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Finn Kennedy

"My, what fresh new hell is this?"

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a character in “Portable Good”, as played by Methodical


Name: Finn Kennedy
Gender: Male

Appearance:Finn has reddish-brown hair, with fair, lightly tanned skin, and pale blue eyes. He usually dresses quite fashionably, and can often be seen wearing his favorite leather jacket. ImageImage
Personality: Finn, for the most part, is a very calm and kind person, who would give you the shirt off of his back, and help anyone at anytime. He is generous and accepting, with a good sense of humor and street smarts. He does have negative qualities however, like the fact that he often gets jealous of people's lives and relationships, as well as his somewhat self-destructive ways.

Biography: Finn born to two kind and loving parents, who died in a car crash when he was three, after which he was given to his aunt and uncle, who often neglected him in favor of frequent vacations to other worlds. His Aunt and uncle weren't abusive or loving, they just didn't care. As a young child, Finn acted out a lot, and spent a lot of time on the streets fending for himself, rather than living at his uncle and aunt's mansion. He started to get in with gangs at a young age, and after he was brutally beat, he realized that this lifestyle was getting him nowhere, and he wanted to make a mark on the world before he left, so he changed his ways and became a model young man, but occasionally, his old self shows through.

Strengths: Physically fit, agile, street smart, great fighter, likable, convincing.
Weaknesses: Often jealous of people's lives, never refuses to help, easily smitten, has a hard time reading people's emotions.
Fears: Water. Finn is terrified of drowning, and he can't swim at all.
Likes: Apples
Spicy food
Old Kung Fu movies
People crying
Men who are mean to women
Sour food

Weapon: A pair of nunchaku, although he's not very good at using them.
Chocolate bars, and other assorted candy
Basic survival gear (Compass, para-cord etc.)
A music player
A blanket


So begins...

Finn Kennedy's Story


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The speaker in question was quite relaxed. He had given this speech quite a few times, and was actually retiring after this year. He smiled somewhat at the bustling crowd, and had to surpress a laugh at the row of nervous, fidgety, overly-excited 16-year-olds right in the front. It reminded him of his own rite of passage, and his eyes twinkled at the nostalgia.

Finally, he made his entrance. He walked out onto the stage, and the audience burst into uproar, shouts and whoops mixed in with lots and lots of clapping. He held out his hands as he stepped towards the microphone, and after a few seconds, the noise finally dimmed. He paused, waited, knowing that he had everyone on the edge of their seats, and finally leaned forward. Another pause. He opened his mouth slightly. Pause....

"Good Morning," he greeted. A deafening "GOOD MORNING!" was returned to him, along with some laughs. Again, the noise had to be quieted, but he spoke without the dramatic pauses. "Good morning!" he repeated, "And welcome to our annual Rite of Passage ceremony!"

He went over the usuals. The history of the ceremony (it had been around since time itself!), the groups of three, young, 16 year-old Portal Hikers, the worlds they would travel to, their eventual return as adults, and the reward of being able to see through the portals. Everyone had heard it countless times, but it was still eagerly listened to. Finally, it came down to the list of 16 year olds. In his loud, booming, official voice, the announcer read off the names...

Ava Gardener

Ava practically leapt out of her seat at the sound of her name, face wide in a grin. She skipped to the stage, smiling happily in front of everyone. The announcer continued to read off the other two in her group: Connor Tairseach and Finn Kennedy. Both boys. They joined her on the stage after being called.

The impatient girl wished the ceremony would hurry up already. Her mind was bursting with all the possibilites of what world she'd go to, and she wanted to leave as soon as possible! She bobbed up and down in anticipation.


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#, as written by ceh12
Connor Tairseach

Connor stood up slowly smirking as he made his way to the stage his face hidden until he turned around as he made his way beside the girl. He made sure he still had his 44. magnum at his side as the ceremony persisted his attention dwindling. He looked to his side to get a better look at the girl. She was energetic and maybe a bit too perky for his tastes. It didn't matter though he would be stuck with her and the other boy for two whole years. So he would have to try his best to get them off on a good note so they don't hate him and make his life hell for a good fifth of a decade.

He knew he was at a slight disadvantage with the other two considering he was only capable of seeing certain portals but he could still go through any of them. He just couldn't see a small portion of them.