Helena Rosecraft

"I have faced death and come out with nothing but regrets."

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Helena Rosecraft
"You never know what you will miss until it's gone."

Pokemon: Yamask>Cofagrigus
Age: 20
Gender: female
Orientation: None
Personality: Dark, brooding. Generally pessimistic, she tends to be the party pooper. Very intelligent, though, and enjoys poetry, writing, and all forms of word craft. The type who doesn't get angry easily and would rarely if ever pick a fight, instead would likely sit there and take whatever beating came her way, physically or verbally. If, by some crazy chance, you do anger her (basically, if you take her mask) she will go completely psychotic and will destroy anything and everything around her. Otherwise, she'll be quiet, complacent, and otherwise uncaring for much but her own self reflection. Eventually, she will likely be coaxed out of her shell, and once she moves past her sorrows will likely be when she finally evolves.

History: Helena had a hard home life from a young age, with a father who was always away and a mother who was emotionally abusive, always insistent that "her daughter" had to be the absolute best, from beauty to brains and everything in between. She was never really allowed to just be a kid, always treated like an adult, and leaned heavily on emotionally in her mothers hard times. As she grew older, her mother had little tactics of controlling and manipulating her constantly, even going to far as to use methods such as gaslighting to keep her under thumb. Her only comfort was the Chatot that she had been allowed to keep and the books that she was given to read. She was kidnapped one day when sitting out on the nearby route with her Chatot, reading a book.

Abilities: Ability is Mummy, which nullifies other abilities by touching the other party or by being touched. She's able to use the moves Hex, Will-o-Wisp, Curse, and Ominous Wind. Her mask, which was actually created from her own face, has quite the uncanny touch as well and may disturb foes. Being an actual ghost, she may have other powers that she is not aware of, but makes no attempt to discover them.

Other relevant information: During transformation, she actually dies physically. Upon realizing her face had turned solid, however, scientist decide to leave the body and return to find the ghost simply floating there, staring at the mask and crying, at which point they finally removed the corpse.

So begins...

Helena Rosecraft's Story

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Wake up, you've slept to long... The voice of reason whispered softly in the head of the young woman as she laid, sprawled comfortably on a plain, rather cheep looking mattress. Her soft features were charming, even with the messy splay of long, golden blonde hair around her. She'll be mad if you don't return soon, Helena. That thought slowly brought her to wearily open her bright blue eyes, trying to make sense of the world. It was so bright, it had to be high noon. Why was it so cold though...?

Soon she realized that the bright white that she was staring at was not forming to shapes, even as her eyes adjusted. No, she was staring straight at something smooth and white. Confused, she carefully touched the cold wall with her hand, feeling its texture. Upon sitting up, she found that she was definitely not in the forest with her book anymore. She looked around rather lethargically, not quite processing what was happening and still trying to recall what exactly she was doing before she ended up here.

"Chatot?" she called hoarsely for her pokemon. "Chatot how did we get here?" There was no answer, but as the girl listened, she could hear the sounds of other people, but the sounds weren't exactly pleasant. Screams, struggling, panicking, confusion... Enough to make her wonder if she had actually woken up. But her senses weren't lying, and she couldn't manipulate the situation in any way. How did this happen?

Approaching the heavy steel door, she peaked through the window, looking around the hallway outside, where she could make out a few faces, and down the way a bunch of angry looking men in white were restraining a young man, probably around her own age. Gasping, she quickly took a step away from the door, wide awake now and looking for an escape. Upon seeing none, she stepped up to the door again, going on her toes to show her whole face. "Um, pardon me, would someone please inform me as to what is happening here?"

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Kyle woke up not long after passing out in his new cell, he stared at the ceiling, not wanting to move, and trying his hardest not to focus on the cell walls. He tried to keep his breathing as steady as possible in order to try and combat the fear which already tried to seep into his mind. He felt an odd sensation at the base of his spine, a sensation which soon turned into a small pain, which he tried to ignore. While he kept his mind so focused on staying calm, he didn't notice that while he was out his ears had become more canine like, and though they were not yet covered in fur, they did take a higher position atop his head. At this point his hearing was much stronger than before, and sounds that sounded so distant before now became much clearer. Though Kyle would never think to connect this with such a drastic physical change.

