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Suzaku Blaze

"My fire will burn on forever!"

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a character in “Pokemon: The Fourth Kingdom?”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Formal Dress, usual attire[1][2]Anger[3]
Name: Suzaku Blaze
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Moltres
Kingdom: The kingdom of Hi

Appearance: Suzaku looks like her species. The Arcanine. Her long hair is has a mix of both orange and red, reminding people of a flame. [Ways that are seen, are tied up in a high pony tail :D] Her eye color is a light orange that shines with determination [dispite the pictures] and are round and bright, a trait she got from her father. Her body though, is considered small and child-like which gets her in a pissy mood, well except for some parts of the body which matured greatly. Though she is always looking towards the future when her body will grow bigger, like adult arcanine supposed to.
Anyways, her only change is when she gets in her blazing phase. In other words, really mad. Her features sharpen, resulting from the anger,and her movements begin to grow more rash. She goes all out when she is in battle at this point, and it can be very hard to calm down. So at this point, her eyes remain angered, and seem to flicker like a wild fire.

Personality: Comparing Suzaku to fire can be easy. She is a little hot-head with a burning personality. Her emotions are always so full, her anger, sadness, happiness, etc. She is normally full of unbound energy, and is known to zip around the place just for fun. But despite this, Suzuku can be seen with a different air. One so serious, angry, and reserved that people wonder if thats even her. Its like she's a whole different person, or so people say about her change. Her appearance seems to change as well. Her features sharpen and her eyes glare hotly. Its hard to distinguish her at this point, and usually her father is the only one who can do so. But this rarely happens unless something horrible happens to her loved ones. Like her father for instance. She loves her father with all her heart, and will never think of him as a bad man. She will do whatever best for him, and will follow him always. Well not always, actually she is quiet the rebel. When her father tell her to stay put, she will move to her own willing. But she knows when to really follow orders, so she has some restraint. Although most of her rebellious acts were an act of selflessness, her going out to protect her fathers reputation when her father told her to stay put is one. Though she does this to many people that she loves, but not as equally. Another thing about her, is that she is very loyal, and honorable. This trait comes from the fact on how much time she spends with her father. Seeing how much he despises betrayal, she earned that little pet peeve herself. But her loyalty isnt one of a slave, following every order mindless and without a thought, no she does whatever is best for the person. A loving and selfless act. Something that she lives by, and will do it for everyone she loves.
Any who, this side is never shown to a stranger. Like in an interrogation of a spy, to them She is serious, and- well something like her father. Direct and blunt.. Her eyes shine with pride, and the air around her one of sophistication. It is a natural side of her that grew within her, by watching Garuda work. She slowly learned on when to be serious and when it was okay not to be. Other words, Sazuku is wise, but a a closet wise, and an unknown one. But there is no motive in hiding her intelligence, no she just doesnt know it.

History: Suzaku was born under the watch of her father, the king of Hi, Garuda. Her Mother passed on when she was a child, a new born in fact, though she is unsure and she doesnt remember. Her father doesnt really mention her mother alot, so her deceased mother was just a image to get her going. Only small images of her mother come to her, but because of her death, she relied mostly on her father. Leaving no real want for her back. Though as she grew up, she learned the responsibilities of power and sometimes earned for a mothers touch. How could others betray, and how the world isnt as perfect as it seems. HEr father knew that, and now so does she, dispite her young age of 11.

However, dispite that fact, Sazaku still remains positive and holds that big smile on her face. But honestly at times when she grew up, she had her dark moments on thinking how the world works. How her father had to deal with this. And because of that, her maturity grew within her, and sometimes emerges at times of seriousness. And when people found it fit for her to train, she began but at a earlier time. She trained under her father's watch, and under the other royal knights. Her skill was ready for battle, but nothing really happened at the time, so she just continued to train. But any who, Sazaku was always taken care of and was always the one to run around the kingdom, having some adventure. But as time passed, she noticed the difference in the air, and how her father was so serious. Something was happening and she knew it for a fact. Learning about the conflict, she started to sturdy down. Her actions were more thought out, and she frequently observed the crowd, behind a mask of naiveness.

Move Set:
- Wild Charge
Suzaku's body will charge with a yellow glow and eyes will glow which is actually electricity. She will then charge with her natural speed, and use whatever techinique comes to her at the time.
- Morning Sun
Depending on the weather, Suzaku will regain a varied health back.
- Solar Beam
She will use her open palm, and small orbs of light will slowly gather to one of a solar beam. Shooting out her hands, a ray of light will head towards whoever the target is.
- Flare Blitz
Like Wild charge, her body will be covered in some sort of substance, instead of electricity, it is fire.
- Extreme Speed
Suzaku runs so fast that its legs become a blur, or her person, becomes surrounded by white and clear aura as it charges into its opponent at a fast speed.

