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Scout Liu

"Nothing personal, kid. This is just business."

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a character in “Pokémon: Nightmare's Breath”, as played by greenspacedorito



Description: Scout Liu is a relatively tall girl, standing at about five foot eight. She's often seen with her black hair in a high ponytail and her dark brown eyes hidden behind dark aviator glasses. Scout is rather thin in stature, but with well-toned legs and arms that allow her to run and perform parkour with ease. Several tattoos litter her tanned skin, with the most noticeable being that of skeleton wings on her chest. Her bust size is above average, but is usually hidden under the layers of baggy clothing she usually wears.

In terms of clothing, Scout favors monochrome designs. She's usually seen wearing hoodies. Her clothing style isn't that extravagant and she likes that it makes her look inconspicuous. One thing that is never missing in her attire is a tiny piece of chipped Thunderstone that hangs around her neck.

Age: 21

Sex: Female
Date Of Birth: June 1, 1994
Birthplace: Unknown to her [Fortree City]
Current Location/Residence: Pallet Town
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145 lbs.
Blood Type: AB
Body Type: Ectomorph
Voice Type: Alto

Starter Pokémon: Snivy - Female - Peridot

Current Team:

Personality: Some people describe Scout as a selfish, sly, and conniving young woman. Scout learned from a very young age that if you want something, you have to take it. It didn't take long before that thought process was followed with "if they won't give it to you, make them." There isn't much she's not willing to do in order to accomplish her goal, and oftentimes, it included the destruction of another person's life. For Scout, those little sacrifices didn't matter as long as somebody else was making them. What mattered is that she got what she wanted - she got something she desired.

There's not a lot of people that Scout trusts. If you're one of those that she cares about, then you know that she'll do anything for you. Loyalty is one of Scout's very few positive aspects, and she's not going to cross it out any time soon. Scout isn't obedient by any means, but she's a person who knows how to respect those she deems as worthy. Besides, she's smart enough to know when to keep her mouth shut and when she can push the boundaries. She's struggled enough to survive up to this point, and she isn't about to let her emotions cost her her life.

Strengths: Parkour, Resourcefulness, Cunning, Great sense of self-preservation
Weaknesses: Arrogant, Has a bad reputation with some people (could get her in trouble one day), Develops tunnel-vision when trying to get something she wants,

Legendary: Yveltal - Alastor

Legendary History: Alastor remembers the day he was born as if it were yesterday. The first death had just occurred - a bloody, traitorous murder of a brother - and Alastor had felt the way the man's life force formed him into being. It had been a rush. He could feel everything the man had felt. His mind had been filled with the man's memories. Everything that man was once was now him. And he wanted more.

It was clear to him what his role in the universe was. He was the Destruction Pokemon. He would be the whispered name by parents in bedtime stories to their kids. He would be cursed one by a man who'd lost everyone he loved. He would be death. He spread his wings for the first time and embraced his place.

He absorbed the life forces of people by the hundred - spreading his wings far and wide to cover the whole world in darkness. He took life as he wished, and reveled in the rush he felt. It wasn't until his counterpart, Xerneas, arrived and undid everything he had done that Alastor felt true hatred for the first time. When he gazed at Xerneas and the beauty that the other Pokemon embodied, he felt the uncontrollable urge to reach out and destroy it. Of course, such a thing wasn't possible. They had their roles and his didn't involve the death of Xerneas. His lifespan ended, but his hatred didn't. For a thousand years, that hate festered inside him. Time inside his cocoon was spent plotting, wondering if there were a loophole within destiny that would allow him to consume the entire world.

The thousand years of his sleep ended, but Alastor still had no conclusion. It didn't matter. He had the rest of his current life to find out a way, and if his lifespan came to an end, then he would just be reborn to try once again.

Biography: Scout's birth took her mother's life. Her father, Hoenn's chief of police, was devastated. Despite himself, he grew to hate the sight of the child that took his one true love away from him. The hospital saw it and knew that with the power the chief possessed, he could take the child's life in revenge. And so Scout was taken by a nurse and moved away, hidden from her father. She had been left at the doorstep of an orphanage with the wish of good luck and a good life.

Life at the orphanage hadn't been good to Scout. The older kids always pushed her around. They dragged her to the back of the line whenever they were to receive donations, leaving her with nigh nothing. They pushed her around because she was small and she was quiet. They didn't understand that in her silence, she'd already been planning.

Stealing the older kids' things had been easy enough, but sneaking into the social workers' office and sabotaging their adoption processes had been tricky. She was alone, and she had no lookout, but she'd been able to do it. The kids who bullied her were left stuck in the system until they turned eighteen, and Scout had the last laugh. She saw how much she could achieve with her skills, and she wanted more. She began to steal the younger kids' things, and bully those who wouldn't give her what she wanted. She hoarded everything that she could fit inside a bag, stole money from the social workers, and ran away. She knew they wouldn't go after her. She knew they'd be thankful she left.

Scout was eleven when she began to live in the streets. She pick-pocketed whatever she could and used the money to buy food or warm clothing. She spent the night with one eye open at alleys, a knife firmly in her grasp. Her things were kept in a small backpack, ready to wear in case the police spotted her. She survived.

At the age of fifteen, Scout found that she'd saved enough money to at least settle down in one city. She'd chosen Lilycove City because of the amount of tourist that ventured there daily. It meant more pockets to pick and more people to con. She'd rented herself a rundown apartment in the rather shady side of town and made connections to ensure that she would get a somewhat regular flow of income.

This kind of lifestyle sustained her until the police knocked on her door and a Venusaur carried her to prison.