Through the cell door, he could hear the voices of others. Some of the other prisoners no doubt. Thinking it better than sitting in the cell on the verge of a panic attack, Kyle slowly got up and walked towards the door of his cell. He passed by a tray of food, and a new set of clothes that must have been dropped off while he was out, though he payed them no mind at the moment.

He peaked through the small window on the door. From the window he spotted men in white taking Alexander away. He sneered at them, and surprised him somewhat when he made a somewhat feral noise, almost a low growl really. Alexander didn't deserve to be stuck in here, none of them did. Kyle would make sure to get out of here, intent on bringing the others with him.

When the men left his view he spotted some girls he hadn't seen before. . Both seemed confused, and they asked what was going on."Well we were kidnapped, and brought here. Wherever this is anyway. They want to experiment on us i think. Though I don't know exactly what they're doing. My name's Kyle by the way." Despite the circumstances, he tried to keep his voice even, and positive."But don't worry. We'll get out of here somehow. I'm sure of it!" He kept a confident tone to his voice, as he was positive that he would manage to escape. He just had to find his Pokemon first. Wherever they were.

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#, as written by Zalgo

One by one they were taken. Some fought, some tried to escape, others just went along peacefully. In the end they had all been taken down the same hall. In the end they all came back through to be shut in the cells down in the other block. He bid his time but it seemed rather inevitable. Why else would he be here if not for whatever purpose they had in store for these other folks.

Of course there were still more, others still waiting to be taken in. The closest occupied cells were two women, one with blonde hair and soft features, the other with black hair and a sharper look. Speaking to them was the guy from earlier, Kyle. Honestly past his explanation what more needed to be said? Mat was doing little more than leaning on the sill of the barred window to his door, awaiting the fate in store for each of them. He knew little of what was to become of him but from what he had seem from the others it wasn't going to be pretty. He briefly heard another person speak but the woman disappeared back behind the door before he could get a good look. Not that it mattered much, there were many faces here, all confused and many hurt.

Always too soon they came for him like they had for the others. Two large men unlocked the door, prepared for any number of desperate actions. Mat simply stepped between them, a depressed sigh escaping his lips as he frowned. "No need for any rough business, I get the picture." He stated. They took his arms anyways and brought him down the hall, Mat meeting the pace of his jailers so they didn't have to drag him. He cooperated mostly for his own sake, he'd of rather been walking any other direction than towards those two sterile white doors but it's not like he'd be going anywhere else even if he did try and slip their grips. In the end the only difference a struggle would yield would be the number of bruises he'd be going in with.

He passed through the doors and down a plain white hallway with numerous doors on either side, most of them operating rooms it seemed. In what felt like minutes when in reality it was more like thirty seconds they brought him to his operating room where they were ready for him. They had a table ready for him, straps for his limbs and head included. They walked him inside and sat him down on the table before laying him down so they could strap him in. Wrists tied, Ankles bound and a final strap firmly wrapped across his forehead, he was more than well enough restrained that the two men who had brought him were no longer necessary. Not that the men were all too necessary in the first place with him. He was less than keen on making an escape attempt given the security he's seen manned at each entrance he's passed by.

An older man in a white jacket approached him. The man had round glasses and a short beard but what really drew Mat's gaze was the needle in his hand. While not the largest most menacing needle out there something about needles always made Mat's skin crawl. "We'll need to draw a sample first." The doctor was already rolling his sleeve up. "Doesn't sound all too fun." Mat remarked, his feet twitching in fear of the needle's impending insertion. "It'll only be a prick." With that the doctor carefully inserted the needle so as to hit one of the veins in his arm. The empty glass container at the base of the needle filled with his blood as the doctor drew back the plunger. With grit teeth Mat endured the process, the pain not really as strong as he initially feared. Wasn't that always the case with things that look so menacing?

