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Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell


[REBOOT] An unknown, never before seen threat is on the rise throughout all regions in the Pokémon Universe, and for three street bound friends, life is about to take a serious turn.

1,824 readers have visited Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell since Senpai created it.

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Background Information

The regions stretching from Kanto to Unova have known a brief period of peace. Ash Ketchum and company have gone to find new adventures in the Region of Kalos, and all is well in the path they left behind. That is, until a new threat rears its ugly head. From locations unknown, spread widely across the regions, an organization of terror with no formal name thus far, have been abducting people and Pokémon alike, most frequently in the dead of night by any force necessary, taking them back to god knows where. Authorities know little about these abductions, with every trail they seem to pick up, it almost immediately goes cold. This has lead the authorities to pay little attention to these abductions, seeing as how there is no real evidence other than people and Pokémon alike going missing. There have even been reports of the presence of Legendary Pokémon vanishing as well. However, there are those in the force who believe that the two might be connected, and very few dedicated members of the law have been trying to look into it. This brings us to the Kanto Region, Saffron City, to be exact, where a group of 3 children live on the streets. For whatever reason, each of them has been tossed into the world and left to their own devices, and luckily, the three found each other and found solace in each other's presence. They've stuck together as a sort of Family, and with time, they became thick as thieves. And the very fate of the Pokémon world will soon rest in their hands...


Character Sheet

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(Copy and Paste template for additional Pokémon as needed. Pokémon sprite resources up to Gen V are located here: Just right-click the sprite you want, Copy Image URL and paste it in the appropriate spot. Please do not start with a Pokémon. You can have any first-stage evolution Pokémon you desire. It will be given to you at the beginning.)

Character Sheet Created By: Little Fox
Minor Modifications To Character Sheet By: Senpai
Assistance in designing the original story goes to: Conductor. His vanishing is what is leading to this reboot.

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Character Portrait: Yonah Raito Character Portrait: Hisao Tachibana Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: [NPC] Victoria Natsume
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#, as written by Senpai
Clouds dotted the skies over Saffron City, just barely managing to blot out the mid-afternoon sunlight. All-in-all, the scantily-clad ghostly-looking woman chose a good day to return home for a visit. She had already stopped by the gym to greet her father and attempt to avoid the eyes of her dreaded sister. The time she used here was just for nostalgia. Though she resided in Mistralton City way over in Unova, Saffron was her hometown. And even this loner of a woman could get homesick. Not to mention that the green lizard-like Pokémon that clutched to her chest as it napped like an infant also enjoyed visiting. Saffron always seemed so peaceful, though it had been a couple of years since she last visited. It was always clean, friendly and very well-off. That was, until she happened to gaze down an alleyway and spot a young child vandalizing a wall.
"You there. Girl." She approached her, the gaze in her eyes stern. She didn't need her special gifts to figure out that this child was the vandal. "What are you doing? Where are your parents?"


"Fufufu... Perfect!" The amused laughters from a small girl were muffled as she held the collar of her coat over her uniform coat over her mouth and nose. After all, breathing in spray paint fumes wasn't exactly safe. For someone of her age, the art wasn't too bad. Sure, it could use some improvement, but it got the message across. She had painted a rather unhealthily-skinny Pikachu clutching at its stomach in hunger, as if pleading for food. A rather jagged speech bubble from in front of the Pikachu cried out "GET LOST!" The girl stood back to admire her work, giving it a sage-like nod before putting her jacket back on. Dots of scattered yellow stained the rather dirty dark blue of the article, though she seemed to care none. "That oughtta teach them not to give me at least scraps." She muttered to herself, turning around to walk away.
"What are you doing? Where are your parents?"
The girl froze up immediately as if some unnatural force held her against her will. Of course, if the unhealthily pale woman wanted to do that she could have, but it was simply Yonah's fear keeping her there. She prayed that it wasn't Officer Jenny as she turned around with eyes shut tight.

