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Portraying the Role

Portraying the Role


[Remake] How far will two girls go to play the sport they love? Go to an all boys boarding school? No problem! Pretend to be guys? No big deal! Room with a guy? Abandon ship! [SPOTS OPEN!!]

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They Went There..


The Story

Two girls going to a regular boarding school with a passion for football tried out for the team and was rejected. The coach's excuse, and the team's, was that they were girls.. And girls are too "fragile" and "slow" to play the "manly" sport of football. This, in the girls' eyes, was a challenge. They had played football since a young age, having grown up together, and were good, being a girl an advantage in their opinion. Fast and able to make boys cry when they found out they were beat down by a girl. Therefore, they came up with a plan, a brilliant scheme to show the jock-straps who was boss, to show them that girls are better than guys when it comes to sports. And that's how this story begins..

Both girls' told their parents they would be staying at the others' grandparents house for a couple weeks, then called the school and said they would be out for a few weeks because of "family issues." Then..There plan began perfectly. They both enrolled at Hamilton, their school's rivalry when it came to sports, for the guys that is. An all boys school. To do this, of course, they had to play the part of a guy. They came up with fake names to enroll with, bought wigs, attire, everything they would need to pull off the role of a guy(with the help of a few friends, of course). But.. They did not think of one little, insignificant detail...


When the girls arrive at Hamilton they are assigned rooms with one other roommate, but they aren't together. Both are sent to room with one guy, both guys being on the school's football team, star players at that. Just perfect. How can they hide their secret identity of being a girl when they have a roommate breathing down their throat all the time? A good-looking roommate at that. There is already too much to worry about as it is. Their parents finding out, the school, messing up somehow, not making the football team, now this?
What will happen when the girls get close to their roommates, however? Become great friends. The guys simply look at them like "one of their team-mates," one of the guys. Because that is the role they must portray, after all.

The Plot

I hope the Plot was explained in the Story, but if not this will help a little at least.
Basically, two girls who love playing Football are not allowed to play for their school's team. So, to get back at them they enroll into another boarding school. An all boy's boarding school, Hamilton. And to top it all off Hamilton is their school's, Stafford's, rivalry when it comes to the sport's area. So, they must dress and talk like guys there, only getting small moments of space where they can act themselves. They must room with one other boy from the school, a player off the school's football team, The Quarterback and The Wide Receiver. The girls' try-out for the team and make it, but compared to their roommates they aren't that good. So, they start getting help from said roommates. During this they girls' begin to fall for the guys, and the guys' start liking the girls'.. As friends!! What will happen if the guys' ever find out that their roommate is actually a girl? Will they hate them? Will they.. Return their feelings of love? Will they.. Ever find out? It's all on the girls' and how they Portray their Role...

If you have any Questions or Concerns please contact me through OOC(Out of Character) or via PM! Thanks, don't want you confused! ;D

The Roles-
The Girls
Remember: The Girls are Best Friends, they are practically sisters, and grew up together!

Girl One: Rooming with the quarterback. TAKEN by Me :T

Girl Two: Rooming with the wide receiver. OPEN

The Guys
Remember:The Guys play on the same team! They know each other and are probably FRIENDS! :P

Guy One- The Quarterback, rooming with Girl One. OPEN

Guy Two- The Wide Receiver, rooming with Girl Two. OPEN


The Character Sheet-

Please Erase Everything in the ( ) <--Brackets, Thank You! ^^

Code: Select all
[right][img] (Place Your Character's Picture Here. Realistic Only, Please. If you're making a Guy character, think! These dudes are jocks, they're not going to be stick figures! :P) [/img][/right]
[b]Full Name-[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname-[/b] (If They Have One)
[b]Age-[/b] (16-18)
[b]Role-[/b] (Girl Two, Guy One, etc..)
[b]Crush-[/b] (Hmm?)
[b]Personality-[/b] (At Least Five Sentences!)
[b]Likes-[/b] (At Least Four)
[b]Dislikes-[/b] (At Least Four)
[b]Appearance in Description-[/b] (Anything the picture doesn't show? Oh. If you are making the Girl character please explain how your character dresses when having to play her "guy role!" [At least Five Sentences])
[b]History-[/b] (I will leave this optional..)
[b]Other-[/b] (Anything I missed or you want to add?)

