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Alexander Ashfist
shadows are my friends but so are the consistent bumps on my head

Pokemon:Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence
Orientation: free spirited wanderer (aka hes experimenting)
Personality: overall nice guy, who's try hard and positive attitude, though might be annoying, makes it hard to not care about, skilled and smart but overall hastiness and clumsiness mess him up.

History: Alexander was raised in a small clan of ninjas in the Johto Region. He was raised to be a man who could lead others and be a skilled ninja..... and it almost went well, he had the talent charisma to be a good leader but was a complete and utter klutz, combined with his personality made it so he could never truly be given the role without fist proving himself. So he was sent away to become a great Pokemon trainer and to explore the world with his new and diverse pokifriends.

Abilities: well as he was trained to be a ninja he is stealthy, pick locks, knows how to use a number of tools and knows how to fight, (though he messes up a lot of the time)
wanted to learn moves: flamethrower, dragon claw, protect, fly.

Other relevant information:is somewhat obsessed with the chikorita he has had with him throughout his travels (he finds it too cute)

So begins...

Alexander Ashfist's Story

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Alexander Ashfist

Pain ran though his body as Alexander awoke. As he opened his eyes to see what was around him pain shot throughout his entire body the worst coming from his left wrist and the back of his head. Drenched in sweat and taken by surprise by agony he could not help but left out a small but prudent cry of pain. "GEHAA"! He quickly rolled off the bed he was on and but his back to it. He was in a white room that smelled of chemicals and drugs. He felt at his head from where the pain was coming from to feel a blood stained bandaged had been wrapped around it. He could feel a gash from the point were the pain was most intense. After confirming his head was not about to split open on him His next thoughts went to his left arm. It was blue and black, covered in bruises. probably one or two fractures in the arm. It looked as though it had been crushed under something and the wrist itself seemed like it had been twisted. To the best of his ability he guessed it may be two or three days before he could even move it.

Alexander proceeded to check the rest of his body which was bused all over to see if there was anything else seriously wrong with it besides the pain. He could tell that his body was overheating and was running a fever, most likely do to his crushed arm. Now knowing what shape his body was in he began to look around at his surroundings to try and figure out where he was. how did I get here? he thought to himself. I was running though the woods on trees and something hit me from behind...... I fell and now I am here. he looked around himself and saw that he was in a cell. It was dressed up to look like a hospital but it was a cage meant to keep people in. he let out a sigh "Damn looks like I got caught." he spoke softly to himself. Feeling like he was somewhat light headed he decided to try and rest for a bit, there was no point in needlessly moving his hurt body.

He sat back to try and give himself a break but then a sudden realization came to him "shiri!" he said and looked at his belt to see if his Pokemon were there. Gone. Along with all his tools. Where he had planned to sit back and relax until those who had taken him returned. Now the problem is Alexander could not let it go that they took his favorite Pokemon. No one messes with his Chikorita. He walked over to his cell door and look around. "Hey is anyone out there!" Anyone at all?" he yelled hoping to get someone, anyone to respond.

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Alexander Ashfist

Alexander saw many people starting to wake and move to there bars, being dragged to there cells, there faces obscured for the most part. He could only see a few faces. Too his left the man in his cell was panicking. Though the mess of noise he got his name was Kyle. He moved over to the left side of his cell and put his good hand though the bars so it should be able to be grasped. "Alexander Ashfist, do not be worried my friend we will get out of here" The person in front of him was a girl with white hair. Said her name was Savannah. she seemed quite graceful though confused. "And you young lady, ill get you home to your parents, when we get out of here"

The girl next to her was Desiree, she seemed quite calm given everything that was going on. On the other side of the white haired girl was some young blond haired girl who seemed to be suffering. feeling bad for her he simply tried to give her an encouraging smile.

It was clear that even though there were others in the sound of all this it was hard to pick them out. Moving equipment, other captives moaning, or yelling from panic he could not make anything else out. One thing was clear though, all of them where confused and scared, many in pain. It was odd though, he understood that he had fallen and the attack from behind had hurt him but what about everyone else, many seemed unharmed but where suffering.

They must have done something to them. They have a large abound of people here this is no small operation There must be a reason they needed us but it looks like it is to test something out but what? a new drug? could be human trafficking but they would have no reason to harm us then. looking around he knew things would get worse of no one got any of there questions resolved. As Alexander was about to speak up he saw the girl Desiree try to pick the lock for her cage. No what are you doing! not when everything is so busy there is no wa- Alexanders thoughts where cut off as a woman stepped in front of her cage.