As she opened them, she flinched with a yelp. "Eek! Ghost!" The older woman raised an eyebrow in confusion, looking around for her Gengar. That michievous little devil did like to pull pranks on people. But he truly was inside of his Pokéball. She could sense that much. That led her to believe that the girl was referring to her. And that thought only led her to smile in amusement.
"I'm not a ghost, little one. I'm just as human as-"
"Hey! Don't call me little! I'm plenty tall for my age, y'know!" Again, the older woman didn't even need to use her powers to figure out that this was not the case. Yet her smile remained. However bad she was at interacting with humans, she did love children. That was why she couldn't stop herself from reaching out and patting Yonah's head, who flinched in response.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. How could I have not known? Silly me." This girl was clearly the type to act out and get loud over nothing. Or whatever might seem like nothing to the woman. She shook her head, just going along with her act. "But really, you shouldn't be vandalizing a wall like this. That's someone else's property. They could get upset."
"Fine! Let 'im! He wouldn't give me any food yesterday. Not even the scraps. Y'believe that?!" She didn't bother trying to hide her volume. It was as if she wanted the shop owner to hear.
"I... see." A brief pause allowed her to synchronize with the area, only to prove that the girl wasn't lying. However misplaced her actions were, she was honest and had a strong heart. The psychic understood this much. "And where are your parents? Do they not feed you?" Instantly, she felt the girl's heart wrench up, as if it was suddenly crushed under a ten-ton weight.
"I... They-" Her tough girl demeanor had been crushed too, it seemed. But it certainly didn't take her long to put up that bravado again. "No, they're gone, alright? What's it to you, anyway?"

Things were starting to make sense to the psychic. A homeless child living on the streets, begging for food. Vandalizing those who won't take care of her, probably with stolen paints, simply because she cannot take care of herself. She closed her ruby eyes and gave a sage-like nod. "I see. I am sorry... Listen, Yonah, I'll be busy for a short while today. But if you meet me outside of the town's PokéCenter at sunset, I will buy you a meal tonight. It sure has been a while, hasn't it?"
Any disliking that Yonah had for this woman vanished near immediately at the offer of food. "Okay! Sure! Um, do you think I could bring my brother and sister? They live out here with me, and they don't eat a lot. Especially big bro. He.. Nevermind. So can I, lady?"
"Sure you can. That's fine by me." She even had concern for others, despite her own position. How admirable that was for a girl of her age.
"Wait... You're not going to tell Officer Jenny, are you? You better not! Pinky promise me!" The small blonde girl forced her hand out, just in front of the pale woman's face, with her pinky extended. "You have to promise!" Victoria chuckled, shaking her head with a nod just after, taking hold of the girl's much smaller pinky finger in her own. "I promise. We'll leave her out of this. Just get out of here before the owner here finds this picture." The blonde girl nodded and took off immediately. She booked it and ran off to find her friends, who she referred to as her siblings from what Victoria gathered, to tell her that they were eating tonight. Only after Victoria was out of sight did she stop to wonder... "Wait. How did she know my name...?"

Victoria was now curious about this little girl and her friends. Three kids living homeless on the streets of her hometown? She felt obligated to do something about it. But what, really? She couldn't exactly house and feed them every day. And as much as she loved kids, she couldn't do that realistically. She was no mother and had no experience in raising a kid. Nevermind three. But she had until sunset to figure that out. The green Pokémon upon her chest stirred in its sleep a bit, letting out a yawn as it rolled over. She smiled and lightly scratched his scalp, continuing in the opposite direction through the alleyways that Yonah had taken. Surely there was something... But for now, her interests had left her nostalgia around town and to the kids roaming the streets. Meeting each of them was her goal for today.


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Character Portrait: Hisao Tachibana Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: [NPC] Victoria Natsume
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#, as written by Senpai
The brightly dressed girl known as Rakaya hummed an upbeat and cheerful tune as she wandered down the sidewalks of Saffron City. Her destination was nearby grocery market. Among her new, small, streetbound family she was the only one with any knowledge of how to cook, so apparently this meant she was the one who was to do the shopping as well. Kaya wasn’t personally convinced it made much sense but she wasn’t about to argue it, she was happy to do it after all. This week had been a rough one however and her pocket felt even lighter than usual, she wasn’t sure she would be able to get much of anything at all from the market but, perhaps she’d get lucky with a sale today. Feeling hopeful she smiled and nodded to herself before adjusting her hat and picking up her pace a bit.

