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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Isle Defenders

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Isle Defenders


(A REAL ROLEPLAY! NOT A STORAGE!) When the Islands of Mohka throw the Pokemon World into Chaos, it's up to a former human to restore the balance.

1,498 readers have visited Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Isle Defenders since NeverEndingFlip created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Isle Defenders

Welcome to the World of Pokemon!!!


This is the world you inhabit. Unlike most of the Mystery Dungeon games where humans do not exist in the same world as the Pokemon, this story takes place in the same world as Ash and the rest of the Pokemon world. These Pokemon live their lives away from the humans, secluded from them. In other words, you live here:

This island chain, or archipelago, is just below Oblivia on the map, unexplored by humans. It’s known by the inhabitants as Mohka. All of the inhabitants are Pokemon, such as yourself. And while there are many things to do here like shop, explore, and make new friends, there must be a force dedicated to protecting the way of life on the Isles of Mohka. That’s where the Isle Defenders come in.

The Isle Defenders are an elite guild dedicated to bringing down wicked Pokemon and other threats to Mohka. They act as a police force. Whether it be rescue missions, investigative missions, search and find missions, or simply stopping the bad guys in their tracks, they do what most Pokemon can’t do. They abide by and uphold the law of the land, helping the ones in need.

The Story Arc

While all may look safe and peaceful on the island of Mohka, things aren’t quite as they seem. A massive rebellion of Psychic Pokemon who live on the Isles believe they are the superior Pokemon, wanting all other types to bow down to their rule. Specifically, there is one mastermind Pokemon behind it all that wants to take control of the entire island, then the entire Pokemon world.

However, not all Psychic Pokemon believe this. Some believe in the balance of the types. Others simply cannot watch evil take over the peaceful land they wish to reside in. However, coinciding with the Psychic rebellion, it has become hard to trust the Psychic Pokemon type in general. Many of the other types believe that all Psychic Pokemon are wicked and need to be punished in some way. This has led to the ultimate mistrust and dishonesty that resides in Mohka while the wicked Psychic types advance in their plot for world domination. While the Isle Defenders are doing everything they can, it has become harder and harder to fight the rebellion since no one knows who to trust anymore. They needed help.

So, a group of three Psychic Pokemon who believed in the balance of the types took it upon themselves to go and find someone who could restore balance to the world. But there was no one in the Pokemon World who fit the requirements to achieve such a goal. These Pokemon turned to other dimensions in search of a champion. Finally, the Pokemon came across this champion in one of the dimensions they discovered, a human by the name of Crimson who lived in a world called Earth. They decided, then and there, this human would be the champion they seeked. So the Pokemon turned Crimson into a Pokemon based on his aura and transported him to the Pokemon world. Although no one knows it yet, Crimson will be the final piece in the puzzle to set the balance right as he goes on a long journey to discover his role in the world, discover new friendships, and discover new abilities that he may possess.

So what role do you play in this? You are a Pokemon. No, not a human transformed into a Pokemon. Just a Pokemon who lives on the island of Mohka. Your role in the world is entirely based upon your imagination. And while you must live on the Isle of Mohka, you don’t necessarily have to join the Isle Defenders. You can start your own exploration team with your own self-driven goal. This could either be exploring new locations and finding hidden and rare treasures or starting a rescue team to save other Pokemon. You could even make a team with the sole purpose of making a stable community for your group to live in. Or, you can join the Isle Defenders, the elite guild of Mohka. The Isle Defenders is in fact just another exploration team like any you could make up on your own. The way the guild evolved, however, applies some stricter rules and guidelines in order to protect its philosophy, which is to defend the land from any threats. The Isle Defenders, however, does give you a different experience from a simple exploration team by having a more objective oriented way of exploration and a completely different combat system with the involvement of Guild Tech. Exploration teams not involved with the Isle Defenders will have a lot more freedom, but no access to certain things like Guild Tech and whatnot. But there will be more on what that is later.

In terms of how you fit into the overall story line, you don’t necessarily have to. I would prefer if you did in some way, but remember that you are your own exploration team, Isle Defenders or not, and that you will not be a part of Crimson’s exploration team. Encounters with other Exploration Teams are entirely fit to your design. Go it solo or go it with others, the choice is yours. However, in order to keep the roleplayers involved with the plot, through current events, exploration discoveries, and random chance, you will come across certain plot points that you can either report to the Isle Defenders with or hang onto it yourself. If you choose the latter, sooner or later the story will follow you and you will become involved somehow. If you ever need help finding things to do and places to discover, I’d be more than happy to help you find a place. Just PM me and I’ll come up with something.

Character Rules:

Again, you are a Pokemon, through and through. Crimson is the only Pokemon with human origins. You were never a human to begin with and I will yell at you through a megaphone (or type in all caps) if your character has anything about being a human once.