"Please refrain from escape attempts,Professor Redwood would not be pleased, and I will have to stop you". the woman spoke. She had some weird antlers on her head. probably just some odd seance of fashion. from where he was he could see her eyes from the side but knew they were cold and uncaring. They sent a chill down his spine. Alexander did not like that woman.

As much as he would like to be quite and draw as little attention to himself he knew he could not. "Of course not your little professor probably wants all us in good shape for his little experiments." he said in a hushed tone. then he took a break in and spoke loudly "Hey everyone who is locked up like myself, let me give you all my educated guess. You all like myself have been kidnapped, spirited away. We are not here by accident and there is probably no way out."

He paused for a brief moment giving those paying attention a chance to process this. "The good news is that they most likely have little to no intent to harm us directly but use us as some sort of test subjects. they have taken our Pokemon and have no intent to return them I am guessing. Isn't that right mam?" he asked the woman in a lab coat trying to get her to look at him and forget about the young lady she was speaking too. He quickly shoot her and everyone else who could see him a smile. and thought to himself Fuck, we are in deep shit

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#, as written by Kagerou

Mariko wasn't exactly relieved when she heard other voices coming from various directions. She was tall enough to see outside of her cell window towards the top of the door. People from all different walks of life were around. She heard a young girl speaking right next to her. Poor thing didn't sound much older than 16. However, Mari's condition didn't really allow her to speak. One could see flames coming out of her cell. It seemed that everything in Mariko's cell had been fireproofed. This meant that whoever that man was intended this result. Her whole body felt as though it was being charred alive, especially her stomach. Then, the smell of fear hit her nose. A girl two cells down had been caught trying to escape. She could see the woman with the antlers, keeping guard of the prisoners like it was her only purpose in this life.

Of course, this girl was the next one to be taken and injected just as she was. The woman with the scent of deer upon her approached her cell silently. Then, she slid something under the door. Food and...a dress? The woman mentioned something about a "thank you gift from Father for being his first successful Vulpix." What the hell did that even mean? Mariko was not in a position to complain, so she took it with a nod. After the woman left her cell, Mari had gotten changed. It was a very high quality dress, exactly her size. High collar, long sleeved, and the same shade of beige as her hair. There were also essential undergarments for a girl her age plus some brown, nylon tights that were also her size. She noticed on the tags that they were also fireproof. They must have made them for her while she was knocked out. "How thoughtful..." Mari said sarcastically. The food was standard with a little kick of spice. Of course, the poor girl coughed and her flames were more prominent this time.

She looked at herself again, closely this time. A Vulpix, huh? Is that what she was supposed to be? It hit her hard, since Mari had a Vulpix herself that she held dear to her. She had raised it from an egg...everyone had appreciated it because it happened to have a different color scheme...Wait. That meant...."No, not my Hana...it couldn't be, could it?" There were too many similarities to deny that fact. They had captured her Pokemon and were using them for...whatever this was. Just like the other Trainers who are here. How cruel it was that they used her Vulpix against her. She couldn't have imagined the pain they were going through. With this realization, Mariko fell silent. There were no tears, just blank stares across the room. The old Mariko was no more.

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As Kyle sat in his cell he saw someone's arm bend around the corner of his cell. The man in the cell next to his introduced himself as Alexander Ashfist, and assured him that they would get out of this place, and that there was no reason to worry. It actually helped somewhat, he was confident that they would make it out of here somehow. Kyle resolved to try, and calm down, trying not to let his fear get the best of him. Kyle with a smile took the hand, and shook it. "I'm sure you're right. Gotta be optimistic in times like this, right?" There was no point in being doubtful about escaping, he just had to do his best to keep a clear head, and eventually he would find a way out. He'd be sure to come back for the others, and help them escape as well.

He watched through the bars of his cell, there was a mysterious girl, with a large sheet over her head carrying something large on her head, walking around the cells. She didn't seem to be the one in charge, but it was certainly her job to keep them from leaving. The girl known as Desiree seemed to try, and unlock her cell regardless, and Alexander seemed convinced they were here to be some kind of test subjects. The thought of being some kind of lab rat was not a pleasant one. Many of the others were taken, and undoubtedly had something happen to them. Kyle held out hope that he would escape before something happened to him as well.

Despite the strange girl paroling the cells Desiree still tried to escape making a run for it as soon as they came for her. She ran past his cell, and though he couldn't see much else, it was obvious that she failed, as he heard the sound of a dragging body. This was not good, there was no way out at this point, and trying to escape would bring nothing good. He let out a sigh. Escape it seems would take much longer than he thought it would.

