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Terren Carsith

"Don't mind that chill, it's only me."

0 · 143 views · located in Johto Region

a character in “Pokemon: The Three Gems”, as played by fallout539


Terren Carsith


"Don't mind that chill, it's only me.”


Name: Terren Carsith




Home Town:Hearthome City, Sinnoh Region

Type of Trainer:Co-ordinator



Hair Color:Dark Brown, almost black

Eye Color:A chilly hazel, bordering on gray

Skin Tone:Pale white

Height:6' 1"

Weight:175 lbs

Physical Description:Terren is a tall man, of average build. His pale skin, and dark hair provide a stark contrast. He almost always wears his coat and scarf, even in the warmest of climates.


Potential Interest:Not applicable at the moment

Likes:Night time, foggy days, Contests, Ghost-Type Pokémon, and pastries made with Pecha berries.

Dislikes: Summer, boring people, running, and lemonade.

Personality:Terren, despite the cold vibe he gives off, is actually relatively easy to get along with. He isn't shy, reserved, or anything like that. It's just the air around him sort of gets a chilly feeling. This is mostly because of the company he keeps. Terren enjoys interesting conversation and meeting new people. This being said, he will be the first to tell you if he doesn't like something, no matter who it is.

History:Terren grew up in Hearthome City, taking a liking to all the glitz that went on at the Contest Hall. The Gym Leader of the city also inspired him. In a city of such elegance and charm, Terren quickly to these muses and grew into a Contest fan, as well as a fan of Ghost-Types. However, at the time, Terren had no Pokémon of his own. This did not change for a while, at least not until he got a Drifloon as a present for his twelfth birthday. This overjoyed, and ran off to sign up to become a Co-Ordinator. He managed to get into a Contest, and won a considerable place with his Drifloon, who he named Styx. Styx and Terren made a wonderful team, and when Terren became 18, the duo took off for Unova for a trip. True, there were no Contest Halls, but they just wanted to travel. On the trip, Terren met many different Pokémon, but he also met a friend, named Elex. Elex quickly took to Terren, even giving him one of the Litwicks that he Bred. Elex is a Breeder, you see, specializing in Psychic and Ghost types. This Litwick also bonded with Terren. The now trio, consisting of Terren, Styx, and the Litwick named Charon, continued through Unova, but eventually left to head back to Sinnoh. Terren returned to Hearthome for a short while, but has since headed to the Johto region for the time being.


Pokémon Species:Chandelure
Pokémon Nickname:Charon, Male
Pokémon Nature:Timid
History: Charon was a Litwick, raised by Terren's friend Elex. He was a calm one, and liked company. Frankly, Elex had trouble giving him up. But, Charon took to Terren quite fast, so Elex let it go. Charon became a Lampent when he faced off against another Trainer's Tropius. It took a bit longer for him to become a Chandelure, as Terren had the hardest time finding a Dusk Stone. Terren finally found one in a dark crevice while exploring Mt. Coronet, and Charon became a Chandelure.
-]Flame Burst
-]Shadow Ball

Pokémon Species:Drifblim
Pokémon Nickname:Styx, Female
Pokémon Nature:Modest
History:Styx, a Drifloon, has been with Terren since the beginning. She has seen what he's seen, consoled him through sadness, and celebrated with him. She was originally caught by Terren's father, and given to Terren as a birthday gift. Styx rather enjoys Contests, like her Trainer, and tends to be more outgoing than Charon. She evolved into a Drifblim when Terren gave her a Rare Candy at just the right time.
-]Ominous Wind
-]Magic Coat

Pokémon Species:Munna
Pokémon Nickname: Mab, Female
Pokémon Nature:Quiet
History:Mab is simply a Munna that Terren caught while exploring the Dreamyard in Unova. There isn't much history between them. Her life before getting caught was fairly normal. She went around, collecting dreams from Trainers, and that's about it. She enjoys being with Terren a lot more, even if he does have Ghost-types.
-]Dream Eater
-]Trick Room
-]Energy Ball

Pokémon Species:Rotom, Genderless
Pokémon Nature:Brave
History:Terren met Rotom while he was poking around the old mansion in the Sinnoh region. As Terren was looking for Ghosts, Rotom leaped out of one of the old televisions, giving Terren an honest scare. Terren managed to catch it relatively quickly, and Rotom joined in on Terren's contest team.
-]Shock Wave
-]Light Screen
-]Shadow Ball
-]Charge Beam
-]Volt Switch

So begins...

Terren Carsith's Story