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Ben Paul

Hi im a pokemon trainer too

0 · 328 views · located in Earth

a character in “Pokemon: Silver Shadow”, as played by bloodkomodo


My picture


A weird goofy type nervous and makes mistakes


A Whismur and a zigzagoon with two heal balls


Ben is 17 and masons older brother he is a pokemon trainer but stays with his sick sister and mother more than anything else

So begins...

Ben Paul's Story


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A boy comes running down the trail with haste sprinting right toward Mason and then stopping close to him "oh mason what happened to you?!" said the young boy "nothing ben" said mason with tears "you messed your leg up pretty bad" said ben "yeah i tripped" mason explained "i see why you where late" said ben


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Rain sighed miserably as he reached the other side of the rock"What could that boy been trying to tell me with those hand Signs? It doesn't matter now...Yes it does who am I trying to fool. Should I follow them? Yeah Until they get home that's the least I can do." Rain Jumped over the Rock and Ran around trees and Over Roots to catch up to the boys without being seen he stayed within the tall Grass and Between Trees. Watching them and Following them. He was Almost noticed my Mason Once but Remained hidden and was Dismissed as he was Seeing things from his Concussion when he got Knocked out.

Mason, Ben, and Rain all reach the Entry point to the town.