Once he had enough for processing the doctor withdrew the needle. Looking over the sample he had a faint smile as he retreated back to the back room. Mat laid there, his arm bleeding ever so slightly as the doctor had made no effort in bandaging the spot he drew his sample from. This was the least of Mat's concerns as the thought of what they were doing with his blood made him uncomforted. His eyes wandered the room, glancing over the various tools laying about. It seemed they could perform a large number of surgeries from here. I wonder how often they've needed to use most of those things...

Without any reference of time it seemed like forever before the doctor returned again. Given his situation he could of waited for much longer given what he was looking at. In the doctor's hands was another needle, this time a far larger one which was vastly more terrifying than the previous needle. Inside the base swam a clear looking fluid which held what looked like strange looking spores inside. Three or four spores which were a shade of blue so dark they looked black drifted idly within the solution. What was most alien about these strange things he couldn't possibly identify were the faint fibers just slightly poking out all around each spore, moving faintly. Whether they were moving because of the sloshing of the fluid or because they were alive was unknown. All Mat knew was that this whole scenario had gone from extremely unfortunate to outright madness.

"Interesting, most interesting indeed." The doctor remarked, approaching the side of mat's table. He was starting to sweat in terror of the idea of having those strange spores going inside him. "A-are those things going in my blood?" Given this was going to happen whether he liked it or not he figured he might as well start asking now since he might not be lucid enough to talk after those things go in. The wizened old doctor gave a bemused chuckle at this presumption. "No..."

With the hit of a switch the bed suddenly fell forward, the bottom hitting the center support. Mat was now upright, though his still couldn't touch the ground. He felt his weight slumping against the restraints which still left practically no room to squirm in given how firmly they were secured. "They're going in your bone." Mat couldn't see the cruel grin on the man's face given he was behind the table getting ready to begin insertion. Worse and worse yet still further down the rabbit hole he had yet to fall.

In the face of all the horrors and agonies he was going to suffer one would expect for him to panic, yell and curse the names of whoever was doing this to them as anyone else would. Though his knees shook with dreadful anticipation and the sweat dripping down his face was cold with fear he did no such thing. He bid his time showing an unprecedented level of gravitas even as a panel under his neck was opened up. All the while a simple thought had caught inside his head, refusing to leave him be.

"Do you know what time it is?" He asked the doctor before he could align the syringe. The doctor was struck with a quizzical expression. "It's eight thirty. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. Can't tell the time down here without a clock."

An odd exchange. It seemed rather out of place given it's mundanity. The doctor had to pause, if even for a moment. Sometimes it is easy for people to forget that their victims are just people.


Alas, it was a passing moment. Mat shuddered when something cold and wet touched his back. Something had been applied across his skin in a small circle. It was easy enough to guess what it might of been. "Oh good. Anesthetic."

"Yes. Wouldn't want you dying from shock now would we?" The doctor would've chuckled at this statement but somehow it didn't really seem appropriate. Regardless, it was time to get the main show started.

The patch on his back had grown numb by the time he felt the needle touch down. Thanks to the specialized grip on the syringe the doctor was able to drive the needle through the hard exterior all the way into the marrow with some upper body strength and a bit of twisting. Even with the anesthetic he felt a distant pain along with the mild sensation of having something moving around inside his spine. Depressing the plunger he solution along with the odd motes flowed into the marrow, mingling the moment it touched organic tissue.

Like that it was done. Slowly and delicately removing the bone syringe from his back the doctor made sure the wound wasn't leaking anything before bandaging his back up. Mat could hardly feel his back, the whole surface's nerves were dull. His limbs were limps as a result of the loss of ability to use his spine for now. All he could really muster was to weakly move his fingers and wiggle his toes. After that experience he felt largely drained ironically enough given the purpose of the operation was the opposite of draining.

After all that tension Mat wanted nothing more than to sleep. He rested on the table, wishing for little more than the opportunity to rest. He heard the door to the back room open up, this time a woman in a lab coat had stepped forward. She was carrying along with her a canister with a tube attached to a mask. "Here, something to help you along the way."

