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"Screw off." {Pandemonium}

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"Did you not hear what I said? I'm not interested."

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Lucien Kinsley
Luce; Lucy; Little Lucifer (by father)
Sexual Orientation
Biromantic ★ Bisexual
November 7th
Zephyr City, Atlea

Slightly Long, Messy Crimson Hair
Light Red
155 lbs
Body Build/Shape
Athletic, Noticeable Toning in Muscle
Lucien typically wears something like a loose white tank top/muscle shirt, with a blue-grey jacket, though really that depends on the weather. Often if it's feeling too hot, he'll ditch the jacket and tie it around his waist or shove it in his bag. With that he tends to wear loose black pants, and light, navy blue shoes that go up to his ankles. They're tied with white laces, and have the white fronts and soles. A black and blue bag, in which he carries plenty of his things, sits over his head and shoulders.
Tattoos and Piercings
Inside of Left Forearm: A tattoo following up the center of his inner forearm from his wrist, which, as it reaches about five/four or so inches from the joint, it begins "bleeding" out of the lines, and not much after, it becomes clear that it's a tree of sorts
Top of Right Hand: A rather simple tattoo of three triangles that all cross through each other, something like an illusion, if even that.
Notable Scars
A long, diagonal one down his left leg.
Face Claim
Rin Matsuoka – Free!

The first thing people usually notice about Lucien? He's a straight up asshole. He isn't planning on giving you the time of day if he doesn't feel like it, or if he deems you as uninteresting, or unnecessary. If he finds you annoying or obnoxious, maybe just in his way, or really anything he doesn't like, he isn't about to just ignore it and not say something. He'll speak his mind, you can be damn sure of that. He's incredibly blunt, which is also something people have a hard time with. Really, Lucien just dislikes humanity in general. If he could, he would live in a world with just himself and Pokémon. Why should he have to deal with other people? They just get in the way, or cause more problems than needed, right? He could care less about how they're feeling, or what happens to the usual person on the street. The only thing he finds fun from them is the occasional fight or Pokémon battle. Ah, his competitiveness just gets in the way, doesn't it?
At least, that's what he likes to put a front up of. While he does have a dislike of people in general, and he really does share some of his negativity and aggressiveness, that would be considered his front. His angry, bitter, and negative self do hold a place in his personality, but he exaggerates it, taking it to the next level. The displayed personality is a defense mechanism, against people in general. After having his trust being broken countless times, seeing relationships crumble and turn to hell, and so many other things, Lucien has found himself terrified of the idea of developing a relationship, or at least, a relationship with another human being. "Avoid it at all costs," his mind whispers, "do you really want to end up like all of those idiots you watched?"
Lucien's true personality has found itself buried deep within him, and only to be released around his Pokémon, and by the rare chance that he finds even a single one, his closest friends. This side of him tends to be, well, still a bit blunt at times, and very competitive, but less aggressive, and not so much of an aim to harm others physically or emotionally. He seems to be much happier, and gaining a much more positive, less dark sense of humor. He's actually a rather touchy person, believe it or not, and enjoys simple things like hugs and holding hands and just a reassurance that someone is actually there with him. Making him laugh is probably one of the simplest things in the world, and getting a smile out of him is even easier. Though, he still doesn't seem to let things get to him much, and as of now, he hasn't cried a single time in several years.
The only problem? He refuses to let this side out to...well, just about anyone.
  • Physical Strength – Lucien is actually quite the strong person, plenty above the average person physically.
  • Bravery – ...or would reckless be a better word? Besides that, Lucien quite literally shows no fear, or at least, not on the outside.
  • Trustworthy – Despite not really trusting others, Lucien has made himself into a person who others can put their trust in. He refuses to break his promises or let those down if he's befriended them.
  • Blunt – He isn't afraid to let you know what he's really thinking. He doesn't care how you feel, unless you're close enough with him, at which point...well, it sort of calms down.
  • Untrusting – After watching and going through many experiences, Lucien isn't that trusting of a person. It takes a while to get through to him.
  • Aggressive – He's one to start a fight, be it verbal or physical, and he isn't afraid to end it. Of course, this can also be related to his competitiveness, though usually that's not quite so violent.
  • Relationships – He doesn't have very good memories of relationships, and so, even starting one up with him, be it just platonically or romantically, takes a hell of a lot of work.
  • Lucifer – No, not the fallen angel, he's talking about Lucifer, Team Abyss's Boss. The man has terrified him ever since he was a child, and he doesn't ever want to see his sick face again.
  • Claustrophobia – He hates being closed in small and/or crowded places, and will begin to have a anxiety attack if he's there for too long. It's quite easy to tell if he's feeling this way, with his expression giving it away.


