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Shinku Touya

"It's never been the same since that fateful day.... The day that I was changed forever...."

0 · 483 views · located in Pokemon: The Mistake

a character in “Pokemon: The Mistake”, as played by kellycat122


Name: Shinku Touya, you can either call her Shinku or Shi
Age: 17
Role: Human/Pokemon 1
They have their DNA altered with the DNA of: Leafeon
Type of Pokemon they are: Grass
Abilities: Leaf Guard
Gender: Female
Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison types of pokemon
Human Appearance:

Pokemon Appearance:
Just like a plant, Leafeon uses photosynthesis. As a result, it is always enveloped in clean air

Personality: Shinku is very childish, cute, perky, clumsy, sweet, loving, playful, caring, nice, and overall just a big ray of sunshine. She loves playing with others. Her feelings can be hurt easily, and when she is sad she will cry. She can be quite oblivious to a lot of things, and she also can be tricked easily. She also believes most things that she is told, but only by her friends. She will stand up for and protect her friends at any cost since she cares a lot about them. She will protect the ones she cares about or loves even if it means her life. The rest of her personality will be revealed in the RP
Trainer: Trainer 1 (well sometime in the roleplay)
Likes: -the electric guitar (she used to play it when she was a human, she's a professional at it)
-meeting new people
-being human
-anything considered sweet or cute

Dislikes: -death
-seeing the ones she cares about hurt
-being stuck as a pokemon
-not being able to protect the ones she cares about
-being completely alone
-gloomy days
-dead flowers
-dead animals
-dead pokemon

Fears: -dying
-losing the ones she cares about
-never being able to return to human form
-never being loved
-never being accepted

Hobbies: -training
-meeting new people
-protecting the ones she cares about
-playing the electric guitar (when she is in her human form)
-being in meadows
-being in gardens

Deepest Desires: -to be loved
-to be accepted

Love Interest: Trainer 1 (later in the RP)
History: Ever since her DNA was altered, Shinku couldn't remember her past. She's trying to remember it.
Theme Song:
Other: Nothing else really, I might add more later

So begins...

Shinku Touya's Story