He didn't necessarily trust what they were going to have him breath but after letting them inject whatever those things were struggling now seemed redundant. Already a pain was starting to grow from his spine. Simply closing his eyes he tried to empty his mind and escape all the pain, all the tears, all the misery he was surrounded by. To escape this horrible place he cast his mind to somewhere, anywhere else. Thought's of Odd came into view as the mask slipped on, the gas filtering into his lungs. Wherever he was at that moment, he was with Odd. Any place was just fine when they were together.

The edges of his mouth formed into a small smile as he slipped out of consciousness. The nitrous oxide helped him pass out before the changes could begin. that way he couldn't feel the pain which would no doubt intensify through the early stages of this transformation he was about to undergo. They removed the mask and placed his slumbering form onto a patient transfer bed. With this small act of mercy they got a couple of assistants to wheel him down to the cell which he would be staying.

Passing the cells which used to neighbor his own the rest of those awaiting their trip down could see him rolling past their block and over to the block where they kept them post operation. When they arrived they eased his unconscious body from the transport to the cell's bed. It wasn't quite as uncomfortable as the previous cell's bed given how everything was padded for his safety but it sure wasn't going to get any positive reviews anytime soon. Still, anything was fine since he wasn't actually aware of anything happening around or to him. With that they shut and locked him in, leaving him to rest.

Meanwhile, the bio-mechanical cells in his spine were hard at work making major changes starting with the rest of his marrow.

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Helena was quiet as Kyle explained the situation he had determined thus far, understanding the words but many things still didn't make sense in her head, like why anyone would kidnap her for a subject in an experiment. Her mother was bound to notice her missing after all. And when her mother discovered her disappearance...

The boy's firm, reassuring words seemed confident enough, perhaps he had some kind of plan? It settled her nerves a bit and gave her a bit of hope, even if her brain told her it was likely in vain. She could hear the footsteps of someone in the halls, and the door didn't seem like they would be breaking it down or picking the lock any time soon.

"We thank you for this information Kyle" she heard another woman say, the venom dripping from her voice, before addressing the other female voice who had chimed in. It gave Helena some time to take a few steps back and think. Most times in her books when characters found themselves in situations like these, their manner of escaped seemed to be through the lack of foresight of their captors. However, this facility seemed to have prepared for everything. The room itself had no air vents, the door didn't have much means of being opened from her side, and the only small metal things in the room were the springs in the bed, which she didn't even have a way of getting to without something sharp. On her person was nothing but her blouse, her skirt, and the hair tie on her wrist. That meant the only method of escape would be waiting for the guards to open the door an trying to get away through them. Fighting was far out of the option for a slim girl of 5 feet and 3 inches, not to mention even the other, likely stronger male from earlier had been quickly beaten into submission. With the soft sound of footsteps from the end of the hallway though, she would bet her money someone was waiting there for them to make a run for it, who knew with what. Perhaps some sort of tranquilizers or more damaging weapons. To try to escape was high risk, unless it was a well coordinated, simultaneous breach. But since they were only taking people away one at a time thus far, it seemed this would prove impossible.

"Thank you for your optimism, but I don't believe that we have any means of escape at this point, from what I can deduce. We would need a well orchestrated simultaneous containment breach, and even then only a few have any hope of making past the end of the hallway, and from there everything is unknown. I think we would be best to stay complacent for now, and go along as we are told. Perhaps we will still be able to escape with time." As she spoke, her blue eyes looked dully at Kyle, clearly holding no hope. "Sorry to be so frank with you. I'm Helena, I wish I could say that it's a pleasure, but perhaps it would be under different circumstances."

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Helena blinked at the other boy through the bottom of her window. Honestly, sometime she hated being short. Somehow this angle made something look very off about his ears...

"I suppose this is true," she returned with a small smile. Kyle's optimism did brighten things up, even from a cell away. [color=gray]"Even if the food may not be of the utmost quality, starving to death is not my preferred end. The idea of a body cannibalizing itself is a bit disturbing."[/gray]

However, when Kyle brought up their Pokemon, Helena froze a moment in mid breath with the horror of an unknown fate befalling her only friend. Panic rose up in her chest like when she was expecting a confrontation with her mother. Her muscles clammed up, her hands clenching and her throat tightening until she could barely wheeze in a breath. She would be grateful if it was only a Donphan sitting on her chest, and it took all her will power not to just let herself shrink into a tight ball. Chatot meant everything to her, he was her ray of light in trying times. In fact, she was surprised at herself for not panicking over her own situation thus far, perhaps because a true cage was much less troubling than the idea of her mothers reaction once she went missing.

