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Samson Reigence

I like battling like I like my women: rough, tough, and feisty

0 · 112 views · located in Pokemon Universe

a character in “Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell”, as played by Koromaru




“I am the epitome of excitemnt! You can never be bored with me around!”

❝ Character Information ❞

“Let's just take this memorable moment in right now... cool now let's get a move on!"

Full Name;; Samson Reigence

Nicknames;; None at the moment

Age;; 17

Gender;; Male

Sexuality;; Heterosexual

Hometown;; Sootopolis City, Hoenn

Residence;; Saffron City, Kanto

Occupation(s);; Street Muscian

❝ The Trainer Visage ❞

“Take it all in. Enjoy it while you can, cause I won't be here for long anyway."

Basic Appearance;; Samson is considered all around 'average' when it comes to his basic features. His height is 5' 9'' and his weight is 140lbs, and he really has no muscle structure. He has a flat stomach and no defined arms, but he is capable of lifting a few things of considerable weight. The only two odd things about him are his red hair and eyes, both being completely natural despite their inexplicably unnatural colors. While his skin is a little tanned from the sun, he still maintains a whiteness to him along with no blemishes.

Distinct Markings;; None

Clothing Style;; Samson, for living on the streets, is rather fashionable. He wears black jeans, black hiking shoes, a white V-neck with a black border encompassing the arms, neck, and waist of the shirt, and a worn red button-up shirt with black buttons.

❝ Behind The Mechanics ❞

“I just don't see the point of taking your time on things. If you slow down, opportunities will pass you by!”

  • Music
  • Moving Around
  • Battling
  • Dancing
  • Magic

  • Waiting
  • Repetition
  • Electric Pokemon
  • Silence
  • Cages

  • Hitting on Girls: Whenever Samson runs across a beautiful woman, he tries his best to pick her up no matter the situation. Maybe it's because he just wants someone to fill the hole with love and affection that his parents gave to him in the first place, but he won't admit it. IT doesn't mean he will give them whatever they want though - he has standards.
  • Whistling: Silence, being something he detests, is something that Samson tries to get rid of on an active basis. He whistles whenever he can just to get a melody in the air, changing it on occasion if he ever gets bored of the one he was just whistling.
  • Exploration: While this may not seem like a habit at first, Samson definitely makes it into one. If he is ever posed with any sort of 'Do Not Enter' sign, he takes it as a challenge and tries to explore the entire place without getting caught. He enjoys the rush he gets from going into a place not everyone has been before.

  • Thunder & Lightning: For some strange reason, Samson is terrified of any sort of electricity he sees. Normal electrical applications are fine, but if there is a storm or Electric Pokemon nearby, he immediately regresses into a child and starts to panic.
  • Ambition: Sometimes ambition can be a bad thing. Samson often shoots for much higher targets than he should, putting himself and those involved in danger without a second thought.

Personality;; Samson was often referred to in his hometown as the village idiot and hothead due to his impulsive and excited nature. He often wears a stupidly large grin plastered across his face when he is around others, further strengthening the belief that he is only a child in a man's body. Despite common conception of him, Samson is willing to take the constant ridicule and dislike of him to let his analytic side show in battles. He uses a goofy facade to bring out emotions of frustration and anger in people so he knows how they would act in extremely tough situations. His ambitious personality also comes through in his battling tactics with inventive ways to use his moves that his opponents would not expect. Because of all of this, Samson often wants to be regarded as a leader when needing to make group decisions.

While around others he is a rather loud and goofy individual, when he is only around his Pokemon he becomes quieter and more mature. Him and his Pokemon understand each other as if they were speaking the same language, and they discuss strategies on how to succeed the next day or how to fix what went wrong before. He treats his Pokemon as if they were people and acts much more polite around them then he does with others.

Theme song;;
Nico Nico Douga - Yoshiwara Lament

❝ Behind the Scenes ❞

“Let's just look at the positives. Why even focus on the bad parts?”