Soon four men walked up to his cell, and unlocked the door. They walked towards him, clearly intending to take him somewhere. Kyle backed up somewhat, and threw his hands in the air as a gesture of surrender.[color=orange]"Well there's obviously no way out of here, and there's no point n resisting. I'll cooperate." the men looked towards the strange girl apparently looking for confirmation. They forcefully pulled Kyle out of the cell but instead of forcefully dragging him to wherever he was gonna go they allowed him to walk upright. Kyle breathed a sigh of relief, despite the circumstances he was just glad to be out of that horribly small cell. Two men positioned behind him, two in front to prevent him from escaping. They began to lead him to their destination, Kyle walking behind them. As he walked he saw inside some of the cells. Some were normal people, stuck against their will but otherwise unharmed. However other cells contained something less than human. They resembled Pokemon, one looking sort of like a Tangela, the other resembling a Ghastly, though they almost looked human in some ways. Whatever was going on here was not going to be good.

Soon they entered a room, in the center stood an operating table, and beside that stood some doctor, or researcher type people. At this point the guards had ceased being gentle, and forced him down on the table, forcefully strapping him down. An old doctor walked up to him with a needle, and a smile. "Good to see you've been cooperative. This shouldn't take long." Before Kyle could say anything the man plunged a needle into his vein, extracting his blood, then left the area. After what seemed like an agonizingly long time the man returned, and injected him with some kind of chemical. The needle itself didn't hurt, though shortly after he began to feel pain spread throughout his body, there was a pain starting in his head. He barely noticed when they took him off the table, and started carrying him back towards the cells. He grunted in pain as they carried him, throwing him in a new padded cell. Fortunately before he could panic about being back in such a small space he passed out.

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She looked over and out the bars, her voice getting scratchy from not having enough water. There were many others, and her brain was confused, so confused with all this information. Nola let out a scream when her tail bone retched almost out of her skin- like she was getting a tail. Not to mention her hair was slowly turning a very light grey, and growing non-stop. Nola took a close look at the others, trying to keep her mind off of her pain.

One was a girl who stood out the most- mostly because she just tried to escape her cell, and a very- beautiful woman with horns, held her still, and forcefully placed the girl in her cage. Nola shudder, wondering why she thought of a cage. Another girl looked like a Tangela, with beautiful long black locks. Another one closely resembled a Ghastly, and she shuddered. Two guys in the prisons beside her were talking- probably introducing themselves, when one of them got taken away. Another girl got clothes from hat horned woman, and Nola sighed.

She was honestly getting bored, and hungry.. and her tail bone kept growing every five minutes. Nola curled up on the ground and whimpered, trying to fall asleep, but not doing so well. Her thoughts trailed back to her family, then the people here, and then she actually fell asleep. Nola was soon sleeping in her bed at home, with Wendy on the bed beside her, and her maids coming in and placing tea beside her, but when she woke up and tried getting out of her bed, she had woken up from her dream and yelped in pain, when her tail burst her skin open, and a stub of a tail was appearing.

Nola tied her hair up with a hair tie she had on her wrist, because her hair kept falling in her face. Soon she saw the antler woman approaching her with food and clothes. As she got closer, Nola examined her, she was so beautiful, her skin was pale, with literally no defects, and she had beautiful long white hair. Nola shook the thoughts out of her head, when the woman gave her the clothes, then the food, which Nola drank the water right away. She stared at the clothes and wondered how she'd get changed with privacy. She had soon grabbed her jacket and tied to the bars, and changed in behind that, only her legs showing, and her head.

Soon she was in the clothes, and realized it came with glasses too. She placed the glasses on the top of her head, and stared down at her clothes. She was only wearing a bandeau for a top, which she thought was too revealing for herself, and threw her jacket on. She had shorts on that puffed out at the bottom, and had sash on it, with a butterfly pin. She looked at the last piece of clothing and saw it was a scarf, a very long scarf. She shrugged and put it on. She then stared at her food and gobbled it all down.

She looked at her pants a second time, and saw there was a hole for her tail, which was still growing and almost the size of small twig, it was also growing white fur on it, which- thank god- didn't hurt. As for her hair, it was still growing, and Nola sighed.