In terms of what Pokemon you can become, I’m going to say once a Pokemon is already played by someone, that Pokemon can’t be played by anyone else (Unless a special circumstance is in order). I will also say you cannot become a legendary Pokemon of ANY type. They’ve been around since the beginning of the Pokemon World and you have not been. I will NOT limit you in terms of basic forms. You can be any evolved form from a Charmander to a Charizard. However, I expect you to live and fight the way your character would. For example, if you choose to be a Charmander, you will fight the way a basic charmander would. The same thing goes for Charizard. But as a Charizard, you will be the one to fight the toughest of the tough, since you’re in your fully evolved form. Jumping into the roleplay with that in mind, it is a very hard task. Therefore, I won’t recommend it. If you are a Charizard fighting extremely easy foes just to look unbeatable, you will just look like a huge jerk. And I already have the huge jerk roles covered.

In terms of evolution, like in the Mystery Dungeon games, you will not be able to evolve because the world is unbalanced. Until the balance is set, there will be no evolution process, no matter how bad you want it.

You also don’t have to be a starter, like Squirtle, Chikorita, or Tepig. You have the choice of any Pokemon in the Pokemon World from any Generation, barring the limitations I’ve given and will give. Also, you don’t forget any moves that you learn while in combat or training. They stick with you forever. But you are limited to the move set that falls under your Pokemon. Look up your Pokemon on Bulbapedia to understand exactly what I mean and what you can and can’t be able to use. Crimson will be the only exception, this being involved among his hidden abilities.
Your team will start with two members, regardless of which path you take, Isle Defender or not. If you join the Isle Defenders, you can have a max of four team members. If you start your own Exploration Team, you can have as many members as you can recruit to your cause. However, in typical dungeon exploring fashion, you can only bring four with you on an adventure.

Also, your character doesn’t necessarily have to be a good guy. You may build your character around the Psychic Rebellion, becoming a member (although I would have to PM you some information about it so you’d understand exactly what their mission is). You don’t even have to be a part of the rebellion though. For all we know, your goal could be exactly what the Isle Defender’s goals are. You just take a more evil approach to achieving that goal. You could even start your own wicked clan under the guise of an Exploration Team. Keep in mind that some villains take longer than others to develop, so the more thought and care you actually put into your evil schemes, the less B-rated your schemes would compare to the main story arc. You can either have your wickedness spread through one day or one entirely separate arc.

With that being said, here’s the skeleton!

Nickname: (Yes, everyone will have a nickname. Only specific characters won’t carry one.)

Pokemon: (Who’s that Pokemon? Iiiit’s…?)(Also, list type right next to it. Example, Squirtle-Water)

Gender: (I think you can figure this one out. But you can’t be both. I won’t let you.)

Personality: (How do they interact with the rest of the Pokemon World?)

Strengths: (What makes them strong?)(Put type advantages on here as well. Example: Squirtles would be Fire) (At least three, not including the type advantage.)

Weaknesses: (What makes them weak?)(Put type disadvantages on here as well. Example: Squirtles would be electric.) (At least three, not including type disadvantage.)

Goal: (What does your character want to do with their life? Become an Isle Defender? Exploration Team? Create their own city? Also, what’s your character’s motivation to do what he/she wants to do? Rags to Riches? The desire to help others? World domination?)

Background: (This is your test to show me your writing capabilities. This is mostly how I judge your entry into the roleplay. Use this space well. I will set no limit as to how much background you can have or how little. Just know if the background is three sentences, I will judge only those three sentences. And they better be the best three sentences I’ve ever read in my life.)

And that’s it! I look forward to seeing you all in roleplay! Good luck, have fun, and may the PokeOdds be ever in your PokeFavor!
(P.S. Kill me for those puns by the way.)

Toggle Rules

Roleplaying Rules:
1. The Standard Roleplaying Rap Sheet:
No God-Modding, Mary Sueing, or anything like the sort. If you have a problem with it, PM me.

2. Teaming Up:
If you join this roleplay, I can allow you to make two characters, meaning you’d essentially roleplay as a TEAM, not an individual Pokemon. You can roleplay as an individual if you choose to and join another person who is doing the same, but roleplaying with team members that way is immensely harder than forming your own team and having interactions with said members. If you choose to have two differently controlled characters be on the same team, make sure you’re both active. If you make two characters, be sure to make two character skeletons. I know it is a little more time consuming, but don’t put two characters in one character skeleton. Doing so would bring a little confusion as to who was talking just in case you split up for whatever reason etc.

3. Y U No Here?:
That being said, stay active. If you plan on leaving for a time, let me know. I can work around it. If you don’t, the way it works is after two days in RP land, your team will appear on the bulletin board as a rescue mission. If someone takes it and goes to where you were last seen and you’re not back from wherever you went off to, then we delete you from the RP and you have to start all over again.