The Rules-

● Respect me or feel my wrath! :P I'm your GM, the ruler of this role play, don't argue with what I say!! xD
● No fighting OOC, that ticks me off and will have your little butt kicked from this role play immediately.
● If you have a problem with someone or something come to me about it in PM, I'll take care of it. Scout's honor!
● Romance is Encouraged, obviously, but please do not blind us with your.. Y'know. >_>
● Cussing is aloud, but not in every damn sentence!!
● This is a LITERATE role play, try your best to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We all make mistakes, I do a lot. All I'm asking is for you to try! ^^
● The posting minimum is at least Six Sentences a post, more is greatly appreciated!
● No text-talking as in 'talkin lyke dis.' I swear that is one of my pet peeves! Do not be lazy, type out your sentences, please!
● Write 'Alligunkey' somewhere on your character sheet if you've read everything. I won't accept your character if it isn't somewhere visible on the sheet. :P
● Don't join then just leave after a couple posts.. That's just not right!! Plus, we'll miss you! :[
● PLEASE reserve your character before submitting it! ^^
● I have the right to change, add, or subtract any of the rules, it's in my job description. xD
● Have Fun! ;3 So cheesy, I know this.


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Re: Portraying the Role

Whelp, there you have it. Tried to keep references to your character to a minimum, Yoshi, since I've no idea what they're like yet :v

Re: Portraying the Role

I'm still working on a possible history so yeah. :p

And yay!! More competition! :D

Re: Portraying the Role

...hate to step on any toes, but damn I wanna compete for the role of girl 2 as well. :v

Re: Portraying the Role

@ShudderFox-:: Go for iitttt! xD

@crybloodredtears:: Yes you can! :T

@PrincessBoy:: Sure! :D

Re: Portraying the Role

@YoshiFTW: I was thinking, maybe, my character can be the water boy? XD I'm not so good with jocks. Xd

Re: Portraying the Role

Could I "compete" for girl 2? Sorry @RedheadZombie, I want her too. :p

Re: Portraying the Role

This sounds interesting. Can I reserve a male?

Hmm.. looks like I have to compete. :)

Re: Portraying the Role

@Fruity_Loopsxx:: Go for it! :)

@PrincessBoy:: I like your idea! :D

Re: Portraying the Role

Ah, I never like competing. Hm, it sounds stupid though, but the extra character I had in mind was...A guy who knows about the girls' secret? Like he finds out and keeps it a secret for them, becoming friends and stuff. Idk, something like that.

Re: Portraying the Role

@Fruity_Loopsxx:: Which one? :o

@PrincessBoy:: You could compete for one if you'd like. But, none the less, what's your extra character idea? :)

Re: Portraying the Role

Aw man. I was going to ask for a male role...

Though, I do have an idea for a extra character...

Re: Portraying the Role

could i reserve either male 1 or male 2

Re: Portraying the Role

@crybloodredtears:: Thanks! :D The few roles are up, check them out!

@RedheadZombie:: There is one open! :)

@DemonataQueen:: Sounds awesome! Just tell me which you'd like to reserve! :T

Alrighty! I know there are just main roles up, but if ANYONE has an idea for a extra role to help the role play along, just let me know! We can work something out. :)

ALSO! You can "compete" for a character. :D

Re: Portraying the Role

I'll take a guy spot if they're available. :)

Re: Portraying the Role

I'll play a girl fo' show, if that's one of the spots open.

Re: Portraying the Role

I would sooo love to take on a character from this! Very VERY interested. :)

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