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Ayame Hyuuga

0 · 279 views · located in Saffron City

a character in “Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell”, as played by Koromaru




⌈Her first name meaning "Loyal" and her last meaning "Direction of the Sun," it can be interpreted as one who always will perform to the expectations that everyone has in place for herβŒ‹
⌈I mean, I don't look like a typical Hyuuga by any stretch of the imagination, right? So don't think I am.βŒ‹

β™ Theme

Adrisaurus || Lost My Heart In Republic City
Shoji Meguro || Your Affection
Shoji Meguro || Girl of the Hollow Forest
Taku Iwasaki || Kinpaku


⌈Main branch is just a title. I'm just a blind girl trying to make a name of herself and trying to keep her father proud.βŒ‹

[ None ]

[ 13 ]

[ Female ]

[ Konohagakure ]

[ Hyuuga ]

⌈Kekkei GenkaiβŒ‹
[ Byakugan: The Byakugan gives the user a near 360ΒΊ field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra.[6] The range of this vision varies between users and in fact can be improved with training, with Ayame being able to see 100 meters away. Its vision can penetrate through most solid objects and obstructions, though certain barriers may distort the Byakugan's perception somewhat. The Byakugan is also able to more effectively follow high-speed movements to better react to them.
Arguably its greatest ability is to see chakra to a greater degree than the Sharingan: it can identify chakra by the the specific individuals it originates from, determine when genjutsu is being used, and discern certain types of clone from the real thing. The Byakugan's ability to see chakra is so acute that it can actually see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that run along it. The HyΕ«ga have devised a style of combat known as the Gentle Fist that specifically takes advantage of this, wherein they strike an opponent's tenketsu to either seal or forcibly open these tenketsu, thus giving the user complete control over their opponent's chakra. ]

⌈Chakra NatureβŒ‹
[ Earth | Wind]

⌈Ninja RankβŒ‹
[ Genin ]

[ Member of Team 8 ]

⌈Face Claim:βŒ‹
[ Shinobu Oshino | Bakemonogatari ]


⌈Don't worry about things like my class! We are equals dammit!βŒ‹

⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
[ Golden Blonde ]

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
[ Pale White (No Irises) ]

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
[ Fair Skinned ]

[ 4' 7'' ]

[ 90lbs ]

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
[ Ayame's looks are nothing like that of a typical Hyuuga. While her size is fair enough for her age, as well as her skin tone, her bright yellow and silky hair takes a daunting stance against the family's normal brown hair. What made her different from the family though was her blindness, keeping her from normally seeing the world around her; but despite this issue her Byakugan still worked fine. In terms of her other assets though, she would be considered slightly below normal for her age group. Even though she has a small stature though, she has a firm muscular build throughout her entire body, giving her attacks the much needed force they need behind them. Her fair complexion, gorgeous looks, strength, and family history made her the talk of the Academy, having countless boys pine for her attention.
In terms of the outfit she wears, it is a more traditional uniform than outlandish. Her top is a tight fitting sleeveless white blouse with a pink strip going down the middle. She often wears black spandex shorts with fishnet stockings. Her boots have a mild steel heel, allowing for slightly louder tapping whenever she wants to get a bearing for her surroundings. She completes this outfit with a pink ribbon tied around her waist with a considerable length hanging off of it.]


⌈Just because I try to act friendly doesn't mean I'm not afraid to kill you. It's what I've been trained to do my whole life - and you won't stop me.βŒ‹

⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹
Sylas: Being someone who looks like a rebel - a boy with tattoos up and down his body - she finds him somewhat attractive and having a desire to get to know him more.

    β˜… Ninjutsu ||
    β˜… Genjutsu || +
    β˜… Taijutsu || ++++++
    β˜… Blindness || While this isn't necessarily a skill, she finds herself fine without sight. And despite being blind, she can still use the Byakugan to its fullest extent
    β˜… Fighting Styles || Since training with Maero, she picked up a new fighitng style to go along side her Gentle Fist, making the two interchangeable yet different enough to throw off her opponent.