The market was only about a block away now but Kaya came to a slow stop as she came upon a set of vending machines outside of some sort of convenience store. She addressed the garishly designed machines with a low hum of thought, she could remember more than one occasion in her past where she dropped a coin and it rolled under the machine or the lucky times when someone forgot their change in the little coin dropper. Taking a quick glance up and down the sidewalk Rakaya knelt down and poked her finger into the little compartment and felt around for the cold sensation of any abandoned coinage. Nothing. She heaved a sigh as neither of the machines yielded a result. After a few more moments of internal debate she sighed and set her bag down before getting down on the ground herself to try and peek under the machines. It looked dirty and the lack of light made seeing much of anything quite difficult, Rakaya however was a determined girl and so she stuck her hand under and began to pat around all the while hoping no one would walk by and question her actions. The last thing she wanted was any attention from the Officer Jenny person.

Victoria had no real leads to go on. All she knew is that there were three homeless children trying to scrape by. With a soft sigh as she exited the alleyways, not spotting anyone through the path she had taken, she asked her Kecleon rhetorically, "What would I be doing if I were homeless in Saffron City?" His ears perked up from his half-sleepy state, only to shrug and climb up around her shoulders. There were plenty of places to rob, but how far could a kid get, exactly? All sorts of possible scenarios went through her mind, but what really was occuring took her by surprise. She spotted a girl in bright, though somewhat dirty, clothing with a rather large hat. She was fiddling around with a vending machine, at first checking the coin return slot for any remnants, then searching the ground at near face level after coming up with nothing. The woman raised an eyebrow at this sight, stepping forth to confront this child. It was highly possible that she was one of the three that Yonah mentioned.

It was rather quiet in the area around them, but she still managed to approach with her light footwear and rather diminutive stature. The sound that would alert the hatted girl to Victoria's presence, however, was the dropping of a few coins into the machine. "Go on. Pick what you like, child. You must be really thirsty to be dirtying your clothes in search of coins." An act of generosity would hopefully get her attention. It's not like she was committing a crime like Yonah was, so there was no real need to assert any kind of force. And besides, she would really only need a minute of her time to figure out if she was one of the children she sought after.

Rakaya sighed as retrieved her hand from under the machine, in the end all she was able to find was some dirt. She began to rub her hand off on her pants when the sound of coins being inserted into the machine near her caused the girl to startle and quickly move up to her feet. With her back to the cold glass she blinked as she looked to the woman who had materialized behind her. Kaya’s mind churned slowly as she searched for an answer, her parents and even her friends here in Saffron had told her to be wary of strangers. In an attempt to buy some time she adjusted her hat some, taking the moment to glance around, there was still no one in sight. She fidgeted slightly as she mentally despaired, why couldn’t someone be walking by now, someone she could pretend to be meeting or something.

It was only after her bit of mental panic and startling subsiding that she had really registered what the woman said to her. She took a quick glance over her shoulder at the contents in the machine, in truth she had never intended to purchase anything from it but, if she was going to get something for free she wasn’t going to complain. Taking quick stock of the options available she finally turned her attention back to the woman and spoke, ”Um, just, this water here would be fine, thank you ma’am.” She jabbed her finger in a point towards the largest, cheapest bottle of water available. It certainly didn’t much compare to the other treats in the machine but it would certainly be of the most help to her little group. She took a few steps away from the machine so that she was no longer blocking it, she kept quiet after that though. To Rakaya adults were dangerous and talking to them longer than absolutely necessary was something to be avoided, she had been away from home this long she wasn’t about to be sent back by some big-mouthed adult.

Some might consider it intrusion, but the girl's panicked thoughts were hard not to hear. She even detected a familiar presence within her thoughts. One that she recognized as the young girl she had met earlier, Yonah. The woman smile, looking into the eyes of the girl that were just an inch below hers. "You're welcome." Was all she said at first as she watched the girl pick an item from the machine. Just a cheap bottle of water. That made Victoria raise her eyebrow once again. If she were a homeless poor child, she might have chosen the more expensive drink. A tasty one at that. Had she not... "accidentally" stumbled across the thought that it was for her friends, she would have mulled that over for a while, wondering why that was so.

