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Polandball: High School Edition

Polandball: High School Edition


Welcome to Polandball High School! Enjoy your stay, and have fun!

1,184 readers have visited Polandball: High School Edition since redapple8766 created it.

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"Bye mom, bye dad!" You say as your parents depart. You breath in the crisp, fresh air. You hear many different accents and languages.

There are many things to learn, many friends to make, and many enemies to fight! Now hurry up, first period starts soon!

Toggle Rules

There are 3 rules.
1) You must play as a Countryball! No Stateballs, city balls, or raceballs. You may, however, keep certain ones as pets. (See: Americaball's pet Ohiorawr)
2) Make sure you stereotype your speech as much as possible. (See: Book of Bork)
3) Try to not cut class too much, plox!

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Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

“Are you sure this bag’s big enough?”
“Yes old chap, I tested that all your ten syrup bottles fit!”
“Um I think I put my hockey helmet and cap in there... Sorry...”

UKball was struggling with Canadaball’s school bag, cramming all that Canada had needed and wanted to bring; the “needed” being syrup bottles, Hockey equipment, and various food items. The “wanted”, well... There weren’t any. The school already supplied the sufficient books and supplies, though UKball suggested bringing a translation book because “Canadian English is so much more different than normal English”. Of course, Canadaball knew that UKball was just paranoid... What Canadaball thought really needed is various of the books to speak with all the students. This time UKball said the Canadaball was exaggerating.

Americaball was also in the sidelines, watching the scene unfold. His sunglasses reflected the bright, but morning daylight. The clouds occasionally blocked the rising sun. He turned around , looking at the other students walking towards the school. While looking, he made the lush grass sift. Americaball didn’t want to go to school because he claimed it would be expensive. It was really just another baseless worry, but he woudn’t budge. He was starting to get bored standing there for the minutes that passed. “Canada, can’t you just wear the helmet?” He said in boredom.

“Oh why didn’t I think of that! Thanks!” Canadaball said quickly pulling the helmet out. “Wait- Canada-” UKball in a panic said. Unfortunately all the bottles spilt out on the floor before he could finish. America sighed in frustration.

Minutes later they finally fit all the “needed” stuff in Canadaball’s bag, much to Americaball’s frustration. The sun was starting to finally show it’s brightest colours, or colors. Canadaball’s helmet gleamed in the sun, much like Americaball’s cherished sunglasses. Canadaball always wondered what it was like wearing such dark shades “Twenty four seven”. He always wore them, even at night. Canadaball started to ready to leave when UKball intervened.

“Canada, Promise me you won’t disappoint lad. For your old dad please?” UKball said with care. Canadaball looked back. “Okay.” Canadaball said back. He turned around. “Goodbye father! Goodbye brother!” He said reassuringly. America gave a single tear, while UKball waved with a white silk handkerchief.

So with that, Canada set off with the bag on his back, and his future ahead of him.

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Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

Outside, a loud noise could be heard. NATOball, the schoolbus driver, pulled up to the UK household in a halftrack hastily painted yellow, and with the words 'Polandball High' stenciled to the side in black. It came to a stop, and NATOball honked his horn and came out of the cab. He pulled out his clipboard and looked for Canadaball's name, marking him 'present'. Then, he looked around, and said, "You Canada? Heh, thought so. I remember you from when your brother and father went to the last meeting. Go ahead and get in the passenger seat up front, I'll take your bags."

NATOball took Canada's bag(s) and heard the maple syrup clanging around. He opened the bag, thinking he was going to sneak Kvass into the Highschool like Finlandball does, but was surprised by the many bottles of Maple Syrup. He chuckled, then secured the baggage to the bed of the truck. He then entered the car, but not before telling USAball, as thank you for donating a half track to the highschool, "Thanks for the car, pal!"


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Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

Stepping in, Canadaball admired the cleanliness of the class.
A blackboard took up one entire side of the room. A large stylish mirror filled another wall. A satisfyingly straight gird of chairs filled the classroom. The floor was reflective, lined with some material that looked like marble. Various expected items like projectors and cupboards were placed around the area. The most important feature though was the countries.
They occupied most of the vacant seats, either chatting or minding their own business.
The board was empty, filled with a sea of green with some specks of chalk. He could notice some familiar countries- well Canada knew every country but that wasn't important. Some were Phillipineball and Greenlandball, white as ever. Looking around, the room was very polished and clean, beautiful to admire.

Canada stepped in, feeling a bit nervous and intimidated. His plan of action was to look for a vacant seat, sit there, and wait for the teacher. When he took his first steps inside, some countries smiled and waved at him. Canada waved back and also gave a smile. He eyed an empty seat, deciding to sit there. He started walking to his target destination.


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Character Portrait: Cubaball Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

NATOball walked into the classroom. he looked around, marking people down on his attendance sheet. Then, the bell rang.

He walked to the chalkboard, and said, "All right, folks. I run this class, so you'll play by my rules".
He wrote down 3 rules:
1. No leaving until class ends, or skipping class
2. No bothering others
3. Under no circumstance, no illegal activity or questionable acts

He eyed Cubaball when he said this 3rd bit.

Getting this straightened out, he pulled out his lesson plan, and began his lecture on Roman Culture.


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Character Portrait: Cubaball Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

Canada sat in his seat when he began the lecture.
Canada was enthusiastic and jumpy, showing a smile. Cubaball contrasted him with a straight, laid-back face, smoking a cig.
Canada wasn't sure that cigarettes were allowed in the class, so he considered telling him. But on the other hand, talking to others wasn't allowed. He started debating whenever to warn him. He watched NATO give the lecture for a few five minutes, seeing him pacing back and forth in front of the blackboard. He occasionally wrote down an important point on the board. Eventually, Canada decided not to talk to Cuba, which went a bit against his morals.


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Character Portrait: Cubaball Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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NATOball was about to finish his lecture, when he saw Cubaball passing around notes. He stopped talking, and pulled out his notepad.

"Scheiße! Nein! Icht thought I laid down und ground rules!", He yelled. "Demerit! Why cannot yuo of into good student like und Canada?"

Cubaball, looked at him, then scoffed. "Whatever, Esse. At least I ain't Americas lil Pierra"

Cubaball and his friends Vietnamball and Guatemalaball started cracking up. NATOball wiped the sweat from his head and readjusted his beret. "Oh nein, zis vil not wörk of all...."


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Character Portrait: Cubaball Character Portrait: NATOball Character Portrait: Canadaball
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0.00 INK

Canada felt uncomfortable being used as an example. He wasn't one to boast or be prideful, well except gay pride.
He looked at the clock at the corner of the room, reading the time. 10:57 it said. He wondered what clock system the school used. "I wonder if it's a 24 hour clock or a 12 hour one" He mumbled. That aside, it looked like NATOball was finishing the lesson. Perhaps Canada could ask some questions, or just meet the other countries. Perhaps ask for a schedule paper as reminder. Or talk to the others. He decided if he wanted to meet some people, he could start with Cuba. Though his attitude was intimidating.

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Character Portrait: Cubaball
4 sightings Cubaball played by redapple8766
Former Communist, still the biggest, baddest Hombre on the bloc
Character Portrait: NATOball
6 sightings NATOball played by redapple8766
The son of Belgium and America, and the headmaster of Polandball Highschool

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Character Portrait: Canadaball

The kind and friendly hockey and syrup loving country.


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Character Portrait: Canadaball

The kind and friendly hockey and syrup loving country.

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