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Portal 1.5

Portal 1.5


Deep underground, running for miles, is the Aperture Science Testing Facility and Enrichment Center. Could you believe that Cores were the ones that kept it safe? Open, finished, and accepting.

939 readers have visited Portal 1.5 since Lloyd999 created it.

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will add links later. based off the portal series by valve.


The abandoned Aperture Science Laboratories, wasn't and isn't all abandoned. Before, sometime in the past, the place was governed by the supercomputer GLaDOS, who tested on many test subjects, many of them having fatal deaths. However, there was one test subject that had deactivated her. Could you believe it, a human, deactivating her!? Though, that human had been believed to had escaped the facility, and only one known test subject remains, a subject who's been in stasis, for, forever really.
Soon, the world began to crumble. The underground facility of Aperture Science, however, stayed, but it couldn't stay forever, and even it began to crumble. However, it had not been fully abandoned, well, sure it had been by humanity. But as GLaDOS was shut down, somewhere, deep inside Aperture, a huge storage room filled with Personality Cores had been activated. These Personality Cores, by the instructions implanted in their brains, were told to keep the facility up and running.
Personality Cores, able to operate even in the bleakest of conditions, are the ones who keep Aperture Science alive. Though the facility crumbles, it does not die. Each one of these cores once had another purpose, some were even meant to be attached to GLaDOS, like the Intelligence Dampening Core, and the four cores that are supposed to have been incinerated, and likely were.
It's been decades, who knows, since GLaDOS had been deactivated. The place had really been let go since, and even though there are about 495 Personality Cores in the entire facility, the facility is obviously even bigger then that. Then again, what can a core do? Though, it is rumored that trouble is stirring.
Though it may just be some stupidly thought up rumor by some corrupt Paranoia Core, it's rumored that something still stirs in the darkest parts of the facility. Something destructive. Though, it's not like a Core has any way of defending themselves, never mind an entire facility, which is partially faulty to begin with.

These are the rules each core was told.

Never disengage from your management rail or you may get stuck, run out of battery charge and die.
Never use your flashlight without permission.
Do not turn on unnecessary functions that you do not know how to use or may drain energy from the facility.
Do not try to do anything beyond your purpose, for entertainment or otherwise.
Please do not try to be a moron, you're higher then that.
Don't try to reason the Turrets.
Do not try to assume the duties of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.
And NEVER attempt to wake up a HUMAN TEST SUBJECT.
Of course, Cores can be a little forgetful.

Your character does not have to be a Core. This profile is for Cores. If your character is not a Core, you do not have to use this profile skeleton. For Cores, your avatar must be your eye's pattern. You may create as many characters as you want, until of course the 495 point is reached, which is highly unlikely. You may claim an already existant core(Wheatley, Space Core, etc.), except for GLaDOS's cores. (Morality, Curiosity, etc.).

Code: Select all
[img]Insert core picture here if you have one. If you do not have one, you may draw your eye appearance and make it your avatar.[/img]

Core Name:

Eye Appearance:


Original Functions/Directives:
Current Mission/Goal:

View on Humans:
View on GLaDOS:


Toggle Rules

- Can't roleplay as one of GLaDOS's cores, because those four were obviously incinerated.
- Posts must be at least a paragraph long.
- Do not go out of character.
- Be sure to post often, at least once a week at the very minimum.
- You are aloud to be funny with your core design, but don't make something too rediculous.
- Both drama and commedy are highly encourageed.

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Character Portrait: Space Core/Astro
Character Portrait: Wheatley
Character Portrait: "Rick" the Adventure Core
Character Portrait: Management Core


Character Portrait: Wheatley

The intelligence dampening core

Character Portrait: Space Core/Astro
Space Core/Astro

"Dad, I'm in space. I'm proud of you son. Dad? Are you space? Yes. Now we are a family again."

Character Portrait: Management Core
Management Core

"Excuse me, I'm the boss."

Character Portrait: "Rick" the Adventure Core
"Rick" the Adventure Core

"Quick! What's the situation!"


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Re: Portal 1.5

ah ya but you would have to find a way to get people over here an play it or else it will die again.

Re: Portal 1.5

Um, actually, I forget how, but I believe this roleplay sort of died before it even started. However, I am more than willing to bring it up again.

Re: Portal 1.5

Hello I just made a really evil core and was wondering when we were going to start up the rp?

Re: Portal 1.5

Hm sorry about the long times between posts but I may make a character and if its no problem to you I think ill make a turrent who has found a P-body like robot frame but instead of orange green

Re: Portal 1.5

Tomorrow's okay with me~ and if we don't get more soon, I can double up on my characters. =w=;;

Re: Portal 1.5

I might as well make the first post... how about tommorow, hoping to get more characters in.

Re: Portal 1.5

Actually, things like Turrets are aloud, it's just they aren't being mass produced due to all the production lines being turned off so energy isn't wasted. Also, I did think about a Core maybe finding something similar to the bodies of ATLAS and P-Body. So, there are other bots, they are just kinda being useless.

Re: Portal 1.5

so theres only core no turrents or bot because Ive always had a god idea for a portal bot like Atlas or P-body or maybe some cores stumble upon a bot from because since atlas is technicly a core It could be a good idea just saying

Portal 1.5

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