Cinder Embrose

A previous gym leader from the Kanto region, he arrived here to make friends, advance his fire pokemon, and find true love if possible.

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a character in “Pokemon: Sinnoh League Victors”, as played by Nemmy826


Name: Cinder Embrose
Age: 16
Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil

Cinder grew up on Cinnabar Island with his mother, father, and uncle Blaine, the city's gym leader. One day, an eruption destroyed the island along with Cinder's parents. He insisted on staying behind in order to keep Blaine company, however Blaine insisted that Cinder moved on, so Cinder did just that. Cinder is a hot-headed trainer who is always ready to try and prove his superiority as well as impress the ladies. At times, Cinder can be a real flirt. Given his rash battle style and determined, "cool boy" attitude, Cinder is a great friend to everyone and is always striving to be better, and of course is always willing to give out and receive pointers.


5 x Poke Balls
2 x Potions
1 x Antidote

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Cinder Embrose's Story