to her directions. When he got a direction wrong, she stopped him and had him do ten vertical jumps.

Then it was back to business.

They trained for about an hour or so like this before fatigue set in and Yume had to let Blaze stop and rest. She recalled him to his Poké Ball and laid down beneath a tree herself to enjoy the cool shade with the warm breeze blowing by.

"It sure is a beautiful day." She said quietly to herself.

A few hours passed as Yume rested beneath her tree, and soon she began to hear a shuffling in the grass around her which drew her attention forcing her to sit up and take a look around.

As she scanned the area, she saw a small flock of Hoppip floating around in the taller grass a short distance away. One of them, a scout it seemed, was keeping a careful eye on her.

Yume wasn't particularly interested in Hoppip, so she leaned back a bit against the tree and kept scanning the area.

The more still she was, the more wild Pokémon seemed to come out of the woodwork and go about their business.

Several species were out and about within the next five minutes. Rattata and Sentret packs, Starly and Pidgey flocks, a lone Fearow flying high overhead, a few Sunkern bouncing around the flower patches, and a few bug Pokémon in the trees started coming out of hiding as well.

There was so much life to be seen now, when only half an hour ago there was next to nothing. It just went to show how much human presence disturbed the natural order.

Yume continued to scan the area and smiled at being able to watch nature unfold around her in peace like this. But eventually that peace turned into despair as a small pack of Poochyena appeared and began hunting the Rattata and Sentret packs. Eventually they cornered a pair of Rattata and killed them, feasting on their corpses as the other Pokémon all scattered and disappeared during the chaos.

Yume sat very still during this time so as not to disturb nature's course, even though every fiber of her being wanted to save the Rattata. It was not her place.

Once they were done feeding the Poochyena ran off into the brush, and slowly the other wild Pokémon returned now that the carnage was past.

And then, rather suddenly, Yume felt a tickle on her shoulder and jumped away from the tree landing on her butt looking at the one responsible.

It was a Wurmple. The little red caterpillar Pokémon seemed just as startled as she was and started retreating back up into the tree branches, but it moved slowly. Yume decided that this was as good a time as any to grab a new Pokémon and redeem herself from failing to capture the Magikarp earlier. Yume had to jump to get ahold of it, but she grabbed the tiny caterpillar Pokémon which immediately began squirming in her grip forcing her to set it down gently on the ground away from the tree.

She brought out Blaze's Poké Ball and he popped out with a bark.

"Sorry Wurmple. Blaze, let's do this! Use your Pound attack like we worked on the day I got you!" She ordered.

Blaze barked and jumped into the air above Wurmple, falling on top of it with a belly flop causing it the little caterpillar to yelp in pain as it was nearly flattened by the much larger reptilian Pokémon. Wurmple looked like it was already in a bad way from that attack. Because it was only one foot long and was just pounded by a three and a half foot lizard weighing easily in excess of four times its weight, Wurmple was already done.

"Oh..." Yume whispered.

She wondered if she went too far. Wurmple was trembling on the ground with its little eyes shut tight and seemed to be in great pain. Yume quickly brought out a Poké Ball and threw it at the little red caterpillar, and after a few moments of the ball twitching and rolling about with a flashing red button, it settled and grew still.

"I... caught it?" She asked.

Her Pokédex let out a small alarm chirp and spoke to her.

Congratulations. You have captured Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. This tiny creature is purely herbivorous living in trees until it evolves into either Silcoon or Cascoon. Upon evolution, it will remain stationary high in the trees until it evolves into Beautifuly and/or Dustox respectively. It said.

Yume was happy on the one hand, but sad on the other.

"Oh, wait! I know!" She said excitedly.

She released Wurmple from its Poké Ball and brought out her Pokédex. It had a "Scan Pokémon" feature which allowed it to basically perform X-Rays, MRI's, and CT scans on the Pokémon on the spot. The downside was this ate up a lot of the Pokédex's battery life. Luckily it had a small solar panel on the outside, so it could be attached to your pack and charge in the sunlight.

She scanned Wurmple and the Pokédex revealed that it was bleeding internally from a ruptured vein in its back. It was not life threatening, but it was very painful.

Yume gently picked up the tiny Worm Pokémon in her arms, sat down with it against the tree, and calmly rubbed its back and sang to it as Blaze coiled up next to her and laid down. The little Worm's trembling continued for over five minutes before its body settled, and Yume continued rubbing and singing to it to help it remain calm.

She could see the area with the ruptured vein, as blood was gathering beneath its skin. She avoided rubbing it so that it could remain still until its body repaired itself naturally. The little Worm was quickly falling asleep partially from the shock of the experience and partially from her singing.

It was a well documented scientific phenomenon that the human voice in song was naturally calming to most Pokémon of a more docile demeanor such as Wurmple. More aggressive Pokémon such as a Pidgeotto or Scyther would find it just as frightening or irritating as anything else. But the little Wurmple seemed to find comfort in it as it soon fell asleep in her lap to the sound of her voice and her soft caress along its back.

Hours passed, well into twilight, and little Wurmple seemed to have gotten over the worst of its ordeal. The Pokédex revealed that the vein had closed and the blood was clotting. Healing would be well underway by tomorrow if it was not used in battles, which Yume was fine with.