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Alexander Ashfist & Kasimir Oskar

Alexander saw the odd woman take away Desiree ignoring him completely. Damn Afterwords Kyle was also taken, then more. Alexander sat in his cell looking it over. Well built, locked from one side, even with his training there was little to go off of to make an escape plan. So he sat there listening moans of thirst hunger, pain and fear echoed thought the halls and there was nothing that could be done about it.

Alexander Punched with wall with his good hand. "Damn it!!" he uttered under his breath. Suddenly he heard a group of foot steeps approaching, and someone humming Ode To Joy.

Kasimir was ecstatic. So many new subject have been brought to the lab as of late, so many specimen's for him to toy with. Cell block D1 is where most of the new toys had been sent. He pulled out his data slate and looked over the list of subjects and there compatibility. Many of them had most of there cells prepared already to hold to captives, despite the difficulty it took for a few of the more........tricky ones. most where having there injections done now, no way he was missing out on that.

He walked down the call black D1. He was so happy he could not hum a little song as he walked along. "Now what do we have here." He said as he entered the block. He strolled down the line of subjects hearing them moaning. "Ah I love the smell of despair" he turned to look in one of the cells. A young lady who had been injected with Minccino DNA. "Ah quite the fast adaption, quite the high compatibility ratting." he scoffed then turned to see the next test subject

He went to look at the cell across from hers and saw the young lady who had been injected with a shiny Vulpix "Well look at you" he smirked, "When i had heard that you my young dear where going to be a shiny Vulpix, i was just doing to do the operation. Sad to say our dear detector calmed you for himself, but don't fear" He said as he looked up and down her body thinking of ways he could experiment on her "We will be able to spend much time working together. " and backed away.

Though it was fun looking at the new subjects he wanted to do some work! He looked at the list prisoners when he saw something unusual. "My My." looking over at the cell that contained Alexander. The good doctor laughed. he had never seen compatibility numbers so low. normally there was a 68% chance of survival from the splicing with some higher and lower. the higher the compatibility the smother the DNA splice went and generally was less painful. Of course the truth was vice versa.

This boys closest match was a mere 7% and was from one of the more dangerous Pokemon. "This shale be fun" He said excitedly. Kasimir loved a challenge and this was a very large one. He pressed a few buttons on his data pad to get the operation room ready. He looked over to the staff that had been following him. "Restrain the subject and bring him to operating room B2" and began to walk away.

Alexander head the humming mad talk to the people in the cells next to him. He was one of the madmen who ran this crazy experiment. then he heard him order to restrain someone and his cell door begin to open. OPENING

Do to his hasty nature Alexander forgot to keep his cool head. because of this he suffered.

As the door opened and the first man walked though Alexander ran foreword and punched the closest man right between his legs. The other men taken by surprised hesitated. Alexander kicked the one on his right in the stomach sending him back on his ass. Now that Alex looked at the rest of the group he realize how badly out numbered he was. Six men stood there looking at Alex quite mad. Alex looked at them then his bad arm, then back to them. Alex tried to slowly walk back into his cell.

"Oh NO YOU DON'T" they yelled as they grabbed Alexander and threw him into the cell door across from his. Then they took him and slammed him into the cell door to the left of his and held him there as they punched him a few times and put restraints on him.

Alexander looked into the cell as his face was pressed on the window to see a very young looking lady with brown hair glasses and a ..... tail? he gave her a wink as the men finished putting restraints on him and forcefully began to drag him away to who knows where.

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Wake up, you've slept to long... The voice of reason whispered softly in the head of the young woman as she laid, sprawled comfortably on a plain, rather cheep looking mattress. Her soft features were charming, even with the messy splay of long, golden blonde hair around her. She'll be mad if you don't return soon, Helena. That thought slowly brought her to wearily open her bright blue eyes, trying to make sense of the world. It was so bright, it had to be high noon. Why was it so cold though...?

Soon she realized that the bright white that she was staring at was not forming to shapes, even as her eyes adjusted. No, she was staring straight at something smooth and white. Confused, she carefully touched the cold wall with her hand, feeling its texture. Upon sitting up, she found that she was definitely not in the forest with her book anymore. She looked around rather lethargically, not quite processing what was happening and still trying to recall what exactly she was doing before she ended up here.

"Chatot?" she called hoarsely for her pokemon. "Chatot how did we get here?" There was no answer, but as the girl listened, she could hear the sounds of other people, but the sounds weren't exactly pleasant. Screams, struggling, panicking, confusion... Enough to make her wonder if she had actually woken up. But her senses weren't lying, and she couldn't manipulate the situation in any way. How did this happen?

