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Rakaya Lavier

"There's a whole world of possibilities out there so there's no time to waste! Let's go!"

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a character in “Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell”, as played by Keen




“Home is where you can always be yourself... It doesn't matter if that place happens to be on the streets or in a mansion.”

❝ Character Information ❞

“I guess most kids don't mean it when they say they're gonna run away.”

Full Name;;
Rakaya (Pronounced Ruh-kai-uh) Lavier





Vermilion City, Kanto

Saffron City, Kanto

Hat aficionado

❝ The Trainer Visage ❞

“There's all these sayings about books and covers but, a cute cover is still pretty important ya know?"

Basic Appearance;;
Rakaya stands at an unimpressive 5'4" tall and weighs in at a slightly light 121 lbs. She's a rather unassuming girl in appearance with simple straight hair that's not too long nor too short and is a rather typical shade of brown. Her eyes are similarly unexceptional in their color but are clear and bright with an unmistakable energy and passion for life. Kaya's skin also takes a middle ground being not quite pale but not quite tanned and appears unmarred by any obvious scarring or any other such blemishes.

Distinct Markings;;
There is truly little that stands out in regards to markings for Rakaya aside from perhaps a few small and hard-to-notice burn scars on her fingers or hands.

Clothing Style;;
If asked to describe Kaya's style in a single word, 'loose' might be a good one to go with. It seems clothing was one of the few things she took with her when she left home as she seems to have a fairly wide variety for someone living on the streets. Of particular note is her fascination and adoration of hats and headwear, of all her possessions these are her most treasured and she can often be seen window shopping whenever a hat is in sight. As for colors, Kaya seems to have a preference for oranges and pinks hues over most others.

❝ Behind The Mechanics ❞

“This is Onix-ceptable! I can't Bayleef it!”

- Bad puns
- Hats & headwear
- The night
- Baking & baked goods
- Cute things
- Music

- Spicy foods
- Her previous home
- Suffering
- Picky eaters
- Feeling controlled

|Snacking| Kaya adores snacks and can often be seen munching on something at any point throughout the day. You can rest assured knowing that no matter where or when she likely has a few snacks somewhere with her.
|Humming| When bored or alone Kaya will often find herself humming some random tune (Though she's usually quite off pitch).
|Recipes| Whenever Kaya comes across a recipe she likes (usually for baking) she makes a point to write it down in one of her many recipe books. She guards these books closely and even recites them to herself when in situations of high stress or nerves to calm down.

|Hats| Kaya has an obvious soft-spot for hats and would be easily bribed or paid off by the promise of one. Additionally she's rather bad at conserving her funds with her proclivity to buy new hats on a whim.
|Gullible| Kaya rarely suspects others of deception and generally believes that people are honest. As such she has trouble lying or manipulating others or picking up on innuendo or subtle hints.

As a whole Rakaya is a fairly goofy and strange girl. Earnest and passionate in all her endeavors, she hates to feel restricted and revels in the freedom to spread her wings and experience and try all sorts of new things. She enjoys all sorts of odds and ends, strange trinkets, odd props, peculiar articles of clothing, and of course her number 1 favorite, bad puns. Kaya has a generally positive outlook on life and you'd be hard pressed to get her feeling down in the dumps under most circumstances and she always tries to keep the people close to her smiling as well through her words or actions, or with that failing, some nice baking or home cooking. Her whimsical nature can sometimes make her seem aloof as she doesn't seem to take things all too seriously and prefers to either ignore such things or just change the subject to something more lighthearted.

Theme song;;

❝ Behind the Scenes ❞

“Keep your chin up! Don't let them see you down and out.”

Strengths and Special Attributes;;
There really isn't much that makes Kaya exceptional, she certainly has her skills but nothing that could be quite called a special attribute. The only possible exception to this might be her sense of optimism and positivity.

Equipment and Personal Artifacts;;
- A change of clothes
- Several recipe books & pens
- Some snacks



❝Replaying The Past And Present ❞

”Tomorrows are always full of hope and new possibilities, so I don't think I really like yesterdays as much...”