Unable to speak, Helena moved away from the door again, trying to quietly calm down, hide her fear. She had to look brave and strong, if she was weak people would just walk on her. This thought didn't help her much at all though, just leaving her feeling even worse about herself. She continued to back up into the far wall and ended up curled up tight, sitting on the floor. The crunched form didn't help her breathing, but it felt safer.

There was the sound of the iron door opening though, and hearing people step into the room made her shaking worse, turning her to a shaking, pathetic little ball of messy blonde hair and her sky blue dress.

"Hold on," she heard someone say. Some of the people in the room stopped moving, but she didn't dare relax a muscle. A cold hand touched her wrist, making her jump and give a loud shriek, trying to shrink away. However, she had no where to go, and three finger held tight to her wrist. It took her a moment to realize someone was reading her pulse. "This one's heart rate is too high, it's too tense. We'll have to wait a little while." Her wrist was released, and she quickly retracted it back to safety. There was more rustling, and suddenly she felt something prick her upper arm and quickly inject something, the same cold finger rubbing it in for a few long seconds, before finally taking whoever was with them and leaving her be.

Gradually, she felt her muscles relax, her throat opened up and her heart slowed down to normal oddly quickly. In fact, she felt almost too relaxed, her limbs loose and not willing to move much at all. The muscle relaxants worked quite well, her heart rate slowed enough to make breathing deepen and slow, tempting her to fall asleep. From her spot on the floor, she knew it was only time before they came back for her.

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Kyle couldn't help but smile when he saw that his optimism, actually seemed to make Helana feel better. He was more than glad that in such a dim situation he was able to provide someone with a sense of joy, no matter how fleeting or small it might have been. However she quickly went silent once he mentioned their Pokemon. He was about to say something, apologize for anything he might have said until he saw a group of people enter her cell. He growled at them, and from the sounds of things they didn't do much to her. That did little however to ease his worries.

From further down the hall he could hear Matt unusually clearly, in fact he could hear much of what was going on through the halls clearly. There seemed to be some kind of commotion going on further down between one of the workers, and one of the prisoners. Matt expressed hope that their Pokemon were alright, a sentiment Kyle wholeheartedly shared. he got to thinking about his team about his old friend Ninetails, and all the other Pokemon he had caught over the past two years. For a brief moment he had visions of his team in horrible conditions, of his friends being horribly abused for someone's sick amusement. He quickly pushed that from his mind however. He was certain that they were simply being stored in some room while being safely in their Pokeballs.

From further down the hall he heard Alexander announce his return, and offering a scone to anyone that would accept it. Kyle of course would have taken up the offer as he was still quiet hungry, though his cell was located farther away so Kyle simply didn't say anything. He opened up his mouth to say something, but he stopped as the pain in his spine intensified beyond belief.

Kyle let out painful yelp as he felt immense pressure emerge from the base of his spine. A tail covered in thick looking white fur had started to form, it looked small at the moment though it slowly continued to grow, tearing through his pants. Kyle slowly stared at it in a mixture of fear, and amazement. Examining it closely it seemed to be reminiscent of a Growlithe's tail. Is that what they did to him, turn him into some kind of Growlithe hybrid? Kyle had tried to think about this positively, he mentally began to tell himself that it wasn't so bad, that it could be worse. The whole time however his thoughts turned to his parents, and what they would say. He imagined the both of them peering over Kyle with their cold, judgmental eyes, looking down at their freak of a child. If he was an embarrassment to them before what would they think of him now? In a rather unchateristic rage he sent a fist flying towards his cell door. To his surprise his clenched fist was suddenly engulfed in flames. Though it did little to damage the door only managing to put a pathetically small scorch mark on the door."No, no, no, no! How the hell could they do this to us?" The optimism that was clear in his voice before soon gave way to a shaky distressed tone.

