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Ewan Claudio Marro

Former Team Abyss member

0 · 226 views · located in Celandine City

a character in “Pokémon: Pandemonium”, as played by Torrentwolf



"I have logic and Pokemon, your argument is invalid."

Dialogue Color#000080
Thought Color#6960EC

Ewan Claudio Marro







Sexual Orientation



May 4th


Iris Village


Shoulder length black hair tied up in a ponytail

Dark Brown




Body Build/Shape
Fit, statuesque


Ewan's typical attire is a pair of navy colored dress pants and black shoes with a white long sleeved button up shirt. He wears a black waistcoat which contrast which his shirt and is complemented with white cotton gloves. He's never seen without his trademark Duke Blue trench coat and stetson hat. Ewan keeps a blue tailcoat which he can ware in lieu of his trench coat for formal moments.

Tattoos and Piercings


Notable Scars


Face Claim

Ryousuke Wakita



Ewan is a calm and reserved person but he never fails to great a person with a warm smile. Ewan generally is a nice and polite person whom gets along with most people and is easy to approach with people and Pokemon alike. However prior experiences have left Ewan with trust issues. He is aware that not everyone is as evil or deceitful like Team Abyss but his prior experience leaves him very guarded about letting others outside of his family and his Pokemon get to close to him. Thats not to say he shuns company, far from it. Ewan just doesn't allow people to get close without proving themselves.

Since his mother first began sharing her hobby of Pokemon lore to him Ewan has always held a high regard for intelligence. Ewan is a intelligent man and is very prideful of it for good reason. When it comes to any situation Ewan uses his mind and logic to figure out solutions to any problem. This has also aided him in Pokemon battles as his strategic thinking has always never failed to provide him with some strategy for a win or in worst cases a stalemate. Ewan is also loves intellectual pursuit's such as reading and games such as chess.

Ewan has a strong moral compass and believes in doing the right thing. If he was to see injustice being committed he would most likely intervene in some way. If something illegal or would go against moral law would happen as a result of his actions Ewan would do all he could to avoid it. However he is a bit hypocritical as he does not have such reservations with committing such actions against those of criminal or immoral reputation.

  • Intelligent: Ewan has a very keen and intelligent mind which has been underutilized in the field he was assigned. This has served him in his many endeavors from his lore research to strategic thinking in and out of battle.
  • Good with Pokemon: Call it what you want, an aura, psychic energy, his deposition or whatnot. Ewan is good with Pokemon and most Pokemon like or feel at easy around him.
  • Athletic: Ewan is in good shape and is quite fast on his feet. Ewan is used to keep up with Pokemon, particularly on his own.
  • Money smart: Ewan's involvement with Team Abyss means he made very smart investments and with his already smart way of handling it doesn't have much a problem where money is concerned.

  • Stubborn: Ewan has a stubborn nature and at times it can be both a gift and a curse. Ewan may not be stupid or a fool but once he's set on a course it's hard to convince him to do otherwise without a good reason.
  • Meddlesome: Ewan is not a nosy person by nature but if he is aware of injustice or wrong doing he will subtly get involve, even if he has no business getting involved.
  • Trypano-phobia: Ewan has very few things he fears but if it there is one irrational fear he has it's a fear of needles. He is not afraid of the needles themselves nor does he understand where this fear comes from, but if one is coming his way he will punch, kick and bite to get away from it.
  • Half Truthful: Ewan is a generally honest person but he does have his own secrets. If he doesn't want to divulge information he will often hide it behind half truths and clever word play.


  • Losing his Pokemon: Ewan liberated most of his Pokemon from Team Abyss and is very unnerved at the idea of them being taken from him.
  • Failing his mission: Ewan's goal is to stop Team Abyss and failing that, stop the Dark Legendary. But in his mind Ewan dreads any outcome where he fails his mission.
  • Losing control: Ewan feels most secure when he control of situations and he hates losing control. Most of all Ewan is afraid of losing control at a time when he needs to be in control.


(F) Ninetails
Ability –Flash Fire
Nature – Hardy
Flame Charge
Quick Attack
History – Ninetails was one of the Pokemon Ewan raised when he was with Team Abyss. He raised her when she was but a young Vulpix and the two have a very strong bond with each other. When he left Team Abyss Ewan took Ninetails away from them and since she has become is closest Pokemon companion.