Rakaya was born in the southern port town of Vermilion City to a well-known and quite popular baker and his wife. Her father's business was always booming with customers and orders from out of town and sometimes even other regions. This of course afforded her and her family a comfortable life though it often kept her father busy, leaving little time for his daughter and wife. Aside from this fairly minor point however, Kaya's childhood was a happy one and certainly a pleasant one. Even from a young age Rakaya had a wide range of interests and always went out of her way to try new things, though very few of these interests or curiosities seemed to stick with her long. Once she had reached the age of about 8 however things began to change, her father began to bring her into his kitchen often and began teaching her the basics of cooking and baking, at the time Rakaya was obviously overjoyed at spending time with her father and learning all this new and fun stuff, but as the years went on that joy began to fade.

Her father became more and more serious and strict in his teaching which quickly turned the activity she once enjoyed to one she rather disliked. Despite her displeasure or requests to put an end to it, she was denied. When she asked why she was simply told that it was "her duty" as the one who would inherit and ultimately carry on her father's business. The thought of her future being decided for her without any input of her own disgusted the girl. It wasn't as if she didn't enjoy baking but the fact that she had no choice in her own life simply didn't sit well with her. She was a girl of many dreams, dreams of adventuring as a Pokemon trainer or becoming a famous musician or artist, becoming a model or a fashion designer, being a baker... Didn't sound so bad either really but her heart would simply not stop telling her that it was wrong to idly accept something that had not even been her own choice.

She really didn't know what to do about it though. No matter what she said or pleaded with her father would hear no word of it and her mother, seemingly reluctantly, would only side with her father. The friction in her family only grew over the following years, Rakaya would often stay out passed her curfew or slack off during her training time with her father and thus often got into shouting matches with her parents, matches which of course only ended in her punishment. Eventually though, it became too much, Rakaya decided she would run away. She had heard about other kids who had said they were going to before but, they either came back or just got caught easily and taken back, they had never really intended to stay away. Kaya however was rather serious about it. A few days after her 13th birthday, having received a fair amount of money as gifts, she made her move. With only her backpack full of food, water, and a few articles of clothing she snuck out of her house in the dead of night, leaving only a letter for her parents behind as she made her way north.

Dear Mama and Father,

I'm sorry but I'm running away. I can't stay with you in that house knowing my future has been dictated for me, I tried to tell you, I even begged you, but you wouldn't hear me so now I'm taking things into my own hands. I'm leaving to find my own future, to find something my heart can latch on to and something I can honestly call my own. I'll be safe so please don't come after me, and don't send anyone to get me, once I figure it all out I'll make sure to come home and tell you. And who knows, maybe I'll find out I was meant to be a baker after all I'll come home to stay. I hope you'll wish me good luck on my journey and that when I do come home that you'll be able to be proud of me.

♥ With Love, Kaya

In the end, it turned out that Rakaya truly was bad with money. She hadn't gotten far, only to Saffron City in fact before her meager funds began to dry. Rather then press on with no supplies into the wild Rakaya ended up staying in the city on the streets. Fortunately however she soon met a couple of other children who were homeless as well. She felt welcomed among them, she felt comfortable just being herself and knowing she had a place and a family of sorts to come back to. It was a feeling of being truly at home that she hadn't felt for quite some time and so, she decided to stay in Saffron with them. She didn't know if she was any closer to finding her dreams but, just around the corner, blissfully unaware, lied something that would change her future forever.



Preferred Type;;

Starter Pokémon;;

Current Pokémon Team
ImageName ~ Meringue (Like the pie!)
Species and Type ~ Joltik ;; Electric/Bug
Gender ~ Male
Ability ~ Swarm
Personality ~ “Meringue, or Mer-Mer as he is sometimes referred to, is an affection little bugger who simply adores crawling all over people or Pokemon alike and rather dislikes being separated from Kaya for long. He's not very adventurous but always gives his all for Rakaya.”
History ~ “This Pokémon was a gift from Victoria, an Elite Four member from Unova visiting in Saffron City. More details soon.”
Moves ~ Leech Life | Thunder Wave | String Shot

So begins...

Rakaya Lavier's Story


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Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: Jonas Coltaire
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Jonas Coltaire

Jonas woke suddenly from a dream. A nightmare really, but these were common for him. He had often been haunted by images of his departed mother. It was never scary to see her in his dreams, but it tugged at his heart strings enough to make it an unwanted dream. He looked down. He sat slumped on a bench in the Pokemon Center, it still appeared to be early in the morning. There was nobody else in the lobby, even the nurse had gone to the back. He looked to make sure Rakaya was still at his side. She appeared to be asleep.