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Helena remained quiet inside her cell, her breathing so faint one might almost mistake her for dead if not for the slow blinking of her eyes. She could hear what was going on outside, she could hear Kyle shouting something, as well as a few other people down the hall causing commotion. Yet she could not summon the energy to do more than feebly lift her fingers from where her hands laid on her lap. Her hair fell messily in front of her face and obscured most of her vision, though there wasn't much to see in the white room.

Some unknown amount of time passed, it's meaning lost in her overly lax state. Eventually though, they came back for her. It didn't take any more than a single guard to fetch her. The small girl couldn't have resisted much before, but now she was nothing more than an over sized rag doll, hanging loosely from the arms of the man. She could see briefly into Kyle's cell as she was carried away, and her tired eyes attempted to convey sympathy through the dull throb of fear still pounding at the back of her mind. The action was likely meaningless anyway.

When she was set down again, she was in some kind of laboratory setting, laying on a cold metal table and looking up at a bright light. An elderly gentleman leaned over her, from what she could make out likely in his late fifties or early sixties. He wore a white lab coat over a rather nice suit, reminding her of a father straight off a television show. However, he looked at her as if she was nothing more than a piece of meat, or a rotting berry left too long on the counter. Without a word, he shown a light in her eyes, then proceeded to put it away and pull out a needle and small test-tube like vial. Wiping her inner arm with a cold alcohol wipe, he proceeded to slide the sharp metal into the vein and withdraw enough blood to fill the tube before wiping the spot off again and pressing some sort of small bandage to it.

Her head rolled to the side and she watched him walk over to a counter with the sample, next to a large computer system where a younger looking lab tech was typing away. There was the whirring sound of various machines, and more time passed by without much excitement. Finally, the older man stopped and looked up at the computer silently. There was a moment of silence, and then the technician finally spoke.

"Professor this reading can't be right..." he muttered. "These are the highest compatibility levels we've seen yet but the likelihood for death... its not mathematically-"

"I understand. Consider this a new venture in our studies. I will proceed with the process, but keep it under close watch." The professor started to walk off.

"And if it starts to fail?" the tech asked after him.

"Let it happen, but leave the body until I can come to examine it."

Helena wanted to speak, better yet to scream, but her mouth simply cracked open weakly and noiselessly. She wanted to get up and run away, but she could barely even wiggle her toes. I don't want to die yet... I don't want to die here... I need Chatot...

It wasn't long before the professor returned with a large syringe filled with strange fluid with small, odd little lumps in the liquid. The needle on it was the kind that you see in nightmares and horror films, likely almost half a foot in length. The tech came over and gently lifted up her torso to a sitting position, and the professor disappeared behind her. That pinpoint, cold pain came from the back of her neck though, at the base of her skull. She could feel the pressure in her head as the contents were released, not exactly helping the slight headache she already had. It was done quickly though, and she felt wound disinfected again and that little bandage placed back on it.

Finished, the guard returned now and lifted her once more, though now her body seemed to shiver. Behind them, however, she heard the light and quick footsteps of the technician following after them. When they reached her padded cell, she was gently placed on the floor, and given some kind of shot in the upper arm. Quickly her energy seem to return, only making the shivering worse and causing her to sit up and scoot away to the far side of the cell. The tech looked on with something that might have been pity in his eyes. He spoke something quietly to the guard as he stepped out of the cell, and a short time after that he reentered the cell with food and an offering of a warm looking, black sweatshirt likely a bit too big for her.

Helena stared at the items, hugging her knees and debating what to do. Carefully, like a small, frightened animal, she crept over and picked up the sweatshirt, pulling it on and hugging it for a little bit of comfort. The food went untouched though.

{OOC: Helena's transformation process to come soon. It'll be pretty quick but likely pretty gory and rather disturbing, so be prepared and it likely won't be a good idea to read right after eating}

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#, as written by Evenir
Helena Rosecraft

Helena huddled against the wall, shaking and tightly curled in her ball. There was a slow growing pain in her arms and hands, not quite the usual soreness from her stiff muscles. The same kind of pain was growing in her face, not just her forehead or temples or even sinuses but all around her cheeks, chin, nose, and eyes. Even her lips started to feel stiff and painful.

