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Riku Falken

The Bird Enthusiast

0 · 263 views · located in Cerulean City

a character in “Pokemon: The Kanto Crisis”, as played by affliction


Name: Riku Falken
Age: 18
Appearance: 6'3", 76kg. Bright blue eyes and spiked chestnut hair. He wears blue and black trainer gear consisting of blue jeans, with black streaks and a black jacket with blue streaks over white t-shirt. He wears black gloves and a black cap with a blue, black and white pokeball embroidered on it. There is an overhead silhouette of a Spearow embroidered in white on the back of his jacket.
Bio: Riku grew a fascination for bird pokemon at an early age, since his father brought home a pet Pidgey when he was just 4. The Pidgey became a close friend throughout the rest of his life at home, and seemed to aid a growing love for mechanics of flight. Having started to train pokemon, his love for birds is reflected in his party, although he realised this left him open to many types of attack, so he diversified his current collection to bring in a wider range of elemental pokemon. He has all the badges from Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh, and hopes soon to travel to Unova, to start on his 4th set of badges.
To be fair, Riku isn't one for competition. He sees training Pokemon to be strong in combat is important, but fighting for the sake of enjoyment is not something he does often. The gym badges simply mark him with a standing in the trainer community, and serve as a reminder for his party that he is capable of being their owner.
Riku followed the legends telling of a mysterious bird pokemon atop the Tin Tower, and ultimately ended up finding it perched on the rooftops. The legendary pokemon seemed impressed that someone would risk so much just to befriend it, and allowed him to become close and form a close friendship. As such, Riku is already at the meeting in Cerulean city as Ho-oh's human partner. Has never seen her human form before.
Personality: Riku is fairly conservative - never really getting too hyped about anything: The more hyped up you get, the greater the fall when disappointment strikes... As such he is sometimes seen as a downer of groups, but really he is just down to earth and being prepared for worst case scenario.
+ Bird/Flying Pokemon
+ Tactical Battles
+ Writing/Literature
+ Rock Music, and also playing music on his guitar.
- Abuse of Pokemon
- Abuse of friends
- Destructive Criticism
- Losing his guitar plectrums
1. Spearow
2. Aerodactyl
3. Archeops
4. Feraligatr
5. Venusaur
6. Honchkrow
Legendary: Ho-oh


Carries a guitar on his back.
Falconer's Glove (worn at all times)


A few years prior, Riku met a stranger on the road out of Vermillion City northbound. A most intriguing girl, seeming more suited to a city scene in her punk attire, not the grasslands of Kanto. He had expected a battle (after all, what sort of gentleman would decline the challenge of a lady?), but not with someone so eager to win. As it turned out, his opponent was a fine match in skill, almost defeating his treasured Archeops with a well-trained Froslass. After the battle was done, she gave him congratulations and a smile... but ran off without saying her name... or paying the victory fee, but that didn't matter. The joy in such a close victory made it sweet enough to be priceless. He made sure to keep her image fresh in his mind, just in case, one day, their paths should cross again.

So begins...

Riku Falken's Story


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