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Sandy Hughes

" I hope you have a good doctor."

0 · 273 views · located in The Pokémon World

a character in “Pokemon: The Countdown to Extinction”, as played by NeonWingedPhoenix


Age: 19
Nickname: "Dandy"
Birthday: July 2

She loves warm weather and dresses accordingly, t-shirt, crop tops, shorts and sandals


Sandy's always been a go getter and likes to charge head long into problems rather then sitting back and thinking about them. She is very energetic, the kind of person that can energize a whole room of people, the life of the party. Her energy has always made her stand out, so she is used to getting attention from people she meets and is thrown off when she is ignored. She can be a hot head sometimes, but she does not get angry, preferring to laugh things off rather then getting worked up.

Because of this, she tends not to take things seriously, especially when she needs to and will almost always call a bluff rather then taking the smart way out. She tends to get herself in messes that she attempts to steamroll herself out of rather then contemplating. However, she is in no way the dumb, ditzy blonde that she is often stereotyped as, but is in fact, quite clever when she wants to be. She is good at making things turn out in her favor and taking advantage of opening and weakness in a person personality or strategy when she is able to sniff them out. She is always gung ho for a challenge and very rarely refuses when offered a battle and loves going all out and blowing her opponent away, if she can.

She is tough as nails, fit and happy and can throw down with the boys at the drop of a hat


Sandy and her team live a pretty rough and tumble life style and she knows the value of a well stocked first aid kit. Potions, elixirs, you name is, she probably has it and berries. She also loved to carry snacks like chips, jerky,sodas and candy. She has no love for nature, health foods that most of the other avid campers seem to take to. She snacks a lot and at dinner usually eats something she can make from a cup or can, though she does pack produce with her for the team and herself..overall, her diet is pretty good..she just prefers snacks most of the time

She carries a fold away tent for herself, a sleeping bag, a few cooking items, a good sharp knife, ropes, extra clothes, a volleyball and extra pokeballs, along with her first-aid kit and pokedex..and map or two. Overall, she hauls around sixty pounds of stuff everyday.


Sandy comes from a large family . She lived with her mother and father and grandmother and grandfather and has a sister that is a year or so younger then her. She has many aunts and uncles and cousins as well as another set of grandparents on her fathers side. Her mother's side of the family is who she takes after the most, the energetic, happy blondes while her father is the witty, sarcastic dark headed family that are lively, but in a more subdued, smooth and confident and that is who her sister takes after.

She has traveled Kanto for a long time, training and fighting is her love and passion. She has family in nearly every city in Kanto and always has a place to stay since their family is so tightly knit. Her dream is to open up her own Gym, rather then take the place of another old Gym Leader when they retire.

Main Team

Ivysaur {Rin}

Rin was Sandy's first pokemon that she received upon her introduction into the Trainer world and has been with her ever since. Sandy never places her in her ball, but instead lets her walk around, thinking that the sunlight helps her grow. Rin has very vibrant colors as a result and is nearly as energetic as her trainer. She is a spitfire too and will throw herself in a fight with no reservations.

Machoke { Duke}

Duke was captured as a Machop outside of Fushia city when Sandy got a bit lost in the woods. He was hefting logs when she came around and took him by surprise. A intense battle ensued which ended only when Rin used Vine Whip to tie the Machop by his legs and lifting him up off the ground so he was upside down and swinging him back and forth until he got dizzy. He evolved after wrestling beating up a flock of spearows and wrestling the Fearow in charge out of the air. Duke is as well rounded as any one fighting pokemon might get, balancing speed and strength, which he has plenty of anyway.

Hitmonchan [Dudly]

Dudly was actually a long standing goal for Sandy and her team and his capture was a big turning point in her journey. She first sighted him outside of Viridian and was soundly defeated by the wild pokemon. Sandy's current team of three were beaten so that they had to be rushed to the nearest care center. Sandy was dismayed at how easily she had been defeated by the wild pokemon and vowed that she would best him and capture him. It took her four months and five defeats and ten pokeballs before her team finally managed to defeat him and capture him. Dudly is one of Sandy's most powerful pokemon and has a rivalry with another of of her pokemon. He is a very confident pokemon, his pride fueled by win after win..until he was captured..but he is still quite confident

Hitmonlee [Rickard AKA Rick an' Roll}

Rick was a interesting case as he found Sandy, rather then the other way around. Rick is perhaps Sandy's most competitive pokemon, which is really saying alot. Sandy can only guess that Rick witnessed a battle between Dudly and another pokemon and felt inclined to try and beat him himself. What resulted was a bona fide ass whoopin followed by a capture..thing is..he acts as if he has never challenged Dudly before, he is constantly challenging his comrade and launching surprise attacks, which are promptly notices that each battle is a little longer and Rick lasts a little longer each time.

Cubone [Harley}

Harley is Sandy's most recent capture . She find her impossibly cute for some reason or another and often uses her as something to squeeze on when she is sitting and resting. Harley resisted, but has since resigned herself to her fate. She was rescued from a group of Mankeys, who had cornered her and were beating on her, even though she had knocked out three of them before hand. Harley recovered quickly and has reluctantly become closer and closer to Sandy until she won't try to attack her on sight anymore !

Charmander [Leroy}

Leroy is Sandy's second newest capture, though he and Harley were captured in the same week. Needless to say, that was a good week for Sandy. Leroy is a bit of a momma's boy, unlike the rest of her team. He was found in Cinnabar when Sandy was visiting her cousin there. He was a tough fight, even for his youth, but Sandy always got the feeling that he fought out of fear rather then determination. When he was captured, he shied away from everyone for a while, but with paitence and kindness he came around and clings to Sandy whenever he can, which is very often, as he does not stay in his pokeball often. He is the other pokemon that Sandy lets out to walk with her, to the usual chagrin of Rin. He has come in very handy on cold nights because he is always warm to the touch.

So begins...

Sandy Hughes's Story