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Chatot (Mr.C)


0 · 325 views · located in Pokemon World

a character in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon”, as played by ElMystery


Nick: Mr.C
Pokemon: Chatot
Level: 52
Rank: Leader
Team: Staff

So begins...

Chatot (Mr.C)'s Story


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#, as written by Guest
"No, just those three up there." Crimson replied, pointing up where the gangar, sandslash, and darmanitan stood, almost waiting. Why haven't they left yet?

"I'll see if there's a way out." he replied and went to look around. The walls leading up to the passage he'd just fallen from were too smooth to climb. Besides, that's where the other three awaited and he wasn't sure he'd have the energy to fight them afterward. He looked around the area for an exit, but there wasn't one. "I don't see a way out," he called to the eevie, but then he noticed the river. "Wait, I think I found a way...for you at least." He walked over to the eevie. "I know you're weak, but you need to find some energy to swim a little farther. The river doesn't collect in a lake. That means it leads somewhere. You have to travel down it. It'll lead outside, or at least out of this chasm. You need to send for help. I can't travel down that. Find Mr. C and send a rescue team." he encouraged.


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"Hello." said Mr.C as he flew down from his overlook perch. Mr.C was always busy, sorting missions and such. "What do you need?" Mr.C cooed.