The pain grew, and as she stared at her arms she started to watch as her hands swelled abnormally, the bones within making loud cracking noises, a feeling like they were being crushed enough to summon a sob that swelled to gasping shouts of pain and hysteria. Her hands continued to bubble and swell, uneven and grotesque. One of the bubbles on the back of her hand burst suddenly into blood and some kind of black puss, spraying the fluids on her face and the floor around. Yet the wound continued to bubble and grow, like she was boiling from the inside. Her hands dropped from their grip on her legs now, now mostly swollen to the size of cantaloupes and still bubbling and growing with intense pain and spreading now up her arms. Skin on her fingers and palms was pealing off like burning paper to reveal black, burnt looking insides and more boiling blood.

Her face was becoming just as painful, the feeling of stiffness growing with it. Although she continued to cry, her lips seemed to stick together, eventually seeking entirely. Although the sense of touch on the surface was fading, she could barely make out the feeling of hot tears and musus pouring out of her eyes and nose, and it seemed as if even her ears were bleeding and running down her face. When a bright drop of red fell from her face to the floor though, she realized that the tears and snot had turned to blood, the warm liquid was trickling from every black it could escape, even her sealed mouth. Shakily lifting her hands, now more black puss and blood than anything else and easily the size of a couple of volleyballs, she gently touched them to her face and pulled them away to see a massive amount of blood there, almost outlining her face.

She suddenly became aware of the pain in her legs when she tried to press herself further against the wall, finding them fused together at the ankles and knee caps, not bubbling like her hands but the skin still cracking and spilling blood and a bit of the unnatural puss. Everything in her wanted to scream, everything felt on fire, like she was burning alive. Her golden hair was falling from her head in huge wet clumps as the blood and puss bubbled up from beneath it. Her sealed lips would not move though, and only more blood seemed to flow out from them.

Her hands grew and grew with her lower arms until they were far bigger than even her own head. Her legs fused together and the blood and puss flowed from where her shoes stopped them from continuing. Suddenly, she felt as if something was pealing away from her face, but at the same time like someone was skinming it off of her. Her lips pealed free and opened at last to let out a screech that was hardly even human, gurgling and continuous as if she didn't even require air to make it. Onto her own lap her own face fell, hardened into mask. Blood poured from where it had been, now just a bloody pulp of muscle and cartalige, it even took with it her eye lids and the outer, white and blue slice off her eyes. Her lips were completely gone, leaving her white teeth bared in a bloody smile.

There was more giggling as blood finally cut off the screaming, and finally, the body slumped over into the pool of dark red fluid, the mask sliding away about a foot. Without enough blood remaining in her body, her heart came to a slow halt, and her body shuddered the last life from her.

Outside the door, the young tech shakily radioed to the professor the news. With his back turned, he failed to notice the body turning completely black, like a new skin was sliding evenly across it. The clothes below her waist seemed to fall away like dust, but the sweatshirt above seemed to smooth out and join with her body, the loose hood becoming the only tell tale sign of it but for the smooth covering on her chest. The eye lids returned, for a moment almost making it appear as if she was sleeping on the floor... Until the completely blood red eyes snapped open.

By the time the technician turned back around, the body had disappeared, but in the corner one could makeout a large shadow, floating there with its back turned.

"Wha-" he couldn't even finish the word when her head snapped around to look at this from the corner of her eye, revealing bright red streaks down the black dace like trails carved into tiny bloody tears. Although her hands hung loopy at her sides, her lower body had become a dexterous tail-like appendage, and it now held the bloody mask that had been her face. Now beyond spooked, the technician backed away, quickly calling up a new report and high tailing it away with the excuse of needing to complete his report.

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Character Portrait: Kris Booklin Kris Booklin says,
 “ *kris begins to open his eyes since the last thing he could remember is heading to a new route but then he got knocked out and the rest is a blur as be as ”

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Character Portrait: Kris Booklin Kris Booklin says,
 “ He realizes he is in a hospital that has prison bars?* "where am I?" He wondered ”