Of course, manipulating people and breaking the law gets Scout in more trouble than the average Joe. There's only so much Scout can get away with as a thief and con artist. The police catching her was inevitable, especially when she was Pokemon-less and they weren't, and it acted like a bucket of ice cold water to her. She knows that she needs to level up her game. She had manipulated herself out of prison by pleading to the police that she would study about Pokemon and maybe get their companionship to help her fix her ways. The police's eyes are still on her, and she knows how hard it would be to get away with her old tricks. If she has to lie and pretend to be a good and obedient Pokemon Trainer in order to keep herself out of jail, then by Arceus she would at least try to become the Pokemon Champion. Just the image of all the money she can get winning the tournament is incentive enough.

Activity Log:
Saturday, July 11, 2015 - Released from prison | Got starter Pokemon
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - Discovered by truck drivers | Pidgey Attack
Friday, August 14, 2015 - Arrival in Viridian City | First purchase
Saturday, August 15, 2015 - Training
Monday, August 17, 2015 - Funds down to 750 | Possible job found

So begins...

Scout Liu's Story


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"Liu. Wake up and get outta here."

Scout's left eye peeked open as she watched the officer through the bars of her cell, her lips quirking up in a taunting smile. She sat up, stretching her arms over her head before releasing a loud yawn. The prison bed was uncomfortable - the mattress was almost as hard as cement - but it wasn't what caused Scout to have a sleepless night. It was the first time she'd seriously been charged with something, and it took heavy pleading to make sure she got out without having to see the light of court.

"Get dressed. You're going to get your first Pokemon soon," the guard stated, before adding under his breath, "Although I don't understand why they'd trust a crook like you with a Pokemon."

She understood the comment was meant to be hurtful, but she'd heard that line a million times before. She'd grown accustomed to it - welcomed it even. It was what pushed her to continue what she did, after all. If they saw her as a crook, then she would be the greatest crook the world had ever seen. She smirked at the guard, leaning forward to ran a hand down his cheek through the bars. "You throwing me out, love? But we were just starting to enjoy each other's company." She watched the man's reaction with an amused expression, biting back a bark of laughter when she saw hesitation in his eyes. Men were so predictable.

She retracted her hand and wiped it on her pants, a look of pure disgust evident in her face. "Open the door before you wet yourself." She stepped back, grinning widely at the way the man turned red faced. She knew she'd pushed his buttons, but she felt confident under parole. As long as she didn't do anything illegal, they couldn't harm her.

And once she got her Pokemon, they couldn't even if they tried.

The metallic door clacked open and Scout stepped out, grinning at the police officers that littered the floor. She walked past them, chin up high knowing that they wanted nothing more than to put her behind bars for good. Now, they'd be escorting her to the laboratory to get her starter Pokemon. She could only imagine what that must feel like.

"Taking care of a Pokemon is a great responsibility, Scout."

Scout's eyes were trained on the Pokeball in the Chief's hand. She'd been the one to grant Scout the opportunity to enter the Pokemon League and try to turn her life around, so a part of her thought she should be thankful to her. The bigger part of her - the angry part - hated the fact that she was an authoritative figure that literally had Scout's future in her hands. "No problem, boss," she replied, giving the Chief a cheeky salute.

The Chief, for her part, only gave Scout a small smile. "I know you'll learn something from all of this." Without warning, she held the Pokeball forward and released the Pokemon held inside. A bright red light appeared on the ground in front of Scout before disappearing in a flash and revealing a small green Pokemon. "This is a Snivy. She's a Grass-Type Pokemon."

Scout nodded absentmindedly as she knelt in front of the Pokemon, smiling at the way it looked at her as if she were the scum of the Earth. The Snivy had a haughty air about her, and Scout found it endearing. "Well, aren't you a cutie?" She reached a hand forward and petted the small Pokemon, laughing lightly at the way it puffed out its cheek and attempted to use its small hands to push her away. "I can name her, right?"

The Chief watched the two interact with a small smile. "Of course."

Scout didn't have to think long. She had always been a fan of precious gems - both admiring their beauty and the amount of money she could trade them for - and the Pokemon's color scheme reminded her of one of her favorites. "Peridot. Her name is Peridot."

The Snivy, Peridot, stared up at her. It frowned slightly at the name, but allowed Scout to continue petting it.

"Here," the Chief called out, holding out Peridot's Pokeball for Scout. "Head over to Viridian City. You can register for the Pokemon League at the Pokemon Center there."

Scout took the Pokeball and placed it at the belt on her waist. "Right. Register. Beat the gyms. Be the Pokemon Champion. Get rich."

"If you can."

Scout rolled her eyes and picked up Peridot. "'Course I can. I got you to give me a Pokemon, didn't I?" She chuckled lowly as Peridot climbed up her shoulder and settled atop her head. "'Sides, you gave me Peridot. We can do this."

The Chief raised her hand in a salute, smiling brightly at the younger girl. She saw such potential in Scout - potential that had been wasted before. But now, the younger girl could start anew. She just hoped Scout would actually be able to learn and change her ways, or else all her effort would be for naught. "Good luck."

"I don't need it." Scout grabbed the aviator glasses from her backpack and put them on, grinning confidently at the Chief. Peridot cried out in agreement.

For almost two weeks, Scout hitched a ride at a truck that was headed to Viridian. She hid at the back, placing Peridot in her Pokeball to keep her quiet, while sustaining them with the products inside the truck. Of course, the drivers soon found her out and chased her away, but thankfully they didn't have Pokemon with them.

The temptation to use Peridot to fight them and take the truck for herself had been strong, but Scout knew her Pokemon was still rather weak and that news of what she did would reach the Chief. So she'd simply ran away, climbing up a tree to lose the men. Thankfully, she'd managed to secure some supplies from the truck - enough to last them a week. She knew they would still be travelling at that time.

Scout settled back on the tree and released Peridot. The Snivy immediately reached up to grab an apple from the tree and began munching on it. Scout frowned. Apparently the Pokemon had been hungrier than she thought. The Chief was right. For so long, Scout had only had herself to take care of. She'd gone weeks with eating very little and had adapted to that lifestyle. She really couldn't say the same for the young Pokemon.

