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Mimi Hatori

Hi there, what kind of Pokemon do you have?

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a character in “Pokémon”, as played by Polka




Mimi is twelve years old and currently living in Snowpoint City with her family. She has long brown hair which she likes to leave loose, just so her small hat can fit over her head. Mimi has dark blue eyes and fair skin but is very used to the cold. Some say her personality can be a little icy if she doesn't know you well, however, to her friends she is adventurous and strong willed and ready for just about anything.

Hair Color:
Dark Brunette
Eye Color:
Dark Blue
Current Location/Residence:
Snowpoint City
Hearthome City
Date of Birth:
September 15th 2008
Voice Type:
soprano- Tenor
Body Type:
Pale, freckles in the sun

Starter Pokémon- Piplup, Osha:Image
Osha is Mimi's first pokemon. She originally traveled to Twinleaf to collect Chimchar, the fire type but that pokemon had already been chosen. Though a little disheartened, Mimi chose the water type pokemon to begin her team. Piplup and Mimi seem to have clashing personalities but hopefully this will only make their bond stronger.

Legendary Pokemon- MespiritImage
Mimi has always been fond of seeing a variety of different Pokemon. When she was younger she collected every picture book she could in the hopes of broadening her knowledge. Little does she know that one day she will meet the Legendary Water Spirit Mespirit and share a small connection.

Mother- Ila Hatori, Living in Hearthome
Father- Greg Hatori, Living in Snowpoint
Sister- Maxi Hatori, Travelling

To anyone who has never met Mimi she seems cold and distant. After years of watching her Mother and father not get along she picked up certain habits that make her seems icy. However, once she gets to know people it's easy to see she is adventurous, fun and would do just about anything to go on a journey. Mimi also has a bit of a mean streak but this only becomes apparent if people mess her around or mess her friends around.
Rucksack, pokebelt, Sleeping bag, soap, water and a Grolwith Pokedoll
Mimi was born in Hearthome City and is the youngest daughter of her parents. Living in the bustling city, Mimi had a lot of friends when she was younger and often spent her time exploring the tall buildings. Though this was soon stopped when one of her friends got there foot stuck in some old floor boards.
Mimi was a great collector of Pokemon books, she loved to see all the different types of Pokemon.
Hearthome was great for exploration and Mimi and her sister often took trips to the Poffin house, something which Mimi was exceptionally good at making. The lady who owned the Poffin house taught Mimi all about the different tastes of Poffin's and even gave her a berry pot as a good will gesture.
However, City life had negative effects on her family and as a result her parents separated when she was seven. It was through no fault of her parents, they simply fell out of love and couldn't be with each other any more. Though they both tried to make it work, her mother became Icy and distant which eventually led to the separation.Her father moved to Snowpoint City and her Mother stayed at Hearthome.

Mimi was only young at the time, so she had no choice of where she lived. Her sister however, decided to begin travelling so she didn't have to choose between her parents.
Mimi's father ended up taking her along with him to Snowpoint because he believed the City was no good for his youngest daughter. He often paid for Mimi to occasionally visit her Mother. However, the journey was long ad expensive, so visitation became less and less over the years, Mimi began to settle with a letter from her Mother now and again.
Her sister was also less than present. Mimi assumed this was because she was enjoying travelling so much.

At first, Mimi hated the snow and everything about her new home made her unhappy, it was much more rural than the city and there was no way to make poffins any more because not much grew in the snow. However, over the years she has grown to love it, finding new ways to entertain herself. Yet Mimi still longed to travel, just like her sister, to her it meant escaping into the real world and seeing all the different types of Pokemon up close. Her father always told her she could leave as soon as she was old enough to own her own pokemon. Now that day is fast approaching and Mimi is heading to Twinleaf to receive her very own team mate.

So begins...

Mimi Hatori's Story


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Character Portrait: Mimi Hatori
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#, as written by Polka

In the Morning...
The snow fell softly onto the quiet town.
The street lamps began to flicker, it was almost time for them to switch off as the morning sun began to roll in.

