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Risako Kitabatake

0 · 397 views · located in Saffron City

a character in “Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell”, as played by Koromaru




โŒˆLeader of the Terraced FieldโŒ‹
โŒˆTo me men! To battle!โŒ‹

โ™ Theme

Osamuraisan|| SetsunaTrip
Adrisaurus|| Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Girls Dead Monster|| Crow Song
Jeff Williams|| Mirror Mirror


โŒˆWhat's that? You calling me weak punk? I'll show you who's weak!โŒ‹

[ Risa | Furatto| ]

[ 13]

[ Female]

[ Konohagakure]

[ Kitabatake]

โŒˆKekkei GenkaiโŒ‹
[ Hifu no Kลka: The ability to harden one's skin for both defenses and offenses. The user must touch the material they wish to copy in order to gain the attributes of it, both in texture and strength. It is easier for the user to strengthen one part of their body rather than everything. The user's mass though is proportionally matched to the material they are mimicking, requiring them to adjust for weight differences.]

โŒˆChakra NatureโŒ‹
[ Water]

โŒˆNinja RankโŒ‹
[ Genin]

[ Nintaijutsu Fighter]

โŒˆFace Claim:โŒ‹
[ Kuro Illya| Type Moon]


โŒˆDon't. Say. It.โŒ‹

โŒˆHair ColorโŒ‹
[ Light Pink]

โŒˆEye ColorโŒ‹
[ Faded Yellow]

โŒˆSkin ToneโŒ‹
[ Dark tan]

[ 4'11'' - and she is VERY conscious about it too]

[ 102lbs/46kg]

โŒˆPhysical DescriptionโŒ‹
[ Rather on the small side for her age, Risako is extremely embarrassed at how her body looks. Wanting to be a fully functional Taijutsu fighter like the rest of her family, her rather frail body keeps her from having the force she would need for full on fighting. If one were to lay her down flat, they would find that she has no sort of figure of any kind - resembling that of a child. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders and is rather coarse despite how smooth it may look. Additionally, her skin is rough from the rigorous physical training she puts herself through.]


โŒˆOne day my Taijutsu will be up to snuff! I'll show you all!โŒ‹

โŒˆPotential InterestโŒ‹
None at the current moment: Does not particularly know her team very well.

    โ˜… Ninjutsu || ++++
    โ˜… Genjutsu ||
    โ˜… Taijutsu || +++

โœ  Water Gun Technique|| The user mimics a fire gun with his hand and, through the Hydrification Technique, compresses a drop of water in their index finger, firing it with tremendous force and speed similar to a gunshot โ€” enough to easily pierce through a sand clone.
โœ  Water Release: Great Waterfall Flow || By mixing a source of water with chakra, the user can create a whirlpool of differentiating sizes in order to drown their opponent.
โœ  Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field || The user spits out high-viscosity, chakra infused water, aimed at a surface of wide scope. This is a stream of sticky liquid which can be used to form an adhesive trap that can inhibit a person's mobility. One can effectively reduce their enemy's area of activity with this technique, and has the effect of being able to take complete control over the battlefield. The normal scope of this technique is normally just a few metres, but if prepared, it is also possible to make an entire pond of starch syrup. Being caught in the technique can be avoided by channeling chakra to one's feet allowing one to walk upon it uninhibited, beforehand. The syrup can be manipulated to move after it is created, being able to stick and travel up surfaces.[/list]

โœ  Absolutely nothing.

โœ  100 Metre Punch || A shorter version of the 1000 Metre Punch, the user concentrates their chakra into their fist and lands a devastating blow on the opponent, flying to at least 100 metres away from where the user is.
โœ  Shadow of the Dancing Leaf || A technique where a shinobi follows the opponent, closely matching his or her body's movement, just like a leaf that dances in the air is followed by its shadow. The technique is usually preceded by a swift upper kick that will launch the target into the air. It is mainly used to position an opponent into a vulnerable aerial position. This move by itself is harmless, but it is usable as a stepping stone for the Lion Combo.
โœ  Lion Combo || The opponent is first kicked into the air and shadowed with the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Upon inflicting a blow, one takes advantage of said opponent's counterattack to spin around and rise again for further assaults. Since the fall is increased in velocity with each blow, the damage when one is eventually struck to the ground is inconceivable. All variations end with the opponent being thrown to the ground and kicked in the stomach. However, like with the Front Lotus, there is a drawback in which the user gets fatigued right after the technique is performed. Though, this drawback isn't as severe as with the Front Lotus. Also, it holds an advantage against Front Lotus as it does not require the user to perform the Eight Gates.[/list]


โŒˆYou use swords??? Ohmygod you are like the coolest thing ever!!โŒ‹

  • Several Kunai
  • A ring attached to her waist carrying small blocks of assorted materials including: wood, iron, and concrete

    โ™ˆ Running || Risa figured that running would eventually give her some kind of figure and keep the fat off of her.
    โ™ˆ Swimming || Risa loves the feeling of cold water as she can effortlessly move through it without much resistance.
    โ™ˆ Whittling || Risa loves wooden furniture and decorations, so she's taken to the habit of carving wood into various things she notices on her journey. Despite not being the best at it, she continues to try and make them look better.

