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Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell

Pokemon Universe


a part of Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell, by Conductor.

The vast universe of Pokemon!

Conductor holds sovereignty over Pokemon Universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Pokemon Universe

The vast universe of Pokemon!


Pokemon Universe is a part of Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell.

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#, as written by Keen

Sleeping atop the hard benches in Pokemon Centers was never comfortable, it was often cold and she always woke up with a sore neck or back. Regardless, it was something she had grown used to, it was something she had to do with some frequency ever since she left home. To her though it was worth it, and surely things could only get better from here. As she lay wrapped up in her jacket for a makeshift blanket and with her hair messily sticking out from under the large, loose beanie that was pulled over her head and down enough to cover her eyes she began to stir. Nightmares weren't uncommon for her now that she was away from home and on the run, the stress of it all only ever seemed to manifest when the girl was asleep.

She was back home, or, that's what it seemed like at least. In her room, waking in her bed, but everything was fuzzy, the walls felt so close, the atmosphere was oppressive. She knew her father was coming even if she couldn't hear it or see it. She ran through her door, crashed through it as it gave way like water around her. What met her was a strange and warped visage of her old home. The walls of the hallway around her stretched twice as high and now, from downstairs she could hear the thunderous footsteps. Without thinking she ran down the twisting hallway to find a set of strairs leading up. They were steep and looked like they could spiral up forever but the footsteps behind her were deafening now and rattled deep in her chest with each resounding pound.

Up the steep steps she raced. Even in her dream-state she knew such a climb would be tiring and as such her ascent slowed. Running turned to walking turned to crawling, slowly, step by step. The footfalls behind her had grown silent but something told her she had to keep climbing, that at any moment she might slip and tumble back down. With every step further her body felt heavier, and, just as she was about to give up, to let her strength go, the end of this spiral came into sight. A door. A new strength filled her body as she flew up to the door, turned the knob, and pushed it open. The sudden burst of light blinded her and the burst of wind blew her hair and clothes into a flurry of motion, but as her eyes adjusted and the wind died Rakaya found she was no longer in her home. By her best guess she was atop the roof of a skyscraper.

As the wind continued to whip about she slowly approached the edge of the roof, peering around at the strange amalgam of metallic buildings of various sizes and shapes, none stretched as high as the one she was on however. All was silent for some moments before that gut-wrenching noise returned. Rakaya spun to face the noise coming from the doorway she had just exited. The footsteps were coming closer and all she could do was back away, her entire body gripped with fear. She expected her back to meet the fence surrounding the edge of the building but as she stepped back further her foot met nothing but air and soon, she was falling. Everything around her rushed by in a blur of metallic hues as the azure sky above steadily seemed to grow farther away. Rakaya closed her eyes as she sensed herself nearing the ground below her.

With a thud and sharp pain in her arm she woke. Everything was dark but she could feel the cold, tiled flooring on her skin. As she slowly sat up she blindly reached up to her head and tugged the beanie that had been covering her eyes off of her head. She squinted at the sudden invasion of fluorescent lighting in the Pokemon Center flooded her vision. "Ow..." With one hand she reached up and began to rub her eyes, with her other she reached up to rub her left arm. It seemed she had rolled right off of the bench in her sleep. She began to scan around for a moment before she finally spotted Jonas nearby, stretching. Slowly, she moved up to her feet and muttered a tired, "G'morning..." to the boy as she moved back to sit on the bench she had fallen off of not moments ago. A sigh pushed through her lips as she rubbed at her slightly sore arm for a moment more before she moved on to begin fixing her bedhead hair. As she began brushing her hair, pulling through little tangles here and there, she looked up at Jonas, "So- ow, what's the plan today?"