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Carter Rocha

A shadow in the night.

0 · 256 views · located in Kanto

a character in “Pokémon: Nightmare's Breath”, as played by Midnightclub


Name: Carter Jacey Rocha (CJ Slater)
Picture: Image

Description: CJ is a a short, thin girl. She has a plain face and average features that she’s actually quite fond of, it makes her job easier. She is easily mistaken for a boy and in fact, she promotes that misjudgment by keeping her hair shorter, tightly wrapping her breasts, and avoiding the use of makeup in order to look more like a boy. She has several piercings in both of her ears and mismatches the earrings on both sides because she likes the chaotic look of it. She has no other piercings and no tattoos to speak of and the only other jewelry she keeps on her person is a simple necklace with a symbol of two broken arrows resting on a Spinarak's web. She dresses in plain, monotone clothing and comfortable shoes.

Age: 18

Sex: Female (masquerading as male)
Date Of Birth: October 23, 1997
Birthplace: Kalos
Current Location/Residence:[/b] Pallet Town, Kanto
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 95 lbs
Blood Type: A-
Body Type: Ectomorph
Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano


Starter Pokémon: Froakie: Blitz


Seedot: Merc

Zorua: Willow Image

Personality: When CJ is among other people she is often silent or brooding. She is driven and has been known to be ruthlessly logical in her dealings with Pokémon and humans alike. She will actively try to distance herself from those that would try to get close to her. She has been known to grow angry when asked about herself or pressed into talking. More often than not, though, she will simply act stand-offish and rude in order to turn people away. If one were to really get her to open up, she'd probably say it was because she just doesn't trust people.

The reality is that she is afraid of people. She is afraid of what they might say, what they might do if they knew the real her. She'd probably like to have friends. She'd like to have people who share her love of music or match her intense focus when it comes to competition, or even just simply enjoy the love of someone who understood her. But she feels, because her life is built on a lie, because she'd been raised to do nothing but lie, then anyone who learned the truth would be horrified, vilified, or worse.

Strengths: Lying, Mental Focus, Stealth, Hardened Nerves
Weaknesses: Interpersonal Relations (Empathy, especially), Tactless, Cruel, Telling the Truth



Legendary History: Birth. For any creature it is an unpleasant, if not sometimes painful and overloading experience. For Deoxys it was torture. First it experienced heat, fire completely painful in that it was all that it knew. Then there was the rush of information and even more pain as it multiplied, grew, broke through the glass enclosure that had been its entire universe and grew even more. Then it became aware and the rush of knowledge that had followed was overwhelming in its entirety. It suddenly knew that it had been singular celled organisms that had been mutated and merged to form a new being. It knew that it was now a creature, powerful in its own right, which was aware of its own existence. And it knew that it did not belong on this world. So it left, for a time, breaking through the thousands of feet of concrete and steel reinforced rooms that held a certain scientific organization's test subjects and experiments without any effort. Sparing little to no thought of the chaos that it had wrought or the millions of dollars of progress destroyed.

Time was spent, uncounted, floating among the flashing lights created by the sun's rays colliding with the magnetized particles in its new home's ionosphere. From here it observed, it learned and it considered. Its first thoughts were of destruction, but as time passed and the pain subsided, Deoxys understood that the pain caused was not purposeful and its own consciousness had been an accident. Then its thoughts turned towards where it had come from. If this place was alien to it, then it must have come from somewhere else. But any place outside of this one was too far away to travel there. So instead its thoughts eventually turned to Earth, to its new home, the place it would go on to observe and study, and, when it finally felt like it, float down to explore.

Biography: Life in the Rocha household had never really been pleasant, at least, not for Carter. Her dad had always wanted a boy and what he got instead was a girl who was too small to even do much of the things boys usually do. More importantly, he had wanted a second, an heir who would carry on the family business and tiny, worthless daughter non-withstanding, he was going to get one. Carter's mother had died during child-birth and as a man with a sense of honor (sick and twisted though it was), Carter's father refused to remarry. So instead he raised the small girl to be his heir.

The Rocha family business was espionage and assassination. In spy work, you must always perform a facade, must always have a different face and a different story. Every place you infiltrate, every time you kill, you become someone new. That is what Durk Rocha trained into his daughter, day in and out. He showed her how to move stealthily, how to focus her mind and ignore unimportant stimuli, how to become someone new, and in the process showed her how to hate herself. Nothing she ever did was good enough and could never be, because she was not what he had wanted.

