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a character in “Pokemon: The Darker Days Return”, originally authored by Tash, as played by Elemenopee


Name: Tallassia Crest, professionally known as Edge.
Age: 27
Team: Crusaders
Position: Leader
Appearance: With laughing emerald eyes and warm chestnut hair, Tallassia was always the envy of her female peers and the desire of her male ones, though she remained blissfully oblivious. She is almost always smiling, and always wears bright clothes. She often walks with her pokemon, and loves to play with them. She can never be found not wearing her choker, which she’s had since childhood.
Personality: There is a fine line between insanity and genius, and anyone that knows Tallassia will tell you that she balances on it finely. In one minute, she'll be babbling on about her favorite 3-fruit combination for smoothies, and the next she'll be rattling off advanced pokemon battling strategies. She has always hated her name, and took on the name Edge when she was a young trainer to highlight her preference to steel type pokemon. Typically, she’s very bubbly, but a few key things will set her off into a rage. Among these are calling her Tallassia instead of Edge or Boss, cruelty to pokemon, chewing with your mouth open, burping, and being hit on. She only lets her closest friends call her Tally, as opposed to Edge.

Thrawn - Level 50 Male Aggron
Sev'rance - Level 44 Female Scizor
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