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"I am my own team, my own army, and my own power."

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a character in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon”, as played by ElMystery


Nick: Clide
Pokemon: Weavile
Level: 53
Bio: Clide was a poor weavile in his childhood, his mother was very old and couldn't harvest or hunt. Clide has to steal from others for them to live. One day, he was caught and jailed. His mother passed away of famine. Once Clide was realesed, he was enraged. From now on, Clide uses his swiping anticts to live, and revenge.

So begins...

Clide's Story


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Kai nodded his head. "We are here for a reason. Lets get that stone!" Kai and the team dashed into the passage. Walls and walls of hyroglpihcics beamed. It was cold and eerie. Water creaked, rocks crackled and rolled, a faint breeze swept through the air. Shadows started lurking. Kai shivered. He was never as terrified as he was now. Suddenly, something swipe by in a blur. "Huh?!" Kai stuttered. Then, he noticed his bandana was gone. He heard footsteps approaching him. Kai turned around. There was a Weavill spinning the banada on one of his claws. "Looking for this?" The Weavill threw it behind him. It went into a puddle. The puddle led down a waterfall in the caverns. The bandana went down.. Kai tackled the Weavill. They rustled and tumbled down the waterfall. "AHHHH!" they both screamed.

( OOC: You can add more characters to the rp as we get further, like if you meet someone new. )


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#, as written by ceh12
Jumpi followed his team blindly into the ruins. His head still ached slightly from the rock but he tried to ignore it as they all went through the ruins. He was amazed and confused at he same time by all the strange hieroglyphs. He could have sworn he heard voices as the trio walked through the cave.

He nearly jumped as the weavile appeared and took Kai's scarf. As the plummeted down the waterfall. Jumpi froze then looked over at Lulu. "C-Come on." he shouted and grabbed Lulu as he jumped down the falls after the two and readied a spark to shock the two while they were still in the water.


Mugo walked as Crooks started to decode the message. He paid no mind to the message but once he heard Crooks scream he got down into Zen mode and frozen still, his psychic froze the arrows and then he used Flare Blitz which burnt them all to a crisp before the team's eyes.

He stood up smirking and beat his chest powerfully. "Now, come on. I think I'll lead so that we don't get beat the hell out of." he mumbled before walking forward on his feet for knuckles style he was used too.


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Kai and the Weavil get shocked through an electric current. "Aghhh!." shouted the two. The Weavil clung on the side of the waterfall, holding Kai. "Look kid, I don't kill for pleasure, but you're waying me down."he said. He let go of Kai. Kai clung on his leg. "If I'm going down, you're too." Kai said, dragging Weavile down the waterfall. Kai climbed on his head. The Weavile lost his grasp. They both started falling again. Kai and the Weavile collided with the shallow rocky cavern waters. Rapids flung against them. Weak and sore, Kai limped away. He crawled between two rocks and huddled in them. "I'm a failure.." mummbled Kai. The Weavile approached him. "Here kid.." he threw the bandana at Kai and vanished. Kai used the bandana as a blanket and fell asleep.