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Riku Freedan

"Mess with that Pokemon, I dare you. See what happens."

0 · 95 views · located in Pokémon Universe

a character in “Pokémon: The Keepers”, as played by RurouniBishi



Try to harm a Pokemon, I dare you.



Riku Freedan



Bounty Hunter



Riku is a stubborn and tough individual. He isn't the most talkative person around but can hold a conversation if he wants to. He's blunt and to the point, he doesn't like to waste time with things. He tends to be reckless and danger follows him wherever go goes. He's a very serious person, and has enough patience to win a staring contest with a statue. Though like everyone, he does have his childish moments. He tends to show it in odd ways, but he is a caring person, especially towards Pokemon. He finds it easier to talk to, or bond with, Pokemon than people. He's very protective, some may say overprotective, of both. He's brave but not fearless. He believes that it isn't about not having fear, but about fighting through it. Which brings us to his next trait, a fighter. He's a fighter through and through and will not give in no matter how bad the odds are. Its part of the reason he made it to the Elite Four.

He doesn't smile often, but when he does you know its genuine. He's honest to a fault, he couldn't lie even if he wanted to. He has some trust issues with people, but once you earn that trust he is incredibly loyal. He will never betray you, even if it costs him his life. But if you betray him, he will take it very seriously and personally. He's always a gentleman, even if he isn't exactly fond of the woman in question. He likes to compliment women, not because he's flirting, but because its a nice thing to do. Though people seem to think that he it flirting with them. Which can get him into some trouble some times. He's a hands on type of person and can always be found fighting alongside his Pokemon. He never makes them go into a battle that he himself wouldn't at least try to fight.

Getting his hands dirty
Rainy days

Spicy food
Hot, dry weather or places

Plays with his hair when nervous
Bites his knuckles when thinking
Rolls his eyes when someone challenges him
Unintentionally flirts with women

Small or closed in spaces
Poison type Pokemon
Being helpless



Physical Description:
Riku is a tall man at about 6 feet, give or take. He's pale skinned and muscular, you won't find an ounce of fat on him anywhere. He weighs about 146lbs, give or take. His hair is long and dark blue in color. He mostly wears it up in a high pony tail, but occasionally he'll put it in a low pony tail or wear it loose. His eyes are a stony gray color that looks light blue in some lights. He has long limbs, especially his legs. His facial features are pointed and sharp. If you look closely at his face, you'll notice that his right eye seems to be more a milky white color than a stony gray. That's because he's actually blind in his right eye, though very few people know that.

Physically strong
Excellent stamina/endurance
Trained fighter
Slightly above average speed

Over protective
Doesn't know when to give up
Doesn't do well in small or closed in spaces



Riku was born in the Sinnoh region. He was born blind in his right eye, though it never seems to bother him too much. He lived in Canalave for ten years of his life. Training at the gym and working hard to get his first Pokemon, Riolu. The two set off on their journey, growing stronger as they face the gyms and met new companions. He never had any goals of becoming a Elite Four member or a bounty hunter. But fate had its own ideas. The first Legendary Pokemon he met and bonded with was Entei, whom he met at the summit of Mount Coronet. Next was Registeel who he found hiding in the cave on Iron Island. And finally he met Zapdos in the Power Plant when his journey took him to Kanto. Him and his Pokemon grew in strength as they journeyed through the regions. His bond with the Legendary Pokemon was only part of the reason he was chosen to be a member of the Elite Four.

He's only been a member of the Elite Four for about six years, not very long considering how long some members have been part of it. He found himself getting bored of the challenges he got. He was strong, very much thanks to the bond he shares with his Pokemon. So he took up bounty hunter, fighting the criminals who want to use Pokemon like in the days of old. He found himself no longer bored in the slightest. But now he is being called back to Kanto and he isn't exactly sure why.



Type Specialties:
Steel, Fire, and Electric.

Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Nickname: Relic
Moves: Fire Blast, Dig, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail.

Type: Electric/Flying
Gender: Male
Nickname: Shine
Moves:Drill Peck, Thunder, Fly, Steel Wing.

Type: Steel
Gender: Male
Nickname: Tank
Moves: Hammer Arm, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Ancient Power.

Type: Fighting/Steel
Gender: Female
Nickname: Oracle
Moves:Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Metal Claw, Shadow Ball

Type: Fire/Flying
Gender: Female
Nickname: Free
Moves:Flare Blitz, Steel Wing, Razor Wind, Brave Bird.

Type: Electric
Gender: Female
Nickname: Lady
Moves: Thunder, Slam, Iron Tail, Brick Break.

So begins...

Riku Freedan's Story