Image(F) Luxray – Levana
Ability – Guts
Nature – Adamant
Wild Charge
Ice Fang
History – An attempt at breeding a rather strong Luxray, Shinx was born, but refused to listen to a word Lucien's father shouted out at her...not to mention, even when they managed to force something out of the small electric type, it wasn't as strong as David Kinsley had been hoping for. In the end, the Pokémon was beat nearly to death in front of him by his father as punishment, and Lucien barely managed to save her life.

Image(M) Tropius – Yashinoki
Ability – Harvest
Nature – Jolly
Dragon Dance
Aerial Ace
Bullet Seed
History – One of the Pokémon that was usually kept out in the Kinsley's gardens, Lucien befriended him after some time of relaxing out there away from his father. The Pokémon's rather cheerful personality despite his situation drew the young boy in, and he began to seek refuge with the happy grass type whenever he was feeling overwhelmed by his family and other things in their dysfunctional home.

Image(F) Glaceon – Silver
Ability – Ice Body
Nature – Relaxed
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam
History – Lucien stole the Pokémon from his neglectful sister as an Eevee, and after running away, fearing that he would be in trouble for what he'd done and receive another troublesome punishment from his father, the pair came across a large, but strange, icy stone in the middle of...well, no where, it seemed, and as the Eevee came in contact with the stone, she evolved into the graceful Glaceon. Because of this, his sister never realized Glaceon was her Eevee, and thank whatever deity there was for that.

Image(F) Talonflame – Scarlet
Ability – Gale Wings
Nature – Adamant
Sword Dance
Brave Bird
Flare Blitz
History – Their history together is rather simple, with Lucien finding the small bird, a Fletchinder at the time, in the garden, and they seemed to hit it off from there. After several weeks of just watching each other quietly, maybe getting a word or a chirp out, the Fletchinder finally got herself to approach the red head, and soon they were friendly enough.

Image(M) Gogoat – Capricorn
Ability – Careful
Nature – Sap Sipper
Bulk Up
Leaf Blade
History – A gift from his father as a Skiddo after the man and his son had had a rather aggressive and physical fight, and while Lucien did accept the Skiddo finally after some time, he never brought himself to forgive his father for anything. In fact, his hatred grew deeper for David. Did he think that he could win his son over with a simple Pokémon after everything? Even so, he knew it wasn't the Skiddo's fault, and began treating him like his own.

Image(F) Lapras – Nami
Ability – Water Absorb
Nature – Docile
Ice Beam
Giga Impact
Future Sight
History – A Pokémon that was kept in the pond in the garden. Though it definitely wasn't big enough for the Pokémon that belonged in the ocean, she still seemed to stay happy enough around Lucien. Because of this, he vowed to break the Pokémon out of the place and take her with him, back to the ocean. But it seemed that even when they arrived, the Lapras wanted to stay with him.


Lucien Kinsley, though more concentration around his first name, decided on by his own father. Why was the man so proud of the name? Well, the fact that Lucien's name was so close to the name of Team Abyss's boss, or more so, David's very own boss, that was why. Yes, the wealthy family was apart of the infamous Team Abyss, and had been for years now. Lucien's father looked up to the head man so much, he even named his own son somewhat after him. Perhaps to inspire his newborn child to be like him one day? Or was it because he was just so stricken with the leader and his power? David Kinsley never revealed the reason to his wife, or to his own son.

