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Torvault Anson


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a character in “Pokemon: The Creation Trio”, as played by Eskay





Name- Tourvault Anson

Nickname- Anson (only close friends call him Torvault)

Age- 25

Gender- Male

Hometown- Vermillion City

Image Image

BasicAppearance- Torvault stands tall at 6'0, adorning a toned body and dark, silver hair. His eyesight is less than stellar, so he sports a pair of corrective lenses. Is typically seen dressed well, his wardrobe consisting mostly of button down shirts and dressy pullovers, and copious pairs of blue jeans. His posture is straight- almost practiced.



Themesong- Vertigo by U2

Other- Torvault suffers from bouts of (currently) unexplained insanity. Instances of extreme stress (especially in battles,) seem to act as the catalyst for each instance, and the only known suppressant for these bouts is contact with Shiori and Hermit (Torvault's Slowbro.) Though these don't prevent future outbreaks, they can revert Torvault back to normal within 5 minutes to an hour.



Potential Interest- None at the moment, though I'm sure that will change :p

- When a plan comes together
- Black coffee
- Insightful conversation
- Salty foods
- Performing

- Disorganization
- Senseless violence
- Sweets
- Going in blind
- Slapstick

Personality- Torvault might be most aptly described as a closet extrovert- he appears very cold and calculating at first, but getting to know him reveals someone who is genuinely passionate about people. Once upon a time, he was your typical boy growing up in a privileged household- active, outgoing, and rather carefree.

This was the case up until the 'incident' at Lavender Town. Though he has no recollection of what exactly transpired between his visit to the Pokemon Tower and waking up in the hospital, clashing with bouts of inexplicable insanity have caused him to change a bit. His proverbial shell is now much harder to crack- at present, only his family and Shiori know the 'true' Torvault, and are subsequently able to bring him out of his bouts of insanity (his Slowbro, oddly enough, is also able to do this.) Should one take the time to earn Torvault's trust, however, one will find a companion who will crawl through insurmountable anguish just to see them come through without a scratch.

History- Left mysteriously at the Anson household, Torvault was fortunate enough to grow up with a loving family. He grew up with an older brother and two sisters, both of which took him in as if they were their own flesh and blood. His foster father was an adamant Breeder, while his mother taught him everything she knew from her experiences as a trainer. Along with his older brother and sisters, Torvault spent a great deal of time with his best friend Shiori. Though her home life wasn't quite as fortunate as Torvaults, he made every effort to make some form of positive impact on her life, even when he felt as though he wasn't accomplishing much.

He began training Pokemon at the early age of 6, having received his first two Pokemon (Hot Rod and Teddy) as companions just two years prior. He studied under his mother and the Lt. Surge, the latter becoming a lifelong mentor and friend. While his mother taught him the value of befriending and seeing the inner value of each team member, Surge taught him training regimes and battle tactics. As he grew older, he began to gravitate towards Surge's way of thinking, and although he hasn't lost all compassion so to speak, his demeanor in battle can appear quite callous to the outside observer.

Winning Surge's Thunder Badge at the outset of his journey, he took a bus to Cerulean City, where he met up with Seddiosa, one of his older sisters. From there, he would tag along with her on her journey, catching more Pokemon and winning three more badges (the Cascade, Boulder, and Marsh badges respectively.) He learned many things from both his sister and other Trainers, including the most bizarre technique that is fighting other Pokemon oneself (he picked this nugget up from a peculiar Trainer by the name of Kouji, after he was soundly beaten in a match by said trainer.)

At the age of 14, however, Torvault's life took a very bizarre turn. During a trip to Lavender Town, Torvault took a trip to the Pokemon Tower while Seddy visited the acclaimed Mr. Fuji. While there, however, Torvault blacked out, the last thing he remembered being a mysterious voice telling him to awaken. When he came to, Seddy was gone- and at the foot of his bed instead was none other than his childhood friend Shiori! Panicking, Shiori assured him that Seddy was fine- she went on ahead knowing that he was in good hands, and that he should continue his journey with Shiori.

Since then, Torvault has won all but one badge (Viridian's Earth Badge) and is currently on his way to achieving it. His goal at this point in time is to challenge Kanto's own Elite Four and become a Master, though what plans Fate might have may interfere...




