Pokémon Military Academy

Pokémon Military Academy


In the land of Ransei, the 17 nations were united two hundred years ago. Now trainers join with their Pokémon at the Pokémon Military Academy to set the course for the future!

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200 years after the war unified the 17 nations of Ransei, the leading institution for developing the minds and spirits of the future's leaders is the Pokémon Military Academy. The Academy isn't just for learning the art of war, but for academics, as well. All students choose a major ranging from the human-centric (Medicine, Engineering, History, etc.) to the Pokémon-centric (Pokémon Breeding, Pokémon Medicine, Pokémon Photography,etc.). The world's greatest minds begin their education here, and students are so eager to go, they will fulfill the requirement of waiting until they are 18 to acquire their first Pokémon from the school.

The Academy is where the future begins, so who knows what could happen? Could a new war begin here? Could allies be made for a common foreign threat? Maybe some faculty hold some ancient grudges and have dark designs in mind. It's up to you to decide.

You can find the Academy's website here, and it must be read before play: pokemonmilitary.mysite.build


Character Skeleton

Designation (Rank and Year):

Badges Acquired (If K or above):
Rival (If K or above (can be "To Be Determined" if creating a B or L character)):
Ambassadorial Dorm (If B or above):


Things You'd See Him/Her Doing:

Pokemon 1:
Nickname (If desired):
Ability (All potential abilities allowed):
Moves (max of 4 from leveling or TM/HM pools):

Pokemon 2 (if W or above):
Nickname (If desired):
Ability (All potential abilities allowed):
Moves (max of 4 from leveling or TM/HM pools):

Pokemon 3 (if B or above):
Nickname (If desired):
Ability (All potential abilities allowed):
Moves (max of 4 from leveling or TM/HM pools):

Toggle Rules

FIRST AND FOREMOST, you must read this: pokemonmilitary.mysite.build. Faculty characters are welcome!

When your character is approved, you will be given your 3 options for your first Pokemon. You may then choose. I suggest fleshing out your characters first so you know how they would react to their options.

Establishing dorm/nation norms, customs, and attitudes will be at the discretion of the first to move in to those dorms. Do they get along with their dormmates? Do they dislike certain dorms/countries? Do they normally prefer their third Pokémon to be of their home country's type? Do students acting as ambassadors as Beedrills usually prefer to go to a specific dorm? Submit that info to me if you are interested in fleshing it out.

Posts are to be written in third-person past tense. All posts should begin as a character's action (i.e. beginning with /me).

No dictating/altering other characters' actions, or anything that could be construed as such.

Do not force the outcome of your characters' actions. Allow your character to miss or be hit. These are kids, they make mistakes. They aren't perfect.

No omniscience, your characters don't know everything just because you do.

Stay consistent with the time of day or time of year.

Outcomes are not set in stone because of type advantage of Pokémon. Roleplay it! Ash's Pikachu beat an Onix, remember?

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