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Mr. Clarke

"Power is everything. Nothing is inexpendable."

0 · 198 views · located in Celadon City

a character in “Pokemon: The Kanto Crisis”, as played by affliction


Name: Thomas Clarke
Age: 31
Appearance: 6'1" and around 200lbs, Thomas is well built. He is completely bald, and has blue eyes. He wears a black suit with a white shirt and formal shoes, sporting TR on his tie, and left sleeve, both instances in silver.
Bio: Formerly a business student, Clarke moved into the professional pokemon leagues after his post-graduate business collapsed after an arsonist burned down his shop, and his apartment above it - taking the lives of his fiancee and beloved Squirtle. Now obsessed with winning, he craved glory and fame. Soon enough, he found himself as a Team Rocket agent, proving himself valuable to the organisation's plans, and concocting several of them himself. After Giovanni's disappearance, Clarke took over as leader, unquestioned by the grunts and executives, lost without leadership. Now no-one tells him what he can and can not do. What he says goes, and no matter how foulsome the plan, it goes ahead.
Personality: Unfeeling towards the welfare of pokemon or the public, he doesn't hesitate in causing others pain, if he stands to gain something useful from it, including his own pleasure. His temper is short, and he tends to snap at others if his word is not followed with haste. Has a secret fear of fires.
+ Winning
+ Money
+ Causing others problems
+ Being feared
- Treating pokemon with dignity
- Fire/Smoke
- Pop music/culture.
- Friendship
1. Seismitoad
2. Spiritomb
3. Tropius

So begins...

Mr. Clarke's Story