"Sorry, bud. I'll make sure we have enough to eat next time."

Peridot hummed in response, clearly not believing her. Scout sighed. The Snivy clearly didn't trust her that much yet, and she couldn't blame Peridot. She hadn't exactly been the model trainer in the two weeks they'd been together. "Come on. We should get mo-"

A loud squawk cut her off midsentence and startled her, but not enough to cause her to fall from the tree. The feeling of a sharp beak hitting her side at full force, however, sent her tumbling down. She barely heard Peridot cry out and jump after her.


Scout stood up, a hand pressed on the bruise that was developing on her side. There was a bird-like Pokemon - a Pidgey, as she'd been informed - in front of her, clearly angry and ready to attack. "Right. Peridot, use Vine Whip!" Peridot jumped up from behind the Pidgey and used its vines to constrict the Pidgey. The Pidgey struggled against the grasp, and started Pecking at the vines. Peridot released a cry of pain before releasing the Pidgey.

"Tsk." Scout's hand clenched to a fist at her side as she examined the situation. What was that thing the Chief told her? Peridot was a Grass-type? And that Grass-types were vulnerable to Fire and Flying-types. "Heh. You're obviously a flying type, aren't ya?" She needed to end the fight quick before Peridot got seriously hurt. "Alright. Peridot! Use Vine Whip to hold it down and then use Tackle!"

Peridot nodded and did as she was commanded. The first attempt had been dodged by the Pidgey, who then rushed in to Tackle Peridot, sending the Snivy flying. "Again!" The second attempt had been more successful. The Tackle hit the Pidgey, and it cried out in pain before flying away.

Scout watched it retreat, and grinned in satisfaction. The feeling of a small body hitting her leg caused her to shift her attention away. "You okay there, bud?" she asked as she knelt down to inspect the damage done to her Pokemon. "Huh. You're still strong. A survivor, just like me, eh?" Peridot seemed to scoff, but allowed Scout to carry her without protest.

It had taken them three more weeks before they finally reached Viridian. The city was big, and Scout's hands itched to pick some pockets, but the sight of police littering the city gave her pause. Frowning, she headed towards one of the biggest establishments in the city, guessing that it was the Pokemon Center. She was right, of course, and the inside was filled with Trainers and their Pokemon. She went straight to the counter and asked the Pokemon atop her head jumped down on it. "Get healed up, yeah? I'll go register." She nodded towards the Nurse Joy and went to the other counter to register, where she was handed her own Trainer Card and some funds. She held up a coin towards the light and grinned. "First steps. I like it."


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Scout plopped down on one of the many couches that littered the Pokemon Center. She sunk into the couch, making herself comfortable. Peridot, who had previously been perched atop her head, jumped down to the tiled floor and looked up warily at her owner. This didn't go unnoticed by Scout, and she arched a brow at her Pokemon as if asking for a reply. Peridot was, of course, unable to give a verbal answer and instead continued to stare expectantly up at Scout.

"Well? Spit it out. What do you want?" Scout's brows were furrowed as she leanth forward and gave Peridot's cheek a couple of experimental pokes. On her third poke, Peridot's head turned abruptly and tiny teeth met her fingers. Scout quickly pulled her hand back and examined it, not finding any markings imprinted on the skin. She frowned at the Pokemon, who mirrored her. "You're hungry, then?"

Scout stood up and opened up her arms. Peridot jumped in them before scurrying up Scout's arms to get to her usual spot. Grimacing, Scout rubbed the back of her neck. "You're going to break my neck in half, one of these days." A
bark of what resembled laughter erupted from the green Pokemon.

The two exited the Pokemon Center and headed to the center of the city. After a quick scan of the immediate area, Scout found two places where they could eat at. The first one was a rather classy place with. The other was a more run-down shop that didn't seem like it would pass a health inspection. When Scout made a move to enter the latter, she felt a harsh tug on her hair. "Ouch! What was that for?" She didn't wait for an answer and grabbed Peridot from atop her head so she could look at the Pokemon. Peridot's chin was held high and her eyes were on the other restaurant.

"You wanna eat there?" At the nod, Scout frowned. "I don't really think we can eat there and still have enough to survive a week, bud." Her frown deepened as she remembered the sight of her balance - 2000 Poke Dollars. It was such a small amount compared to what she'd already saved up before. Of course, most of that had been obtained through illegal means and the police had confiscated it from her. If she only had them, she could give Peridot what she wanted. Unfortunately, she was stuck budgeting 2000 Poke Dollars to last them for at least a month.

She could attempt to get a job, but she'd never really worked well with being told what to do. With a sigh, she turned back to Peridot. She'd decide on what to do after a meal. "Would you rather we just forage in the woods?"

Peridot stared wistfully at the restaurant before sighing and nodding. Scout allowed her to return atop her head. "I'll treat ya somewhere nice in the future, bud," she promised before they headed out of town and into the nearby woods.

Scout walked through the forest warily, but the reached their destination without much trouble. They'd encountered two Pokemon on the path they took, but thankfully, they hadn't been attacked. She stepped over a bush and grinned at the sight before her. It was a small lake she had noticed on their way towards the city. The water reflected the rays of the sun, inviting anyone who looked to have a sip of its crystalline water. Peridot was quick to jump off of Scout and head over to a bush growing at the edge of the lake. Its berries were ripe and ready to be picked, and Peridot jumped right in.

Scout headed for the lake and dipped her hands in, watching the cup she'd formed fill with water. She leaned forward to take in as much as she could before the liquid slipped through her fingertips. She'd been right in her assumption. The water was delicious. She grinned and nodded towards Peridot, who fell back onto the ground with a thud. The Snivy rubbed her belly with a satisfied grin.

She stood up and grabbed a few berries as well, tucking them carefully in the pockets of her hoodie. She needed to buy a backpack soon. That was her first priority. "And maybe some Pokeballs too... Plus what were those things that healed Pokemon right up? Potions?" she mumbled to herself. She looked around the general area. It was a perfect spot to camp in, and there were a number of wild Pokemon about that didn't seem like they would attack unless provoked. She could train Peridot there.