Wurmple was still asleep in her arms when she recalled Blaze to his Poké Ball and gently picked Wurmple up to walk down the road. She cradled the tiny Worm Pokémon in her arms like a baby and hummed softly to it as she walked back towards the main road. Once she reached it, she saw a car coming down the road driven by a familiar figure.

It was Claire, not to be confused with the Johto Gym Leader Claire, and a friend of hers from childhood who grew up in Pallet Town with her.

"Yume! What are you doing out here?" Claire asked as she pulled the car over to talk.

Yume shushed her, indicating the sleeping Wurmple in her arms which earned a smile from Claire.

"Aww... It's so cute!" She whispered.

"Yes. I had my Charmander, Blaze, use pound on it and it caused a vein in its back to rupture."

Claire was shocked.

"Oh my god!"

"Yes. The Pokédex said it was not life threatening, and my scan a few minutes ago said it had already closed and the blood was clotting." She replied.

"Okay, that's good. Do you want a ride? You should probably get it to the Pokémon Center in Viridian as soon as possible to have them take a look anyway. Even if it heals by then, it's still good to have a professional word of confirmation, ya know?"

"Agreed. Thanks Claire."

Yume hopped in the car and Claire took off down the road at a healthy clip (meaning she was speeding by about ten miles over the 45 mph limit). But all the same it was good that her old friend happened to find her and give her a lift. Yume had been wanting to take Wurmple to the Pokémon Center just to be sure it would be okay. She trusted the Pokédex's analysis, but it was always good to be certain. Yume recalled Wurmple to its Poké Ball a few minutes later.

By late that evening, around 11pm, they had arrived in Viridian City and Claire dropped Yume off at the Pokémon Center.

"Take care Yume, and wish Wurmple good luck for me okay?"

"Thanks Claire." Yume replied, giving Claire a fist bump.

Taking a breath, she went inside the Pokémon Center straight to the counter.

"Good evening! How may I help you?" The nurse behind the counter asked.

Yume brought out both Blaze's Poké Ball, and Wurmple's Poké Ball.

"This is my Charmander, Blaze," she said, pushing his ball forward first.

"Blaze is fine. He just needs a nap. But this one, my new Wurmple, needs to be looked at please. Blaze is larger than normal Charmander and did a Pound attack which ruptured a vein in its back. The Pokédex said it was not life threatening, but I'd like to be certain." She said.

"Not a problem at all miss. I'm grateful that you're so dedicated to making sure your Pokémon are all right. It's becoming rare in younger trainers these days for some reason. Most only care about the Pokémon they know will win them more battles, badges, and glory in the prestigious competitions. We'll take a look at both and have them ready to return to you tomorrow morning. Until then you're free to rest here for the night free of charge in one of our Waiting Trainer beds in the rest area just over there." The nurse replied as she took the balls with her to the back room.

Yume walked wearily over to one of the beds and laid down with a long sigh, letting one arm fall off the edge as she thought about how bad she felt for crushing poor Wurmple like that with Blaze.

She needed to be more careful about how she captured Pokémon from now on... Some of them could be much more fragile than they appeared.


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Date: June 8, 2018

Yume awoke the next morning to the morning bells sounding in the Pokémon Center's Lobby. She had slept remarkably soundly through the night, and as she'd fallen asleep on the bed the staff chose not to disturb her. But now that she was awake, she decided to use the facilities. They had private showers, a massage corner, an arcade with almost all generations of gaming consoles and arcade machines... It had almost anything you could possibly need while waiting for your Pokémon to be taken care of by the staff.

Yume took a shower and dressed herself in her traditional attire of a yellow shirt, black skirt, black thigh high socks, and yellow shoes with black souls. Kind of like a Beedrill, if you would.

When she was ready, she headed to the counter but was stopped as she began walking out of the Rest Area by an elderly gentlemen.

"Pardon, miss. But I couldn't help but notice when you came in yesterday that you said the Pokémon you caught was injured in a way that could have been quite bad. Correct?"

"Uh, yes. That's right. My Wurmple had a vein burst in its back. Luckily it wasn't a major artery, but still..."

"Indeed. Did you tell your Pokémon to attack it?"

"Of course."

"You should have left it to your Pokémon's own judgement."


"What Pokémon did you start with?"


"What's its name?"


"I see... Did you know that, as a Trainer, your job is to raise your Pokémon the right way?"

"I've been trying. I've taught him how to be agile and I'm working on our synchronization in battle as well, making him follow my commands quickly."

"All well and good, but did you know that all Pokémon have a natural instinct for battle? If you synchronize yourself with your Pokémon's natural instincts, you will become a near unstoppable team. But the more you fight their instinct and try to bend it to your will, the less effective they will be in the long run. That's what I mean by raising your Pokémon the right way."

"But I-... Aren't I supposed to make him follow my commands?"

"You are supposed to harmonize your commands with your Pokémon's instinctive drive in combat to maximize your effectiveness. Just shouting to use a technique it knows or one which you taught it isn't going to be enough."

"Then... What do I do?"


"That's it? Observe?"

"Indeed. The next time you attempt to capture a Pokémon, let Blaze take over the battle. Observe how he moves. Watch what techniques he relies on when allowed to govern himself. Observe how he learns from and adapts his abilities and combat approach across each fight over time. Eventually you will start to synchronize yourself with his combat instincts which will make him more responsive and more effective in combat."

"I see. But is there a way to train that?"