Lucien was innocent to everything, or at least at first. He was too young to even realize what his father was up to, nor what his father had planned for him in the future. So, for the sweetest, kindest three years of his childhood, the young red headed child enjoyed his life, carefree, and unknowing of his father's cruel and inhumane deeds.

At the young age of four, David Kinsley introduced his son to the world outside of his innocent illusion, and inside of Team Abyss's dark reality. The underground work of the organization was brought to the light for the child, likely much too early than should have been appropriate. The abuse of lower ranking members and Pokémon unwilling to listen or work, as well as the interrogations, brainwashings, and other awful things held for those that had been stolen off the streets or taken from their homes. He also showed him some of the plans they had plotted out at this point, or at least, the plans that had been revealed to the man at this point. Lucien's childish mind wasn't sure how to handle the idea of something so terrible going on, and his own family being involved. With the overwhelming amount of information forced into him, he found himself sick to his stomach, to the point that as him and his father made their way home, he couldn't hold back the puke he'd been trying to hold in. But now that this had been revealed, his innocence had been dashed away, and now, his father didn't have to hide anything around the house or keep up his "caring" personality.

Time went on, of course, even if Lucien had wanted it to just stop. With his newfound knowledge, the now eight year old would often find himself wandering out of the house and into the gardens, where he could actually find peace from his father's yells and abuse to his mother, as well as the constant members of Team Abyss wandering around in the house, and while they were there to keep up a guard on the family (due to the wealth they held), they would often mess around with, harass, and endlessly tease the boy. It was rare that it became physical, but it did happen occasionally. So he sought refuge in the quiet of the greenery, where he felt he could truly relax. This was where he met his first partner, a Tropius that seemed to care for the garden some. The Pokémon found the boy sobbing on a bench beneath a tree, and as an attempt to soothe him, the Pokémon rested his head on the bench and tried to offer him some of the fruit on his neck, and though Lucien didn't accept, he was appreciative towards him. The two seemed to become friends soon after, and thank goodness for that.

At the age of ten, Lucien's father threw him into work with other grunts to get the boy accustomed to the ways of the organization. He began with the breeding of strong Pokémon for the team, and this only caused Lucien to feel all the more sick than he had before. They treated the Pokémon here like trash, only there to create an army, and he refused to take part in it. This caused the other grunts who worked there as well to take out frustration on him, and soon enough, one that had taken sympathy for how the child was feeling, and had even started to become friendly with him, did as well. When his father received word, he pulled the boy out of the area, not to relieve him from the attacks, but because he considered him worthless there. As punishment for refusal to obey what he wanted, Lucien watched as his father beat a Shinx half to death that had only been born several weeks ago, and leaving her there to die in front of him. A sobbing mess, Lucien forced himself out of his fear and distress and took the Shinx into his arms, before working for hours in the day and into the night to try and save her life. The electric type stuck by his side after that.

At the age of twelve, Lucien's father began to become more violent and aggressive towards the entire family. His abuse towards his wife became worse and more public, to where Lucien and his older sister Lily would often be sitting in the same room when he attacked her. The environment was definitely something unhealthy and toxic, and it began to get to Lily, as she shut herself off and became cold. Her Eevee began to receive the neglect, which was when Lucien took her, and they ran off together, with Eevee evolving into Glaceon during their time away from the house. Upon returning, Lily didn't even seem to notice, probably wouldn't have cared either, about her missing Pokémon, and the only one who realized was David, who proceeded in further abuse, though Lucien was thankful it was only verbal this time.

With his team of three, Lucien would often find himself in the gardens to visit his first partner, where he met both his fourth and fifth partner, a nervous Fletchinder that was rather unsure of him, and a kind and gentle Lapras that would sing him and the other songs occasionally. He happily took them in, and by now, he considered them his true family over his biological ones. They truly cared for him, and wanted to be around him. They loved each other.

