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Pokemon Ranger: Maroon Base

Pokemon Ranger: Maroon Base


Welcome to the Maroon Base, an island where Rangers research and learn more about the Pokémon, as well as being able to study them in their natural habitat!

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Hello and welcome to the Maroon Base, young Ranger!

My name is Professor Jennifer Willow, and I've been working here at the Maroon Base since it first opened, which has been...Now, let me think here...Ah, yes! This here base has been running for thirty-four years, and I was only eighteen when I started out as a Junior Professor. I'm still one of the youngest professors here, even if I am a grandmother. My Partner Pokémon, my trusty Mareep, has been with me all the time since then, and he's been a faithful companion.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yeah, the Maroon Base! It might not look like much, but you're standing right in the middle of the premier Ranger Research base. The Maroon Base House, which is that large building in front of you, is just where we Rangers and Professors live. You Rangers go on expeditions to catch the Pokémon for us professors to examine in lab conditions, and you also help us out with Field Research. The whole island is the base!

If you look, it's split up into various zones:

Lava Zone:

A rocky zone with three small volcanoes. Berries are sparse here and eruptions are frequent, though they never seem to spill into any other zones thanks to the large rocky outcrops separating this zone from the others. It's mainly inhabited by fire, dragon and rock types, though dark and ground types have been noted to make an appearance.

Garden Zone:

A flowery, lush zone with rolling hills. Berries grow in abundance here and the air is fresh with petals scattered on the wind. There are also a few small ponds where waterbird Pokémon sometimes rest, such as Ducklett. Overall, this is mainly inhabited by grass, normal, fairy and psychic types, though bug and ground types have made appearances.

Forest Zone:

A leafy, tree-filled zone with dense woodland. Berries grow from place to place here, and it mainly filled with grass-type Pokémon, though bug and normal types make appearances.

Scrubland Zone:

A rough area, Pokémon of all types inhabit this zone, especially fighting and steel types. Not much can be said about this highly populated area.

Haunted Zone:

An area of unfinished buildings past the forest zone, this zone is inhabited solely by ghost-types. It's an area generally left alone by the newer Rangers, though experienced Veterans sometimes brave it.

Beach Zone:

A sandy zone near the ocean. This has few berries but plenty of fish, and is inhabited by water and flying-type Pokémon. Rangers can take boats from here to the Mainland, at a cost of $50.

The Ranger's Starter Kit:

1 x Ranging wand-the ranging wand is a new device. Simply raise the wand and make a circle around the Pokémon several times to capture it, like a lasso. However, the Pokémon can break the lasso.
10 x Oran Berries: Oran Berries are a great tool for luring elusive Pokémon out for missions.
1 x Camera: The Camera can store up to 1000 photos, great for taking snapshots while you're out on field missions.
1 x Field Journal: For recording your field mission notes.
6 x Terra Capsule: The latest, friendlier alternative to Pokéballs, Terra Capsules are larger and allow for less damage to the Pokémon during transport.
1 x Map
1 X Free Food Pass-for the Canteen


Full Name:
Home Region:
Partner Pokémon:
Any Others (up to 5):
Specialist Type:
Other Info:

Here's mine, and a couple of new Rangers have given me permission to use theirs:

Full Name: Professor Jennifer Willow
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Appearance: I have pale skin and brown eyes, with short blonde hair cropped in a chin-length bob. I'm six feet two inches tall and I have a small scar on my right cheek (nasty Slurpuff incident).
Home Region: Johto
Partner Pokémon: Mareep
Any Others (up to 5): One Espeon, One Eevee and one Purugly.
Specialist Type: Psychic
Other Info: I have worked here for 34 years, since it opened.

Full Name: Clara Wright
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: I have olive skin and brown hair, as well as brown eyes. My hair is shoulder length and I often wear it in a plait. I've five feet eight inches tall and I have no scars of note, although I do have a birthmark-a patch of light skin on my right ankle.
Home Region: Sinnoh
Partner Pokémon: Beautifly
Any Others (up to 5): One Whismur.
Specialist Type: Bug
Other Info: I have all eight of the Sinnoh gym badges.

Full Name: Alfonso Smart
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: I have pale skin, blonde hair and green eyes. I have freckles, and a small scar on my right hand where my sister's Purrloin scratched me. I also have a birthmark, a small circular shape behind my right ear. I'm missing a small chunk from my right ear thanks to the same Purrloin.
Home Region: Kalos
Partner Pokémon: Froakie
Any Others (up to 5): One Pelipper
Specialist Type: Water
Other Info: I managed to beat two of the members of the Elite Four of my home region and also have six of the eight Unova badges.

Anyway, I hope you have fun at the Maroon Base and please, be careful!

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The boat docked at the island and Clara inhaled deeply, taking in the sea air. This wasn't as she'd expected. She imagined the Maroon Base to be this giant building, almost like the Red and Blue Ranger bases back home in Sinnoh, not a tiny island. But ah, well. Never mind. She stepped off the boat and grabbed her bag, trudging across the soft sand and towards the large house she could see in the horizon, assuming it to be the Maroon Base house where she would be staying while she learned more about Pokémon Ranging and everything that went with it.

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