"It's less about training him so much as training yourself, young lady. A Pokémon Trainer is not a "master" of the Pokémon he or she owns. They are family. When you try to make being family nothing but a positive reinforcement of behaving like a slave, you will set yourself up for failure."

"I see... So the more I try to take over Blaze's behavior, the more I'm hurting him and setting him, and myself, up for failure."


Yume walked back to the edge of the bed and sat down with a defeated look on her face.

"I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for... How can I do what you say?"

"Have faith in yourself and trust in Blaze's instincts. I promise you that your patience and persistence will be rewarded in time. But time is what it takes. It may take you several months, or perhaps even years, to truly synchronize with Blaze and his instincts for combat. But time rewards effort. So long as you're willing to put forth the effort to make Blaze family first, and a partner in battle second, you will be fine... But never, ever look at him as a tool for combat. That is how you set yourself up for disaster."

Yume nodded.

"I understand, sir. I will try to observe Blaze's behavior and battle instincts to synchronize with him."

"I'm glad to hear that." He said with a hearty laugh.

He patted Yume on the head.

"Lighten up, young one. You and Blaze have only just begun your journey with Pokémon. You have plenty of time to learn about and synchronize with one another. You'll be fine. Just have faith in Blaze, and have faith in yourself."

Yume smiled.

"Thank you, sir." She said, standing up to deliver a bow at the waist in gratitude.

"Not at all young one. Now, go be with your Pokémon. I'm sure that Wurmple of yours is in need of some reassurance that the injury it suffered isn't a sign of things to come now that it is part of your family."

"Ah! You're right! I need to go. Thanks again, sir!" She said with another bow.

She jogged off to the front desk to retrieve her Pokémon while the old man chuckled and nodded after her.

"Good luck, young one." He said before leaving the Pokémon Center.

Once Yume had her Pokémon back, she took a walk to a nearby park where she sat down under a tree looking at Wurmple's Poké Ball.

"I wonder what I should call you?" She thought out loud.

Wurmple's evolution was, theoretically, based on temperature conditions. According to the Pokédex, scientists theorize that warmer temperatures and climates have a higher chance to activate the hormones which trigger the evolution of Silcoon, while cooler temperatures and climates had a higher chance of resulting in Cascoon. She was hoping for Silcoon, as Beautifly was one of her favorite Bug-Type Pokémon.

"Maybe I'll wait for now... Yes... Once you evolve into your final form I will name you. But for now, come on our little one!""

She opened Wurmple's Poké Ball, and the tiny bug Pokémon appeared in front of her in a flash of light. As it opened its eyes and looked up to see Yume smiling down at it, the little bug was obviously scared and immediately turned to try and get away from her.

"Wait!" She gasped.

Luckily Wurmple was slow, which enabled Yume to stand and take a couple steps before catching up to it. She scooped it up in her arms, much to its dismay, and carried it back to the tree and sat down cuddling it to her chest.

"It's okay little one. I won't hurt you." She cooed.

Wurmple, obviously, didn't believe her. It turned its head rather abruptly and delivered a String Shot attack to Yume's face wrapping it partially in silk. It caught her off guard, to say the least. She dropped Wurmple and fought desperately to get the string off of her head as Wurmple started climbing up the tree behind her to escape.

As Yume got the last strings off of her, she looked up and spotted her tiny worm Pokémon up the tree on a lone branch a good fourteen feet up and far out of reach.

"Wurmple, I won't hurt you. I promise." She pleaded.

Wurmple tried to String Shot her again, but she was able to move out of the way as the string wasn't terribly accurate beyond a few feet. Still, it went like this for a couple minutes before Yume quietly decided to let Wurmple have its way.

The old man said she had to be patient to synchronize with Blaze, so the same must be true of Wurmple.

Yume sat down in the shade of the tree and wrapped her arms around her knees as she stared up at Wurmple. The tiny worm stared back, but remained on its perch watching her very, very carefully.

... Time ticked on, and before Yume knew it two hours had passed with them just watching one another. Neither seemed to be willing to move, and Yume was starting to wonder what was going through its head as it watched her.

Wurmple glanced about, taking notice of other humans nearby letting their Pokémon out to play, and even playing with them a distance off. It was odd for the tiny worm to see such things. It had been born out in the small forests outside Viridian City and had never seen this kind of behavior from humans or Pokémon. It was confused and scared in equal measure, and stayed firmly rooted on its branch.

Yume, however, had enough. If Wurmple wasn't going to trust her this way, maybe it would trust her another way. It would not earn her many points with it off the bat, but it would ensure she had more control over the situation.

Yume recalled Wurmple to its Poké Ball and then promptly let it out on the ground, picking it up once more in her arms. But this time she made sure to position its head in such a way that it couldn't string shot her face again. Wurmple was not pleased by this, but Yume had a plan. She sat against the tree and cradled Wurmple to her chest and used her cheek to gently nuzzle its head.

For several minutes Wurmple struggled against her, but eventually it settled down and stopped struggling. Yume continued nuzzling it, but on top of that she also began to sing to it. The song she chose was a song her mother wrote in dedication to her grandfather who had been quite the Pokémon in his hay day. Sadly he passed when Yume was seven. And though the song still brought tears to her eyes when thinking about her grandfather, it was a happy song about the bond between him and his Pokémon.