At the age of fifteen, he had his first lash out, first he snapped at his father, who did nothing, but later, his mother. He'd had so much pent up emotions he couldn't hold it back anymore, and he took it out on his mother. The fight began with his screaming at her, and her yelling back at him, with this continuing back and forth for nearly an hour until Lucien, at his limit, snapped one last thing to her: "you're a fucking terrible mother! You don't do anything for yourself or us, why can't you just fight back against him!? All you do is let him beat you and watch and cry as he hurts Lily and me! I hate you!"

Those were the last things he said to her. Later that night, she committed suicide, overdosing on any kind of medication she could find. Lucien's father found her body, and took out his anger on the two children, going over and above, and leaving Lucien bruised and bloody in his room, with Lily in somewhat of the same condition.

The home was quiet after his mother's death, other than the occasional voices of conversation with the grunts who still hung around his home, and his father's shouts and attacks to those who disobeyed. Really, nothing had changed, everything was still the same, other than her absense from the home.

Lucien mostly kept to himself after everything had gone down the day before, staying in his room when he was stuck inside, and with any chance he got, heading outside to enjoy the time with his Pokémon. Of course, this didn't mean he avoided any run ins with those he really would have wished to avoid.

The afternoon of the day after, he was making his way out to the gardens after hiding himself in his room for some time while he tried to ease the soreness of his bruises and cuts, and deciding there really was nothing he could do about it. With Luxio at his side, the pair made their way through the hallways, until they ran into someone Lucien wasn't entirely sure he recognized. Being the way Levana was, she was quick to his and bat a paw at the man in warning, the stranger casually stepping to the side to avoid the Luxio's paw. Feeling rather uneasy, Lucien placed a hand down on Levana's head to get her to calm down, hoping they wouldn't have to deal with the stranger to get outside.

The man paused in his stride, gaze roaming over Lucien's form and seeming to pause on the injuries, recogition appeared in his stormy eyes for a moment before the stranger's expression became completely blank once more. Lucien couldn't help but feel to need to cover himself the best he could, shooting a glare his way, and then turning his eyes away and to the ground.

Without another glance, the stranger turned away and carried on walking in the direction he had been heading before. Lucien stayed where he was for a moment, until he was sure he was gone, and at a pace much faster than before, finished the walk to the gardens.

The second day after her suicide, Lucien was out in the gardens as usual, though this day took a different turn. A pair, inluding a male and female grunt approached him while he sat with his team, muttering the simple words of, "your father has summoned you to his room."

An uneasy and nervous feeling came over him, but he didn't let it show. What did he want? Was it just another chance to take out his anger? Was he going to shove him back into working with the grunts? He really wasn't sure, and he didn't want to find out, but things would probably be worse if he stalled or put it off for too long.

Muttering a quiet, "I'll be right back," Lucien stood up from the ground he'd been sitting on, and made his way towards the giant house, hoping at the very least, this would be over quickly.

Walking through the halls until he reached the fourth floor, he gave a quiet knock on the door to his father's room, waiting for a moment before he heard the deep, "you may enter."

Stepping into the room, he shut the door and found himself staring at his father, who was sitting at his desk, and the man he'd run into from the day before in the hall, standing next to him. So the guy worked for David, huh?

There was only silence for a solid five minutes, until David finally cleared his throat, and sighed. "I've brought you here for...an apology, for two days ago."

Lucien only glared at the man. Did he really think he could just apologize like that? Yeah right.

"I'd like you to meet Wraith." He said, gesturing towards the man. Lucien simply looked over to him, his expression only changing lightly, but still holding the unfriendly glare. The man inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement. "He followed a...request of mine, and obtained a Pokémon for me, and I'd like to give it to you, as an...apology..."

"I don't want it."


"I don't want your damn apology."

