Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams


One night, mysterious ruins fell upon Mt. Silver. However, the entrance is sealed, and will only open for one person, which is determined by a grand contest!

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon, where humans live play alongside fantastic creatures known as Pokémon. Many stories have sprouted from this world, from great adventures to tragic tales. However, today, we open the book about another story, a story written by many writers, adding in their own bits of story from their own books. A story that was simply about having fun. But I wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you, of course. Well, shall we begin?

It started late at night, just as any mysterious story would. They say, it came from the heavens in a blazing fire. People in both Kanto and Johto could see it, but as far as anyone could tell, it was just a really big shooting star that landed atop Mt. Silver. However, many were curious of the odd occurrence, thinking it might contain a mysterious cargo, just as a shooting star had way back when, when they brought Clefairy from another world. Perhaps such a Pokémon had landed in Mt. Silver?

However, upon reaching the collision sight, they found more than just a star. It was a sort of pyramid, not at all unlike those we know of, except it was made of bricks of Moon Stone. In fact, wild Clefairy and it's evolutionary line had seemed to been arriving from all over both regions, somehow naturally drawn to the gift from the heavens. Many people wanted to find out what was inside this mysterious temple, but the door was sealed shut, and the attraction the Clefairy had to it made it difficult to simply force through. This incident was known as the Heaven's Drop incident, and the pyramid was known by many names, "Heaven's Gates", "Heaven's Pyramid", "Moon Temple", "Fallen Star Ruins", "Silver Ruins", and "Fantasy Ruins" to name a few.

However, the temple lay dormant for six months. Nothing went in, nothing came out. Clefairy came in the hundreds, some leaving as Clefable. There were Pokémon professors and astronomers who were keeping an eye on it, but other than that, most people had already forgotten about it. However, a select few trainers from all over the world, of no particular significance, have been sent letters accompanied by packages. These trainers seem to have only one thing in common; other than the company of their Pokémon, they are rather lonely. Written on each of the letters was this;

Dear Pokémon Trainer of Earth

It may or may not have slipped your mind that about 200 sunsets ago, our vessel had landed on your humble planet. Forgotten or not, surely you are curious about what's inside, are you not? Well, we would love to let everybody tour our amazing palace, however, if we exceed our capacity of people allowed inside at once, our vessel may simply die from exhaustion. So, this is what we have organized to decide exactly who goes on.

In the package, you will find a crystal flower. Your task is to gather all the other flowers from other trainers receiving this letter, in order to make a beautiful bouquet. In order to do this, you will have to defeat them in a fair Pokémon battle to take all their flowers. You must guard the flowers you have with your life, as though they are indestructible, no doubt some of those who wish to do malice in your world may want entrance for themselves, as indeed, many riches and much power is held in our vessel. Should an evil power gain entrance, well, we really shouldn't think about scary things like that, should we? However, if you lose a Pokémon battle fairly, you must give all your flowers to the winner, or else they may wilt. To make sure nothing like this happens, a representative from our vessel will personally oversee every battle. Please treat him or her well, especially her. Once you have a full bouquet, present it to the doors of the vessel, and we shall accept you with open arms.

I wish you the best of luck and let the stars smile upon you and your Pokémon. I also wish that these battles will be fun and entertaining for not only our VIP, but for you as well.

- Sincerely, the Prince

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Image The OOC is open for discussion about anything and everything. Feel free to discuss things like interests, or perhaps some cool Pokémon facts and trivia.
Image Most importantly, have fun, have a lot of it.

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Re: Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

Well, like the games, you can only have six on hand at a time, but otherwise, you can have as many as you like, like a Pokémon Collector might. I figure that works out fine.

Re: Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

When I first saw this I though it was going to be a Pokemon/Touhou crossover.

Yea... I'm not sure what happened to that RP... It was a while back ago, I no longer remember why it didn't happen.

Question: How many pokemon can we have on this RP? I'm assuming 6 is the maximum, but just making sure.

Re: Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

@ponerj Yeah, when I initially created the RP, I had that game in mind, and I designed the plot around it, not to mention, I made the title a lot more relevant to the plot. However, now that I decided to change up the backstory of the RP up a bit, the title lost it's relevance. Well, the plot's based off that game, so I suppose it pays some homage.

Funny thing is, I figured that you simply got the answer by Googling it, but I see on your profile you made a RP based on the same thing. Hah hah, what a coincidence. Actually, I think I remember seeing that RP and I considered joining it, no idea why I didn't however.

Re: Pokémon: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

The title is a Touhou reference, Touhou 3. I might join, not sure yet... Probably am... But I have to think of a character. My favorite region is Johto.

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