✠ Gentle Fist || The Gentle Fist (ζŸ”ζ‹³, JΕ«ken) or Gentle Fist Art (ζŸ”ζ‹³ζ³•, JΕ«kenpō) is a form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the HyΕ«ga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage, hence the name "gentle" fist.
Silent Fist || A fighting style unique to Ayame, where she is able to make strikes that create no sound and are therefore extremely hard to anticipate. Using the feathers of owls as an example, Ayame cloaks himself with chakra that can only be used for taijutsu to muffle his hits. It is a more aggressive and blunt fighting style compared to the precision and careful nature of the Gentle Fist.
✠ Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body || A technique born from their innate ability to expel chakra from every tenketsu on their body, a member of the Hyūga clan can hit their opponent with a blast of chakra that will send them flying away from the user.
✠ Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven || A secret taijutsu that is orally handed down only within the main house of the Hyūga, this technique utilises the chakra control gained through Gentle Fist training to release a huge amount of chakra from all the chakra points on the user's body. It is also a defensive manoeuvre to compensate for the Byakugan's blind spot as the released chakra blocks any possible attack on the user. After releasing chakra from every tenketsu in their body, the user then spins rapidly to parry the attack, both creating a rotating shield of chakra around themselves and tossing away any nearby attackers. The user can also actively control the size and power of the sphere to suit the situation. This technique is only effective when rotating, since the chakra itself is not enough to stop a physical attack thus if they cannot spin, the user becomes vulnerable. The technique is also capable of reflecting an opponent's chakra against them.
✠ Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm || This technique is similar in practice to Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, but has a specific target rather than a general area. To perform it, the user precisely pinpoints the enemy's vital points with the Byakugan and releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Gentle Fist is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit.
✠ Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms || It is a dangerous technique that is appropriately handed down from father to only a single child within the Hyūga clan. It is a manoeuvre of the Gentle Fist fighting style. With the Byakugan's near 360° field of vision, the user envisions an Eight Trigrams circle. Then the enemy within this circle is hit with a series of violent blows. By striking sixty-four of the tenketsu throughout the opponent's Chakra Pathway System, their chakra flow is stopped, making them unable to even stand.
✠ Eight Trigrams Suction Palm || Ayame's most powerful technique. As Ayame makes contact with her target, she is able to draw out minimal sources of chakra with each hit. While the amount taken may seem unsubstantial at first, the quick and successive hits that she deals causes massive drain within a few altercations[/list]


⌈If we like the same stuff, doesn't that mean we should do it together? I hate doing things alone!βŒ‹

  • Nothing

    β™ˆ Playing With Her Hair || Ayame chooses to have this as her quirk because it makes her easily more relateable. She figured that since she was told most people do it naturally, she should do so as well to be approachable.
    β™ˆ Foot Tapping || Due to Ayame's heightened sense of hearing, she often can use the sound of her foot tapping to get a general location of everyone in the room.
    β™ˆ Smiling || Smiles make the world go round, right? At least that is what Ayame thinks. Her polite smiles are her trying to show that she likes the presence of others, even if she might detest them deep down.

    ღ Sweets || Ayame's sweet tooth is exceptional, and that is possibly due to the rather strict diet her father enforces in the house.
    ღ Love || The fantasy of falling in love and becoming married has always been a dream of Ayame's. She loves any sort of gushy, romantic story she can hear and dreams in being one of her own someday. Additionally, having the idea that marriage is a surefire way out of her home will definitely doesn't hurt.
    ღ Teamwork || Due to her blindness, Ayame would like to rely on her teammates a little more for backup and support in situations she might need it. While she is fully capable and fine on her own, having teammates is just an added bonus and makes missions go much smoother.

    ✘ Disloyalty || Those who abandon, cheat, or lie are nothing but scum in her book
    ✘ Rules || While she doesn't necessarily hate them, she finds them to be a little annoying at some time and wants to have more freedom in what she can do.
    ✘ Pity || If anyone ever gives her pity for being blind, they better be fast. Ayame has already heard enough pity in her life.