David let out a long sigh, rubbing the sides of his head and then frowned at his son. "Just take it." He said, with a rather annoyed tone, before waving his hand to Wraith, in a way to tell him to give the pokéball to the red head.

Wraith merely nodded in response before stepping around the table and coming to a stop in front of Lucien. The man used one hand to present the teen with the pokéball, fixing him with a stare that said not to react as the other slipped something into Lucien's pocket. A small look of surprise came to his face, but he quickly returned it back to its original expression. What did he just give him?

"Then my business here is concluded. I will see myself out." With that, he stepped around the red head and made his way out of the room.

Lucien watched the man exit for a moment, before he turned back to his father, who looked extremely angry in his seat.

"You made me look like an idiot in front of him...do you realize he has relations with Lucifer?"

"I don't fucking care. I don't need your stupid apology. You think you can just make me forget everything you've done by giving me a Pokémon?"

"I thought you might appreciate the fact that I was trying, dammit. You're an ungrateful son."

"I'm not your son. Don't talk to me like I am."

Slamming his fists on the table, David suddenly rose from his seat, his eyes fiery with rage, before he moved over to Lucien, a hand gripping his hair, before the other hit him across the face, leaving Lucien dazed for a moment with the amount of force. He could feel his eyes burning as tears of pain began to build up in his eyes, but he kept his face straight, despite the stinging in his cheek.

"You never listen to a word I say. You never do anything right, you've done nothing to help me or anyone else in the family or in Team Abyss. All you've done is embarrassed me relentlessly in front of everyone I try to keep a good image for. You're right, you're no son of mine. If you really were, you wouldn't be so weak and worthless, nor would you be such a fucking disgrace."

There was a series of rapid knocks on the door before it opened enough to let the person on the other side be heard. "Sir, the grunts are causing a disturbance downstairs." There is the sound of several things falling over and clattering to the ground in the background. "I think it requires your attention."

It seemed it had happened just in time, as Lucien tensed up to be hit again, but Wraith stopping him from finishing. A sense of relief came of the teen, before David finally let go of him and tossed him over to the side, out of his way. "Damn grunts, I can't even leave them alone for more than ten minutes..."
Lucien waited in silence for a moment until he was sure David was gone, and slowly, he sat up off the ground, gingerly laying a hand where he'd been hit. It was definitely bright red now.

Tears burning up in his eyes, he stayed where he was, staying silent but trembling as they pooled over his eyes and fell to the ground. He hated it here. He didn't want to stay anymore.

There was the sound of quiet footsteps before a hand appeared in his line of sight, simply staying there in a silent offer to help him stand.

Lucien noticed the hand not much later after it came into his view, and he glanced up, spotting Wraith once again. Quickly, he his arm up to brush away the tears and hide his face, while quickly sniffing one last time. Finally, he reached up and took Wraith's hand, standing up and looking away, almost shameful in the fact that he had been crying. He took in a shaky breath, before muttering a quiet "Th...thanks..."

Wraith's cold gaze softened, a touch of regret entering his eyes as he dropped Lucien's hand and stepped backwards. He inclined his head before turning and walking out of the door. As the man left, he spoke quietly, "Stay strong," before walking down the hallway, leaving the door open behind him.

Lucien stayed silent for some time after he left, attempting to calm himself down, before letting out a heavy sigh, and exiting the room. Avoiding where David would be, he took the long way out to the gardens, until arriving to his Pokémon, who all seemed to be concerned. He gave a quiet, forced laugh and waved off their worry, before taking out the Pokémon he'd just received and letting him out. A Skiddo appeared, with a rather shocking place to enter in as the other Pokémon all surrounded him in curiosity and excitement. A slight smile came to his face, before he stopped over by the tree and the bench, sitting down and letting himself relax while he rested his back against the bulk of the tree, watching his Pokémon as they seemed to enjoy themselves with their new friend.