"You seem very mature for someone of your age." She spoke again as her Kecleon decided it was time to climb around back onto her chest. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that he climbed back onto his pillows... Regardless, she held him there like the child he acted like. "A bit more so than your friend Yonah..." Her voice had a touch of amusement to it, though given her tired-looking, dark demeanor, it may or may not have come off as ill intent. "I caught her vandalizing someone's property a moment ago. I sent her on her way, though. She really is an excitable girl, isn't she?" She sighed softly, as if recalling a fond memory from years ago rather than something that happened but minutes before then. "Sorry if that was out of place, child. Your friend just happened to catch my interest. I probably seem like a real creep." The fact that Rakaya was already looking like she was going to make a break for it seemed to confirm that she wasn't trusted.

Some coins fell into the change slot with soft clitter-clattering noises. She slowly held up a slender, pale hand and motioned for her to take it. "Take the change. From what I hear, you need it." Before waiting for Rakaya to do anything, she spoke again. "I know you don't trust me... I understand that. It's fine. But if you are willing to lend me a minute of your time, I promise to make it worthwhile. If not, well... Yonah is bound to tell you anyway."

Brown eyes wandered over the woman’s figure as she pressed the buttons on the machine to select the bottle of water Kaya had pointed out moments ago. The woman’s appearance was a bit curious to the girl, something about her was familiar though she couldn’t quite place her finger on it. Her clothing was… ‘Unique’ and her skin pale, all in all it gave her beauty that was slightly eerie. The pokeballs around her waist and the Kecleon that lazed upon her shoulders clearly indicated that she was a pokemon trainer of some sort. Kaya felt a tinge of envy at the sight, trainers received free housing and food, something her and her friends needed dearly, and got to travel the land with their pokemon companions. It was exactly the sort of thing she had always wanted to try.

Her little reverie however was cut short as the woman finally spoke up once more. Her eyes glanced up from the comfy looking pillows the Kecleon now rested on and to the woman’s face. Kaya’s head inclined to side at her words, she wasn’t sure what to make of them so she uttered a simple ”Thank you ma’am.”. The words that followed however gave the poor girl yet another start. How did this woman know Yonah? And did she know they were friends. The suspicion the girl felt towards the woman only boiled up and grew as her expression became more serious and her eyes more focused. ‘Caught her’ ‘Sent her on her way’? What did that mean? The worst of scenarios immediately popped into her mind as she took a step back, ”You got that right.”

Kaya’s eyes darted at the change slot for a moment as the woman gestured towards it. She wasn’t about to step up to machine until this woman had left. She wasn’t sure what this woman wanted with her or her friends but she had so far been given nothing but bad feelings from the woman. Her words gave the impression that Yonah was fine and this was a slight relief but still, Kaya stood her ground, waiting for the woman to continue or to leave.

There was certainly a lot for Victoria to pick up on this time. The most interesting thought being that she was envious of her Pokémon training... She would be lying if she siad she didn't feel a touch of pride at this. Perhaps... that was a possible answer. Though she would need a little more thorough study of these kids to even consider that. "I see you're not quick to trust even those who show you some kindness..." She spoke somewhat somberly. "I do not know what the world has done to someone so young as you or your friends, but I'm sorry for it." She knew her apology had no real meaning. It was more of a courtesy than a direct apology. Taking the Kecleon off of her chest, she set him down and nudged him to walk to Rakaya. The lazy Pokémon made some slow steps closer to her, but stopped to fall right on his rear end and look up to the hatted girl, giving a wave. "But life goes on and things do get better. I promise you that." She was sure that this girl had no interest in hearing a lecture, and to be fair, she didn't want to give one. But she just spoke as words came to her. An unfortunate side effect of being so into this.

"I wanted to buy Yonah some food. She spray painted a man's wall because he wouldn't give her table scraps. I told her to meet me outside of the Pokémon center at sunset. I'm going to buy her dinner. But she really seemed interested in making sure her two friends ate as well." She stepped closer, just close enough to pick the lizard back up. "So of course the offer extends to you. This is my hometown and I, too, went without a home for a while. I don't like seeing kids suffer." She took a step back to assure Rakaya that she was aware of her distrust. "Ultimately, the choice is yours. It is smart not to trust a stranger, yes? But if you're interested in having a warm meal tonight- a real meal, not one from the trash- then arrive with Yonah. Even if only for a night, I'd like for you and your friends to just... take a break. Get off the streets for a few hours." Nodding, she steps back again. "And I won't take any more of your time. Unless you've anything you want to ask, that is. I won't ask for any more."