    ♦ Sound || While she may not have an extremely accurate way of tracking people, Ayame can use certain sound cues to follow the general location of whoever she is with and do some mild following.
    ♦ Singing || While not very practical, Ayame was trained to sing in several different classical styles - and impressively at that.
    ♦ Fighting || With the Hyuuga's rigorous training, as well as Maero's, Ayame is a fighting machine, having the ability to take on several different foes without batting an eye.

    ☯ Blindness || Losing her sight just cripples her in the many aspects of life. It really isn't easy.
    ☯ Loud Noises || Anything loud startles her because she is unable to expect it.
    ☯ Sleeping || She loves to sleep. Almost a bit too much. Her work ethic slows to a crawl for an extremely long period of time as she is knocked out - and impossible to wake up.


⌈Boring. Drab. Scary. Those words describe my family, but not me! I plan on changing that!βŒ‹

Outgoing | Friendly | Risk Taker | Powerful

Ayame's personality extremely differs depending on the location she is at and who she is with. Whenever she is with anyone from the Hyuuga family, she acts more reserved, polite, and strict following her clan's practices. She never acts out in front of her family and speaks in a refined manner, her voice completely changing pitch and tone from how one would normally hear her outside of the family. She additionally leads an almost aloof presence when with her family, acting as if she was higher than the rabble below her and treating them thus as her father wants her to remain protected by the family.
When she is away from the family though, her personality changes to an extreme degree. She becomes kinder and friendlier to all of the companions around her, trying to help them in any way they would allow her and treating them all like close friends she's had for years, even if she has never met them before. Additionally she is never one to hold a grudge or look down on others, believing that equality is the number one goal for all ninja out in the world and making it her goal to have it happen within her lifetime. She additionally loves to go out traveling the world to experience it for herself due to her family's restrictive nature towards her. She even is one who likes to take the occasional risk if it meant growing closer to one of her companions.
When it comes to battle though, the kindness she had drops away from her and she takes up a strike the opponent down if necessary stance. She is more than willing to take prisoners than kill, but she is willing to strike her foe down if it is necessary.


⌈Father lets me be who I am because I perform to his expectations. I have to succeed in order to become my own person.βŒ‹

Ayaem Hyuuga was born blind at birth, a tragic shock to her all seeing family. She was hidden away from the world for several years due to this embarrassing delima she was positioned with in her life. Rather than treat her like a stowaway princess though, her father taught her as if she was fully capable of seeing and ignored the fact she was blind. He gave her training that would help benefit her other senses with a loss in sight. It wasn't until the Hyuuga Affair that she was brought into the world's attention - being the subject of a brash kidnapping by a Kumogakure ninja looking for the secrets of the Byakugan. Her father was able to come to her rescue, killing the kidnapper but putting his head on the chopping block instead. Luckily for him though, he was saved by his younger brother who sacrificed himself in his place, helping grant peace between the two nations.
After the incident though, Ayame's father further tightened the lock to the gates of their home, trying to keep prying eyes away from his daughter who was not yet ready to deal with the harsh cruelness of the world around her. Despite his constant attempts to keep others out of their compound though, Ayame became interested with the outside world, wanting to meet people that were just beyond her family. She believed the only reason why she was kidnapped was because of the man's lack of knowledge of who she was - and she felt sorry for him because of it. She figured that if everyone was able to get to know each other and speak their minds freely there would be no more fighting. So at first, she would sneak out of her home at night to tour the village and try to get a grasp of her surroundings. During one of her night walks, she met dozens of ninja and other high ranking officials throughout the village, all of them looking after her kindly and treating her as a friend. After a few years of doing that, she started to beg her father to join the Ninja Academy, attempting to convince him that she was fully capable of making it in the world without his constant protection. Despite his initial protests though, it was Maero who came by to convince him that Ayame was a fully capable young lady who was more than ready to take on the world and bring the change to it that she saw fit. After a long speech from Maero, Ayame's father let her loose into the world, under the promise that she would be working under him when she graduated.


⌈Sometimes challenging the norm is necessary in order to create change. Be that person who opposes what's expected of you if you want to live what you consider to be a better life.βŒ‹

So begins...

Ayame Hyuuga's Story