4. Violence Meter:
This is the Pokemon world, not Ultimate Hellsing. Keep it PG in terms of violence. Don’t put anything like “Charizard pulled out the still beating heart of Scizor and laughed triumphantly as he proceeded to eat it.” Good God, no. I plan to take this beyond simply fainting, but nothing gruesome.

5. Sexuality Meter:
This is the Pokemon world, not Harry Potter erotica. Keep sexuality out of it. The most I want out of this department is maybe a kiss on the cheek. Anything beyond that and we have a furry convention that I’m noping out of.

6. Writing is Important!:
At least a paragraph a post please, minimum of four sentences. It’s not a bad requirement. There’s more to write than just dialogue. Example, personal thoughts and personal actions. Also, examining other people’s actions. At the same time, don’t write a novel a post. I’m not expecting two thousand words a post on average. Keep grammar somewhat consistent. I’m no Grammar Nazi, but there’s a problem if I can’t decipher the paragraph you wrote.

7. Enjoy the Roleplay!:
Have fun with this! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was one of my favorite games of all time, definitely the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played. It had an expansive storyline and characters I really cared about. I want the same feeling here as well. I took a topic that was relatively well known and received and expanded upon it, throwing my own twists and turns in it. I think it’s good enough for the rest of you to enjoy. I hope you feel the same way.

8. I’m Lonely:
Any questions you may have with any of the information you see above, PM me. I will respond as soon as I can. This includes Setting, Story Arc, Character Rules and Skeletons, Roleplay Rules, anything at all. Also, if you have an idea that you feel is a very good one that will help add interest to the roleplay, share it with me. Again, you can set up your own character arcs within the major arc of the roleplay. We aren’t necessarily building a one-set direction of story so much as we are building a community much like the Multiverse. No question is too stupid. If you’re not a Pokemon fan, give it a chance. Try something new. Do a little research and get started. And PM me if you have any questions.

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He could hear the waves rolling. He could feel the heat of the sun across his back. A warmth was spread throughout was comfortable. He was comfortable. He didn't want to move from where he was. His muscles felt relaxed, almost as if a hypnotic force was holding him place. His body just wanted to stay there...

But his eyes wanted to explore, his mind wide awake. He wanted to see sights and hear more sounds than the crashing water to his...left? Yeah, yeah, his left. He groaned as he shifted positions, putting himself on his right side of his body. He felt the sand shift underneath him. The sun was now casting against his eyes, forcing him to blink. He was awake.

The water...

It felt so peaceful, so serene. His environment was holding the setting pretty well. From what he could tell, it was bright, but not too hot. It felt like late morning. The sand looked grainy up close. It sparkled and gleamed before his eyes like a private light show. A little further in his peripherals, he could see where the sand was wet, matted down by the force of water striking repeatedly upon it. And beyond that...the never ending ocean stretching out into the horizon, meeting the sky at the edge of the world.


Something didn't seem right. Despite his comfort, he felt...odd. Misplaced. He didn't belong on the beach. He a bed. Yeah, that's right. He was supposed to be in a bed. He fell asleep in a bed. So why wasn't he there? Why was he on a beach?

His body shot up from the ground, taking in a full view of the scene around him. He was on a beach. That was confirmed. To his sides, the sandy dunes continued onward. Behind him was the base of a sheer cliff, the rocky impression too treacherous to navigate. How did he get here?

"Wh-where am I?"

He scratched his head...and stopped. Even that felt weird. The contact between hand and scalp had to much...fuzz to it. He looked at his hand...and gasped in shock. This...this wasn't his hand. He flipped it over and over, back to front. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He looked down at his feet. His entire body was covered in fur. He started to pat himself down, feeling fur everywhere. Looking behind him, he gaped at what had to be one of the biggest shocks. His butt was on fire!

He started to panic, breathing faster and faster. He immediately thought of running to the ocean to put it out. As he began to run to the water's edge, he felt a negative twinge in that thought. He shouldn't put out the fire. But why though? He turned to look at it again. The flames leaped around, licking the air behind him. He wasn't connecting something...why shouldn't he put out the fire.

And then it hit him. It wasn't hurting him. He felt no pain from that fire that was there. In fact, it almost seemed to be a part of essence he should aim to protect rather than destroy. He didn't quite know where these feeling were coming from, but he felt the tingling warmth throughout his body. It felt it belonged there.

And still, he felt out of place. He didn't belong here. He needed to figure out what was going on. Think, he told himself, what happened last? Why did he fall asleep in a bed and wake up on a beach?

He could recall nothing. No past, no knowledge other than that he was in a bed when he fell asleep...and a dream.

The dream!

That's right! He dreamed. He fell asleep, he dreamed, and he woke up like this. Now, he continued, what did I dream about?

It was all fuzzy in his mind...he wasn't able to see anything except colors...lots and lots of colors. A rainbow landscape...and three figures. Yes, three figures were there. He couldn't place shape, body, or name to these three figures. They were silhouettes in the rainbow landscape.