In the end, she had failed him. She had learned perfectly all of the ways to become someone else and to move in complete silence. She had learned how to kill and how to hide evidence and she'd learned how to focus her mind. But she failed him when she refused to hate herself, when she refused to accept that she was nothing, when she'd instead learned to hate him and what he'd made her. So her first kill had not been the one assigned. Instead it had been in perfect stealth against the only man she’d ever considered to be worth the effort. From there she moved to a new region with a new name. CJ Slater had arrived in Kanto ready for life as a Pokémon trainer. A trainer is someone who is constantly on the move and paid for competing in battles. For someone like CJ, for someone who doesn’t wish to be found or brought to ‘justice,’ it will be the perfect life.

So begins...

Carter Rocha's Story


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Carter Jacey Roc CJ Slater, murderer and brand new Pokemon owner, currently looking at a small amphibious creature. Her own curiosity was matched by the Pokemon's as it followed her every movement with a flick of its wide, bulbous eyes or a cautious tilt of its head. She slowly reached out to touch it and received a solid smack on her hand from its impossibly long tongue. She looked at the mark that was already starting to turn red and while she rubbed her hurt hand with the other she looked around. It had been a good idea to move out into an open field in order to meet the new Pokemon. Without nearby people causing distractions, or laughing, she'd be able to get a hang of controlling the monster. Or so she hoped.

The Froakie looked at her, still only moving ever so slightly to keep her in sight as she moved around. It's tongue lashed out to lick its eyeball and then flashed back into its mouth. It croaked out a noise and eyed her again. "That was probably my fault." She said slowly. Cautiously she reached into her bag for some of the food that the professor had been kind enough to give the small boy who looked like he'd never make it even as far as Viridian. She thought back to his face, thinking that maybe she'd seen suspicion behind those kind eyes and wide smile. It didn't matter in the end whether he'd believed her story or not. He'd relinquished the Pokeball filled with this curious looking Froakie and sent her on her way to register in Viridian.

She held out a piece of the food and gasped with surprise as the pink appendage lashed out again to take it from her almost before she could see it move. "You're faster than you look." The creature seemed to dip its head ever so slightly before quickly returning its gaze onto her, or it seemed now, to her bag. "Oh. You must be really hungry. That'd explain the lashing. I hope." She brought out a handful of more food and in mere seconds it was gone. The Froakie croaked again. "More?" Another nod. She paused, it was definitely nodding.

"You can understand me?"

It nodded.

She waited a few seconds while she took the time to consider this. Eventually she decided that she would test to see if it really did understand her, or if the nodding was actually random. She took out a handful of food and put out both of her closed fists towards the Froakie. "If you pick the hand with no food in it, you can have all the food in the other hand." Since one of her hands was nearly dropping the food she'd had in it, she'd figured any creature could guess which one had the food. But if it understood her...

The Froakie looked at her, then at her hands. Slowly, as if with careful consideration, the creature reached out a webbed hand and touched her empty one before springing back. She grinned and opened the full one so it could eat. Again it had finished the food in seconds. This time it looked satisfied. She opened one hand and left it out for him, she had decided it was a him and couldn't explain why, and held out his pokeball in the other. "You want to ride on me or do you want to ride in the ball?"

It sprung up and landed on her shoulder before she could even react. "You know what? You're so fast, I'm gonna call you Blitz." Blitz croaked in what seemed to her in an agreeable way. "This should be a good partnership."


A week and a half later, CJ and Blitz had traveled quite a ways down the path towards Viridian and were starting to run low on food. Even with all the foraging they'd done they were running low on calories and CJ had been about to mention that they should probably go hunting when a yellow worm-like Pokemon had scuttled out from under a nearby brush and onto the road. Blitz hadn't even given any warning before it had leaped off of its position on her shoulder and onto the creature, slamming into its back and causing it to cry out in pain. Blitz then unleashed a surprisingly effective torrent of bubbles directly into the prone creature that ended its cries.

It had already taken a few bites of its prey when CJ came over, her mouth slightly agape. "Wow." Blitz looked up at her then, cocked its head and ripped off a piece of the worm to hand to her. She had to choke back a gag. "Thank you, but you need all your strength." She said, eyeing it carefully. A nod and then the Froakie had gone back to its meal.

She let him eat and looked around the clearing for anything more edible. It seemed it was her lucky day as she was able to find some eggs nestled in a knotted tree not too far away. She used a lighter to start a fire with some twigs and set about trying to find a rock to cook her eggs on. That was when she heard the buzzing.