Approaching the heavy steel door, she peaked through the window, looking around the hallway outside, where she could make out a few faces, and down the way a bunch of angry looking men in white were restraining a young man, probably around her own age. Gasping, she quickly took a step away from the door, wide awake now and looking for an escape. Upon seeing none, she stepped up to the door again, going on her toes to show her whole face. "Um, pardon me, would someone please inform me as to what is happening here?"

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Nola Winchess

Nola clutched her almost full grown tail, weakly stroking it with her hand. The fur- Her fur was soft, and fluffy, almost soothing to touch. She heard the others finding their voices, and muttering things, some of them cursing, some of them saying, well- weird things. Nola started to sing, a song she heard before, one of those popular annoying songs on the radio, but was annoyed of the silence around her.

She stopped singing when she heard the footsteps. She froze when she saw the white haired man. He had the coldest eyes, and his skin looked frozen. Nola shivered just looking at him. He walked right in front of her cell, and open his mouth about to talk. "Ah quite the fast adaption, quite the high compatibility ratting." He spoke, sneering at her, like she was an animal- but she was turning into one, and hated that for a fact. Nola sat there, and hissed? Yeah, she hissed, and it made the man smile.
She leaned back, and curled her knees into her chest, blowing some hair out of her face. Nola took off her glasses and stared at them, the glasses showing her reflection. She looked tired, and beaten up, her eyes swollen from crying, and her nose bleeding. She Sighed and placed her glasses on the ground.

She jumped when one of the two guys near her were pulled out of his cell and he tried running away like the others, but the men grabbed him and started beating him, and Nola yelped, watching blood spill. Soon she watched them take him and throw him around until he faced her. She felt his eyes on her, and looked back at him. Out of nowhere he winked at her and she honestly smiled back, then he just let himself get tied up. Nola got up and yelled. "Wait!" She reached out for him but they swatted her hand and she hissed, as he got dragged away.

"I-I could've helped.." She said and back up, tears spilling, and her pain coming back, as she started to collapse onto the ground.

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Kyle woke up not long after passing out in his new cell, he stared at the ceiling, not wanting to move, and trying his hardest not to focus on the cell walls. He tried to keep his breathing as steady as possible in order to try and combat the fear which already tried to seep into his mind. He felt an odd sensation at the base of his spine, a sensation which soon turned into a small pain, which he tried to ignore. While he kept his mind so focused on staying calm, he didn't notice that while he was out his ears had become more canine like, and though they were not yet covered in fur, they did take a higher position atop his head. At this point his hearing was much stronger than before, and sounds that sounded so distant before now became much clearer. Though Kyle would never think to connect this with such a drastic physical change.

Through the cell door, he could hear the voices of others. Some of the other prisoners no doubt. Thinking it better than sitting in the cell on the verge of a panic attack, Kyle slowly got up and walked towards the door of his cell. He passed by a tray of food, and a new set of clothes that must have been dropped off while he was out, though he payed them no mind at the moment.

He peaked through the small window on the door. From the window he spotted men in white taking Alexander away. He sneered at them, and surprised him somewhat when he made a somewhat feral noise, almost a low growl really. Alexander didn't deserve to be stuck in here, none of them did. Kyle would make sure to get out of here, intent on bringing the others with him.

When the men left his view he spotted some girls he hadn't seen before. . Both seemed confused, and they asked what was going on."Well we were kidnapped, and brought here. Wherever this is anyway. They want to experiment on us i think. Though I don't know exactly what they're doing. My name's Kyle by the way." Despite the circumstances, he tried to keep his voice even, and positive."But don't worry. We'll get out of here somehow. I'm sure of it!" He kept a confident tone to his voice, as he was positive that he would manage to escape. He just had to find his Pokemon first. Wherever they were.

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Alexander Ashfist & Kasimir Oskar

Alexander was dragged out of the holding room where his fellow captives where held. Carried up several flights of stairs to a room which had B2 above the doors. He was pushed though the doors face first to see a terrifying sight. There before him stood a man with white hair in a lab coat. He has a very soft smile on his face, but besides that his face was calm which is what scared Alexander the most.

Behind him was a steel table with build in restraints. The table was covered in blood and small pieces of meat. Alexander wish he could not figure out what it was but could not help it. Behind the table and other medical gear was the mutilated body's of what looked like deformed humans. There limps removed there organs spilled out of there ripped open torsos, pilled upon one another almost making the pile of corpses almost 6 feet high.