But one name stood out to him.

He remembered it well. He knew it by heart. He used it often enough. He remembered that other people used it. Why did other people know it? Why did he know it? It dawned on him.

His was his name..and his name was Crimson...

He rubbed his eyes, removing any exhaustion that was left. Maybe he was still dreaming? He pinched himself.


Nope, not dreaming. He decided he had to explore. He had to find out what was going on. Why was he here? Where was he?

What was he?

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A path...

After exploring the beach for a little bit, Crimson finally came across an opening in the cliff interface. While the trail wasn't too shabby and weak as it wound it's way to the top of the cliff, it was narrow and slightly rocky. He'd have to watch his step.

As he approached the entrance to the trail, he spotted something a ways further down the beach. Curious, he stepped away and trekked onward. The path would be there when he got back, he thought.

As he got closer, he started to see things take shape. The object was a, a hut. A beach hut made of vines and bamboo, it had a straw roof and a circular window carved out near the top. It looked basic, but sturdy. It also carried a homey kind of feel to it. The greens and yellows drew his attention to it.

Suddenly, the front door opened. Crimson flinched at the sound, looking around for a place to hide. He spotted a small pile of rocks and ducked behind it. He didn't want to be seen, not until he knew where he was. Panting heavily, he peeked over the top to see what kind of creature had opened the door.

It was green, like the vines that covered the house. It had four legs, unlike the two he had. Bulky in build, he had what appeared to be a twig growing out of the top of his head. The creature was walking out towards the water's edge, staring out across the water.

Turtwig. Crimson didn't know where the knowledge came from. It must've been something in his past where he pulled information from. But this creature was a Turtwig, no doubt.

The Turtwig was staring across the water, a look of determination and contempt across his face. He looked like he was about to go on a mission, not to come back until he succeeded. He heard the Turtwig utter to no one in particular.

"Today is going to be a great day."

The Turtwig turned around and ran back to the house, crashing the door open with his head. It swung back and forth, built on a hinge. Crimson sighed in relief, turning back around and leaning on the rock pile he hid behind.

What should he do? Should he go and say hi? Crimson wasn't for this. He didn't know what he was yet or even if he belonged. If this Turtwig saw him and didn't react friendly, he'd be in trouble.

He turned around and walked back to where he saw the path. Taking one look back at the hut, he began to climb the path to wherever it led.

Little did he know he was being watched.

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Today was the day.

Tag blinked awake, looking around. The same house. The same sandy floor. The same vine-covered walls. The same small fireplace in the center that was keeping the place warm while he fell asleep. He was home. But perhaps not tomorrow.

He yawned, shaking off whatever sleep he had left in him. What was left was pure joy and excitement. He couldn't keep a smile off his face. He was looking forward to today. He was going to do it this time. He was going to join the Isle Defenders today. He felt it inside.

Ever since he was temporarily a part of the Isle Defenders community, he wanted to be a true member. He dedicated his life to it, practicing his abilities whenever he could, running as fast as he could. He bet he could beat anyone in town in a race of any kind.

Except...he frowned as a dark thought crossed his mind. He hadn't been able to do it. Three times he'd tried to join the group. The first two times, he'd been denied in the selection process simply because he was too scared. He knew that Isle Defenders had to show bravery, but he couldn't help shaking in fear when his name was called. He wasn't the most sociable Pokemon, a quality that has inhibited his progress more often than not. So when he was called forward, he wasn't prepared for what they had to say to him. He'd just stood there, shell-shocked. As a result, he wasn't allowed to continue to the tryout.

The third time, however, he'd managed enough courage to make it to the tryouts. However, he wasn't ready for the challenge he had to endure in order to get in. It required him to fight, something that he tried to avoid at all cost. Thus, he wasn't able to complete the challenge and thus wasn't able to join.

But this time was different.

Tag bolted out of his bed, running out of the house and onto the beach. The morning was warm, a slight breeze blowing from the left side of the beach. He smiled confidently, staring off into the horizon. The darker shade of blue from the sea met the lighter blue from the sky, painting a beautiful scene for him. The sun appeared to be beaming at him, a nice feeling to set the tone. It was a beautiful day.

"Today is going to be a great day."

It was his daily motto, something he said to start off every morning. Whether the day was truly great or not, it put a sense of optimism into his routine. It reminded him of why he did what he did. He wanted to be an Isle Defender. He wanted to save lives and be a natural force for good.

He wanted to stop the rebellion.

He turned around and bolted back towards his house. He needed to pack and prepare. It was going to be a long day, but hopefully by the end of it, he'd be an Isle Defender.

But first...Tag stopped as he felt his stomach grumble from hunger. A quick bite to eat.

