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"How foolish of you to think that you'll ever come close to the power of Psychic Pokemon."

0 · 253 views · located in The Islands of Mohka

a character in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Isle Defenders”, as played by greenspacedorito



Nickname: Sonya

Pokemon: Meowstic - Psychic

Gender: Female

Personality: Sonya, much like most Psychic types in the modern age, takes on a snobbish approach towards other Pokemon. Being a pure Psychic type, she is one of those who firmly believe that Psychic types are superior in the Pokemon world. She regards most everyone with a cold and harsh demeanor, often glaring or scoffing at them. If she deems that you are under her, she will not even dare waste a breath speaking to you, and if she did, it would be to hurl insults your way. The only time Sonya shows any hint of warmth is among her fellow Psychic types where she feels most at ease - most in her element. She is incredibly loyal and ruthless, both of which combined making her a force to reckon with.

Wealth | Sonya has gathered wealth during her time as an Espurr doing odd jobs with her previous exploration team.
Speed | Sonya is fast. Her movements in battle are both agile and elegant. This is not to say that no attacks hit her, but most of her opponents have a hard time keeping up with her.
Experience | Sonya is an experience fighter. She's seen her fair share of battle and more. She utilizes her knowledge in order to judge her opponent and anticipate their attack.
Psychic | Sonya is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon, giving her a clear advantage over Fighting and Poison Pokemon.

Arrogance | Sonya's arrogance often causes her to underestimate an opponent. She thinks she's nigh unbeatable by those who aren't Psychic-types, and this way of thinking can give her more trouble than she wants.
Temper | Sonya has an extremely short fuse, especially when dealing with Pokemon who attack the Psychic superiority. Despite her knowledge and experience, Sonya tends to act irrationally when she's angered.
Physical Fighting | Sonya isn't a hand-to-hand combat type of Pokemon. Most of her attacks are inherently Psychic in nature, and her physical attack isn't particularly strong. If she ever found herself unable to use her Psychic attacks, Sonya wouldn't know how to save her skin.
Psychic | As a pure Psychic-type, Sonya is weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks.

Goal: Sonya's goal is simple: to spread the greatness of Psychic Pokemon throughout the realm and squash those who dare oppose them. If she happened to grow even stronger and richer while doing that, then she'd take it.

Background: When she was just a young Espurr, Sonya found life on the island to be harsh. She was often seen by the other Pokemon as weak, and was therefore picked on. She absolutely hated it, and she couldn't wait to grow stronger to get back at those who hurt her. When a budding exploration team began to ask for a member to join them, Sonya had immediately volunteered. Together, they trained to become stronger. Her teammates hoped to help the Pokemon of Mohka, but Sonya didn't share their sentiments. All she wanted was to get back at everyone - she wanted revenge.

When her teammates found out about this, and how Sonya had been stealing from other exploration teams, they wanted to turn her into the authorities. Sonya couldn't have that. She staged a mission for her team which resulted in the death of all three other members - or so she thought. Once she rid herself of her old team, Sonya evolved herself and found other Psychic types. When the revolution for Psychic supremacy began, she sided with them wholeheartedly.

So begins...

Sonya's Story