It seemed to rattle the trees, the ground, even the air itself. Everything around her was rattling with the buzzing sound. She looked up and heard a surprised croak from Blitz. She could understand his surprise. There were probably hundreds of them, flying yellow and black striped creatures with three spikes, one on each 'arm' and one coming out of the thorax. CJ ran and grabbed Blitz, ignoring the creature's protests, and flew off into the woods, looking for a safe place to hide and hoping they hadn't seen her yet.

They'd run until they found a cave by a small creek. She and Blitz dove into the cave and she'd noticed that the buzzing had stayed back by the fire...The fire! She looked back in that direction. The wind from the Pokemons' wings must have blown the fire out but she could guess why they had stopped. That worm thing, and the eggs, must have belonged to those flying Pokemon. She looked at Blitz. "They're going to be looking for us, hunting us." She held out the Pokeball. "Stay in here, and I'll try and get us to safety. We just have to wait until nightfall." Blitz nodded and returned to his ball.

She waited a few hours and ate the rest of the food that hadn't needed to be cooked. When night finally came she moved silently out into the woods and stuck to the shadows of trees where she could. It seemed like the flying Pokemon weren't nocturnal, which was good because it meant they were just as unlikely to see movement in the dark as she was. She picked her way carefully and managed to avoid making any sounds, slowly but surely making her way back towards the road and away from the ranks of flying monsters searching for the egg snatchers. After an hour or two of careful maneuvering, they'd made it back to the road and she and Blitz had walked together until CJ collapsed of exhaustion in an empty glade with the Froakie guarding her while she slept.


After a few more weeks of relatively uneventful travel, the two had arrived in Viridian. CJ observed the city carefully, looking for the telltale signs of the Pokemon Center and Registration Building. When she thought she'd found it she went in to register and came back out with a properly (mis)labeled badge and some extra funds. She patted Blitz on her shoulder, looking around the area with a sense of calm, though she'd noticed there were a few people about and at least one person napping on a bench. "Now that we're set up as a real team, the fun can really begin. And hopefully we won't have to eat any more bugs." The creature croaked. "Okay, I won't have to eat any more bugs. You can have mine."


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Carter CJ Slater, novice Pokemon trainer and trained assassin, currently sitting in the dirt and wondering how a stream of bubbles from a creature a fraction of her size had managed to put her there. It was good thinking that she'd found a spot away from prying eyes. She shook her head and felt her chest. At least it hadn't done any real damage. Lucky for her, either he had been holding back or he was still too weak to really be able to hurt her. She subconsciously hoped it was the former. "Okay. That attack we'll call Bubble. Earlier on, when we fought the ...(She'd had to check the Pokedex to find out what he'd eaten) Weedle, right before we almost got murdered by those Beedrill, you landed on it with your whole weight and speed behind you. It's inefficient to use these crude attacks with so little precision but we can work on that later. In the meantime, we'll call your leaping attack Pound. Is there anything else you think might help in battle?" The Froakie cocked its head at her and croaked. "I got too complex again. Hmm." It came closer, waiting for orders. "How else can you fight?" It inflated its chest and let loose a rumbling sound that made the loose dirt nearby it shift. It sounded as if it had come from a much larger creature, maybe even a vehicle of some sort. "Ooh. That could be used to frighten foes. Let's call that, for lack of a better word, Growl." It nodded.

"Okay!" She clapped her hands together and pointed towards the forested edge of the dirt field. "Bubble." It let loose a wide burst of bubbles and she made sure to stand clear of where it had aimed. "Now, growl." It jumped forward and inflated itself, then it let out a high pitched croak. "No no. The rumble, do the earth shaking bit, you know, GRRRAWR." It slunk back. She shook her head and bent down, letting Blitz come over and see that she was not actually mad at him. She stroked him between his eyes and then she held out a piece of food.

"C'mon, Blitz, Growl!" It inflated and let loose the low, earth shifting sound. "Good!" She tossed the food and Blitz's tongue shot out and grabbed it before it had even reached the top of its arc. "Alright, now, Pound!" The Froakie jumped and knocked CJ onto her back with a whump. She laid there for a few second, blinking the stars from her eyes and trying to catch her breath. She pet the silly thing as it laid on her chest looking down worriedly at her. "Let's not try any more attacks on me until I get stronger too."