He laughed as he went over to where he kept his food, by one of the windows, and began eating. He began to consider what he should bring with him. He had plenty of Rawst Berries, something that was helpful to him, but he only had three Oran Berries. He'd have to take the challenge today carefully, should he get there.

He thought about his Wonder Orb that was in his chest. Should he take it with him? It was a gift from the Isle Defenders as he departed them, no longer a true youngling. He didn't know what it did, but he knew it carried some kind of power. Perhaps he should...

He gathered his bag, placing the berries he had and the orb inside it. He didn't really have any seeds or anything else that would help him today, despite his gatherings. He'd have to try extremely hard if he wanted to do it today.

Finally deciding he was ready, he looked out the window...and noticed something. The path he took leading to the town...someone was on it. Tag wondered in confusion about this. He was the only one who lived on this part of the beach as far as he could tell. The other properties were too far away and had their own paths leading into town. So why was this Pokemon here?

Tag walked out of the house to get a better view. The Pokemon was making his way across the path, taking his time but not hesitating. Tag's path was rather narrow because that was all he needed it to be. He also thought it kept larger Pokemon from getting to him should he get into trouble with some of them.

Looking closer, Tag realized this Pokemon was a Chimchar, but not one he'd ever seen in Bayside before. He could tell from the way he walked. He seemed really out of sync with his body. He also saw a scowl of confusion across his face, like he didn't know what was going on. Tag almost called out to him, curious as to who he was.

But he didn't. Tag turned back to his hut, letting bygones be bygones. If he distracted the Chimchar right now, he might fall. That would hurt and it'd be his fault. He didn't want that to happen...not today. Maybe later, Tag decided, he'd find out who he was.

But right now, he needed to focus.

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At last, he made it!

Panting heavily, Crimson climbed the final few steps up the path. Reaching the top of the cliffs, he sat down, catching his breath. He was surprised at how winded he'd become already. Looking back at the progress he'd just made, he could only see a few feet of the path before dropping away from his point of view to be replaced be the ocean where he came from.

The ocean...was that where he came from? Crimson looked back at his flame behind him and decided that it probably wasn't the case. But that didn't eradicate the possibility entirely. Maybe he was missing something...well besides his memory.

Still, the ocean was a marvel in it's own right. It seemed to glisten off the sunshine in just the right way for him. The waves crashed against the shores, not too loudly, but just enough to make a serene setting. Crimson glanced down the cliff side he just walked up, reeling back at the height difference. Holy mackerel he'd climbed far! The beach was a small strip of pale yellow below him, small dark spots jetting out of the sand. These, presumably, were rocks.

Glancing to the right, Crimson noticed the ground wasn't level to his left facing the ocean. It seemed to climb higher and higher. His eyes following the hillside, he saw what appeared to be a lighthouse structure standing at the highest point along the cliffs. It stood with might as if it deserved the view it got. The outside was white and gold, with accents of red. A large abbreviation for something was visible near the top in red and gold letters: ID. Crimson had no knowledge of what those words could stand for.

Turning around, Crimson saw the path ahead cutting through the grassy plain. Since he'd regained a bit of his strength and breath back, he continued to trek the path. A minute later, he saw a crossroad dead ahead branching off in four directions including the path he'd just came down. Glancing all ways, he noticed the path to his right appeared to lead to the large tower. The path to his left lead to the vast land that looked like it was easy to get lost in. And the path up front...

Crimson noticed for the first time signs with arrows pointed on them. The sign pointing to the right path said "Isle Defenders HeadQuarters". The one to his left said "Mylliva Forest" and below that "Forest Crossroad". The one leading to the center path had the words "Bayside Heights" written on it. Looking back, the sign pointing the direction he came said "Bayside Beach" and "Bayside Caverns" below it.

Caverns? He didn't see any caverns down there. Maybe if he had looked better, he would've seen them. Should he go back and try to find them? Perhaps they held the clue to where he came from and why he was here. Or should he go to the tower? It looked like civilization of some sort was there. Maybe he could get some answers by asking others.

But still...Crimson leaned his shoulder against the "Bayside Beach" sign, careful not to light it aflame. He didn't know how others would react to what he'd become. I mean, hadn't seen him when Crimson saw him. He didn't know how anyone would treat him.

What about me? Crimson realized. How did I know that it was a Turtwig without knowing what a Turtwig was?

Suddenly he felt a lot more confident. Yeah, he thought. If he remembered what these things were, then maybe they had the same response towards him. Maybe they knew who he was. And if not...well he had to try. He decided to turn around and go back to that hut, confront the Turtwig. Maybe he could help him. Feeling a wave of relief at the thought of finding out who he was, he turned around and started to walk down the path to the beach.

"Well, well, well...look what we have going on here...

The sudden sound of talking stopped Crimson in his tracks. Peering over his shoulder, he spotted three other creature things walking down the Isle Defenders HeadQuarters path towards him. They were looking straight at him.