    แƒฆ Decision Making || Since Risa was young, her family always encouraged her to make her own decisions and not follow what she disagrees with. So every time a group vote or decision has to be made, Risa will energetically throw her opinion forward and try to convince everyone that she is right.
    แƒฆ Exercise/Training || Risa believes that with more exercise and training she will grow taller and become more womanly in the process.
    แƒฆ Swords || Her fascination with swords doesn't really have a backstory to it. She just finds them extremely cool and powerful, despite never wanting to use one personally. She loves people that use them.

    โœ˜ Alcohol || The taste of it never really did anything for her when her parents offered her some, so she would rather avoid it if she could.
    โœ˜ Genjutsu || Risa finds the tactics of Genjutsu users to be underhanded and weak, leaving a strong distaste for them in every interaction.
    โœ˜ Sand || As her Kekkei Genkai allows her to take the properties of any material she touches, she finds sand to be the most useless of them all. Not only is it not strong like other materials she can copy, but it also doesn't stick together, leaving the parts of her body that change into it to fall apart at a moment's notice. Additionally, it restricts her from running.

    โ™ฆ Speed || Risa's top skill by far is how she is able to move at surprisingly fast speeds. This is due to both her love for running and the amount of training she goes through on a daily basis.
    โ™ฆ Analytical Prowess || While she is not on the same level as the Nara clan, Risa can be a great judge of a situation on a battlefield and what needs to be done.
    โ™ฆ Stealth || Through her high speed and analytical prowess, she can handle situations where she needs to spy and record important data extremely well.

    โ˜ฏ Decision Making || While she is very quick at making decisions she feel is best for her, there are a few faults with that. For one she mostly thinks for herself in these decisions; and two if no one agrees with her, then she typically still goes forward with her decision anyway.
    โ˜ฏ Lighting || Due to having a water attribute for her Chakra, Risa cannot handle lightning users extremely well.
    โ˜ฏ Weight Attribution || One thing that always puzzles Risa is how to attribute her weight during fighting. Due to her inability to have that extra power behind kicks and punches through the distribution of her weight, she has to rely on other techniques to power up her fighting style.


โŒˆFuck Genjutsu users. Lousy ninja is what they are.โŒ‹

Analytical | Brash | Careful | Unattached

Risa is a rather brash young girl with an inferiority complex to back up her rather forward attitude. She finds herself lacking in most categories, mostly her height and other assets, and tries to compensate for them with being rather scantily dressed and trying to assert herself as the alpha. Her drive for making decisions is nothing more than self-imposed importance, and she is willing to step all-over her peers to do so. On the other hand though, she is extremely respectful of her seniors and is often found to be considered the "class pet" among her peers. While she may dress scantily, she never flaunts her body in the slightest and only looks to try and appear more 'womanly.'
When it comes to interacting with people, she would be considered 'average' when it comes to normal conversations. She is not extremely competitive and will only do so if it means she gets to make a decision for the group. She pays no attention to either gender in terms of playing favorites and sees everyone as a blank slate before actually meeting them - but she is quick to form judgments. When she meets someone that has the same hobbies as her, or has something she likes, she immediately grows fond towards them and almost becomes a groupie of sorts.
When it comes to battle though, she immediately looses all attachments to people and starts to think about how she should protect herself. He strategies may benefit the team, but her overall goal is to protect her life from ending prematurely. She fights fairly though and would never use underhanded tactics like Genjutsu to fight her opponent.


โŒˆLet's not talk about what happened to my team, mkay? Let's look to the future.โŒ‹

Risa was born to a family of Taijutsu fighters, proud and strong of their skill in the physical art. For many years of her early life she was on par with her siblings and was looking promising for the family's future. When she stopped growing at the age of ten though, it became an issue for her training. Her entire family was made up of people towering over at lease 5'10'', using their massive builds as an advantage for fighting in the field. So as her siblings progressed, Risa was left struggling to keep up with them. While she was able to keep up pace with them, she quickly came to the realization that she was nothing but a failure compared to them. Rather than being disheartened though, Risa continued to train herself both with her family and alone so she would not be left behind. While the work did net some positive results though, she found that she needed to rely on other tactics to make it on the battlefield.
When she started to attend the Academy, she took extreme interest in how strategy was formed on the battlefield. Alongside her training at home, the Academy, and by herself, she also started to partake in strategy games to gain an understanding of how her opponents worked. Through her intellectual training she found herself enjoying making decisions and seeing their outcome, leading her to becoming a squad leader of Team 4 when they graduated from the Academy.
When out on their first mission, Risa was sent out to scout ahead for any potential danger. What she found was a force of rogue ninja larger than her team expected. Looking at both their numbers and how battle hardened they appeared, Risa determined that it was a battle that her team was unsuited for fighting. When she came back and informed her team of the situation though, many of them had already determined that they were more than prepared for such a fight, despite Risa's begging for them to get support. When the battle engaged, Risa placed her life before her allies and decided to flee from the scene when events were looking gruesome. While she felt some remorse for the abandonment of her allies, she felt that they deserved it because they had not listened to her advice in the first place. Still, the guilt became embedded in her subconscious, making her question whether she would be a trustworthy ally in the future if any more bad situations arose. When she returned to the village, she decided to lie about what happened to her teammates, knowing that if she told the truth she would be excommunicated almost instantly.


โŒˆAre you just gawking at my glory or are you just dumbfounded by my amazing skills?โŒ‹

So begins...

Risako Kitabatake's Story