The thought of buying a sleeping bag struck her. She was used to sleeping without them. She would have just bundled up her hoodie to form a makeshift pillow and find a somewhat comfortable spot to spend the night in. Her problem was her rather picky Pokemon. Checking the price of a sleeping bag would be on her list, and if it proved to be too pricey, she would just return Peridot to her Pokeball at night. At least then, Peridot would be somewhat comfortable.

She nodded to herself and moved to pick up Peridot, who had curled up and began sleeping. She sighed and pulled out the Pokeball. Hopefully, the trip back would be just as peaceful.

Scout stepped inside the Poke Mart and stuffed her hands inside her pockets. It had been a habit to visit shops like this and knick a couple of items without the clerks knowing, but Scout had seen a police officer watching her warily from outside. Besides, she remembered Chief's warning of the penalties for crimes while participating in the League would be much dire than when she had just been a street rat.

With a sigh, Scout took off her aviator glasses and approached the register. The man behind the counter looked at her cautiously, and she grinned. "I need a backpack and a couple of Potions." She watched as his eyes flitted towards the officer outside the shop and she rolled her eyes.

"The- uhm- A backpack costs 200 Poke Dollars and Potions cost a hundred each."

Her lips pursed at the prices. She couldn't decide if they were too pricey, or if they just seemed too pricey because she was used to simply stealing what she needed. "I'll take a backpack and three Potions." That would be 500 Poke Dollars off of her stash already, and it was only the first day. She'd hold off buying Pokeballs or a sleeping bag. Maybe after she'd fought a couple of Trainers and saved up some money. It was definitely a better alternative to working.

The clerk fetched her items, and with the use of her PokeDex, the purchase was made official. She grabbed her items and made a move to leave before pausing.

"Say, you don't happen to sell a knife here, do you?"

The clerk gulped. "A-A knife?"

Dark eyes rolled with mild irritation. "Yeah. A pocket knife, maybe?" She needed one if she was going to try and create a makeshift shelter for the night. Plus, it was a good tool to have around in general.

"Um, we do have some, I think. That would be 150 Poke Dollars." The clerk grabbed a knife from the back of the shop and offered it to Scout, who inspected the item. The blade seemed sharp and not prone to rust. The handle was good too, and a mechanism allowed the blade to retreat into the handle.

"I'll take it."

Scout released Peridot from her Pokeball.

"We'll be sleeping outside tonight." She ignored the frown the formed on Peridot's face. "I've already set up a spot over there," she pointed towards a small area where branches and leaves had been set up to create a small shelter, "It's your choice if you want to sleep with me or inside your Pokeball."

Peridot stared up at her for a moment before nodding towards the Pokeball. Scout sighed, assuming as much. Her Pokemon seemed to think that it was royalty, and she was finding it harder and harder to provide for another.

"Gotcha, bud." She grinned at the Snivy before returning her to the ball and tucking it back on her belt. She looked up at the night sky and smiled at the sight of the stars. There wouldn't be rain that night.

She headed to her bed for the night and settled in, using her backpack as a pillow this time around. Her hoodie was strewn over her body as she let her body relax into the cold ground. It had been years since she last had to sleep outside like this.

Eventually, sleep claimed her.

In the dead of night, the sound of a Pokeball activating echoed in the forest. Peridot tucked herself in the arms of her owner and allowed the warmth of Scout's body lull her to sleep.


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Saturday, August 15, 2015 | Funds: 1350

Scout awoke to the sound of quiet cawing.

Her eyes snapped open and she abruptly sat up, causing the Snivy in her arms to jump awake. The Pokemon's cry at being so rudely woken up was lost on Scout as she flipped out her knife, holding it out in front of her defensively. There, in front of her and picking off the berries from her jacket, was a couple of Pidgeys. They paused their hunt - one still having a berry in between its beak - and stared up at the human.

Peridot, now fully awake at the sight of wild Pokemon, cried out and jumped in front of Scout.

"Right," she muttered, returning the knife in her pocket. She had a Pokemon now, and Peridot could protect her. She didn't have to fend for herself like she'd done so before. "We got this, Peri. How about a little Tackle!"

Peridot nodded before rushing towards both of the Pidgeys. The two birds scattered, leaving Peridot's attack to miss. Cursing under her breath, Scout issued the order for Peridot to attack again, but before the young Pokemon could do so, the two Pidgeys rushed in and Tackled Peridot. The Snivy gave out a cry of pain before landing at Scout's feet.

"Peridot!" she exclaimed, kneeling down to help her Pokemon up. The green Pokemon was bruised and didn't look fit for battle. Scout sucked in her lower lip as she lifted the Snivy in her arms and stared up at the two Pidgeys, both still poised for battle.

Peridot cried out weakly, vines erupting shakily from her body. This wasn't lost on Scout, and she almost rolled her eyes at her prideful Pokemon. "Stop. I'm not going to let you fight anymore," was forcefully stated before Scout grabbed Peridot's Pokeball and returned her, much to the Snivy's protests.

The two Pidgey cried out and looked ready to Tackle the defenseless Trainer. Scout frowned, eyes narrowing at the Pokemon. Another cry echoed in the forest, and Scout took that as her cue. She rushed forward, moving quickly to the side to dodge the Pidgeys' Tackle. Her hand quickly grabbed her jacket before returning to her campsite and taking the backpack as well. The two wild Pokemon were hot on her heels, and Scout knew just how to distract them. A hand reached into the pocket of her jacket, thanking Arceus that there were still some berries left. "Stuff yourselves!" she shouted out before throwing the berries behind her.

She ran and ran, her legs aching and her lungs burning. The Pidgeys had fallen for her trick and went for the berries, but she needed to get Peridot some help. And quick.