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Crimson, Govo, Pounce, and Zane

Crimson didn't know whether the best idea was to run or to talk to them.

It was clear they had already noticed him. The...Greninja (he recalled from the same ether he'd received the Turtwig info from)...had already called to him. It appeared that she spoke the same language that he did, so maybe that was a good sign. What also reassured him a little was the completely different make-up of every creature. It made his uniqueness seem...almost normal.

"Didn't figure you to be the first to say something, Govo."

The...Houndoom...glanced in Govo's direction, his brow raised. Govo hmmphed in response, "Why do you care? I have a mouth. I can speak whenever."

Crimson noticed the third in the group, a...Zoroark...who was carefully observing the two bicker. While the Houndoom seemed aggressive and arrogant in voice, Govo seemed defensive and silent, he sensed tactical and crafty in the Zoroark. All three of them carried knapsacks somewhere on their person. He also noticed that each of them had a piece of cloth tied to various ligaments of their bodies, the Houndoom on his rear leg, Govo on her wrist, and the Zoroark on his neck. The cloth was red, marked with a black serpent's eye. Creepy, he thought.

"Yeah, but you never do. So why is the Chimchar any different?"

Ah, so that's what he was...he hadn't seen his reflection yet and although the flaming rear and fur all across his body were pretty good indicators of what he was, he never stopped to think harder about it.

"I don't have to tell you."

"Well, I wanna find out! Are ya gonna tell me or do I have to fight it out of ya?!

"Yeah, go ahead. See how that works out for you."

The Houndoom started to growl.

"'m Crimson..." Introductions first, he thought. He probably didn't want to piss these people off any more than they already seemed to be.

The one who'd been silent so far, the Zoroark, stepped forward, parting the two who'd stopped talking when Crimson spoke. He stepped forward and extended his arm for a handshake, a sly sneer spreading across his face. "The name's Zane. But maybe you already knew that."

Huh? Crimson didn't know what he meant by that. He took the handshake reluctantly, shaking it up and down as if it were made of paper mache.

"I've never seen you here before, buddy," the Houndoom smiled wickedly, bearing his fangs, treating the word buddy like the worst of slurs. Govo crossed her arms, staring down the path he'd just come down.

"Neither have I," Zane agreed. "And I feel like I would know a name as unique as Crimson from somewhere."

Crimson laughed nervously. "Can't be much weirder than Govo."

Govo turned and glared at Crimson. "Watch your mouth," she said cooly. "You don't talk to us like that...especially me."

Whoops, he hit a trigger. The corner part of Crimson's mind, the part he should listen to more often, told him to apologize immediately for making her angry.

However, this statement kind of irritated Crimson. It sounded like Govo wanted to antagonize him, to intimidate him, to make herself seem superior to him. It sounded like Govo was challenging him. And Crimson wasn't going to let these guys push him around, no matter how insignificant he may seem and/or be. It wasn't in him.

So rather than apologize, he shot back, lifting a brow. "What makes you special anyway? Is it because you don't talk or just started talking? Is it because those ugly bandanas carry some sort of great power? Why should I possibly already have heard about you?" He was staring directly at Zane, who was the apparent leader of this group. "Did you start this group? Because right now, I'm not impressed.

The three froze, not able to form words as Crimson went on his short rant. When he finished, there was no movement. The wind had stopped blowing. Everything was still as if to magnify the tension he'd just created. The three just stared at him, wide-eyed, apparently not believing what they were hearing.

Finally, the Houndoom broke the silence. A low growl escaped from his throat, his face contorted into a scowl. He leaned on his hind legs, arching his back, ready to bound forward. Govo would actually be the first to start moving in his direction, slowly, with brisk footsteps and a look of harsh anger in her eyes. "Oh, I'll impress you..." she said lowly, barely audible, but with enough force and anger behind it to make those words sound fearful.

Then she charged, the brisk steps turning into quick bounds. Before, the separation between Crimson and Govo was more than ten yards. In half a second, she'd cut that down to three yards. And then Govo was right there in front of Crimson, her feet swinging out in front of her as she kept her balance on her hands. Crimson felt his feet fall beneath him, landing hard on the ground. Govo retained her upright position and suddenly she had her mouth open, a bright light forming inside. She was going to destroy him then and there! Crimson, unable to move from sheer shock and awe, shut his eyes.


Crimson heard the voice of Zane. Opening his eyes, he saw Govo was no longer charging a beam of something out of her mouth and was looking behind her, towards Zane.

"We can't just attack him for not knowing who we are! He's probably new here and doesn't know how things work." Zane explained in a voice of reason that transfixed Crimson. He sounded very convincing.

Govo sighed, irritated and insulted, and walked back to the other two. "Most newbies to Mohka get with the program before they even come across us." she grumbled.

