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Samantha Blackstone

"You don't need to get to know me, when you already know I'm out of my mind."

0 · 101 views · located in Silvermist Island

a character in “Pok??mon: Silvermist Coven”, originally authored by HerHeroine, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name Samantha Caroline Blackstone
Nickame(s) Sammy, Sam
Age 20
Gender Female
Physical Appearance
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Pale Grey
Skin Colour Pale
Anything we can't/can see in the picture
Pokèmon Trainer Data
Age When You Became a Trainer 9
Trainer Level Illustrious
Occupation Owner of the Blackstone Pokèmon Training Center.
Caroline Blackstone - Mother
Charles Blackstone - Father
Danny Blackstone - Brother - Deceased.
Martial Status Single
Pokèmon on your team
Image Barnsbow - Gothitelle - Female
Image Luna - Umbreon - Female
Image Bialla - Jolteon - Female
Image Gollen - Liepard - Male
Image Arkay - Houndoom - Male
Image Gretta - Banette - Female
Theme Song Numb - Linkin Park
Favourite Colour Storm Grey
Favourite Pokèmon Type Any.
Crush None.

So begins...

Samantha Blackstone's Story

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Doctor Amanda Wright

"Welcome everybody! I'm glad that you all managed to come. Well, perhaps some others didn't but I'm sure you'll be enough to go exploring, we don't want an over-populated island! Anyhow, incase you haven't read the letter, my name is Doctor Amanda Wright, and yes, I'm actually an adult! Anyhow. The point in this trip, is to find the source of a pretty awkward radiation, which comes from the island. And perhaps to catch new pokèmon friends!" Said a young girl. By the looks, she could've been concidered a sixteen-year-old, but claiming that she was an adult, there was nothing to argue about. She was pretty tiny, with long brown hair, tied in two ponytails. Appearantly, she was the leader of this project, and despite her happy-being, perhaps she could be very hot-headed when she needed to be.

The girl began talking again. "While we are on this flight, please make yourselves and your pokèmon comfortable. This may be a unique chance to get to know your partners better, and perhaps even make friends. Now, I believe that in the letter that you've recieved, you haven't yet been told about your partner, and your room mates. So, let me do a briefing." She took a journal and flipped through the pages.

"Here it is." She muttered, then turned the microphone on again. "Alrighty! So, first of all, once we arrive to the island, you shall be excorted to the Research Camp, so you should know your room number, and room mates. The rooms you will be staying at are on the second floor, but we'll get to a more detailed explanation once we're there."

It almost sounded like the girl would never get to the point. Although, she actually began reading the list which she had. "In room 201, we have Juno Ross, Jacob Monroe, and Drake Moulderan. In room 202, we have Inu Buttons, Kaltia Vipline and Cassie Smith. In room 203, we have Kyle Steely, Ryone Yami and Clyde Coppersmith. And finally, in room 204, we have Samantha Blackstone, Kay Grayson and Jade Hawk." Doctor Amanda said, then she flipped through the pages of the journal again.

"As for the pairs. We paired everyone up by their trainer skills, so basically, rookies go with expirienced trainers. But being paired up with a certain person, doesn't mean you can't form a group with another pair. That may come in useful in your travels. Anyhow! The first pair is, Ryone Yami and Drake Moulderan. Then we have, Inu Buttons and Juno Ross. Cassie Smith and Kyle Steely. Jade Hawk and Jacob Monroe. Kay Grayson and Klyde Coppersmith, and Samantha Blackstone with Kaltia Vipline." She said and closed the journal.

"This flight is a great opportunity to meet your partners and roomies, and get to know eachother better, so you wont have problems during your travels! The snack trolley will pass soon, so don't go starving to death. Once we're all off, you'll have to follow me to the camp. There, you will be given all the equiptment you might need, and also a key to your room. Thank you for your attention." The woman said, and walked off.

Samantha Blackstone

Samantha hadn't payed much attention to Doctor Amanda Wright, as she was too busy inspecting the pairs list the trainers had been given. "Wow... We're many.." She muttered in a monotone voice, her bangs slightly covering her eyes as she looked down at the paper. "Hmm.. I wonder who this, Kaltia Vipline is. I've heard of some trainers which are on this plane.. And if I'm not wrong, one of them is a gym leader.. And another is a professional trainer." She blinked, and looked out the window.

She could see the sea, but not island. "How much longer do we have to fly...?" She muttered silently, then shrugged. The girl's gaze turned towards some other trainers on the plane. She was trying to locate her said partner, but she didn't how the girl even looked like.

Samantha yawned and leaned back in her seat, taking out her pokedex as she began playing around with it. Suddenly, she felt one of her pokeballs bounce around in her bag. She frowned and took it out, but almost an instant afterwards, her pokèmon, Gretta the Banette came flying out. "H-hey come back here!" Samantha snarled at the pokèmon, which almost instantly landed on her shoulder.

"You can't wait to get started with the exploring, huh? Too be honest, I'm not so enthausiastic about it, but I'm kind of curious..." She told her, patting the Banette gently. "Anyhow, I want a snack. Do you want anything?" She asked, poing the pokèmon's nose.

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Character Portrait: Kay Grayson Character Portrait: Samantha Blackstone
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Samantha couldn't help but to stretch her legs, and get away from the crowd for a bit. It became a bit too loud for her, but she expected it to become worse, so she had to keep her nerves together. She sighed and stood up, making her way towards the restroom.

She was several steps away from it, as she noticed a woman sitting alone. She smirked at her un-enthausiastic impression and came up. "Not so fond of the flight, I see." She said in a monotone voice, then to notice that she didn't have any pokèmon out either. "And not a fan of letting your pokèmon out during the flight. If it weren't for the persistance of some of my pokèmon, I would be the same. Glad I'm not the only dark person around here."

Samantha gave a brief nod, before looking back towards the restroom. Her eyes, un-intentionally landing on the staff-room door. "Well now, I have a bit of sneaking to do. Sorry for disturbing." She said almost sarcastically, showing the woman a weak smile, before making her way towards the door.

In the meanwhile, her Banette, decided to have some fun like the other pokèmon, and had abandoned Samantha half way. In reality, actually, the ghost pokèmon had decided to creep someone out, and her target was a rather grumpy looking boy with an Absol. The pokèmon smirked, and silently landed on the boy's head.

Samantha, on other hand, had already managed to sneak inside. The room was empty, and by the looks of it, there were no cameras. "Pity.." She said, then closed the door behind her, silently. She looked around the room, it seemed rather comfortable, but was kind of breezy, as expected.

On a desk in the corner of the room, which appeared to be Doctor Wright's work desk, was laying a rather large file. As a human instinct, Samantha couldn't help but to know what was inside. Could be something the scientists didn't want to tell them. Or, just plain old information which Samantha could regret reading. But the thoughts didn't scare her, actually, she still made her way towards the file, slowly opening it to peek at the content.