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Ree Belacarus

Team Victory's second in command. Her loyalty is unquestionable - or is it?

0 · 321 views · located in Unova

a character in “Pokemon Trainer School”, as played by Animality Opera


Ree Belacarus
In Rocket uniform:

Starter Pokemon: N/A
Role: Team Victory Leader 2
Age: 23
Appearance: At 5'6" and 125 lbs, Ree's figure is lithe and slender, not built with the sort of muscle for great strength but for agility. Her features are certainly not ugly, but not stunningly gorgeous either. Her eyes are a very light amber brown, usually described as golden. She's a natural brunette, but has dyed the front portion of her hair pure white and the back navy. The front is straight and a little more than chin-length, while the back is short, spiked, and in small pigtails.
Theme Song: Team Rocket Remix - Baron Mobius


Ree has a generally cheerful disposition, which often masks her calculating mind. She's a fierce battler and can be surprisingly cold when on the job for how friendly she is outside it. Despite having more compassion than most Team members, she feigns complete loyalty to the Team Victory leader while her real devotion lies with Team Rocket and its former leader, Giovanni. She can be spiteful and is well-experienced a revenge; not someone you want to make an enemy of. Though rather introverted she's definitely a party animal at her core. She still frequents raves in Saffron whenever she can.
- Dark and Ghost type Pokemon
- Electronic music
- Flying( i.e. on Flygon )
- Scaring/startling people
- Rudeness
- People "dressing up" their Pokemon for contests/musicals
- Any Team besides Team Rocket
- Disrespect toward Giovanni


Equipment: She always carries with her the standard black Rocket backpack. It has only a very small Rocket logo on it, and so she is unafraid to wear it even on undercover assignments. In it she carries a water bottle, snacks such as sticks of jerky and cookies, maps, pokeballs, her Pokegear, her laptop, and more... along with a few raver odds and ends such as stickers and glowsticks.
1. Absol - A male Absol she befriended in her childhood, nicknamed Adrian.
2. Haunter - A male Haunter she also befriended when she was young, nicknamed Syde.
3. Scizor - A male Scizor she received as a Scyther from Team Rocket, nicknamed Dorian.
4. Flygon - A female Flygon she stole as a Trapinch while in Team Rocket, nicknamed Sigurd.
5. Kabutops - A male Kabutops received from Team Rocket as a semi-failed experiment aimed at reviving a fully-evolved fossil. The result was a living skeleton Kabutops, though his abilities are normal. Nicknamed Kori.


Ree grew up in Lavender Town, spending much of her time playing with Ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Tower. She never properly began her journey as a trainer and so never received a starter Pokemon; she befriended an Absol at a young age who has been with her ever since. A Haunter she found in her attic who had been plaguing her dreams also joined her team.
She had always watched Team Rocket on the news and was rather fascinated by them, seeing them not as the ruthless thugs the media made them out to be but as the organized, high-class mafia they were. She met a Rocket member at a rave when she was 16 who, upon seeing her Pokemon, invited her to join. She accepted the invitation and was brought to the training base, telling her parents she had joined a Pokemon research team and was going to travel with them. It wasn't long before she rose the ranks to be a Class A agent and was in close contact with Giovanni. She idolized the man for his power, elegance, and drive, and became immensely loyal to him, pushing aside her conscience without hesitation to carry out his orders when she had to.
When Team Rocket fell and Giovanni disappeared, she reluctantly served under the Rocket administrators that strove to build the Team back up. She was not fond of the admins but dreamed of rebuilding Team Rocket and finding Giovanni. This hasn't happened.
Undercover, she took up the mission of infiltrating the latest and perhaps most threatening rival Team, Team Victory, to put a stop to them from the inside. She quickly climbed the ladder there as she had done in Team Rocket, and through false dedication to their leader soon became second in command. Being so high up and having earned their trust, it's been made easy for her to slowly, steadily, tear them apart from the inside out, as she continues to work toward today.

So begins...

Ree Belacarus's Story