"Well, there's a first time for everything," Zane responded, turning his attention towards Crimson. "My apologies. I guess we should've considered the thought that you were entirely new here first. It appeared that you were challenging the authority of the Isle Defenders."

While Crimson was still mad, his curiosity took over as he looked up the path where the three came from. The tower...

He picked himself up off the ground, checking himself to make sure he wasn't hurt. Dusting himself off, he sighed, releasing some of that tension coiled up in his body. "The...Isle Defenders?"

"That's right!" the Houndoom exclaimed, breaking his silence. "We are the law of the land, protecting the way of life around Mohka! We stand mighty and tall, an example of the greatest Pokemon to walk the land! We are the best fighters the Pokemon world has to offer! And, if I do say so myself," the Houndoom smugly went on, "We are the best of the Isle Defenders!"

"The best? You guys?" Crimson questioned, not believing what he was hearing. Creatures this...self-centered were considered the best suitable protectors of the land they inhabit?

"Pounce is right," Zane added, nodding to the Houndoom who was named as such. "We are the highest ranking Isle Defender team in Mohka, perhaps even the best Isle Defender team that was ever formed! We are Team RedEye!" Zane pointed at the serpent eyed bandana around his neck. "So it came as a shock to us when you just disrespected us like that. We thought you were talking bad about the Isle Defenders, which isn't recommended by the way."

Crimson contemplated this. So the top performers of the police force of the land were these three arrogant bullies who went around showing their might to whoever could witness?

"Oh, I wasn't talking bad about the Isle Defenders." Crimson responded in a mannered tone.

"See?" Zane smiled. "I knew it was a misundersta-"

"I was talking bad about you three."

The smile disappeared, replaced with a frown, then a glower of anger as Crimson continued, his own anger returning. "The fact that a law protecting force of good would have you three as the leading members sickens me. I mean you're all so arrogant and condescending towards others! I bet you don't even care about the inhabitants of this world! You're either in it for the money or the fame or the pride of being the best. That's not right."

"Hey look pal," Pounce cut in. "We earned our way to this spot-"

"Well good for you," Crimson stopped him in his tracks. "But you're supposed to be a model citizen, introducing me to the world, not accusing me of threatening an authority I had no idea about. Honestly, it sounded like you were trying to challenge me, like you were saying 'What are ya gonna do? We're the kings around here!'"

"I hope that someday someone kicks you out of your golden throne and treats you like the jerks you are! I mean, anyone with any sense of right could fill the spot you abuse!"

Zane appeared to study Crimson, as if sizing him up for dinner. Crimson glared back, maintaining his cool exterior while fear permeated throughout his body. He had no idea what Zane was capable of, considering how quick Govo was to taking him down.

Finally, Zane spoke. "Then prove it."

Prove it? Crimson wondered. Prove it how? Fight Zane and hope for the best? Fight Govo again or even Pounce? Or did he mean something else?

"It's your lucky day," Zane pulled out a piece of paper from his knapsack and held it out to him. "Tryouts for the new batch of Isle Defenders are today. Prove you're better than we are by topping us. But I bet you can't, considering how quick it took Govo to take you down. If you have any fight to match those words, you'll swing by and give it a shot today. Although, you don't look nearly as experienced to even be considered an Isle Defender much less be the best one." Zane turned onto the path that led to Bayside Heights, Pounce and Govo following behind. "See you there!" he called back, the other two laughing all the way until they were out of earshot.

Crimson just stared angrily at them until they were gone, then proceeded to read the paper. Looking it over, he noticed it didn't have anything written on it except a date and a time:

Where: The Edge of Mylliva Forest
When: The Sun's Peak

Crimson looked down the path leading to Mylliva Forest, then looked up at the sun in the sky. It wasn't at the peak, but it would be within the next two hours. That gave him time to train a little bit.

But first, he needed a spot to train where he would be noticed. After careful consideration, he decided it would be best to go back to the beach. For one, he knew it was secluded, minus that Turtwig. For two, it was flat and empty, a perfect clearing where he wouldn't mess up anything too important. And three, he already liked the scenery. He walked up the path he'd just came down, heading to where he first woke up.

He was going to learn how to fight...he was going to join the Isle Defenders...and he was going to be the best he could be to overthrow those jerks.

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The darkness had already adjusted to Tag's eyes as he rounded the next corner, sending sand flying behind him. Out of the peripherals to his right, he spotted the leafy "X" he'd put on the wall. Halfway there.

He felt good. He felt confident. Sure, this feeling would flee him by the time the trial started, but for now he'd enjoy it. He felt pumped...energized. The speed he had this run was astronomical, even for his standards. He could tell this was going to be a personal record time.

He ran the next hundred yards in a subconscious manner, making jumps and turning at specific points to build more speed. He got a feel for the ground flying below him; he ran so often he knew how to run on whichever surface of earth he was walking on. Sand was tough since it constantly shifted below his feet, but Tag ran on the surface so much more than the other surfaces that he was used to it. In a way, sand felt normal and more sturdy surfaces made him feel like he was going much quicker, a feeling he loved.