The strange woman continued on. The longer their interaction went on the more Rakaya got the feeling the woman had no ill-intent, at least at the moment, but her mentioning Yonah still made the young girl uneasy and more than a little bit creeped out. Rakaya however had nothing to say in reply to the woman’s words, she simply watching silently as she set the lizard onto the ground. The lazy thing barely made a quarter of the way before sitting and waving in Kaya’s direction. A brow arched up as she looked at the thing, it was cute in its own sort of way and Rakaya’s expression softened slightly at the gesture from the little pokemon.

Her gaze raises back up to the woman as she finally speaks in reply, ”I know that, that’s why I’m still out here and trying my best.” She gave a nod after she spoke as she returned a small wave to the little green thing before it was scooped up once more by the woman. Kaya could only sigh at the news that Yonah had been found while vandalizing some shop, she wasn’t even sure where she could have gotten the spray paint for such a thing but regardless, she was going to get a bit of a talking to once they were all back home. She tried her best to keep her stomach from rumbling as the woman detailed her plan to offer the three of them a warm meal, the thought of such a thing was perhaps the most tantalizing thing she’d heard in ages.

”Well...” She shifted a bit as she straightened her posture some and addressed the woman, ”If Yonah is going I don’t have much of a choice either way, and it would be an absolute lie if I said I didn’t want a meal like that so...” She steps up to the machine to retrieve the bottle of water and the bit of change left over. She stuffs the change in her pocket and the bottle into her backpack before adjusting her hat and looking back to the pale woman. ”I will be there, tonight. But, if this is some kind of trick… I hope you know, none of us will ever forgive you.” She gives a quick glance at her watch before taking a step away, ”I hope you turn out to be a good lady, I really do. Thank you again for the water and have a good day ma’am.” With that, she waves in farewell and begins to jog down the road towards the market.

She nodded and gave a wave to the girl who walked away. She had made some kind of breakthrough with her at the very least. They all can't be as easy to talk with as Yonah was, after all. Taking the Kecleon under its arms, she raised him up into the air and looked at him with a playful expression. "I'm not a bad lady, am I, Ginta?" The Kecleon replied with a yawn and shook his head slowly. Victoria just chuckled and returned him back to where he wanted to be. "Well, they'll all see tonight. For now, I suppose we should go looking for the boy. It's a shame I forgot to ask about his whereabouts again... I'm so forgetful." She decided another look around the alleyways couldn't hurt as she turned back around and entered the alley she had exited out of before. Unfortunately, neither of them had disclosed his name in their thoughts, so finding him would certainly prove to be a little more difficult. Then again, maybe the universe would deliver him unto her like it had done with Rakaya. For now, she just let pure instinct guide her as she moved throughout the system of back alleys in search of the final homeless child.


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#, as written by Senpai
At first, the sounds that echoed through the alley Hisao was currently navigating were that of the wheels of his skateboard across the gravel, and the sound of its trucks grinding on anthing that was able to be grinded on. Though, if one were to stumble into this alley, they'd hear these sounds shortly be accompanied by a crash, the hiss of a Meowth, and a rather vulgar strain of words from Hisao's own mouth.


He sat among an overturned trashcan and its spilled innards, his skateboard a few feet away from him and on its side, the top two wheels still spinning frantically in some sort of ironic gesture. He was more preoccupied with his right elbow, however, which he was analyzing as he hung his right wrist over his shoulder so that his now bleeding and abrased elbow was at near-eye level. He used his free hand to reach out and gingerly touching it, wincing as the pain seemed to spread out through his elbow like a droplet of ink in a glass of water.

"The hell did you expect it to feel like, you idiot?"