"Welcome". The Strange man greeted him his voice calm and smooth as though this was all normal for him. "Put the boy on the operation platform lock him in and leave us." he ordered the men who despite Alexanders best attempts stripped him of his shirt and put him into the restraints. There where so many he could not even move a finger.

Kasimir looked over Alexanders body. It was physically fit and despite some damage to the left arm and a wound on the back of his head. Nothing that should interfere with the operation. "So boy I am guessing your quite scared right now. As I am a kind man I will tell you whats going on as I work." The man grabbed several bags of liquids and started to put needles at the end of tubs. "This is a human experimentation facility working to accomplish a simple goal. To enhance humans with the characteristics of Pokemon".

Alexander laid there quietly too terrified to speak so he listened as the doctor stabbed the needles into his arms and felt the liquid begin to flow into his body. "All of you young children and going to become half breeds, half human half Pokemon. You are injected with a virus created by extracting stem cells from Pokemon whose DNA is the most compatible with your own". Kasimir grabbed two copper pins and stabbed them into Alexanders chest. Pain coursed though Alexanders body. Do to his upbringing with amount of pain was quite durable so he simply gave the madman a smile.

"Normally the processes is quite simple, and has minimal pain. You boy however are problematic, your chances of living are quite low so I am doing you quite the favor by preforming this operation myself." Kasimir smirked as he went and grabbed a vile filled with a blue liquid. "You have one of the few who have ever had any form of compatibility with this particular evolutionary tree. Its a very strong one too so I hope that eases what I am about to do next". The doctor leaned in close to Alexanders smiling face and gave his own smile. Without missing a beat, Kasimir stabbed the needle into Alexanders neck then backed away.

Alexander felt as the needle pierced his neck and whatever was pumped into him. At fist there was nothing his body was calm despite all the needles and chemicals being pumped in. He started to get his bravo back. "Hehehe is that i-" As soon as he began to speak his heart surged and everything seemed to stop. Then from his head pain began to shoot out throughout his body. It felt as thought his nerves where being pipped apart from the steam of his brain. "GHRAHAHAHHHAHA" He screamed in pain, unlike any he had ever felt before. with each beat of his heart it was another wave of suffering. Blood began to come out from his ears and mouth. His vision become blurry and could not hear anything but his own voice. Kasimir watched at the boy before him suffered, but this was all to be expected.

Alexander felt the bones at the tips of his fingers begin to grow at a rapid pace, ripping the skin away as bone claws grew out of the tips. His teeth felt as though they where being crushed together as the bottom canines began to push others out of the way as they grew longer. Then that was it Alexanders vision went black.

Kasimir looks as the young boy slumped before him. and the heart reader that was next to him went flat. "Oh no boy, your not allowed to die yet". Quickly Kasimir grabbed an Adrenalin shot and injected it into the boys chest, then flipped a switch on the wall. This sent a electric shock throughout Alexanders body from the pins he put in the boys chest.

Alexander suddenly awoke to even more pain as he was electrocuted from head to toe. once more he screamed as he coughed up more blood. His head began to feel as though it was split open as bone started to grow out of the skull forming lines that went down the back of his neck.

Kashmir turned off the electric current that was flowing throughout Alexanders body. The boy fainted as soon as it was off. He went over and checked Alexanders vittles. Not good. He was highly unstable but he had survived the first part of the transforming. Normally it was not so fast but he had injected the boy with chemicals to make the process go faster so he could make him survive him getting over the hard part. Now it was merely up to the subject. He started to remove the restraints from the unconscious boy. "Come in and take this boy to his cell, give him clothes food and something to clean himself up with. I am done here". Kasimir watched as the boy was dragged off.

"Damn that boy screams loud. But i look foreword to seeing how you developed my little pet" Kasimir said as a grin covered his face. "So survive so I may have more fun with you"!

Alexander awoke in his cell. His body was in utter agony. As he brought up his hands to try and see if he could stand and saw his hands. Alexander then began to cry. Unbearable pain and now he was a freak.

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Alexander Ashfist

Alexander awoke some time latter, the time he had been asleep had been unknown to him. His eyes where red from crying and his entire body felt like it had been beaten. Alex figured that it did not matter how long he had been asleep for it was not enough. He looked at his hands to see that the transformation was from what he could tell, mostly complete. The skin had grown around his new claws so they where connected to him in a way that looked like they had grown naturally. The claws themselves where not very long they had manly taken the place of the first joint of the finger and grown a little past that.