[seven max pokemon (no legendaries unless the GM is constulated), five moves max]

Name- Hot Rod
Species- Primeape
Gender- Male
Nature- Relaxed
History- Hot Rod, along with Teddy, were Torvaults first Pokemon, and have subsequently been with him since the very beginning. Hot Rod is very much unlike others of his kind, in that he is quite relax and in control of his naturally ferocious temper. Still, this doesn't make him docile in a fight- He is easily Torvault's go-to Pokemon in a battle of any proportions. He works well with every Pokemon in his team, though works especially well with his old friend Teddy
- Close Combat
- Ice Punch
- Poison Jab
- Swagger
- Bulk Up

Name- Teddy
Species- Ursaring
Gender- Female
Nature- Careful
History- Teddy the Teddiursa was given to Torvault along with Hot Rod the Mankey, and the three have had an unbreakable bond since then. Unlike the much bolder Hot Rod, Teddy has always been more cautions, more apt to get Torvault and Hot Rod out of trouble than further in. Despite her passive nature, however, Teddy has proven to be quite fearsome in battle, and will do all in her power to protect her owner.
- Return
- Crunch
- Dig
- Swords Dance
- Taunt

Name- Hermit
Species- Slowbro
Gender- Male
Nature- Calm
History- While Torvault received Teddy and Hot Rod from his mother, Hermit was Torvaults first actual catch. As a young trainer, Torvault wasn't quite sure how to react to the Slowpoke, and only trained it at the persistence of his mother. Once Slowpoke evolved, however, Torvault was thankful for the badgering his mother gave him, because as a Slowbro, Hermit rapidly took the claim of one of his best special sweepers. It is also interesting to note that Slowbro is able to bring Torvault out of his outbreaks of insanity, though it's not clear why as of yet...
- Psychic
- Scald
- Shadow Ball
- Calm Mind
- Yawn

Name- Cappy
Species- Breloom
Gender- Female
Nature- Hardy
History- Torvault won Cappy the Shroomish at a Junior Battle Frontier Tournament held in Saffron City. Hoenn Pokemon are still being brought to Kanto, so it is quite elusive to own one at this point in time. Cappy proved to be loyal and dutiful as a member of Torvaults team, and while she isn't one for socializing, when duty calls, Torvault can count on no one else better.
- Sky Uppercut
- Mega Drain
- Iron Tail
- Work Up
- Leech Seed

Name- Pyre
Species- Magmortar
Gender- Female
Nature- Naughty
History- At the insistence of Seddy, Torvault decided to take in an abandoned Magby from the daycare. He soon grew to regret this decision- though the Magby grew and evolved at a startling pace, she was quite disobedient, and often took more shots at her trainer than her target Pokemon! Nowadays she contributes little to small scuffles, though she typically is more obedient when more is on the line (life or death, gym battles, etc.) Also interesting to note is that she takes Insane Torvault's orders without difficulty at all...
- Fire Blast
- Thunderbolt
- Hyper Beam
- Sunny Day
- Substitute

Name- Marvel
Species- Dragonite
Gender- Male
Nature- Jolly
History- Finding a wild Dratini on a whim is a rarity in and of itself- finding a wild Dragonite, however, is a memory Torvault will not soon forget! It was even more odd the ease at which he caught the formidable beast! It wasn't until after him and Shiori caught Marvel that they realized why the feat was so simple- Marvel was quite inexperienced with combat! The two are perpetually baffled at how it even evolved to a Dragonite with its complete aversion to conflict, which is compounded when one realizes that Marvel is actually quite the powerhouse- it just prefers not to get hurt! Still, Marvel is great company if you want somebody to play with, but unless the fighting becomes absolutely impossible to avoid, Torvault usually doesn't bother with this Jolly Giant...
- Outrage
- Fire Punch
- Earthquake
- Dragon Dance
- Roost

Name- Mirage
Species- Ditto
Gender- N/A
Ability- Imposter
Nature- Lax
History- Torvault had a tough time deciding how to round out his team once the Pokemon League extended the Pokemon carrying capacity to seven. After encountering his first Ditto, however, the choice was clear. As a teammate, Ditto is a little lackadaisical, and not very sociable- after all, it is believed to be a failed clone of the legendary Mew (who in and of itself possesses the traits of every Pokemon.) Still, Mirage has no problems taking orders, and his ability to mimic the looks and capabilities of anything has proved useful on more than one occasion. In all honesty, Mirage's usefulness is more limited by Torvault's knowledge of Pokemon than Mirage itself.
- Transform


"Teddy, return!" Torvault beckoned, returning his battle-drained friend back to its Pokeball haven. This battle had been tough- Ace Trainers weren't called so for nothing.

The battle had put the two down to their last companions- Torvault had little choice but to send in Hot Rod to defeat the opponent's clearly battle-hardened Marowak. He had single-handedly taken out two of his team- however, the bone-headed beast was obviously getting worn out, which would make Hot Rod's job almost a cakewalk.