After that, instead of attacks, she had ordered the Froakie to perform quick jumps between X's that she'd marked in the ground. She showed him which X's she wanted him to jump between and told him to do it quickly. After the first run through, if he was able to beat his previous time, she'd given him more food. Food, she thought to herself, was something Blitz would do anything for. She'd had him run the makeshift obstacle course until the creature had started to fall behind his starting lap time. She'd figured he was finally tiring out and so she'd let him stop and gave him water.

While he drank and then laid down to rest, she had taken out a notebook from her pack and begun writing. 2000 Poké Dollars, minus the few she'd spent on a room at the inn the first night they'd spent there (the bath she had taken had been luxurious), seemed like a lot of money to start out with. But, she did some calculations and found they could probably live comfortably in the inn with meals for only about 20 days; 25 if they foraged and hunted outside of town, which they would. She'd decided that they could safely spend the first week or so training and then get down to business with actual battles. She also considered buying a Pokeball or two and trying to expand her team. In the end she'd decided against it for now because it would raise the cost of living for all of them, hunting was tiring and time consuming and food was expensive. She'd also decided to wait on buying the beginner's bundle from the Poke Mart. She found the idea of starting to travel this early as needlessly foolhardy. She'd look for trainers to fight nearby before she would go abroad.

After she was done budgeting, she began working on ideas for training Blitz. She'd decided upon naming him that speed was his greatest strength and though he was limited in actual Sanctioned battles by a turn order, his strengths were not to be ignored. If anything, constantly moving in a quick, unpredictable pattern would make it hard for enemy attacks to land. The obstacle course was a start, but she'd make it more complex and longer later on. She'd probably use wood from the forest for targets or have him hunt flying Pokemon. Then she'd also have to train him like an assassin.

She stopped herself for a moment, a look of muted surprise on her face. That thought had come out of nowhere but it was a good one. According to the Pokedex, many Gym Leaders had special training regimens and even special moves and abilities they'd taught their Pokemon. The Pokedex hadn't said much more on the subject, but she figured, if the Gym Leaders could do it, so could she. She would train her Pokemon to be swift, deadly, and unpredictable. She'd train Blitz, and any others she'd eventually catch, in the art of deception and wearing false faces. They could be just like her. She paused and reconsidered, mostly like her. She was going to treat them fairly and they weren't going to end up killing her. She allowed herself a grin that would have sent shivers through the spines of anyone who actually knew what it meant. She let it slip and thought about Blitz. She wasn't quite sure how she'd go about training the curious, cute, and ever hungry creature to be an assassin. But she shook off a feeling of foreboding towards the long road ahead of them. Instead, she just let herself be proud to have a plan ready. It was then that she looked up and saw Blitz staring at her from behind the notebook. He cocked his head and she giggled softly. "Heya bud." She set the notebook aside.

She gestured and Blitz leapt up on her, resting himself on her lap. She stroked his soft skin for awhile, thinking to herself. She began to meditate, focusing inwards. She knew that in order to become wealthy enough to sustain herself, she'd need to win many battles, maybe even work towards becoming the Champion. She thought of the small amphibian that had matched its breathing to hers and smiled to herself as she let all thoughts fade away. They had a long way to go.


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Date: August 18th, 2015

Training had been going well enough, and she'd been increasing the strenuousness of their routine daily. She'd decided every other day would be endurance training while the subsequent days would deal with combat training which involved speed, strength, accuracy, deception, and stealth. Today they'd been running through the forested area near their training spot. Blitz kept pace with CJ who'd been putting herself through more rigorous training than even her father had imposed on her. It had been growing late in the night and they were both running low on breath and stamina.

"" CJ said, checking to see the Froakie keeping pace but having trouble breathing as well. Her legs and lungs were burning, her clothes and skin were covered in scratches and dirt from running through or around plant life and her clothes were drenched in sweat. CJ couldn't help feeling like she might be pushing Blitz too hard. She didn't want him to be injured by their workout but she also didn't want to coddle him. This was going to be their lives from now on and the only way to make it liveable was to overcome it.

They'd almost finished their last lap and were walking to cool off when a branch snapped high above their heads. CJ grabbed Blitz and jumped just in time for a whistling object to make heavy impact with the ground. She got up to see a large acorn planted firmly in the soft earth right where they'd been standing. She checked Blitz and saw he was okay, which was good because the acorn had begun moving. It was a small, brown Pokémon that only resembled an acorn. It had a gray cap covering the top of its head and a beige mask-like pattern on its face.