Because of her Arcanine blood, she has the ability flash fire which is when she is immune to fire. Which is something not that rare in the Hi kingdom.


So begins...

Suzaku Blaze's Story


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#, as written by ceh12

In the eastern wing of the Fumei guild there was a training session in the miniature battlefield that the guild called their training hall. Inside was a green and yellow boy whizzing back and forth to dodge the blasts of various ranged attack thrown but not hitting their target. The boy was the second in Command, once again betting his position if he would be shot and all of the applicants still failed even though Astron hadn't taken off. Truly he was cheating slightly with him having them not aim but he didn't care, a bet was a bet in his eyes and they failed after fifteen minutes.

As a child enter Astron signaled a cease fire with a nicely worded "STOP!!!". They all jumped back except for the wooper boy who rushed over to the Flygon, who was taking a quick breath but was unable for the boy grabbing his hand and tugging "Come on, Alimi needs you!" he said with a slight annoyance and Strong had no choice but to comply as he walked with the boy. He rolled his eyes as he was led through the guild and to the guildmaster's office by the hasty child who presented his catch with to the guildmaster proudly. "I found Astro!" he said happily and rocked back and forth.

Astron rolled his eyes "Well, more of which dragged." he said removing his hand and patting the kid on he head before bowing to Alima. "So, what's with the sudden call?" he said plonking down in a chair and crossing his legs as he fixes his bandanna and awaited a response from his guildmaster.


The kingdom of Hi, a large mountainous region surrounded by lava and other heated rock, making it the home of most fire types. It's king stood in his garden, admiring the burning metal flowers from the ground as he plucked one and smelled it happily. "Smoldering iron..." he muttered softly then started back towards his castle home.

The talk of war had been floating around lately and with rebels raiding small villages near the boarder he got angry at the stuck up water types. He decided he would have to attack them before they planned the invasion they had foreseen from the profits. He did not care for superstitions but he did need to address his princess to tell her what she would be doing, she needed to help fight not just for moral but that she was also an excellent warrior.

Jantrok got to her door and tapped on it gently. "Sazaku, are you in? I need to talk to you." he said with the slight bit of urgency in his voice but he didn't want to be too forceful so as to make her mad even before telling her of her duty.


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A giant flare of creme laid on the bed, and it laid there simply unmoving.. However as soon as the knock resounded through the large room, the flare turned to be a large amounts of fur and in its stead, was a female who kneeled in a ready fighting position. An enemie?! An intrude? She thought, her eyes narrow and ears alert.. Though she easily calmed as the strong voice of her father hit her ears.

"Sazaku, are you in? I need to talk to you." She softened, and sat on the bed normally, as if she was a normal girl.. Which she isn't since she was a princess of the great flaming hi and a strong one at that.. However, Suzaku did have her soft side, so when she heard the urgency in her father's voice, she blinked worried. Was this about the war?

Looking down at herself- to make sure she was decent, she allowed her father in. "Come in Father." She replied with an eased voice filled with trust. "What is it that you need..?" She paused for a moment, her eyes gleaming with worry. "Is it about the war?"

The usually light and beautiful waters of Mizu appeared dark and almost wild with waves. The sky above seemed troublesome as well. Was this the sign of war? Water pokemon below the surface looked around in worry but seemed to stop because of some strong force. What was it? The currents begin to grow fast and the pokemon made way for- A swift white shadow speared through the deep waters with some unnatural grace and power. "The queen." Some murmured, shocked by the urgency and slight anger that flared from her. This was unusual as well as the weather. Aurora was known to be calm and extremely docile, but of course her anger was something feared- it was rare, but with this war, the sea seems rough as it expressed her mood.

"Make way!" A kingdra guard proclaimed, and bowed with respect as the silver shadow slowed revealing the queen, Aurora. Her long white hair floated in the water, swirling around her face and body beautifully along with her flowy dress. Her eyes however were wary and did not match her appearance at all. It made the guard tense. "Call the guards and line the borders." She finally spoke, her voice strong. "Strange activity has been sighted, which is believed to be from both kingdoms.. " The guard nodded sternly, and asked for anything else..

The lugia nod. "Call my children, I need to speak to them."

"Of course." He replied, before swimming off, hopefully to find the twins. Slowly, she turned away and made her way towards her throne and in a blink, she sat tiredly, her eyes loosing its strong gleam, replacing it with a weak one. Aurora has been making daily patrols around far boarders, making sure kingdoms havent marked their way.. Why she did it herself?

The queen didnt want any casualities for now, and she didnt want to be left useless despite the fact that she was queen. But that was one reason why she had to talk to her children. In the middle of war, it was dangerous and many would target anything to hurt their main target.. To her, the kingdom is important, but her children.. She sighed.

She loved them dearly.