Alexander smiled as he saw this, and a single tear rolled down his face. "Might be a freak but these could be useful" He spoke to himself knowing that he had to tell himself positive things to keep himself from falling into a depression which he could not afford to do in this situation. "Well it could be worse, could have lost my arms completely, or had my eyes gouged out". He joked to himself.

After he talked himself into calming down he looked around his cell to find that there was a set of clothing. looking down he and saw that he was half naked and the other half was covered in blood. Most if it his. "Guess I should change".
as he sadly took off the remainder of his old clothing and began to dress himself in the plan clothing that was probably presented to everyone. He felt a bit of sadness knowing that was the last thing he had from before he was captured was nothing more then scraps of cloth.

There was a plat of food. Alexander was not very hungry surprisingly. The food was balanced in terms of food groups. "Want us nice and fed eh". There was smashed potatoes, cut strips of chicken with no seasoning so no surprises there, A verity of diced veggies and a scone. He begin to eat the food, knowing he would be needing his strength. his body tried to reject the food and made it so he almost vomited twice. After getting down all he could the scone was left over. For the first time seance he awoke he noticed that a lot of the noise had died down, many must have been asleep or possible dead form there injections.

He got up and walked over to the door for his cell and looked out. Most of the scientist had left, only a few stragglers came in every now and then. He looked around the room and deiced to see if he could make a friend. "Hey guys" He spoke to no one person. " I am back, are any of you hungry I have a scone here and I cant eat anymore." He tried to keep his voice calm and level but he could not help a very slight groin as he held out the scone to toss it to someone.

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#, as written by Zalgo

To sleep. To dream. No steel nor man can keep the mind from escaping the confines of reality, however short it may last. In dreams we are all free.

But what of the flesh?

Mat slowly stirred to the sounds of the jail cells nearby. From the piercing screams to the banging of flesh on metal it was hard to shut out this constant stream of noise once the drugs were finally cycled out of his system. While he was not terribly dynamic when waking up he was especially slow to even rise to a sit given how he was just coming out of a drug induced nap. He reached and rubbed his back, feeling sore to the bone. Ow, that operation really did a number on me. I'm still feeling that drill doing it's dance in my skeleton.

Waving the pain off as a simple after-affect of having his spine drilled into he tried to stand up. He yawned deeply as he wearily rose to his feet. As he made his plodding way over the pain in his back slowly and steadily subsided. A pleasant turn in what was overall a pretty unpleasant day.

"I'd say we could still get out of here, but I don't think that would be a good idea at this point... At least we get free food."

"Free food sounds pretty good right now." He answered back to Desiree. Having stepped up to the window of his door now in the neighboring block where the subjects were kept post operation he leaned on the sill and scanned across the cells in the wall opposite from him, looking at the others kept here besides himself. With a somewhat clear view of his face others could see a change which was already underway which he was not exactly aware of.

His left eye had grown a bit larger while the right eye had shrunk somewhat. There was a definite disparity between the eyes which completely threw off the symmetry of his face. He had yet to discover this change as there was little physical difference to be felt and he couldn't see himself without a mirror.

He still had that rather casual friendly smile of his even despite what he's seen and endured. He tended not to really focus on negative matters, at least not when he had company. "I hope your pokemon are okay too. I'd be heart broken if they hurt my pal as well." He responded to Kyle's question, though not technically answering the question itself. While he knew little of the guy he could empathize with the feeling of missing one's pokemon. Rare were the times he and his long time companion were ever separated.

Something was running down his lip. He felt it trickle onto and down his arm. Looking down to investigate what was coming from his mouth he was met with a grave sight. Blood, a continuous flow was pouring from his mouth. His eyes widened at the sudden realization that there was something seriously wrong. He felt a strange and foreign sensation as his body felt tight, the blood within rising to find a way out.

Little did Mat know the mechanical cells were making space for themselves, not content with sharing room with his blood. With what felt like a pushing motion ripping through his body blood began to pour from his mouth, nose and ears. This all was punctuated with violent surges of pain in both his arms and legs, extending all the way up to the shoulders and hips. Unable to stand through the pain he vanished from view of the window, collapsing to the base of the door.

This spectacle was quite frightening to Mat. What few thoughts he could make out through the pain of it were ones of fear regarding just how bad it is to be losing this much blood. The blood that was flowing freely from his orifices was forming a pool which was expanding past the thin space beneath the door. He could of very well died as far as anyone outside would know given the amount of blood which was seeping from his cell into the hall.