"It's a Pokemon! Defensive position." She yelled and Blitz squared up between her and the wild beast. It slowly got up on two stumpy feet and stared wearily at them, as if it was just waking up and hadn't almost pulverized them like an over-sized bullet. She watched carefully as it suddenly realized that they were prepared for a fight and its shell suddenly began to have a glossy look to it. "It's hardening its body! Quickly! Pound!"

Blitz jumped in and landed bodily on the creature before bounding off of it with its full strength, keeping itself moving now that the fight had started. This was its chance to show her that they could battle. He'd prove to her that he was good enough to even face trainers.

The creature fell back with an audible squeak but got back up. It hazily regarded Blitz with an almost carefree attitude and continued sitting still. "Blitz again!" Blitz charged in to bounce off of the creature again but found that this time it didn't even react to the full force of the blow.

"Get behind it and try Bubble!" Blitz was able to move to the creature's backside before it could even think to turn but the stream of bubbles that he'd released popped harmlessly off of the creature's bark-like skin. If she hadn't known better, she thought as she absentmindedly rubbed the spots on her chest where Blitz had hit her with the same attack, she'd think that Bubble wasn't worth the effort to use.

"Pound, focus on weak points." This time Blitz's feet landed directly on the mask part of the creature's face close to the eyes. They heard a cracking sound and a squeal of pain as Blitz rebounded and moved back towards CJ. The creature had been wounded and had sap seeping from a crack down the bark under its right eye.

It slowly sat up and jumped back to its feet. In a flash of movement it rammed the tip of its cap into Blitz's body and Blitz flew back into a tree with a thump. Before CJ could even shout out, the creature had turned towards her. In a split second of inspiration she held out an empty poke-ball in front of her as it charged and pressed the button on the creature even as she dodged its attack.

Three heart-pounding shakes later and the Pokeball was sealed. CJ didn't take the time to congratulate herself, instead putting Blitz in his Pokeball and running off towards the town.

Once she'd made sure that Blitz and her new capture were going to be alright, she took the two back to her room at the Inn, let Blitz out of his ball, and looked up the newest one in her Pokedex. It labeled the creature as a Seedot, a grass type with a strong defensive outer skin. She was pleased to find she'd only need to give it water and attach it to trees every now and then to feed it. She was even interested to see that Seedot's delight in surprise attacks, tricking Pokemon and people in thinking that it is a seed.

She grinned slightly. So she'd fallen for its little trap, even going so far as to let herself be caught in a Bide attack. It had just taken her attacks to build up its own strength. "It ambushed us, like some sort of mercenary fighting a large army." She said, not noticing that Blitz was not paying attention. "Looks like our newest recruit is a Merc." She grinned to herself looking at the ball in her hand. Blitz made a soft, noncommittal noise and turned, staring out the window. She looked up and wondered at the dejected looking Blitz.

"Hey now." She walked over to him and stroked him between the eyes. "Are you sad because you lost?" He looked back at her and gave the smallest of nods. "Listen, neither of us could have known what this thing was capable of. I didn't even realize it was a grass type. If it had used a grass attack on you, well you might have been hurt a lot worse. We both have to train and we both have to learn more tactics. The only fault here is that we weren't ready for anything, and that's what we need to focus on, alright?"

The Froakie nodded again and hopped into her lap. She giggled and stroked him some more. "Good."


The next day CJ brought them both to the training ground. She had Blitz ready himself and then let the Seedot out of its ball.

The smallish acorn-creature looked around nervously before catching its eys on the trainer standing behind another Pokemon. It chirped cautiously at Blitz who croaked back. This was the first time CJ had even considered that Pokemon could converse with each other and she watched the two with avid interest.

At first the Seedot seemed angry but as the two Pokemon talked it started to calm down. CJ took the opportunity to lay down a small container and fill it with water. She smiled towards the creature. I'd like for you to travel with us. We'll be training to be the best team there is." Blitz croaked his agreement and the creature thought for a moment. Then it chirped and came over to drink the water. It whistled happily when she pet it. "Glad to have you on the team, Merc."


Date: August 23, 2015

CJ Slater, Pokemon Trainer and incognito trained assassin, currently running for her life. She looked back at the huge, purple beast covered in horns and charging toward her relentlessly.

