Chiya "Chi" Hisoka

A pokemon trainer with more than luck up her sleeve.

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a character in “Pokemon Magenta”, as played by Kenzi


Name: Chiya "Chi" Hisoka

Age: 17

Starting Pokemon: Mareep

Region of Origin: The Sevii Islands

Hometown: Originally from Bonin Island

Favorite Type of Pokemon: Electric, Fire, and Water.

Appearance: http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac20 ... 1300078653

Appearance Description: Chiya is quite tall, standing at 5'9", with long shapely legs and thin (but strong) arms. She has a very voluptuous chest, a narrow and toned waist, and golden tanned skin. She has a heart shaped face with a slightly pointed chin, and fox-like features: delicate slightly upturned nose, cupid bow lips, high cheek bones, and large almond shaped eyes. Her eyes are a shocking honey-gold in color with long fanned lashes and fine arched brows. Chiya’s hair is thick, glossy, and poker straight, falling to her lower back in choppy layers. Her hair is a rich brown in color and she has long bangs that often fall into her eyes.

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 135

Reason for being in this tournament: The money, obviously.

Legendary of Choice: Raikou

Personality: Chiya is, on the outside, a very charming and alluring young woman. All that charm, however, she uses to get whatever she wants. Chi is a very intelligent person with more street smarts than anyone you’d ever hope to meet. She’s a pick pocket (and a damn good one at that) and can move without being heard (excellent for sneaking up on Pokémon… or trainers). She’s not a violent or malicious person, but she’s learned to fend for herself. Chi doesn’t trust anyone, except her Pokémon, and enjoys being alone. Chiya is very outgoing and often sarcastic with a dry sense of humour. She has a good heart and can be loyal, but only to a select few.

Likes: Winning, Money, Swimming, Thunderstorms, Night Time, Pokémon, Being Right, and Adrenaline Rushes.

Dislikes: Prudes, Losing, Getting Caught, and Overly Prissy Girls.

Fears: Loosing her Pokémon. They’re the only friends/family she has.

History: Chiya grew up in an orphanage on Bonin Island. She had been there since she was only a baby, given up by her mother, and had never been adopted. Chi left the orphanage at the age of 13, sneaking out the back with whatever she could carry. She had had enough of being cooped up in the tiny building, sharing beds with other children, being told she wouldn't amount to anything... she wanted to be on her own. Chi has spent the last four years traveling around the world, honing her street skills, and becoming quite the Pokemon trainer. She travels lightly, pays for what she can and steals when she hasn't got the money. To her, life is all about the journey. If that means having to pick pocket a few people in order to get there, then so be it.

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