Strengths and Special Attributes;;
Samson takes pride in both his analytic abilities and his skills at hiding them through is facade. He may not be the best to give out orders to other people, but he is more than capable of handling himself in any situation that would be out of any normal person's league. He also takes pride in his go-getter attitude that drives him to go to extremes and places that many others don't dare try to reach.

Equipment and Personal Artifacts;;
  • Guitar Case (slung across his back)
  • Guitar
  • Picks
  • Hair Ties
  • Bobbie Pins

  • Snorunt's Pokeball


❝Replaying The Past And Present ❞

”It's not like I'm bitter or anything. I've just learned how to not let things get under my skin.”

History;; Samson Regience was born to two doctors within the walled island known as Sootopolis City, growing up for several years without even stepping foot outside the rocky barrier. Due to both of his parent's participation in the medical field, Samson grew up in a very well off family, being given anything his heart desired with the opening of a wallet. Unfortunately for Samson this was a double edged sword. His parents would buy him whatever they felt would entertain him at the cost of both of them never being able to see him. They didn't care either, as long as he didn't get in their hair Samson was considered completely fine. At the mere age of 2 his mother even returned to work, leaving him alone in the home to fend for himself.

Growing up within the walls of Sootopolis City didn't give Samson much to do as a child though. Since he was left alone at such a young age he became naturally ambitious and had a desire to explore everything he saw. By the age of 4 though, he had already explored all over the tiny island and couldn't find anything of interest. Whenever his parents gave him a new toy to keep him busy, Samson never found anymore than a few moments of entertainment out of it. He developed the desire of wanting to experience everything he could - so he never took his time with the things he had or experienced since that was all he did at a young age exploring the town.

By the age of 7 he was basically exhausted of the city. He saw everything more than a thousand times, the people rarely changed, and he knew basically nothing about the outside world. So when a Pokemon trainer came in one day, Samson couldn't contain his excitement. He sat the man down and asked him all about his adventures and what he saw; and everything the man told Samson only encouraged him to try and get out of the city as fast as he could. When he tried to ask his parents about it, they immediately shot him down and tossed a book at him - telling him to study rather than play with something so trivial as Pokemon.

For another 3 years he suffered by studying the same subjects, tormenting his active mind's innate desire to go explore and change his monotonous life. That was when he got into music. He taught himself how to play the guitar and fell in love with it for one simple reason: it had the ability to change the feelings of a situation all depending on the kind of song he played. He learned every kind of song he could get his hands on, letting his studying go to the wayside.

At the age of 13 he had mastered every song he could get his hands on in the city and he once again fell into a slump of boredom and frustration. Throughout the years he had tried to ask his parents about going on a journey, but they kept turning him down every time. Eventually his parents became fed up with him begging though and decided they would be better off without him - sending him away to boarding school. Unfortunately for Samson though, while he may have attained his freedom from the walls, his parents paid the school to keep him from leaving into Saffron City.

After suffering in the school for three years he was able to escape with a guitar in hand and start his life in the unknown. He didn't have the ability to hold down a normal job, so he decided to be a street musician, playing wherever he wanted to because he had that freedom. He also didn't want to live in a crammed home either, so he decided to live on the street with all of its randomness and adventure.



Preferred Type;;

Starter Pokémon;; Snorunt

Current Pokémon Team:

Name ~ Lola
Species and Type ~ Snorunt ;; Ice
Gender ~ Female
Ability ~ Ice Body
Personality ~ “Lola is considered a nervous Pokemon - even among other Snorunts - making her personality be the exact opposite of Samson's. She would rather hide behind Samson's leg and avoid confrontation than have to meet someone new that she didn't know. When it comes to battles, she can be a little timid, but due to Samson's care and training she is more powerful than most Pokemon at that stage. She has the habit of nibbling on Samson's hand if she gets nervous, trying to both show him that she's scared and to calm herself down.”
History ~ “Obtained from a woman named Victoria”
Moves ~ Powder Snow | Double Team | Bite |

So begins...

Samson Reigence's Story