Asumaru Collie

"I laugh at the face of danger!"

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a character in “Pokemon: The Darker Days Return”, as played by peachyme123



Name: Asumaru Collie

Age: 19

Team: Omega

Position: New Recruit

Pokemon: Poochyena - Male- Level 5

Personality: Asumaru is very candid with almost everyone he talks to. But also is a little bit blatant to. He will often retort to people who have just met him, and shows high respect for his leader. He will find that it's his job to take care of things that will be of value, even if it mean protecting it. For example, unlike the other omega he thinks to progress you can't injure your personal pokemon because then they will not be fit to battle.
When people try to flirt or be nice to him, he gets nervous and even a bit flustered. So most of the time he is mean and trying to push others away at a safe distance.

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