She hadn't camped out that far from the city, thankfully. As soon as she broke through the city limits, she made a run towards the Pokemon Center, gathering the attention of one of the police officers in the area. The man immediately took chase, but was ignored by the dark haired girl.

"Nurse Joy!" was shouted after the young woman rushed inside the Pokemon Center. By the time she reached the counter, she was heaving and red faced. It didn't matter though, as her first priority had been to push the Pokeball towards the Nurse, who took it with an understanding nod.

Scout released a sigh of relief as she slouched over the counter, allowing the exhaustion to catch up with her.


"What the-?" She tried to move her hands, but found that they'd been restrained on her back. By the familiar feeling, she determined that she'd been cuffed. But for what? She hadn't done anything wrong. She turned around, the question clear in her eyes as she looked at the smug cop.

"You're under arrest, Scout Liu. I knew you couldn't actually do this." His hand carressed the beard that sat atop his lips like a comb, and Scout had to laugh.

"Tell me, Officer, just what did I do?" she asked, a brow raising in a challenge. When the man pulled out her knife, she didn't resist the urge to roll her eyes. "You're arresting me for having a knife? But you released me from prison to give me a highly powerful creature?" She scoffed. "If you must know, I got that through legal purchase. Check my account if you need to. And yeah, I need it since I'm, you know, camping out during my journey here."

"Is there a problem here?"

Scout looked up at Nurse Joy and grinned. "No problem at all, Nurse Joy. How's Peridot?"

The nurse cautiously eyed Scout's bound hands and grimaced. Redness was already starting to form on her wrist. "Peridot is as good as new. You got her here quickly, so her injuries were easy to heal." Scout nodded appreciatively, her nerves already calming at the news. "Excuse me, but I don't believe this Trainer has done anything wrong. She'd simply rushed here to heal her Pokemon," Nurse Joy added.

"Sorry, ma'am, but this is none of your business. I'm going to have to report this to the Ch-"

We interrupt this program to bring you an emergency news bulletin!

All eyes turned towards the screen in the middle of the Pokemon Center. Scout adjusted herself, positioning her cuffed hands away from the cop's sight. She raised her leg and pulled out a small pin from her shoes, winking at Nurse Joy with a plea to keep quiet.

An explosion in Celadon City's warehouse district occurred today killing a total of four workers and injuring nine others. Two Pokémon were also tragically lost in the explosion, and another three injured alongside their workmen partners. According to our sources, the nefarious terrorist group known as Team Rocket not only was the cause of the explosion, but also used it as a diversion to lure local law enforcement to the location and used the distraction to storm the Pokémon Center, stealing over one hundred stored Pokémon in their Poké Balls and murdering both the attending Nurse and her Chansey at the front counter when they tried to trip the silent alarm. Two other Pokémon Trainers who tried to stop them were also murdered, and reports are coming in now that their Pokémon were also stolen as well as their Pokédex's hacked and all their assets drained from their Pokémon League accounts.

The gasp that echoed in the Pokemon Center drowned out the handcuff's clicking. Scout dropped it on the counter carefully before taking Peridot's Pokeball back.

Local authorities have cordoned off the Pokémon Center and the Warehouse District which was subject to the worst of the explosion, and have warned Pokémon Trainers in the area to be on the lookout for Team Rocket and call them the instant they see a member of the organization or if they see anyone who is behaving in a suspicious manner. The authorities have also shut down the Pokémon Center in Celadon City until further notice, pending an investigation and repair effort.

More on this story as it develops.

As soon as the announcement was finished, the cop turned around to turn Scout in, but the young woman was long gone.

A flashing red light and then Peridot appeared, as good as new. Arms immediately wrapped around the young Pokemon that squeaked and attempted to break free. "I was so worried, bud," Scout muttered. She gave Peridot another squeeze before releasing the Snivy. "Taking on two Pokemon at the same time was pretty stupid on my part, but it made me see that we need to train some more. We're not going to win any battle if you're that weak."

The Snivy huffed at being called weak, but Scout ignored it. "We want to get your Tackle and other attacks to hit. I checked the Pokedex earlier and they said Snivys are inherently fast Pokemon." Scout nodded, as if to further prove her point. "Speed is good and all, but it's not going to do anything if we can't make out attacks hit. I want you to aim for accuracy and speed."

Scout reached into her jacket and pulled out a couple of rocks. "What we're going to do is simple." She walked a few steps forwards. "You're going to follow me as I run through the forest and when I throw one of these bad boys, you have to flick it with your vines. Like so." She threw one of the bigger rocks in the air with a grin before telling Peridot to use Vine Whip. The Snivy had little trouble attacking the rock with her vines and causing it to land on the lake. The Pokemon smirked smugly.

"That was easy," Scout stated with a grin as she tied her shoelaces tightly. "Now, try and keep up with me."

Scout took off on a run, jumping and dodging the natural obstacles created by the forest. Peridot followed, slagging at first, but quickly finding her rhythm. Scout grinned and threw the first rock in the air, which Peridot attacked with ease. Scout slid underneath a low hanging branch before throwing another rock in the air. Peridot used her vines to pull herself up and Tackle the rock. The process continued, with Scout tripping occassionally as she wasn't used to running in the forest and Peridot missing most of the smaller rocks.

The setting sun saw the Trainer and Pokemon laying on the grass near the lake, both heaving heavy breaths.

"We did... good... there, bud," Scout stated between breaths. When she received no response, Scout looked over to her Pokemon. Smiling, she allowed herself to mimick Peridot's action and was soon snoring.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A day and a half passed with most of Scout and Peridot's time spent recreating their training session. Peridot's accuracy had improved, but she still wasn't perfect.

Scout's hands rested on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. "Great progress, bud," she complimented, smiling brightly at her Pokemon. A day and a half still wasn't enough, but they were doing good. Perhaps good enough to actually enter a Pokemon battle. She shook her head at herself. No, they still weren't ready. They needed to train some more, and perhaps expand their arsenal of moves. But for now...