Ninetails is very affection with Ewan and is generally calm and welcoming to others. But don't be fooled, if angered well one might beg to be cursed by her considering what else she 'will' do.


(F) Kirlia
Ability – Synchronize
Nature – Gentle
Disarming Voice
Magical Leaf
Draining Kiss
History – Kirlia was a lone Pokemon on a Island near Iris island. When Ewan found her she had been waiting for the right person to be her trainer. When Ewan came to the island she apparently chose him as her trainer. Since she has shown to be a very happy Pokemon whom loves to dance, especially around Ewan.

Generally she is a nice and sweet Pokemon but can be a bit bashful around Ewan and displays a of signs of having a crush on him.

(M) Umbron
Ability – Inner Focus
Nature – Quiet
Dark Pulse
History – Umbreon was another Pokemon Ewan raised while working for Team Abyss. At first Ewan didn't recognize him until after the battle with the grunt who had him but afterwards Ewan forced the captain to relinquish him to Ewan.

Umbreon is a quite and mysterious Pokemon but none the less is very close to Ewan. He has a unique talent of remaining unseen and appearing out of no where. Often he fixes strangers and sometimes friends with a ominous stare.


Iris Village was a relatively isolated island, but that didn't stop Ewan's young father from having a chance meeting with an equally young Rea Marro. The two were quite taken with each other and married within after a year of courtship. Ewan came not to long after and the happy little family settled down in Iris Village. Growing up Ewan learned much about the history of Pokemon from his mother who in her spare time made a hobby of studying the local island's lore and history in it's relation to Pokemon. Ewan's father also shared in this hobby with an unusual interest, often delving deeply into the lore Rea shared with them. But life didn't stay happy for the little family as when Ewan was around eight Ewan's father and Rea began to get into arguments, small insignificant ones at first but as time went on they became more drawn out and loud. Ewan didn't know what was happening but all he knew at the time was his mother and father were not happy like they used to be. One day when he was ten his mother went off to the local island, leaving Ewan with his father. That day Ewan's father packed their things and told Ewan they were leaving on a long trip. After much explaining to his resisting son, Ewan's father managed to convince Ewan they were going away to give mommy some time alone. Though not happy Ewan reluctantly went with his father.

Ewan's father took him to Zephyr City where he used to live before moving to Iris Village. He indulged his son in the various sights and things to see. Ewan had as much fun as a young child his age could. Despite being reluctant to leave Ewan now loved the trip and hoped he could bring his mother here one day. But then his father took him aside and told him that his mother had died in an accident on the way to the island. Ewan was distraught and depressed for days on end. About a month later his father took Ewan with him to one of his meetings where he introduced Ewan to the group he worked for. Though he hadn't planed on doing so until he was much older Ewan's father decided to help his son get over his depression, Ewan would work with the group's Pokemon and study to better help the organization. Ewan somberly agreed but the idea of working with Pokemon did put a slight smile on his face. But what Ewan didn't know was the group he would end up working for was the infamous Team Abyss.

For almost nine years Ewan was raised by his father and, by proxy, Team Abyss. Ewan was still the same Pokemon lover and Pokemon lore researcher like his mother. For the most part Ewan was an integral lore researcher for the team in their question free the Dark Legendary. His research made him an integral part of the team as his job was to locate the site the Dark Legendary was imprisoned in and a way to free it. And Ewan was very effective at it at his work as he had a natural talent for Pokemon lore. Most of his work took him into the field where he brought back tablets and artifacts to find clues key to the team's ultimate goal. Ewan also was one of their more dangerous captains in terms of battle with his tactics and coordination. It was suspected he would become another if not the top Team Abyss Admin. Despite his battle skill Ewan had no ambition for such a position even if it would have helped his position in in the team. Though he did consider it at one point as it would have garnered him notice by the team boss whom he had a crush on growing up and continued to be infatuated with.