She'd been hoping to test her team in battle with some wild Pokemon. They'd proven themselves to be quick studies in everything she'd taught. Blitz was able to push himself to high speeds that defied reason, able to mostly maintain control if not finesse and Merc was proving to be able to take a lot of physical attacks without really feeling it. They'd both been able to take orders out loud and by hand signals and were able to maintain the unpredictable stances that she'd taught them. Things were looking good after two successful battles, one with a Pidgey and another with a Wurmple, (they'd both make wonderful meals for the night) but then they ran into this monstrosity.

She'd known as soon as she saw it bursting through some brush that there was no way they'd be able to defeat the ginormous Pokemon. She'd returned her team to their balls and turned tail and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. So far she'd remained out of its reach. She was starting to tire though and the behemoth hadn't shown any signs of slowing down. She fumbled around in her bag as she ran, nearly tripping over roots and very quickly running out of space as she neared the small pond that bordered the training ground and the forest nearby.

She finally found what she was looking for just as she'd reached the rocky shore of the pond. She turned and flung her spare poke-ball at the monster if only to delay it long enough for her to get a longer head start in another direction. However, instead of the intended effect of it bouncing off and ensnaring it, instead it sailed right through the creature's chest.

CJ marveled for a moment, watching in amazement as the image of the huge purple horned horror shrunk into a small black, grey and red canid. It had large blue eyes and CJ couldn't help but find it cute, even if it had been chasing her for the last few minutes. It bared its teeth in what should have been a menacing way and approached her.

"Blitz, go!" She shouted as she threw out his Pokeball. She signaled, Keep it busy but don't hurt it too much. I need to get the ball so I can capture it. He nodded his understanding and squared up against the Pokemon. He shot out a burst of Bubbles that were wide spread enough to hit the Pokemon with ease but only managed to anger it, which had been the point. With its attention fully on the fast moving amphibian, it was totally unaware of CJ moving around behind it to grab the ball she'd thrown. It lunged after Blitz, its claws swiping just a little too slow to actually gain any purchase. Blitz jumped onto its back and rebounded behind it. This drove the little black fox into a frenzy and it began swiping faster and harder, Blitz barely able to dodge the fast but clumsy attacks. Just when Blitz had thought he'd be able to beat it, it assumed the form of a black shadow and appeared behind where he'd been meaning to dodge the next swipe. It crashed into him and knocked him to the ground. Before he'd had the chance to get up, the creature had slashed a few large gashes into Blitz's side. He croaked with pain and felt the gentle caress of the red energy of his poke-ball.

CJ returned the Froakie, unwilling to put him in any more harm, and threw out Merc. "Harden and Bide!" She shouted, the little acorn's shell began to creak as it became denser, the shell's gloss brightening. The canid slashed at the Merc's bark-like skin but not even its shadow-like attack put any real damage into it. When CJ had finally found the ball, she commanded Merc to release its Bide and it charged into its foe, knocking it to the ground with force. She took the chance before it got up and threw the poke-ball onto its prone form. It shook violently once, then twice, and finally stopped with a click. She sighed with relief and returned Merc to its ball. Then she ran back to town to heal up her charges, buy more poke-balls, and go back to the Inn to relax for the night.


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Date: August 24th, 2015

The Zorua watched the human carefully, ignoring what he was saying and instead waiting for the perfect moment. The wind blew through the clearing and brought out the smells that she knew so well. The human kept talking and gesturing towards the other two Pokemon. The Korua didn't pay attention to the Froakie or the Seedot. All she could think about was getting back to her trainer, back to the place where he'd told her to stay. He'd been gone for so long already. What if he came back while she was away? She couldn't afford to be away from the spot this long. She had to get back. She should have stopped chasing away the human once she'd scared him out of the forest. Instead she'd gotten herself captured and unable to be there when master came back. She snapped back into focus as her opportunity finally came. The human turned to grab something from his pack.

She turned and ran. She sped as fast as she could towards the forest.

CJ turned at the alarmed noises from Merc and Blitz and pressed the return button on the Pokeball as soon as she realized what was happening. She sighed as the little Zorua was swept back into the ball with a squeal. She'd seen a glint in its eye but wasn't sure of what it had been planning. She eyed the ball, glad to have thought of keeping her hand on it.

"This is the fourth time she's tried to escape. Every single time I let her out of her ball she runs." CJ placed the ball on the stump next to her bag and took out the food she'd been preparing to feed the foxy creature. "Always towards the forest too. She's acting like a spirit bound to that place, and with her illusion abilities its like she's a Will'o'the'wisp. What does she want there?" She looked at the other two. "If I let her out again, she'll run. I need you two to follow her, leave a trail for me to find. If you can, try to talk to her, see what's up. If there's some way to get through to her, to get her to join us, we can finally move on and start trainer battles."