He stood slowly, trying not to wake her, stretching his arms high over his head. He let out a low groan, and stretched side to side. The music in the lobby was soothing, and the pale color of the walls were just as inviting. His eyes scanned around the room, and still nobody was in the main lobby. He yawned aloud, making his way for the sliding exit door.

Once outside, he gazed around. The sun was just coming up over the incredible Saffron City, cries of Pokemon could be heard in the distance. Everything seemed to be just coming to life. He began down the street at a casual pace. He had planned on getting something for breakfast to return to Rakaya with.

He made his way to the PokeMart, where he purchased several fruits and bars of granola. It wasn't much, but they weren't planning on staying in Saffron for long. Soon they would be on the road, and from what he had heard about great pokemon trainers, there was decent money to be made traveling with Pokemon.

Making his way back to the Pokemon Center, he thought of the main problem at hand. They didn't have any Pokemon. Admittedly he had very little experience with Pokemon training, only what he learned from books. Though he was sure they could think of something. After all, he had made it this far.

The setting changes from Saffron City to Pokemon Universe

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Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: Jonas Coltaire
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#, as written by Keen

Sleeping atop the hard benches in Pokemon Centers was never comfortable, it was often cold and she always woke up with a sore neck or back. Regardless, it was something she had grown used to, it was something she had to do with some frequency ever since she left home. To her though it was worth it, and surely things could only get better from here. As she lay wrapped up in her jacket for a makeshift blanket and with her hair messily sticking out from under the large, loose beanie that was pulled over her head and down enough to cover her eyes she began to stir. Nightmares weren't uncommon for her now that she was away from home and on the run, the stress of it all only ever seemed to manifest when the girl was asleep.

She was back home, or, that's what it seemed like at least. In her room, waking in her bed, but everything was fuzzy, the walls felt so close, the atmosphere was oppressive. She knew her father was coming even if she couldn't hear it or see it. She ran through her door, crashed through it as it gave way like water around her. What met her was a strange and warped visage of her old home. The walls of the hallway around her stretched twice as high and now, from downstairs she could hear the thunderous footsteps. Without thinking she ran down the twisting hallway to find a set of strairs leading up. They were steep and looked like they could spiral up forever but the footsteps behind her were deafening now and rattled deep in her chest with each resounding pound.

Up the steep steps she raced. Even in her dream-state she knew such a climb would be tiring and as such her ascent slowed. Running turned to walking turned to crawling, slowly, step by step. The footfalls behind her had grown silent but something told her she had to keep climbing, that at any moment she might slip and tumble back down. With every step further her body felt heavier, and, just as she was about to give up, to let her strength go, the end of this spiral came into sight. A door. A new strength filled her body as she flew up to the door, turned the knob, and pushed it open. The sudden burst of light blinded her and the burst of wind blew her hair and clothes into a flurry of motion, but as her eyes adjusted and the wind died Rakaya found she was no longer in her home. By her best guess she was atop the roof of a skyscraper.

As the wind continued to whip about she slowly approached the edge of the roof, peering around at the strange amalgam of metallic buildings of various sizes and shapes, none stretched as high as the one she was on however. All was silent for some moments before that gut-wrenching noise returned. Rakaya spun to face the noise coming from the doorway she had just exited. The footsteps were coming closer and all she could do was back away, her entire body gripped with fear. She expected her back to meet the fence surrounding the edge of the building but as she stepped back further her foot met nothing but air and soon, she was falling. Everything around her rushed by in a blur of metallic hues as the azure sky above steadily seemed to grow farther away. Rakaya closed her eyes as she sensed herself nearing the ground below her.

With a thud and sharp pain in her arm she woke. Everything was dark but she could feel the cold, tiled flooring on her skin. As she slowly sat up she blindly reached up to her head and tugged the beanie that had been covering her eyes off of her head. She squinted at the sudden invasion of fluorescent lighting in the Pokemon Center flooded her vision. "Ow..." With one hand she reached up and began to rub her eyes, with her other she reached up to rub her left arm. It seemed she had rolled right off of the bench in her sleep. She began to scan around for a moment before she finally spotted Jonas nearby, stretching. Slowly, she moved up to her feet and muttered a tired, "G'morning..." to the boy as she moved back to sit on the bench she had fallen off of not moments ago. A sigh pushed through her lips as she rubbed at her slightly sore arm for a moment more before she moved on to begin fixing her bedhead hair. As she began brushing her hair, pulling through little tangles here and there, she looked up at Jonas, "So- ow, what's the plan today?"