When first we met, you fought to flee
Biting and clawing, right through me
But through the pain, we both endured
And formed a bond, both bright and pure

Sing with me, of love and pain
Sing with me, of hope and fame
My bond with you, did see us through
Our time did end, my heart shall mend

Our lives together, flowing free
Side by side, walk with me
We are family, you and me
Dust to dust, share with me

Sing with me, of pride and joy
Sing with me, a darkened ploy

Sing with me, of love and pain
Sing with me, of hope and fame
My bond with you, did see us through
Our time did end, my heart shall mend

Walk with me
Sing with me
Trust in me
Please follow me...

By the time Yume finished the song, she was crying softly and sniffing to herself remembering her grandfather and all of his tales about Pokémon when she was little. And when she looked down, Wurmple was falling asleep in her arms. Its eyes were fighting to stay open, but they could not. Especially when she started petting its head and caressing its back.

The tiny worm fell asleep, and Yume smiled with great pride and joy about her new Pokémon enjoying the song.

She set Wurmple down in the grass and laid down next to it and continued to stroke its back as it slept. For whatever reason she never got tired of this, as hours passed without her getting tired or bored with the actions of watching her new Pokémon sleep while rubbing its back. But all things come to an end, and Wurmple finally woke up a short time later.

When it did, it glanced curiously at Yume for a moment before inching closer. Yume remained perfectly still and smiled at it as it sniffed at her and slowly crawled a circle around her. And finally, Wurmple seemed to accept Yume in a way as it crawled on top of her and settled down on her hip. Laying on her side in the grass, Yume chuckled as she reached around and patted its head which seemed to bring it a good amount of pleasure.

The little worm Pokémon squeaked in joy at the gesture and crawled a bit closer to Yume's shoulder, and she tickled its chin which against got a squeak of pleasure and it lifted its head so she could scratch and tickle it more. Yume chuckled, and she picked up Wurmple and rolled onto her back to hold it in the air using her thumbs to tickle it on the underbelly which made it squirm in delight.

A few minutes later and Wurmple seemed to have developed a mild sense of trust in Yume, though it still didn't exactly enjoy being picked up unless tickling was soon to follow.

Baby steps.

Yume recalled Wurmple to its Poké Ball and brought Blaze out so the two of them could run around and play for a few hours before returning to the Pokémon Center to rest. Thankfully the Rest Area was open to any and all Trainers who needed a place to crash for the night, and Yume fit the bill.

It was now around 8pm, so soon she would be going to sleep. She lay on one of the beds staring at the ceiling wondering how to begin training and working on synchronizing with Blaze and Wurmple's natural fighting habits... But then she had an idea: have them battle each other! Of course! All she had to do was tell them it was for practice. They were not to use any significant attacks. Just try their best to have a friendly sparring match to pass some time and get some exercise.

But again, that was for tomorrow.

For now, Yume laid down to rest.


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Date: June 9, 2018

The following day, Yume awoke and visited a nearby Poké Mart to purchase some supplies.

It was the first time she'd noticed that her capture of Wurmple had earned her $500 towards her Pokémon Trainer's Account credit, boosting her credit from $10,000 to $10,500. A nice bit of extra cash to use for ensuring she had what she needed to care for her Pokémon properly.

Once inside, she was greeted by one of several staff members.

"Good morning, miss. How may I help you today?" She asked.

"Uh, well... I am rather new to Pokémon Training. I'm here looking for some things I'll need to make sure my Pokémon are well taken care of on my journey. Any advice you have would be much appreciated."

The young lady smiled.

"Of course, miss. Please, this way."

She led Yume through the Poké Mart to the first of a few select isles, this one labeled "Pokémon Battle Care".

"Here we are, miss. This is where you can choose which items you'd like to purchase for the speedy recovery and well-being of your Pokémon in and after battle."

Yume thanked her, and as the young staff member waited patiently Yume began scanning the items for things she'd need. Potions were $20, Super Potions $50, and most other items between $15-$30. However, it was the Full Heal items which caught her eye. These were special Spray or Tablet bottles which, when sprayed onto a Pokémon or consumed, would help their bodies fight off just about any kind of status condition acquired in battle such as poison, paralysis, etc.

However, these bottles were not exactly small. Yume's pack, with everything she already had in it, couldn't hold more than two or three of them at a time because of how packed it was.

Still, two were better than none. Yume picked up two bottles, both requiring a $300 price tag for a total of $600. Yume scanned them both with her Pokédex, and the finances were automatically transferred to this Poké Mart's wireless banking system. They were hers now, and she put them in her pack (which was now all but full to bursting) and prepared for the next purchase.

She was next led to the Pokémon Food Isle, which was obvious as to what she could purchase. However, Pokémon Food bags were far too big for her to place in her pack at this point... She needed a bigger pack.

But what she was able to buy were more Poké Balls which were in the next isle over. Poké Balls were $20 a piece. Great Balls were $50 a piece. And Ultra Balls were $150 a piece.

Normally, her instinct would be to go for the Ultra Balls, since she had enough finances to secure at least 66 of them. But that would be a waste, and she had other plans.

Rather than buy a bunch of higher tier Poké Balls which were specifically designed to function more efficiently than standard Poké Balls, she bought 20 Poké Balls for a total of $400, bringing her finances down to $9,500.

They just barely fit inside of what little space her pack had left to offer, and thankfully she was able to move five of them to the extra Poké Ball slots on her belt which were kept in place by small magnetic clips which helped secure the ball in place.

