Dr. Com Exburna

"Up to what point are you willing to continue persuing your goal?"

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a character in “Pokemon: The Darker Days Return”, as played by Lloyd999


Name: Com ExburnaImage
Age: 25
Team: Omega
Position: Lead Scientist
He wears the standard uniform for his squad, which is quite different than the traditional thug or grunt, along with a badge which matches his ring, which shows his position. He has a tattoo under his left eye, but the purpose for the tattoo is still unknown. He is quite tall, and he normally wears mostly white clothing. Whether this is meant to be symbolic, or that he simply likes white things, is unknown.
Pokemon: He has a Level 30 Magneton of which he named Veridis, and a Level 23 Metang of which he called Uriah.
He takes a liking into Magnemites, and is very interested in Team Plasma's Genesect program. However, as much as he is interested in Pokemon that that can applied to his usual studies, he has always been hearing of stories of Pokemon in space, and has always wondered about the possibility of Pokemon existing in other worlds.
Personality: He is a very calm and carefree guy, on the outside. He is always smiling, and seems to be quite satisfied with what he does. Despite this, he has a very cruel reputation. He his extremely intelligent, and for some reason, is good at finding out secrets. He often asks 'L' about what their true goal really is, and often questions the amount of destruction and pain they cause to do it. However, he seems happy to work for them anyway.

Oh, and he also loves sweets ^^

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Dr. Com Exburna's Story