He said to himself, sounding almost defeated. He licked the palm of his hand before tightening his jaw and working to rub away the blood with his spit. There wasn't much, just very fine droplets speckled across flesh rubbed raw. Once that was out of the way, he rolled up his right sleeve to get at the bandanna normally tied around his upper arm and hidden away. He wiggled it down his arm and tightened the knot when it was over his elbow, deciding that it would make do as a bandage.

He used his left hand to pull the sleeve back down as he was getting up off the ground, and bent over to pick up his skateboard as the wheels finally ceased their spinning. He turned to observe the trashcan and the trash it had spilled around it before kicking it, the sound of it clattering break the silence that had fallen as he patched himself up.

"Stupid thing..."

He muttered under his breath, tucking his skateboard under his arm and deciding to walk the rest of the way to meet up with Yonah and Rakaya. He had set out to try and find some food or money for them, but his intake of any goods was once again minimal. He had hit a bit of a dry spell recently, and was humoring the idea of just desperately begging the next person he came across for help.

The scene played through his head and he chuckled at the thought.

"Yeah right."

Once Victoria tucked back into the system of intricate alleyways of the big city, it took a surprisingly short amount of time to track down the third member of this homeless "family," as Yonah called them. The shouting of plenty of vulgar phrases and words that, from a child, could make even a sailor blush, gathered the attention of the psychic woman. Lightly running her fingertips along the wall as she walked, she attempted to establish a link with the area and before she knew it, the area of her vision became purple a scene played out in her head. A boy on a skateboard, crashing and scraping up his elbow. He was covering it up with a bandanna and yelling at himself as well... Taking the vision and following the trail her ability had made her, the purple dispelled itself from her view and led her on her way.

To be perfectly honest, she wasn't exactly sure how to approach this foul-mouthed young boy. Her own thing against men made her uncomfortable with him just based upon that, even if he was just a kid. And just leaving him be wouldn't fit anything. She needed to know what kind of person he was at first impression. Bullets would have to be bitten, it'd seem. Taking a breath so deep it brought her onto her tiptoes, she exhaled it slowly and continued along the way, clutching the Kecleon to her chest just a bit tighter. "I can do this, bud. I can do this. I... got this."

Her nervousness did not subside even when she finally found him. He was already walking away as she came up behind him. Making sure to keep quite a few feet back, for her own sake and not his, she cleared her throat and let out a shaky, "He...llo?" She couldn't even hear herself say that. Shaking her head and closing her eyes for one more breath, she regained a sense of composure and called a bit more boldly, "Excuse me, boy? I heard a loud noise here a moment ago. Are you okay? Did something happen?" She'd already seen what happened, of course, but this served as what she thought might be the best way to grab his attention without her freaking out.

Hisao tensed and he paused mid-step, which only caused him to stumble forward slightly, and he braced himself by placing his left hand against the wall, which caused his skateboard to clatter to the ground. His right hand instinctively rested at the handle of his bat, and he slowly turned his head to look back over his shoulder at the woman.


Was all he was able to manage, this lady looked like a ghost! Or like she was on the verge of dying and becoming one, a Kecleon hung from her chest, he noticed, and let his right arm relax; A bat wouldn't be able to do much against a 'Mon, anyway.

"Look, I'm alright, lady."

He replied, pushing from off the wall and turning to face the woman entirely. He gestured to the bandanna tied around his elbow.

"See? Good as new."

He smacked it with an open palm to showcase this, and although his facial expression remained the same, it had hurt a great deal. He kept an eye on the lady and her Kecleon as he bent to pick up his skateboard once more.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find my sisters and tell them why I wasn't able to bring back any food. Again. So, I don't necessarily have time for your pity or whatever this is. Which is funny, because if you didn't have that adorable little lizard hanging from your chest, I'd probably try to rob you. Anyway, 'cya!"

He gave a half-assed wave and turned to begin walking away again.

Victoria winced as he slapped his elbow, clutching at her own right elbow in the surprise pain. She made no effort to hide the pain purely because she had not seen it coming. Rather than getting defensive, the Kecleon seemed pretty proud of himself for keeping Victoria from getting robbed. If the boy hadn't said something that caught her attention, she'd have let him just walk off in distraction of the stinging that scourged her elbow. This ability was both a burden and a blessing. "Wait, you said sisters, right?" This had to be the boy, talking about how they didn't have food. He had to be the third homeless child. She was pretty tempted to just ignore him entirely based purely upon his sex and threat to rob, but there had to be some redeeming quality about him that the other two kept around. "Their names wouldn't happen to be Yonah and Rakaya, would they?" Surely that would grab his attention enough to stick around.