"How do you feel about eating at that fancy restaurant tonight, Peri?"

The excited cry was enough of an answer.

Scout and Peridot exited the establishment with huge grins, a full stomach, and a hole in Scout's wallet. "I can't believe we spent 600 PokeDollars there," Scout commented, looking over her account balance through her PokeDex, "But that food was definitely worth it." Peridot lazily cried out in agreement.

Scout frowned, looking around the sleepy city. Her funds were down to 750. That was ridiculously low for her tastes. A job. She needed to get a job.

"Damn it," she muttered under her breath. Her hands were stuffed inside her pockets and she headed towards the station to check the local Listings Board. She returned the sleeping Pokemon to her Pokeball as she reached the Listings, smiling brightly at the officer that eyed her warily.

"Right. Let's see here." She roamed her eyes down the listing, frowning at most of the choices. She wasn't one for instructing little kids - she never had the patience for them - nor did she like working under people. Cursing under her breath, she was almost ready to give up.

Then she saw it.

Help wanted. Patrols around Viridian City. Please contact Viridian City Police.

Scout grinned. It was perfect.


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Monday, August 17, 2015 | Funds: 750

Scout sucked in a deep breath, fingers dancing nervously over Peridot's Pokeball. The light of the station shone bright like a beacon in the peaceful night. She didn't have the best of reputations among police officers, especially after the stunt she pulled with the Chief. In fact, Scout would bet the rest of her funds that the officer that had attempted to arrest her in the Pokemon Center was one of the men inside the building, laughing merrily at some thing or another.

"Right," she breathed out, before nodding to herself. She was Scout Liu, dammit. The Police feared her, not the other way around. She'd seen so much horrible things in her short life that a job interview in front of people who absolutely loathed her shouldn't be causing her palms to sweat so much.

She shook her head at herself and took a step towards the door. She paused. "I can't do this." A quick turn of heel and her back was to the building. She'd find another job. Any other job.

Or hell, maybe she would just steal what she needed.

Her shaky knuckles grazed on the Pokeball at her waist. Her mind went to the slumbering Pokemon enclosed in there. The young Snivy had worked hard in their training, and her look during the feast served to them had absolutely lit up Scout's face. She couldn't let herself ruin that.

"Damn the Chief and her sentimentalities. They're getting to me..." she began to mutter under her breath, but paused as a thought struck her. The Chief. She could talk to the Chief.

She grabbed her PokeDex from her back pocket. She'd seen a "Call" option there before, and she was pretty sure that the Chief had registered her number into it upon giving her Peridot. She booted up the device, fingers tapping on Peridot's Pokeball as she waited.

Ah-ha! She was right! She just hoped that the Chief wouldn't ignore her call or would be sleeping. It was rather late.

The screen turned into white static with only the word 'CALLING' blinking every now and then. The drumming of her fingers intensified.


"Chief! Hey," she greeted, a small and relieved smile painted on her face, "See here, I'm kind of low on funds. And before you say anything, I'm not going to borrow money! I just... I need to smooth things over with some of your officers for a job." She smiled cheekily at the screen and scratched the back of her neck. "I kind of ran away from one of your officers after he had me cuffed at the Pokemon Center."

The Chief's eyes widened, and a frown formed on Scout's lips. Should she not have said that? "Why did they arrest you? Did you do something, Scout?" the Chief asked, eyes narrowed in a familiar interrogatory manner.

Scout was quick to shake her head in negation. "I didn't! Honest! I was just rushing to get Peridot to the Pokemon Center since she got a bit banged up." Her eyes shifted away from the screen as she added under her breath, "And I may have bought a knife."

The line on the Chief's side grew quiet for a moment until Scout was forced to anxiously return her eyes to the screen. "Was the knife for camping purposes?" the Chief asked. Scout nodded in affirmative. "Very well then. It was fault on their part, and I'll talk to them about this matter. You're currently in Viridian, right? Give me a few moments."

Scout nodded just as the screen turned black. A sigh escaped her lips as she leant back on the wall next to the building's door and listened as best as she could. She could hear some shushing, and then the Chief's voice. There was an outcry from a familiar voice - Scout guessed him to be the man that arrested her - before he was shut down by the Chief. And then silence.

Scout counted to ten before entering.

"So," she began with a shrug and a small smirk, "I came here for a job."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 | Funds: 798

Scout plopped down on the grass, exhaustion clearly written on her face. After she'd been geared up by the unwilling officers the night prior, she was sent on a test patrol mission. It had been supervised, of course. For four hours, Scout walked around Viridian City in the dead of night, watching out for crime. Of course, being a former criminal herself, she knew just what to look for. It made her job considerably easier, added to the fact that Viridian was one of the more peaceful cities in the region.

This meant that she'd only had two hours of restless sleep before she had to wake up and feed Peridot.

Currently, said Pokemon looked up at her expectantly, vines at the ready. She smiled softly at the Snivy before patting her head. "Not today, bud. How about we take a look around? Scout the competition and such?" Without waiting for an answer, she scooped up the Pokemon in her arms and headed towards the city.

In the early morning, Trainers littered the city. There were some just casually hanging around with their Pokemon, playing and exercising. Those weren't the Trainers Scout was looking for. She needed to find those actively training for Pokemon League.

Before pleading with the Chief, Scout had no idea about Pokemon. They were just... things that littered the streets. She'd never dipped into the black market of Pokemon poaching simply because her knowledge on it was lacking. Now, she wondered if she should have attempted to learn about them before.

"Pikachu! Use Tail Whip!"

Scout's eyes snapped towards her left. Two Trainers stood a couple of feet from each other. A battle!

Scout patted Peridot's head as they settled a safe distance from the battle, observing the two Trainers and their Pokemon. The techniques used were some of what Scout had already seen before. She guessed that they were the basics, simple things that Pokemon knew instinctively. But the fight seemed far more immersive than the ones Scout had participated in with wild Pokemon. Was that the difference between them?