The two Pokemon perked up at that. They'd been training hard every day for weeks now and they felt more than ready to test their skills. They both nodded vigorously.

"Good." CJ let the Zorua out of the ball. "Now, I'll try this again, I just want to give you some food-." She heard the scampering of the fox's feet again just as she turned to grab the bowl and started off after Merc who was following a trail of bubbles not far from the entrance to the forest and leaving seeds in his wake.

Blitz kept pace, following the Zorua from above as she fled into the forest. He hopped from tree limb to tree limb.

"Go away! Leave me alone!" She growled, charging through some dense underbrush and coming out a different side.

Blitz turned to follow but caught movement from the corner of his vision and saw the true Zorua heading in the direction they were originally going. He caught back up to her. "Where are we going? Why can't all of us be with you?"

"We're not going anywhere!" growled the little creature as she became shadow and passed into the base of a tree. Blitz paused for a second before jumping onto the tree in question and looking around. He heard some movement and followed, barely catching sight of the Zorua twice before finally catching up. This time, it appeared she thought she'd lost him.

She slowed down to a trot and walked into a small copse, smelling around the trees before approaching an opening in the side of a larger tree. She jumped down inside and Blitz followed slowly, keeping quiet and signalling out with a large burst of bubbles.

Inside, the Zorua lay down on small bed of leaves and sighed, staring at the broken pieces of Pokeball in front of her.

Blitz clung to the top of the tunnel, looking in at the Zorua. He looked back up towards the sounds of the approaching Merc and came back up. "She was abandoned by a human, left here to fend for herself."

Merc stopped. "You mean she wasn't wild when Mistress caught her? I didn't think humans could take us from each other."

Blitz nodded. "I think they can, She showed me humans stealing from each other on her screen. But..." He looked at the hole in the tree. "Her Pokeball is broken."

Merc thought about that for a long time. "Then why won't she fight with us?!"

The Zorua stepped from her hole. "Because I wasn't 'abandoned' and I wasn't stolen. Master will come back. Just like he said he would. He will come back and I will be here, waiting."

CJ watched from the shadows as her three Pokemon conversed. Now that she didn't have to worry about her Zorua running away, she was starting to notice more details about the little fox. She was thin, far too thin to be healthy and her coat was matted and dirty. Compared to Merc's glossy shell and Blitz' clean, bright skin and clear eyes, she looked like she was wasting away.

The Froakie inched closer. "You don't have to be alone. We can help you look for him, Mistress is smart, she could talk to the other humans and find your trainer."

The black canid cocked her head. "The 'Mistress?' What about the boy who held the ball earlier?"

"She's not a boy." Merc said simply.

"It doesn't matter. Master said to wait and that's what I'll do." The Zorua growled and turned to look back at her hole in the tree. She coughed weakly.

CJ stepped into sight and knelt down in front of the Zorua. "You're starving, aren't you. Starving, sick, and tired." She looked at Blitz. "What has her in this condition?"

The Zorua growled again but didn't move as Blitz climbed into her hollow and brought out a broken piece of Pokeball.

"You...You had a trainer before? But this ball is broken..." CJ looked at the Zorua who wouldn't meet her eye. "You think that this trainer will come back, don't you."

She showed the creature her broken ball. "This means that he released you. He made it so that you could never come back to the ball, never come back to him. If he told you to stay here, he was leaving you here to fend for yourself."

The Zorua growled menacingly and bared her teeth, advancing on CJ.

Blitz and Merc moved to intercept her but CJ motioned for them to stop.

"You think he's coming back, but how long has he been gone? Look at you, you're wasting away. You should be beautiful and powerful, but instead you're dying." CJ brought out the cup of food. "I can help you. I can give you food, medicine, shelter." She motioned towards her two Pokemon. "I can make you strong again. And if we see your trainer while we travel, he will be free to take you back."

The Zorua perked up at that last part and CJ nodded. "Really. If I find your trainer on the road, you will be free to go with him if you want. But on the condition that you fight with me until we see him."

The Zorua nodded while CJ stood up. "Good. I'll need to call you something until then, so for now, I'll call you...Willow. Let's go eat."