Making a drawn out left immediately followed by a quick right, the iconic turn told Tag that he was nearing the exit. Sure enough, the cave started to get brighter and brighter. Soon he saw the light leading to the beach. As it got brighter, the light got closer. Tag picked up more speed, unleashing everything he had at making it towards this entrance. Harder and harder, Tag barreled onward.

And then he shot out of the cave like a rocket. Tag leaned back while his feet landed in front of him and held that position, sliding across the sand and nearly reaching the water. No wait, he was actually in the water! The change in the sand wetness threw him off and he tumbled in the waves. Well, he needed a bath anyway.

Picking himself up in the water, he trotted back to the beach, panting hard. Shaking the water off of him, he looked back to where he'd landed. Yeah, that was a new record. He'd never made it to the water before. That basically shattered his old one.

He looked at the mouth of the cave he just exited. It wasn't a Mystery Dungeon, but it was the only form of training he got for traversing one. While a Mystery Dungeon could change walls and rooms, this cave was expansive, but he knew the layout inside and out. In a Mystery Dungeon, that wasn't possible, so he'd have to keep his wits about it. He mostly used it as a race track to build his most prized attribute: speed.

Tag looked at the sun to check the time. Snap! It was almost at the peak! He quickly went to his knapsack and pulled out one of his Rawst Berries. Eating it, he already felt his stamina returning to fullest potential, the effects of the previous run wearing off. Within moments, he was as fresh as he was waking up this morning. The nerves were at bay, still masked by the excitement. He wanted to be an Isle Defender so badly. He felt that he was better than ever. There was no way they could turn him down again!

Checking his pack, he still had two Rawst Berries, the Oran Berry, and that Orb he didn't know the use of. It's not like he didn't know that Power Orbs had powers, it's just that he never had the chance to take it to a Power Orb shop or the Kecleon Store to figure out what it did. He didn't go into town much.

He slid the knapsack on and began walking to the path. He now needed to conserve his energy for Bayside Caverns. He felt like he needed all of it. He was about to take his first step up the path when he heard a noise coming from his left. Turning towards the sound, his curiosity got the better and after checking the sun to make sure he had time, went to check it out. He stayed sneaky, his body pressed against the cliff bottom and walking slower than he was used to. But he continued until the source of the noise was discovered.

It was the Chimchar. He had his fists raised in front of him, his feet spread in an attack stance. He was facing a tall-standing rock, it's surface scorched by what Tag could only assume was the Chimchar's fire. It was staring down the rock like the rock had destroyed his best friend or something.

Then the Chimchar moved. It dove to the right, rolling onto his feet and tossing an Ember underhanded in the rock's direction. The flame looked nearly pitiful, but it spread across the rock surface on impact. The Chimchar leaped forward again, landing on the palms of its hands. Instead of flipping forward like it looked like it was going to do, it launched itself on its left side. Landing on the balls of its feet, it pivoted, throwing a punch from its right paw across its body and in the direction of the rock. Tag imagined the Chimchar hitting the rock numerous times with his fist and decided he would describe that experience unpleasant.

Nevertheless, Tag was entranced by the fluidly natural movements the Chimchar was making. Was this the same Chimchar he saw this morning? He remembered seeing that Chimchar, climbing the path with great caution, unsure where to step or even how to step. This Chimchar...this Chimchar was determined. This Chimchar looked like he had a lot to prove and was going to do anything to prove himself. What happened to him in the past hour and a half?

Tag turned away, deciding he'd seen enough. But there were still many questions he had. What was this Chimchar doing here? Why was it training? He thought for a moment, and then it hit him. He was probably training for the Isle Defender tryout, like Tag had just done. It was kind of the only major event going on today.

Well, good luck. Tag thought in his head. Personally, from the look of the Ember he'd just thrown, he probably wasn't going to make it past the selection process unless he pulled something magical from nowhere. But he dismissed the thought of superiority. That Chimchar had just as much chance of making it as Tag or any other Pokemon who tried out today.

Tag began to walk up the path to Mylliva Forest, where his destiny lay waiting for him.

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Character Portrait: Sonya

"How foolish of you to think that you'll ever come close to the power of Psychic Pokemon."

Character Portrait: Domingo

"No one can stop the law, or the Isle Defenders!"


Character Portrait: Domingo

"No one can stop the law, or the Isle Defenders!"

Character Portrait: Sonya

"How foolish of you to think that you'll ever come close to the power of Psychic Pokemon."

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Character Portrait: Domingo

"No one can stop the law, or the Isle Defenders!"

Character Portrait: Sonya

"How foolish of you to think that you'll ever come close to the power of Psychic Pokemon."

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