"Pikachu, use Double Team!"

Scout attention was piqued. That was not an attack she'd heard of before. Her eyes were focused on the small yellow Pokemon - the Trainer had called it a Pikachu. The Pikachu began to be outlined in blue before three copies of itself appeared at its side. The Rattata attacked, but it hit one of the copies and allowed the real Pikachu to Tackle it.

"Wow," Scout breathed out. Her mind was already reeling with the possibilities once Snivy knew that attack. She needed to teach it to her Pokemon, but how.

As soon as the Trainers returned their Pokemon to their respective Pokeballs, Scout approached the one who won. "Hi," she greeted, smiling brightly. "You did really good there. I was just wondering about that one move you used. Double Team, was it?"

The blonde boy nodded. "My best friend taught Pikachu how to use it. It took us a while, and we can't really make more than three copies right now."

So it was a technique that could be taught. Scout had to know how. "Do you think you can tell me how?"

The boy shrugged. "Sure, I guess. It's all about speed. You need to get your Pokemon to move at a fast enough speed that they leave this trail of images behind. That's what forms the copies." He paused and patted the Pikachu's head. "You have to be careful to not push them too much though. It can get dangerous for the Pokemon."

Scout nodded, despite not having a clear grasp on the mechanics. Enough speed would allow them to create copies? Sure, she was focusing on Peridot's speed, but could they go fast enough to make the technique possible.

"Look, it's really confusing at first, but you'll get a hang of it."

"Yeah. Thanks..."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | Funds: 570

Scout accepted the three Pokeballs with a small sigh. That was three hundred off of her funds, but she knew she had to buy them eventually. She would have wanted to buy them after a couple of sanctioned battles, but her training with Peridot regarding the new attack hadn't exactly been fruitful. Peridot was fast, but she still wasn't fast enough. How was she supposed to get the Snivy to learn Double Team?

Training the entire day had Peridot pretty beat, but a quick trip to the Pokemon Center seemed to heal her right up.

Scout stepped inside the station with a small grin. She'd worked six hours the night prior. It was still supervised, but at least she was finally working full shifts. Maybe a week or so of night shifts at the station and then she'd be able to save enough money to buy necessary things for a trip through the forest up north.

"You're early today."

Scout shrugged as she looked over at the police officer. Kiley was a young woman, only a couple of years older than Scout, but she'd already earned herself a respectable position in the Viridian City Police. She'd been the one who'd volunteered to supervise Scout for the past two nights, and Scout appreciated it. Kiley treated her nicely. Or rather, she wasn't treated as horribly as the other officers had done.

"I'm just so excited to see you all," Scout answered cheekily as she put on the uniform. This earned her a disapproving look from the red-head. "What?"

"You know," Kiley began, "it wouldn't hurt to treat them nicely as well. Tone down that snark and let them learn to trust you." She smiled at Scout before handing her the flashlight. "You'll be here for a while after all."

Scout blinked. "Is this..." She held up the flashlight with a look of wonder on her face. "Am I going unsupervised tonight?" When Kiley winked at her in lieu of an answer, Scout found herself grinning. Sure, she liked Kiley's company, but being out on her own meant that she was actually doing something. It was finally her job!

She saluted Kiley with a bright smile before heading out.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 | Funds: 990

"How about we try that one more time, bud!"

Peridot gave a nod of approval as her eyes focused on her Trainer. Sharp eyes traced the way Scout moved and vines at the ready for the next set of rocks that would fly in the air. In the week of non-stop training, Peridot found that her accuracy had greatly improved. She could even hit small targets with relative ease! Lately, Scout decided to add another aspect to the challenge - launching multiple targets in the air at the same time.

Scout waited for a beat, three small rocks already in the hand behind her back. Without warning, she tossed all of them in an arch. Peridot's reaction time was quick and her two vines reached out for the rocks. She took two in her hold, and swatted the remaining one to the lake.

Scout grinned widely and pumped her fist in the air. "Hell yeah! We're doing real good, bud!" She raised a hand out towards Peridot, palm up. She was met enthusiastically with one of Peridot's vines. A high five - something she'd taught the young Pokemon a few days prior. It wasn't exactly a technique for fighting, but it was still something the two enjoyed doing.

Speaking of techniques...

"Hey, Peri, how do you feel about trying out that Double Team one more time?" Since their first failed attempt, Scout hadn't asked Peridot to try it again. It had taken too much of Peridot's energy and the boy's warning still rang clear in her head. But they'd grown in the past week. Peridot was even able to pass her now as they parkoured through the woods.

The Snivy gave a firm nod, and that was that.

Scout set up a track, a small oval with no obstacles. Just a clear path for Peridot to run around in and build up her speed. "You can always stop, okay? There's no shame in bailing." The Snivy gave a nod of understanding before taking her position. And then she ran.

Scout gulped in anticipation.

Scout began counting. Thirty seconds in and Peridot was at the fastest she'd ever seen the young Pokemon. She took note of that for later. Forty seconds in and the faintest hint of an afterimage waas forming. Forty-five and the motion blur began to take shape.

Could it be? Were they actually going to be able to do it?

A quick look at Peridot and Scout's smile dropped. "Stop!" The Snivy was quick to comply and her tiny legs stopped moving, causing her to slid on the ground. Scout was by her side in a second.

Peridot looked absolutely exhausted.

"We did good, bud. How about you rest for now?"

Saturday, August 29, 2015 | Funds: 1200

Scout shrugged on the dark blue jacket that was customary of the volunteers on the night patrol duty. In the weeks she'd worked in the station, the officers that had generally regarded her with hostility at first now chose to simply ignore her. After all, she'd done nothing wrong while working and they didn't really want to get on the Chief's bad side. Scout hid her smile by ducking her face. She'd take that as a good thing and count her blessings.