But in his research Ewan was severely hindered by the many procedures they requested during his research which frustrated him to no end. Never the less Ewan made much progress for the team, until one day he stumbled upon a shocking revelation. At some point Ewan was able to translate the runes without the aid of computers and what he found was startling. By reading the ancient language Ewan found what they said was vastly different to what the computers translated. Unsure of what was going on Ewan checked the computers and found there was a program meant to feed his terminal a completely different translation. Ewan didn't understand this, it was almost like they didn't want him to know the truth but it made no sense considering he was tasked with finding the truth. So Ewan began to subtly spy on his own teammates and found many of the things he knew about the team were fabrications meant to keep him unaware of the teams true operations. Ewan did learn the filter had been meant to censor the “lies” as the team called them. The true operations of the team shocked Ewan, intimidation, bribery, extortion and more. Ewan knew sometimes they had to fight to protect their interests but the things he discovered were downright criminal in nature.

What was worst Ewan realized his father was a high echelon member of Team Abyss and a prime financial contributor. The world Ewan knew crumbled around him as he realized he had lived a lie for almost ten years. Knowing he was helping to unleashed a terrible danger, even if it was unknowingly, demoralized him even further. Over the next few days he just went through the motions and it didn't go unnoticed by the people he worked with but Ewan told them his mother had been on his mind to hide the real reason he was depressed. After a few days Ewan suddenly snapped, he realized he had no purpose with the team anymore as he had no intent on helping them with this mad goal of theirs, nor would he be part in anything criminal. So Ewan began planning his escape, he made copies of all unfiltered translations from the artifacts and began moving supplies and other resources around to facilitate in his exit strategy. Three months after his discovery Ewan made his move. Ewan went to place where all Pokemon not assigned were kept. Ewan had been responsible for caring and raising several Pokemon over the years and Ewan had every intent on taking at least one of them.

Ewan tricked officer on duty into giving him the Ninetails he raised form a Vulpix and used her help to hold up the officer. Ewan then set free dozens of Pokemon which he used to cause a distraction. It didn't take long for the team to realize he was the culprit but by then very few grunts and captains stood between Ewan and escape. But as he and Ninetails made their escape Ewan encountered his father whom refused to let Ewan escape but even outnumbered Ewan and his Ninetails managed to out maneuver Ewan's father and escape. Ewan and Ninetails quickly departed Zephyr City and slowly made their way back to Iris village, Ewan's home. He hand't been home but a few hours when he received the biggest shock of his life, his mother Rea Marro was alive and well. The reunion was joyous for mother and son and the two spent most of the day with Ninetails reconnecting. Rea was horrified when Ewan told her he had been deceived into being part of Team Abyss and what he learned there. Rea told him after she returned from her trip she found both Ewan and his father missing she flew into a panic. She had been able to get into contact with his father but other than to tell him he had left her Rea couldn't convince him to let her see Ewan. She spent many years tying to find them but in the end she couldn't find them.

This angered Ewan as his father had deceived them both and as a result the both had suffered. But no reunited mother and son were now determined in making up for lost time. Over the next few months the two spent much time engaging in the same activities they used to do when Ewan was younger. Ewan shared his findings over the years with his mother and she did the same. But the more the looked over the stolen information the more they knew how dangerous Team Abyss' goal was. Ewan was conflicted on what to do, he had thought about what his future might hold or what he would do but he had no idea. One day while on a trip to the local island with his mother and Ninetails they came across a Kirlia on the island. His mother told him the Kirlia had been staying in the same general area for the last year or so, as if she was waiting for something. Upon seeing Ewan the Kirlia suddenly beamed a bright smile and began dancing around him, much to their amusement. When it came time to leave the Kirlia followed them, or more specifically Ewan, back to the boat and home. The Kirlia seemed the brighten things up around the house and became a very important part of their family. It was through this Ewan realized he didn't want to lose this and if Team Abyss succeeded in their mission everything they knew would be lost.

With so much at stake Ewan told his mother he would stop Team Abyss or failing that find a way to defeat the Dark Legendary. His mother, though not happy to see her son leave, understood and would support his mission to stop Team Abyss. So with Ninetails and Kirlia on his team, Ewan left Iris Island to put an end to Team Abyss. Before he left his mother gave him a special pin for good luck, telling him 'his' team would need it. So now with every victory over Team Abyss and their members Ewan tells them to take a message to their boss.

That Team Elysian is here to stop them.

So begins...

Ewan Claudio Marro's Story