Before he could summon his companion, however, he felt the familiar surge of insanity well up inside of him, and before he could resist, he was overtaken by the unexplained madness.

"Eh...ehehehe...Primeape, TEAR HIM APART!" Insane Torvault commanded, wildly throwing out Hot Rod's Pokeball into the fray.

Hot Rod took a moment to look back at his master, knowing full well the nature of this enigmatic insanity. Taking advantage of this momentary respite, the Ace Trainer's Marowak cracked Hot Rod across his snout with a ferocious Bone Club. The impact knocked the primate into the shins of Torvault, who cruelly kicked him back out onto the field of battle.

"I didn't raise any amateurs, pig-monkey," Torvault taunted, "Pummel this fool for disgracing me! Close Combat!"

Reluctant to unleash his desperation move so early, Hot Rod grudgingly obliged, rapidly punching and kicking the flabbergasted Marowak. Reeling back, he attempted to counter with a Bonemerang, but was too winded to aim properly, and consequently lost his only weapon.

"No mercy for him, monkey. Hit him with another one!" Knowing full well the implications of this beating, Hot Rod again obeyed, having the Pokemon soundly defeated. The Ace Trainer withdrew his final companion, rapidly escaping the suddenly crazed Torvault's wrath.

He laughed wildly, relishing in this pittance of a victory as though he just quelled death itself. Shiori was nowhere to be found, so a weakened Hermit (whom Torvault always left out for just this occasion) imprinted his own Calm Mind unto the lost Torvault. The remedy worked much faster than usual, snapping him out of his stupor in a manner of seconds.

He lay on the ground, having now regained his senses. He beckoned Hot Rod to comfort him, which he willingly obliged to.

"Hmph," Torvault grunted, "How does Shiori put up with this....?"


So begins...

Torvault Anson's Story


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#, as written by Azazel


Shiori stared out into the open blue, the sea waves crashing against the large boat she was currently traveling in. Snow yawned as she hung lazily onto Shiori's shoulder, rubbing her face against her trainers. Shiori smiled as she rubbed her companions ears, eliciting a happy response as Snow continued to smile. The day had been so beautiful that she didn't want to wait in the cabin quarters to arrive at their destination. Torvault and herself were traveling to quaint little island, and it was still a mystery to her as to why they were. He had mentioned something about feeling a need to go there. Whatever it was, Shiori wasn't going to let her best friend go alone.

Speaking of which, said male was probably still downstairs in his room. She smiled to herself as she leaned against the railing to the boat, peering down as various water pokemon swam by. She frowned as she glanced at them. I should probably have caught one, she thought as she fingered the six pokeballs on her belt. She loved all of her pokemon as they were the first ones she had caught. She never thought about catching more than the seven she already had. She thought it would be unfair to the ones that she did catch that wouldn't be used or battled with as often as the seven on her person.

A soft nudge to her side caused her to turn towards the source, smiling as she spotted Snivy. She picked up the grass pokemon and laid her on her other shoulder, the one that Snow wasn't occupying and continued to enjoy the cool breeze.


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#, as written by Eskay

Torvault arose from below decks, cracking his neck to relieve the stiffness that ailed him. He inhaled deeply to get as much of the ocean air into his lungs as possible. He enjoyed being out on the sea greatly, but napping on the rickety ship was proving to be quite sickening.

After a good long stretch, he spotted Shio standing towards the ships stern, sharing conversation with her Pokemon companions. Allowing a smile to creep out, he slowly approached her, wrapping a gentle arm around her shoulder.

"And how are we doing this morning?" Tourvalt grinned.

It was funny- the two had known each other forever, but traveling with Shio never got old. Torvaults mom had teased them often growing up, calling them 'The Fearsome Fivesome' (referring to the two of them, Hot Rod, Teddy, and Snow.) Still, every day felt fresh, and while he didn't always express it well, he was genuinely glad to have her along.


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#, as written by ceh12

Shiori smiled up at her companion and shrugged. "Fine this morning, I suppose what about you?" she said in a semi happy expression. The wind wisped through her hair as felt Snivy fall asleep on her shoulder. She pulled the pokeball off her belt and lightly tapped the ball on her.

After putting the ball back, she looked towards her partner then out at the ocean and the approaching island. "So, why'd we come here then?" she asked curiously, knowing Torva would have a reason for taking her out here to a strange island.

(sorry still learning about the character and I wanted to get one off before falling asleep)