September 1st, 2015


The three Pokemon performed their routines through their obstacle courses while CJ watched. Altogether, she was pleased. Blitz still managed to impress her with his speed and while Merc had seemed to hit a plateau in his progress. The Seedot was probably working the hardest among them though and CJ was sure he was ready for a real fight. Willow had been taught well enough by the previous trainer and was already somewhat powerful, but she was unaccustomed to CJ's brand of training and it had taken her awhile to catch up to the others. Willow had the most interesting move-set, however. Somehow, she'd been taught several dark type moves already, Pursuit and Suckerpunch would be useful. She was looking healthier after a week's worth of grooming and feeding, though she was still having some discipline problems as well as having trouble learning the hand signals CJ had been training them with. CJ suspected that it was only partially because of the change in training regiments and more because Willow still thought her old trainer would take her back. She grimaced. There was no way she'd let the Zorua go.

"Alright, good." She signaled for them to stop. She'd been keeping track of their progress as well as their funds. While she would have liked to train them more, supplies were starting to run low. Like it or not, they were ready to battle.


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September 5, 2015

"Pikachu! Agility!" The Pokemon became a blur as it pushed itself faster than the eye could follow.

CJ watched patiently from the sidelines, eyeing the other trainer who'd accepted the terms of the battle. He seemed overly excited and not really too focused on the battle itself. Almost as if he had already considered himself victorious and showboating for the few people who had stopped to watch. "Leading with Agility? Fine. Merc, Harden." The acorn Pokemon's shell glinted in the sunlight as it became glossy and hard as stone.

"Dude if you don't attack it's no fun. Use tackle!" The Pikachu darted in from behind Merc and slammed into him, knocking him forward slightly before vanishing again.

"Bide it out, wait for your moment." CJ watched as the Pikachu repeatedly slammed into the sides of her Pokemon, changing the direction with each strike. She was starting to notice a pattern. The trainer had at least realized that electric attacks wouldn't be useful but he didn't seem to know or care that physical attacks were rapidly becoming useless as well. When the Pikachu rushed in for a fourth time, CJ understood. It had been crossing back and forth to attack on opposite sides in a star-like pattern. "Merc, release the Bide now, on your 7."

Merc willingly turned and charged blindly striking fast and hard directly into the Pikachu who'd tried to avoid it in the last second but instead only managed to open its defenses to the Seedot's attack. It flew backwards into the ground, dazed and hurt. "It won't last much longer, do you forfeit?" CJ asked politely, looking at the other trainer. He nodded and returned his Pokemon. "Yeah, alright, you beat me. But with only two moves!? How'd you know where Pikachu was going to be?"

CJ just shrugged. "You have to learn the patterns."

She looked at her Pokedex, That was 6 wins, 3 losses now. She would have had more wins if she had learned to pay more attention to her competition during battles. Twice she'd lost because she hadn't understood what her opponent had been setting up before unleashing powerful attacks. Because of those losses, she'd been studying battle tactics at night after training since. Her only other loss was to a trainer who'd used an evolved pokemon. He'd come to Viridian to earn quick money by battling new trainers. She didn't count that one against herself, except for learning not to blindly accept any battle.

She was starting to be able to notice paterns in other people's tactics. It occurred to her that knowing what your enemy was going to do, is just as important as knowing yourself. She guessed she should have paid more attention to the mental exercises her dad had put her through. She shook her head. No reason to think of that man, ever.

"I still have two ready pokemon, if anyone else would like to battle?" She looked out at the small crowd that had formed. At first these crowds made her uncomfortable. If anyone recognised her from her life before she would be in trouble. But as she got more accostomed to battling, she also became more confident in her disquise and the fact that the people watching were more interested in the Pokemoin than their trainers.

A dark skinned man stepped forward. He was six feet tall if he was an inch and he grinned almost wildly as he held out two pokeballs. He looked like he had just arrived from out of town. "I got your battle right here little man. Let's make it a double."

CJ nodded. "Alright, let's sync our dexes, you're on."

The man nodded and threw out his pokeballs. CJ cocked her head to the side. "Really?"

Before her stood two tiny pokemon. The blue one was round with a transparent tail and a circular spiral pattern on its stomach. The other one was red with a yellow belly and a wild tuft of fur on its head. She scanned them. "These are baby pokemon!" She said with a scowl. "You shouldn't try to battle with a Magby or a Poliwag."

The man just grinned. "You already agreed to this battle. You forfeiting?

She shook her head. "No way." She released Willow and Blitz. "You ready?"

"Let's go."