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"Prepare for trouble, and make it.... I miss James..."

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a character in “Pokemon: The Kanto Crisis”, as played by affliction



Name: Jessie
Age: Late 20s.
Appearance: Jessie is around average height, with blue eyes, and luminescent pink hair, held out in a style by witchcraft, or some sort of unbelievable anime hairspray. She wears the outfit in the picture above, but the sleeves and undershirt are laced with silver patterns
Bio: A long serving agent of Team Rocket, Jessie is instantly recognisable as one of the duo who terrorised Ash Ketchum and his friends in the original anime. There isn't a lot that I can add to the profile of a Canon Character, so please read up on this link if you need to know more about Jessie. Her reappearance in Kanto (and also the lack of James) is not explained as yet.
Personality: Unlike most Team Rocket members, Jessie seems to have sympathy for her own pokemon, and absolutely no remorse when she harms others. Short-tempered, with a strong desire to be best in anything she does, although 9 times out of 10, it comes down to cheating.
+ Winning, by any means
+ Cycling
+ Getting her own way
+ Attention
- Being called old.
- Failing.
- Cursed little twerps.
=/ Jessie's team is secret.

So begins...

Jessie's Story