With what little strength remained he propped his back against the door so his head could remain facing down. He feared that if he were to lay down either face up or down he'd wind up drowning in his own blood. As it was he couldn't even breath while the bright red fluid was being shoved out of his body. He could only hold his breath for up to a couple minutes tops and he hadn't had the foresight to take a deep breath before this sudden change occurred. All he could do was choke out more blood, the whole front of his body now completely soaked with it.

Dang. What a way to die.

His thoughts weren't rich with optimism as he started to asphyxiate. He was starting to lose consciousness, his eyes beginning to drift up. Just as the black curtains of unconsciousness were about to draw closed there was a distant choked gurgling sound. The blood was starting to let up, his lungs reflexively taking the opportunity to greedily suck in air at any cost. His whole body seized and shook as he coughed and gasped as he kept trying to draw breath while simultaneously forced to purge the blood that was getting caught up in the pull.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was little more than a couple minutes or so the blood had lessened down into a trickle. The cells inside him seemed pacified with this result, only occasionally moving again should blood get in where it's not wanted. From a river to a stream to a trickle to occasional spurts he was starting to pass this gruesome modification that his body was undergo. More than ever he wished they had saved more of that anesthetic for him as he was in severe pain.

His whole throat was rough and sore from the ordeal. The ends of his limbs were starting to feel numb. He wasn't sure if he could stand if he wanted to right now. He focused his efforts instead on calming his breathing, attempting to relax his body and get it back into a natural rhythm again.

"I am back, are any of you hungry I have a scone here and I cant eat anymore."

He heard Alexander offering his food over from his cell. Mat chuckled slightly before stopping quite fast as his chest panged with pain when he laughed. As hurt as he was there was little more he could do but wear a miserable frown. I don't think I've got much of an appetite considering how hard it's been just keeping blood down. Pathetic. He indulged in some self deprecation, in thought only of course as he had no intention of speaking given the condition his throat felt like it was in.

Such was life in his new prison.

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Kyle couldn't help but smile when he saw that his optimism, actually seemed to make Helana feel better. He was more than glad that in such a dim situation he was able to provide someone with a sense of joy, no matter how fleeting or small it might have been. However she quickly went silent once he mentioned their Pokemon. He was about to say something, apologize for anything he might have said until he saw a group of people enter her cell. He growled at them, and from the sounds of things they didn't do much to her. That did little however to ease his worries.

From further down the hall he could hear Matt unusually clearly, in fact he could hear much of what was going on through the halls clearly. There seemed to be some kind of commotion going on further down between one of the workers, and one of the prisoners. Matt expressed hope that their Pokemon were alright, a sentiment Kyle wholeheartedly shared. he got to thinking about his team about his old friend Ninetails, and all the other Pokemon he had caught over the past two years. For a brief moment he had visions of his team in horrible conditions, of his friends being horribly abused for someone's sick amusement. He quickly pushed that from his mind however. He was certain that they were simply being stored in some room while being safely in their Pokeballs.

From further down the hall he heard Alexander announce his return, and offering a scone to anyone that would accept it. Kyle of course would have taken up the offer as he was still quiet hungry, though his cell was located farther away so Kyle simply didn't say anything. He opened up his mouth to say something, but he stopped as the pain in his spine intensified beyond belief.

Kyle let out painful yelp as he felt immense pressure emerge from the base of his spine. A tail covered in thick looking white fur had started to form, it looked small at the moment though it slowly continued to grow, tearing through his pants. Kyle slowly stared at it in a mixture of fear, and amazement. Examining it closely it seemed to be reminiscent of a Growlithe's tail. Is that what they did to him, turn him into some kind of Growlithe hybrid? Kyle had tried to think about this positively, he mentally began to tell himself that it wasn't so bad, that it could be worse. The whole time however his thoughts turned to his parents, and what they would say. He imagined the both of them peering over Kyle with their cold, judgmental eyes, looking down at their freak of a child. If he was an embarrassment to them before what would they think of him now? In a rather unchateristic rage he sent a fist flying towards his cell door. To his surprise his clenched fist was suddenly engulfed in flames. Though it did little to damage the door only managing to put a pathetically small scorch mark on the door."No, no, no, no! How the hell could they do this to us?" The optimism that was clear in his voice before soon gave way to a shaky distressed tone.

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Character Portrait: Kris Booklin Kris Booklin says,
 “ *kris begins to open his eyes since the last thing he could remember is heading to a new route but then he got knocked out and the rest is a blur as be as ”

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 “ He realizes he is in a hospital that has prison bars?* "where am I?" He wondered ”