As he relaxed, a male Meowstic toddled over to the group, arms laden with what appeared to be small pink poffins. One by one, the psychic type handed some to each of his Pokémon before running back in the direction it had come from. A bit of confusion came over him, but he cast it aside. Nice of the Meowstic, and now his team seemed extra excited, but where had he come from...?

Giving a small shrug, he suddenly remembered the object Wraith had given him. Carefully reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a knife, which had been (thank goodness) sheathed, along with a note tied to it. Confused, he looked over it, and then gently took the note on it in his hand.
I can't do much, but perhaps this may have some sort of use when you break your shackles - J
He only stared for some time, before feeling his eyes burning again, and letting out a sob. His team quickly looked back at him in surprise, before gathering around in concern, and attempts to comfort him.

It was around two or so weeks later that he couldn't stand his own home anymore. Packing up his things, he grabbed his bag, gathered up his Pokémon and putting those who didn't have pokéballs yet into them, and off he went, free from the hellhole that he would never have considered his own home.

Venturing off on his own for some time, he began to calm down, reverting back to his original, kinder self, at which he found a place to stay for some time while he didn't have a real home, and when he turned 16, he met a woman who was around the age of 25. Offering to help him with anything he'd need, he couldn't help but thank her over and over again. Soon enough, he considered her something like his mother figure, and often found himself around her or her home. He couldn't have been happier at that time, but it ended all too quickly.

When he turned 17, he found himself waking up in a car, with the woman sitting and driving next to him. Rather confused and disoriented, and unsure where the nauseated feeling was coming from, he looked around for a moment, before noticing his bag on the ground with his Pokémon. Letting out a quiet sigh of relief, it seemed the woman had taken notice of his waking up, and she quickly snapped at him.

"Stay down, damn kid."

Confused, he began to sit up, only to notice the knife, along with a Team Abyss uniform folded neatly next to it. His eyes widening, he slowly let himself lay back down, and when he figured her attention was off of him for a moment, he quickly reached out, grabbing his bag and Pokémon, and opening the door to escape the car. It was then that a sharp pain struck his leg, and he let out a cry, looking back to see her wielding her knife with an infuriated look, "I didn't waste an entire year of my life spoiling you to fail my mission!"

His eyes widened, and without thinking much, he forced himself out of the car, hitting the ground hard and rolling for a while. When he came to a stop, he was covered in cuts and bruises, and couldn't even catch his breath. It took him a moment to regain his strength, and as he stood up, he saw the woman had stopped the car suddenly enough that it had swung out to side, and now she was rushing towards him with a knife.

Heart racing, he quickly reached into his bag and grabbed the familiar knife he'd received from Wraith, before unsheathing it and holding it in front of himself. The woman didn't stop, and as she raised her knife, he quickly swung out at her, catching her deep and leaving a long gash through his stomach. His eyes widened in shock of himself doing that, but she didn't seem like she was ready to stop. Completely pissed off now, she swung forward, catching him again in his leg, not too far from where she had hit him the first time. The pain was nearly unbearable, but he stayed on his feet, before she ran forward again, and he waited, waited...until...

He lunged forward, jabbing the knife straight into her chest, and slamming her into the ground. It only took seconds until she was gone, the life in her eyes gone, leaving them empty and without any kind of light. He stayed where he was for a moment, breathing heavily, before he realized what he'd done.

Quickly stumbling backwards, he dropped his knife at his side, looking down at his hands, covered and dyed red. Shaking, he let out a guttural, terrible scream, rocking back and forth as he held his head in his hands, sobbing and shaking from head to toe.

In a nearly dead silence, he carefully put the knife away, and hid it beneath anything he could in his bag. No later, he found himself limping and stumbling off, to a town where he could perhaps receive some help and be able to cast off his injuries as a Pokémon attack.

After everything, he found himself a lone wolf, untrusting of anyone and everyone, and then came his aggressive personality, to which he used to scare off anyone who tried to get too close with him.

So begins...

Lucien Kinsley's Story