Mimi had already been awake for two hours and it was just getting on for Her father had made all the necessary arrangements for her travel to Sandgem. Her Ferry was due at, everything was beginning to fit into place.

'You sure you have everything....' Her Father asked as he paced the small living room.
Mimi shrugged. In all honesty she wasn't sure but she was far too excited about leaving to really care.

It wasn't that she didn't love her Father, it was just time to explore the Sinnoh region, to see all those different types of Pokemon!

Mimi grabbed the small blue rucksack and her white duffel coat from the hallway. Her new life was packed away in such a small bag, it was hard to believe that she was actually leaving to start a Journey.

' Okay then. Lets get you to the ferry Sweetheart'
She nodded politely as her father helped her put on her duffel. She placed a small red hat on her head.
The Journey was about to begin.

Arriving in Sandgem Town

It hadn't been a particularly interesting journey, Mimi had slept for most of it. Something about travelling by Ferry made her drowsy.
It was a lot warmer in this part of Sinnoh. Luckily she had packed appropriately, leaving enough space to pack the duffel into her bag.
The young girl followed the appropriate signs to the laboratory. The world renowned Professor Rowen was only moments away, Mimi couldn't hold her excitement.

She walked forward, it was a small town but full of beauty and it marked an important day for her. The day she got her very own Pokemon.

Upon entering the Lab she was greeted by two scientists. One male and one female.
She was informed she was the second person to arrive for a pokemon and that her choice was down to two.
If she was honest with herself, she was a little disheartened by this. She just hoped that Chimchar, the flame monkey hadn't been taken.

The two scientists, who had told her their names but she hadn't been listening, directed her to the lab.
It wasn't until the old man was standing in front of her that she really began to concentrate on her surroundings.

' Good Morning you miss ' He spoke, his voice oozing with wisdom

' Morning... She gulped.

He chuckled, he obviously saw a lot of nervous youngsters.
' I suppose you are here to choose your first Pokemon'

Mimi nodded and followed him to where two Pokeballs sat.
Each had a small element sign on them. One grass and one water.
Her heart sank. She now had a new decision to make.


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Character Portrait: Mimi Hatori
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#, as written by Polka

Mimi looked down at the two remaining Pokeballs.
The grass type.....
The water type.....

She looked to the Professor, hoping he would give her some helpful advice on which to choose but he didn't. Instead, he smiled.
The young girl inhaled deeply, placing one hand on each of the small, shining Pokeballs.
Maybe the Pokemon would send a message to her if she concentrated hard enough.

After a few minutes, something began to chirp loudly in the background.
A large cuckoo clock strung in the corner. Mimi jumped back to reality.

' I wan't this one!' She yelled with determination, picking up one of the Pokeballs and throwing it into the air.
A great beam of light sprung into action, leaving only a small blue pokemon behind.

The piplup was so small. Mimi smiled, instantly knowing she had made a wise decision.


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Character Portrait: Mimi Hatori
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#, as written by Polka


' Looks like you have chosen the water type, My dear'

The professor chuckled as the small Penguin rallied around the room, bumping into Mimi's legs.

' Would you like to name her? Rowan asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Mimi had never really thought of naming her Pokemon. She supposed it would be the right things to do, though she could not decide a perfect name for something she had only just met.
She returned the Pokemon, they would have time to get better acquainted once the journey started. Right now, all she wanted to to was head off so the adventure could begin.

' Can I go now?' The young girl asked, desperate to head onto route 202.

The Professor chuckled and handed her a pokedex.
' Mt you are keen to head off on your journey. Please do be careful'


Mimi left the lab, after ten minutes of the Professor showing her to work her Dex.
In all honesty, she hadn't listened that much, she just really wanted to head off.
She headed North of Sandgem, into the long grasses of the wild.

She decided now was as a good a time as any to release her new companion into the world.
The small blue penguin was released. It looked at Mimi with doting eyes and Mimi smiled in return.
'It's nice to meet you!' She said holding out her hand for the Piplup.
Confused, the piplup extended a flipper to the girl.
The pair were now officially a team and they both began walking along route 202.