This lady was sure good at making him tense up and freeze mid-step, because that's what he did this time around as well. Although he refrained from stumbling this time, his hand once more played at the hilt of his bat as he turned.

"First of all, how do you know that? Second, if you've hurt them, Pokemon or not, I solemnly swear that I will end you, lady, so help me."

His initial feeling of disregard for this particular adult had long since gone, and he was now on the extreme defensive. He wasn't actually sure how he'd react if she had hurt them, but it probably wouldn't end pretty either way.

Well, at least she had caught his attention. But this hostile atmosphere he gave off was really unsettling. This must be why they kept him around, though. Through even this thig fog of tension, she could sense a stronge urge to protect the girls. He did care for them. She nodded to herself to affirm this. But entrusting him with such a thing... she wasn't sure yet.

"Please, calm down. I mean neither you nor your sisters the tiniest bit of harm. I just encountered both of them today. I promise you, I only have to give to all three of you." Without allowing him time to ask, she explained. Waiting too long with such a protective boy could prove bad... and she could feel her Pokémon ready to react at any moment. She didn't want to start a scene. "My name is Victoria. I was born in this town and grew up here. When I came back to visit and learned there were some homeless kids living on the streets of my town, I wanted to meet you all. I promise you it is that simple." Taking a breath, she realized she was shaking. She truly did feel threatened. And honestly... Yonah could have taken him in a fight, nevermind this boy who looked ready to pummel her into the ground.

"I offered to buy both your sisters dinner tonight. And I sought you out to extend the invitation to you as well. It's my duty to make sure that the people of my hometown are taken care of, isn't it?" She spoke earnestly, having no real reason to lie. "Even for one night, I want to make sure that you kids have eaten. So I'm going to pay for each of you to eat tonight. Is that okay by you, 'big brother' of the three?"

He mulled over the information she had fed him for a while, and eventually decided to relax a bit more again and dropped his hand to his side. He still didn't trust this lady, but he figured there was enough sincerity in her voice to confirm that she hadn't hurt the other two.

Besides, the mention of food alone had caused his stomach to rumble, and that was distractive enough for him to drop what guard he had. A hand went to rest on his stomach, and he carefully observed the lady. She was shaking, and he felt a tinge of regret for being so abrasive, but it had become nearly his sole purpose to make sure the other two were okay, and he often did things he didn't enjoy to make that a reality.

"Well, like you said, I'm homeless, so I can't really turn down the offer of food, can I? You've got me in your pocket now, lady, don't be leading me into some trap. I'd be pretty angry, especially since the last couple of times we've chanced upon food, I've given up a majority of my portions so the other two didn't have to be hungry again an hour later."

He raised a hand to rub at the back of his head, readjusting his beanie after he did so.

"So I suppose it has to be okay with me, doesn't it? If I get all prideful and say no, those two wouldn't eat without me, and I don't want to deny them that."

He sounded a bit defeated, but didn't turn to retreat again.

"I see. That's what Yonah must have been hinting about with her big bro..." She muttered to herself with a shake of the head. No, he was harsh, but it was obviously because he was looking to protect his sisters. He may do bad things, but she could tell now that this boy was not a bad person. He had the capacity to care and did so daily. The more he spoke, the more she gathered. "But don't worry about sharing portions. In my line of work, I make some very decent money. The three of you can eat tonight until you're round as a Snorlax." She felt herself calm down a bit more as she understood the boy. His presence was still a tough one, one whose shell would not be easy to crack. But that was not really her job today. She had gotten the information she needed.

"I appreciate you accepting my offer. Simply meet with your sisters outside of the PokéCenter and I will be there waiting and ready to take you out. Just leave everything to me." It was that simple for her to turn around this time. "I'll speak with you then, Hisao." And as suddenly as she appeared to him the first time, she made her exit. The mysterious psychic had some work to do before meeting up with the street kids.