She'd be out of Viridian soon, anyway. Once she earned enough money to buy supplies, she'd head out to the Viridian Forest. She heard that place was abound with Bug-types, which Kiley had kindly informed her could do serious damage to a Grass-type like Peridot. That posed a problem, especially since the forest was huge and it would be easy to get lost.

She sighed as she placed the cap securely on her head. She would just figure something out. It couldn't be that hard.

She gave a grunt in lieu of a goodbye to them.

As soon as the cold night air hit her as she got out, Scout knew something didn't feel right. Her hand fell on the Pokeball strapped to her waist as she began her patrol, keeping an extra eye out for anything amiss.

She didn't see anything suspicious. Nothing different from when she'd patroled before. She didn't really think the citizens of Viridian would cause her trouble, but she had to trust her instincts. There was something wrong.

The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose as she entered the more secluded parts of the city and she released Peridot from her Pokeball. The young Snivy caught on to her Trainer's unease and prepared herself for battle. Scout kept a careful watch around her surroundings, but she didn't know where an enemy could attack. "I need you to be prepared, Peri-"

She wasn't able to finish her sentence as a a ghoulish being passed through the wall behind her, bright crimson eyes staring her down. Scout audibly gulped, wondering how she'd never believed in ghosts until now.

Peridot took a stand in front of Scout and glared back at the apparition. The sight sparked a thought inside Scout. This was a Pokemon. It had to be. "O-Okay, P. How about a Tackle?" she ordered, just to test the waters around their opponent. Peridot was quick to comply, launching herself in the air to attack the ghost...

... and she just passed right through it.

What? How? She had no idea how that didn't work. Dammit, if only she had some sort of way to find out... The PokeDex! Of course! How could she have been so stupid? She fished the device from her back pocket and directed its scanner towards the Pokemon.

Duskull: A Ghost Pokemon. It has a single glowing orb for an eye hidden behind a skull-like facial ornament. It lacks true hands or feet, and floats above the ground freely. They are known to turn invisible or pass through walls.

"Ghost Pokemon. I didn't even know things like that existed," Scout muttered as the Duskull seemingly began to laugh at the two of them. She frowned. "You're having fun, aren't ya? Well, we'll show you a good time."

Peridot nodded, her vines at the ready. When Scout gave the order for her to attack using Vine Whip, Peridot didn't waste a single second. Her vines hit the opponent smack dab on its skull ornament in the middle of its laughter. This seemed to have angered the Duskull, and it countered by firing a dark beam outlined with bright crimson from its body towards Peridot. Having just recovered from attacking, Peridot wasn't quick enough to dodge the attack and was hit on her tail.

"Heh. Nice reflexes there, you little rascal," Scout commented, watching the wild Pokemon carefully. It was true. The Duskull had a quick wit about it. She thought back to the three Pokeballs she'd purchased previously.

The fight continued and Peridot attacked with another Vine Whip, this time wrapping her vines around the opponent much like she'd done to the rocks during their training. It seemed to have constricted the Duskull, and Scout filed that knowledge away for later. The Duskull fired up another of its beams, but Scout was quick to order Peridot. The Snivy threw the Duskull and it met the wall with a thud.

It became apparent that the wild Pokemon had little fight left in it, but laughter erupted from the Duskull. Scout couldn't help but grin.

"Had fun?" she asked it. She, of course, didn't receive a response, but she was okay with that. She retrieved an empty Pokeball from her backpack and tossed it towards the wild Pokemon, intent on capturing it. It was bathed in a red light that sucked it inside the tiny ball.

A shake. Another. And then a final one.

Scout raised a hand towards Peridot, which was met with the other's vine. She grabbed the Pokeball that lay on the ground and scanned it with her PokeDex. A male Duskull had been added to her team.

"A male Duskull, huh?" She hummed as she thought of a name. The Duskull was black, and black gemstones have always been her favorite. "Obsidian. I'm going to call you Obsidian."

Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Funds: 1260

Scout released Obsidian from his Pokeball. The Duskull looked around, eyeing his new master and the Snivy that sat by her side.

"Morning," Scout greeted with a grin and she held out her hand. Obsidian eyed it for a moment, before bringing his head towards it. A small chuckle escaped Scout's lips as she lightly patted the Pokemon's skull ornament.

"You had fun in our battle last night? Peridot here was pumped up as well." Scout scratched the Snivy's head as Peridot grinned. "Since I don't have to go to work tonight, how about the three of us do some training?"

Obsidian watched carefully as Peridot jumped up at the mention of training and readied herself. He had to join in too. He had the feeling it would be fun.

Friday, September 4, 2015 | Funds: 1020

Scout placed the two Antidotes and two Pokeballs she'd recently bought into her backpack. In the last five days, she'd trained Peridot and Obsidian for the trip they were going to take. Nurse Joy had so graciously informed her that the trip from the city to the mouth of the forest would take up to ten days - seven, if she hurried. She still wasn't certain what awaited the three of them in that forest, but at least she had Obsidian now in case wild Pokemon attacked. Peridot would have someone to have her back. That was always good.

As Scout exited the PokeMart, she noticed Kiley patroling nearby. She'd be leaving the only officer that actually befriended her in the city. She at least owed Kiley a goodbye.

"Hey, K," she greeted as she approached the other woman with a bright grin.

Kiley matched her, but eyed the backpack Scout was carrying. "Heading out already?" When Scout simply shrugged as a response, Kiley pursed her lips. "It's gonna be sad to see you go, but I guess you're growing up too, huh?" she teased, ruffling Scout's hair playfully. She took off her cap, the badge gleaming in the sun, and placed it securely on Scout's head. "Here. Take it. Bring it back to me after you're ready to take on the League."

Scout nodded, a small sad smile on her lips. "I'll be back, K." She nodded towards the older girl and fixed the cap atop her head. She'd make good on her promise.