Now armed with 20 new Poké Balls, some new Full Heals, and a good attitude, Yume was ready to go out into the wilderness to train her Pokémon.


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Date: June 9, 2018

Out in the woods at around 11am, Yume sat down with Wurmple and Blaze. Wurmple was behaving well and seemed to have developed a basic sense of trust in her. It still occasionally looked away to check things out, but for the most part a simple call of its name brought it back to her.

"Okay, you two. We're going to try a training battle. Blaze, I want to you be careful of how strong your attacks are against Wurmple. Remember it's much smaller than you, so be nice okay?" She asked.

Blaze hopped and barked at her.

"Good. Wurmple, you can go at Blaze with all you've got, okay?" She asked.

Wurmple was a little confused, so Yume had to rethink how to phrase it.

"You will be strong. Right?" She asked.

Wurmple reared up and waved its little front legs at her with a squeak.

"Okay. Then let's do this. Blaze, go stand over there. Wurmple, go stand over there." She instructed.

Her Pokémon took their positions, and Yume took up a referee position in the middle of the field.

"Okay guys. Here are the rules. You get to attack one time, and one time only. Then, it's your partners turn. Once they've attacked, you can attack again. Do you two understand?" She asked.

Wurmple and Blaze both bounced in place and seemed to understand what she said.

Yume crossed her fingers and shouted "Go!", and the battle began.




It was a disaster.

Blaze and Wurmple both started brawling as if it was a no-holds barred match up. Yume tried to separate them, but it was no use. She had to recall them to their Poké Balls to get them to stop. She then brought them out one at a time to say the fight was over, and then had them sit down next to each other again.

This was going to be a long day...


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Date: June 9, 2018


Eight hours.

Eight long hours.

11am to 7pm was spent teaching both Blaze and Wurmple how the finer rules of Official Pokémon League Battles worked, and she had to take complete command of their match to do so. She had Blaze use a basic Growl attack to start the match, then told him to wait. She then instructed Wurmple to use a Growl back at Blaze, and then wait. She repeated the process with other non-physical attacks for as long as she could until she ran out of ideas for them.

Eventually, they seemed to get the idea though.

But something they didn't understand was that they were allowed to evade the attacks. They seemed to think they had to sit there and take the hits. Teaching them how to avoid strikes was a bit tricky, but she finally managed to do so by around 4:30pm.

By 7pm, she was exhausted.

Yume lay out in the grass just outside Viridian City with both Pokémon resting in their Poké Balls. It had been a very, very long day. Yume knew that she would need to do this again with Blaze and Wurmple again tomorrow. They were getting the idea, but they had a long way to go before they were truly ready for battling.

They needed to learn how to take charge of the techniques they knew so they could make their own decisions in battle while following the rules. They needed to learn how to move more freely so they could dodge attacks and remain in battle. They needed to learn what to do when they could see they were unable to evade a technique so they could tank the hit without taking too much damage. They needed to learn how best to strategize given how big their opponent was, what type they were, etc.

There was a lot to cover, but as the old man had said... Patience.

Patience would be her salvation. Eventually both Blaze and Wurmple would learn how to take charge so that she could focus on keeping an eye on the battle and occasionally issue commands if and only if they needed it. When the two of them could handle themselves in battle without her assistance, that would be the day they were ready for Gym Battles and higher level competitions. After all, Yume did have her eye on a particular prize... The Pokémon League Championship, the place where the "Most Powerful Trainer in the World" was crowned once every year.

That was her ultimate dream now, and with Blaze she knew she could accomplish it someday.

Wurmple and any other Pokémon she caught would definitely help and be valued members of her family and her team. But Blaze was now and would always be her prized Pokémon and her ultimate trump card.

But before he could become that for her, he had to learn. And along with him, she had to learn.

Yume opened her eyes and made her way towards the Pokémon Center. She needed to get some rest.


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Date: June 10, 2018

Yume spent the entire morning until around 12pm working with Blaze and Wurmple, who the Pokédex scans told was female, on how to battle in official matches. Thankfully, both were smart and were picking up the concept very well. They engaged in another mock-battle in which they only used non-physical attacks, and although it was a bit clumsy they did trade attacks one at a time. Yume continued letting them mock-battle for a minute before giving them a break. Then she'd let them mock-battle gain, then give them a break.

She did this until 12pm when she stopped them for lunch, and after they ate together they all took a nap. Wurmple napped in the tree above Yume while Blaze napped against her hip.

Yume stayed awake the whole time keeping a hand on Blaze's back and watching the horizon.

By 2pm, Blaze and Wurmple had woken up. Wurmple was munching on leaves in the trees again and Blaze was playing in the field as Yume kept a watchful eye on both of them in turn.

But then, something out in the fields caught her eye. Little tufts of what looked like yellowish-white fur popping up and down in the taller grass beyond the short grass fields Blaze was now playing in. Yume kept very still and quietly grabbed Blaze's attention with a pebble tossed at his feet, and waved him to come back to her. When he had, she asked him to remain silent as they watched the little powdery tufts of fur popping up and down in the tall grass.

Finally, the owner of the fur made itself known... Mareep.

But not just one. Several.

Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven Mareep appeared from out of the tall grass. Yume continued to remain still, but the Mareep all spied her before long thanks to Blaze's fiery tail giving him away. They stayed very still, and it was a long and uncomfortable stare down. The Mareep all froze with their little legs ready to bolt away at a moment's notice if Yume and Blaze made one wrong move towards them, and Yume had her hand on Blaze and Wurmple's Poké Balls just in case the Mareep chose an aggressive response.

Eventually, after around three or four uncomfortably long minutes, the Mareep slowly sunk back into the tall grass and seemed to disappear from view.

Yume let out a sigh of relief as they vanished, although she was a little sad that she didn't have a chance to fight at least one of them. She wanted a Mareep on her team at some point. Their fluffy bodies were so cute and cuddly that she knew she'd have to get one someday... But not at this stage. Mareep always traveled in small herds, just like the one she saw a moment ago. So there was little to no chance of catching one here.


Yume put Blaze and Wurmple back in their Poké Balls and made her way to a stream nearby to check a theory she had going.

That Magikarp which got away from her before was still on her mind. She wanted it. She really wanted it. And she wanted revenge for being made a fool of by a literally useless flopping fish.

As she knelt down near the edge of the stream, she didn't see any bright orange blobs floating in the water. No Magikarp. But she wasn't about to give up. She backed away from the stream edge and walked along upstream, hoping that if a Magikarp came along she'd be able to intercept it and capture it. She walked along the stream for almost ten minutes before coming to a small opening which could be considered a very small lake. She sat down at the edge and watched the water carefully to see if there were any Magikarp swimming through.

... And it seemed she was in luck.

A Magikarp breached the moment she was thinking about capturing it and how to do it, and a smile set onto her lips.

"Okay... Time to get revenge on this fish!" She whispered forcefully to herself.

Yume decided that she would make sure to capture this one by cutting off its escape. She grabbed as many dead branches as she could, and used the mud of the river banks to make a make-shift dam to block off the escape route downstream. She did the same on the upstream side, and once she was certain that Magikarp couldn't simply swim through it she set about trying to get a bead on where it had gone in the water.

She found it floating aimlessly along the Northern shore, and decided to creep up on it and try to scare it into the shore. Magikarp supposedly wasn't too bright, so if she entered the water and tried to scare it into jumping itself onto shore...

Yume entered the water and waded out until she was waist deep. She slowly crept up onto the Magikarp's position, and when she was close enough she dove at the Magikarp. The dive had the intended effect, as the flopping fish beached itself almost immediately. She chased it onto shore and grabbed it, flipping it further onto shore so it couldn't splash itself back into the water. She flipped it over one more time for good measure so it was now over eight feet from the water, and backed up to toss a Poké Ball at it.

"Welcome to your new... Home!" She yelled at the word "home".

The Poké Ball struck the Magikarp and it disappeared into the ball in a flash of red light, causing Yume to prematurely celebrate its capture. But as she walked towards it, she noticed that the Poké Ball was wriggling violently and rolling about. In fact it rolled right at her feet causing her to stumble, and the Magikarp broke free right as the ball rolled between her feet.

The Magikarp slammed into her rump, causing her to fall onto her face in the dirt while it managed to get the angle on the sloped shoreline and bounce back into the water.

Yume's hands dug into the dirt, and she dragged her fingers through it until she pushed herself up onto her feet and watched as the Magikarp tried to flee downstream. She smiled as it struck the dam she put in place, and seemed to stun itself. She grabbed the Poké Ball and ran to it, throwing the ball again. But the ball, much to her dismay, didn't work. It hit the Magikarp, but bounced off of it before falling open on the shore.

Yume grabbed a new Poké Ball and threw it at the Magikarp, and this time it went into the ball. Floating in the water, the ball wriggled and bounced on the surface for a few seconds before the Magikarp once again broke free throwing the ball back at Yume's feet. She closed both balls and, putting the broken one in her pocket, watched the Magikarp shake off the shock of its strike against the dam and swim back into the middle of the tiny lake.

Yume stomped her foot as her cheeks reddened in anger.

"You're supposed to be easy to catch!!" She yelled.

She angrily brought out Wurmple's Poké Ball and released the little worm Pokémon which sat at her side.

"Wurmple, we're about to catch something. I need you to use String Shot and hit it when I tell you to, okay?"

Wurmple cocked her head curiously, but nodded.

Yume picked up the Wurmple and carried her against her chest as she waded through the water. Magikarp swam past them, and Yume followed it by turning and telling Wurmple to use String Shot against it. Wurmple did her best, but the shot stopped on the water's surface.

Evidently the material in the String Shot technique wasn't water proof.

Yume returned to shore and told Wurmple to wait while she scared the Magikarp onto shore again... A process which took over fifteen minutes of trying to get the angle on the now spooked Pokémon. Finally, Yume scared it out of the water again, and she grabbed Wurmple and ran over to it telling her to use String Shot. Wurmple did as ordered, but did it at just in front of Magikarp.

Yume corrected Wurmple, telling her it was okay to use String Shot directly against this Magikarp because it wasn't a training partner. This was for a capture, not practice. Wurmple got the message and used String Shot to wrap the Magikarp up in silk which prevented it from flopping around.

Yume set Wurmple down and ordered her to Tackle the fish, but Wurmple was too slow to do any real damage to it. Yume, noting this, said it was okay. Instead, she ordered Wurmple to try a different technique. She told it to use Headbutt, which Wurmple tried to little effect. Magikarp was too big for Wurmple to push around, so Headbutt didn't do much of anything except make the now wrapped fish rock a little bit.

She recalled Wurmple and sent out Blaze, telling him to Tail Whip the Magikarp towards open grass and not the water. Blaze did as ordered, and Magikarp went flying over to the grass after getting hit by the Blaze's tail.

Yume decided to try the Poké Ball again, and as it hit and started wriggling, Yume clenched her fists and hoped that it would work... But to no avail. Magikarp still broke free causing the ball to fall open and empty to the ground once again. Frustrated, Yume ordered Blaze to use Body Slam, which he did by jumping into the air and letting his full weight fall onto Magikarp which seemed to have a good effect as Blaze rolled to the side away from the fish.

Yume tried one final Poké Ball, and as it wriggled she again clenched her fists and hoped.

Wriggle... Wriggle... Wriggle....... Wriggle......... Wriggle.................... Ping.

The Poké Ball button flashed red, and the ball went still.

Yume could hardly believe it, but there it was... Another capture.

"FINALLY!!!" She yelled!

Yume ran to Blaze, hugging and kissing him over and over thanking him for his help. She brought out Wurmple and did the same, thanking her profusely for her help in wrapping Magikarp in silk to make it easier to keep it still for capture.

She then grabbed the Poké Ball and smiled, beaming to have finally that blasted fish!

Someday she would have her Gyarados... Someday.

For now, Magikarp would do nicely.

Her Pokédex pinged, letting her know she had just earned $500 more dollars for capturing Magikarp, which brought her back up to $9,500 credit to use for her travels.

Yume recalled her two Pokémon and sent Magikarp out of the ball to see her newest Pokémon. However, Magikarp was still wrapped in silk and wriggling a little bit for some reason. It suddenly hit Yume that it was a fish and needed water, so she picked it up and ran to the water. She knelt down in knee-deep water, holding it down into the water so it flowed over its gills which seemed to help it calm down. She slowly started pulling the strings off of it, which was no easy task. Once finished, Magikarp seemed content to float in place for a minute before darting away from her seemingly trying to escape again.

Yume spent twenty minutes trying to chase down Magikarp until she figured out that her Poké Ball worked through water. Once she was able to line it up, she recalled Magikarp to its Poké Ball and returned to shore to dry off.

About two hours later, with newly dried clothes, she returned to Viridian City to relax.

It was only about 4pm, but it felt like it was much later because of how much trouble that blasted fish had given her.


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Date: June 10, 2018

Yume had returned to Viridian City to check her Pokémon into the Pokémon Center. She arrived at around 5pm after finding her way back to the main road and meandering into the city. She gave her Pokémon to the Nurse and went to rest on one of the nearby beds. By 7pm, her Pokémon were ready to be returned to her. A quick rest and a nice massage were all the staff needed to help them feel better.

Yume left the Pokémon Center after deciding that she needed a better way of maintaining herself and her Pokémon.

She made her way to the Poké Mart and asked the first attendant she could find what they would suggest. They suggested to her that she rent a car from the League, which she could do just down the road at the Pokémon Trainer's Transportation Center. Their suggestion continued that after she rented the car she head across the street from the Transportation Center to the local sporting goods store. There she could buy a full tent, a better sleeping bag, and other needed supplies. However that would require her to dip into her personal funds as she was not allowed to use Pokémon Trainer credits in exchange for regular goods.

Yume thanked the attendant and made her way down the road to the Transportation Center, finding them still open for another hour. She walked inside and spoke to the attendant behind the counter and asked about a rental car. She was told that they had three packages to choose from: The Standard Package, The Quality Package, and The Master's Package.

The Standard Package came with a one of three cars: an SUV, a convertible, or a station wagon.

As well as the car, The Standard Package came with a two month free gas credit card which could be used at any local gas station until the card's expiration. The car was $500/month to rent, which was rather easy to afford presuming she could capture one Pokémon per month.

The Quality Package came with a choice of one of five vehicles: an SUV, a convertible, a station wagon, a truck, or a motorcycle.

It came with a four month free gas credit card, and cost $1,000/month. A bit pricey, but not too bad if she could capture two Pokémon per month.

The Master's Package was the most expensive, but it came with numerous other perks and add ons which the other two didn't.

It came with a choice of one of any kind of vehicle the Trainer wanted including sports and electric cars. It came with an eight month free gas credit card, the option to haul a small RV trailer to live in while on the road, and a number of additional options for storage boxes and items to fill those boxes, all of which came with a charge of some kind though most were fairly modest.

However... at $3,000/month, that was not really in Yume's league right now.

Yume chose the standard option, renting a white convertible mustang with a black convertible top (the coloring came as an added $50 charge). She received her two month free gas card, and paid $500 up front for the first month. She chose to pay at the end of the month in her agreement contract, giving her basically two months to come up with the $500 she needed to pay for the second month.

With her new car chosen and her card acquired, Yume had but to wait for her car to be ready which would take only a few minutes. She sat down to wait in the lobby, and twenty minutes later her car was ready. She walked outside, was handed the keys, and made sure they worked to lock and unlock the vehicle before heading across the street to the sporting goods store.

While inside, she purchased, using her regular money from her savings account, a new large tent, sleeping bag, pillow, thermal blanket, heating pad, and two pairs of hiking boots. It was pricey, coming in at a cost of around $820 in total, but Yume had more than enough in her savings account thanks to her father who had set up the account and filled it with $5,000 for her.

Thanks to her Standard Package rental, her Pokémon Trainer's Credit account was down to $8,950. Her non-trainer savings bank account was down to $4,180.

Not doing too shabby for a noob.

With her new car and supplies in hand, she packed what she could into the trunk and the rest into the back seat and drove off down the road as she headed for Viridian Forest. The drive to reach the forest entrance would take about a full day of driving if she began tomorrow morning, so she chose, for the time being, to simply drive a little ways North of the city and pitch camp just off the main road after locking her car for the night.

The tent was set, her sleeping bag unfurled, her pillow fluffed, and her Pokémon secured in their Poké Balls resting just next to her pillow inside of a small pouch attached to a bell which would jiggle if the bag moved.

Now 10:40pm, it was definitely time for Yume to sleep, and sleep she did.

With a car, her journey would become much, much easier.


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Date: June 11, 2018

The following morning, Yume woke up bright and early. She brushed her hair, changed her clothing, and packed up her tent, sleeping bag, pillow, etc, in the trunk of the car and drove off down the road towards Viridian Forest. The trip would take about a full day of driving, so she steeled herself for a long and boring trip.

... Ten hours.

Ten hours of driving, and she finally made it to the entrance to Viridian Forest. It was now already 6pm and the sun was starting to set, so she knew it would be unwise to meander too far into the forest at this time of day. So, instead, Yume parked her car in the parking lot for the entrance Rest Stop. With the car parked and locked up, she entered the Rest Stop facility to relax and stretch her legs. She'd hit another rest stop along the way, but still it was almost five straight hours of driving, a quick ten minute stop, and another five hours of driving.

Her legs were cramped and her back ached a bit too. She laid down on one of the sofas and threw her feet over the edge with a sigh.

"Good evening, miss." Came a voice to the side.

Yume looked over and saw an elderly woman smiling at her, and she snapped into an upright seated position and apologized for taking up space.

"Oh ho ho ho. It's fine, young one. I'm not here to sit down. I just noticed that you seemed very tired, so I wanted to come offer some advice."

"Thank you, ma'am. You are most kind." Yume replied.

"Oh ho ho. Such a sweet young thing. Anyway, if you want to avoid fatigue while traveling it would be a good idea, I think, to stop every once in a while and play with your Pokémon. It is a great way to relieve stress, get some exercise, and bond with your Pokémon which is the most important part."

Yume thanked the elderly woman for her advice, and she was on her way while Yume laid back down on the sofa. After about fifteen minutes of resting and stretching out, she walked outside and hopped back in her car to drive into the forest proper.

Once inside, it was like entering an entirely new world.

The dense tree canopy didn't look that dense from the outside, but now that she was inside on the main road it was dark and, if she was being honest, rather ominous. The faint light flickering through the tree canopy to reach them was unsettling this late in the evening, so Yume found the first point she could to pull the car over in a little side pocket in the road.

Now pulled over, she locked the car and brought out her camping gear. She set up her tent as quickly as she could, got Blaze to start a fire for her, and then set up her sleeping bag so she could settle in and go to sleep.

However... The sounds of the forest kept her up for a while before she got used to them. Sounds of bug and bird Pokémon chirping and calling to one another echoing through the night sky.

... Haunting.


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Date: June 12, 2018

Bright and early... Sort of.

The morning light in Viridian Forest was not exactly bright thanks to the dense forest canopy. Instead, she was greeted by a few isolated strands of sunlight peeking through the leaves above. As she rubbed her eyes and sat up, she noticed that it was still fairly dark. But what caught her attention almost immediately was that the forest was unusually quiet. She looked around her campsite, but nothing was there.

She'd read stories online and been taught at University that if a normally bountiful area of wilderness was dead silent, it usually meant a predatory Pokémon was in the area.

Yume wasted no time hastily packing up her tent and sleeping bag, as well as putting out her campfire before throwing it all in her car. She closed the convertible top and rolled up the windows before sitting down low in the driver's seat to wait.

And the wait was not a long one.

Within a few minutes she watched in astonishment as a massive purple bug Pokémon emerged from the darkness. It was a Scolipede. The towering beast entered the clearing Yume had used for a campsite and looked around, spotting her car. It meandered over, and inside her mind she was asking it to go away over and over again. She kept one hand on the ignition just in case, but thankfully Scolipede decided to stop and inspect the campfire pit which gave her just enough time to start the car and drive away while it looked up and watched her leave.

Yume drove for about ten minutes before finding a good spot to pull over and have breakfast. She also heard Pokémon when she parked on the side of the road which was a good indication that no serious predators like that monstrous Scolipede were anywhere near her. She ate her breakfast, fed Blaze, Wurmple, and Magikarp (the last one being the most 'fun' to feed), and continued on her way.

Making it through Viridian Forest would take a goodly amount of time. In fact it would take no less than a full week. Thankfully there were occasional rest stops where you could stretch your legs, gas up the car, and get some snacks for the road.

Yume kept driving for the next hour and a half before she found such a rest stop. She pulled the car over and sat down on a bench to rest, but not before going to use the restrooms which also offered a shower. Once showered and dressed for the occasion, Yume went back to her car and drove off once more before finding a good spot to rest in a small clearing not far from the main road at around 1pm.

It would be a long drive through the forest, but she was eager to see what kinds of Pokémon she could find and how much progress she and the others could make in training.