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Ayy, we made it. Thanks!

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Hey, everyone. Just letting people know that time is up and I've made my final decision. I've decided to accept Shu's character, Hisao Tachibana. I feel that his character is exactly the perfect possible creation for my story. So thanks to everyone who submitted a character and took any interest, and welcome Shu c:

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Oh thank you but I rather not steal their slots ^^ Im sure they put a lot of work into theirs so.. yes I will take up on the notice for a maybe extra slot in the future. Thanks again!

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

@Check Mate: If you'd like, you can submit a character to try and earn the spot by Monday. That is when I will be making my final decision. If not, I'll be sure to let you know if spots open or if I make another, sure.

That said, Kyuukonhime, PLEASE finish your character by then or you will be kicked out of the running. Simple as that. That said, I've already got an idea of who I'd like, if no other submissions come in. So best of luck to you all~

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Oh damn. I have three pokemon characters ready for a rp like this, please PM if slots are open in the near future.
or if you make another pokemon rp ^^

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Senpai wrote:Unless I like his character. I:

Which is totally finished now.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Unless I like his character. I:

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Shu wrote:Dibs on final slot, bitches.

Ladies and gentlemen, the way to guarantee not getting a slot.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Dibs on final slot, bitches.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Alright, I understand your situation Lloyd and your character is undergoing some reading from me... I think I'd like to see some more profiles before making any final decisions. And Kyuukonhime, I'd appreciate letting me know when you update your character if you're still interested.

That said, I look forward to seeing more profiles! C: I'd really like this RP to be the best it can be.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Ooh, I'd like to try again for this roleplay. Well, maybe I'll have one issue, but I'm not sure how major it will be. I will give you my assurance that as soon as I am available, I will always be an active roleplayer while the roleplay itself is active, but right now, I wont be available until January 14th. Senpai, you already know all about me so you wont have to play guessing games about what kind of person I am. Of course, you could always use that RPG Write tool if you haven't already been using it already. I will submit a profile now (it'll be same as the one I made before, but I may make some changes to it) so you all don't have to wait on me to make a decision or just go on without my submission, and if you accept me, perhaps my character might be a little late to arrive should you begin your roleplay before the 13th, although, once again, it's perfectly fine if I am not accepted (although I hope my current availability situation doesn't influence that decision to heavily as there isn't much I can do about that).

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Hey, folks. Still looking for another potential player. Happily continuing the search until we find something I'd like to have. c:

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

@Kyuukonhime: I'm limiting it on up to Gen V for now. If the roleplay progresses that far, we can go to Kalos and you can have all the Amaura you want. Until then, your starter can be any first-stage Pokémon up to Gen V that is not a legendary.

@The-Calenator: You have to start in Kanto. In Saffron City as part of the group. The idea is that the three are familiar with each other and have taken to being something of a family, functional or otherwise, to survive on the streets.

@Thundergod1020: Um... Hm. I wasn't planning on letting anyone in apart from the main three. If you want to talk to me about your intentions and maybe figure this out, I'll consider letting you join as that. But I make no promises. Hit me up on that.

The second player has been decided. As Keen went through the selection process of the original Rise of Team Cell and I am a biased person, Keen and their character have been selected.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Senpaiplease notice me, I have to ask because I don't want to seem rude just slapping this specific CS down on the proverbial desk, but could I assume the role of Team Cell's leader/2nd in command?

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

One question, do we have to be around the Kanto region (as in our current residence) or can I be wherever?

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

Hi, I'm really interested in the RP But I do have one question. Is there a limit on starter pokemon? I would like to use an Amaura, but I can use something else if I cannot.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

You don't need to ask permission to post a character sheet. Just do it and I will decide eventually whether I want it or not.

Re: Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

pl0x senpai let me post you a character sheet

Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

This is the auto-generated OOC topic for the roleplay "Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell"

Feel free to ask any questions you like here about the RP. PMing is fine, too. Questions, comments, concerns, feedback are all appropriate to post here. Please note, as stated in the RP's rules, there will be no reservations. Submit a character and it will pass an inspection competing against other submissions.

Good luck, have, fun, and welcome all potential partners c: