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Isabella Ascania

"You laugh, I would rather weep"

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a character in “Possessed Instruments”, as played by headwig1010


Name: Isabella Ascania

Role: The good, instrument 4

Gender: female

Age: 22


Human: ... n-hair.jpg

Violin: ... inR006.jpg

Isabella stands at 5’7 tall with a slight frame. Her hair is a deep chestnut as her violin and curls in a similar fashion. Her eyes are her best feature bewitching yet haunted. Her past has begun to bleed into her skin leaving it ashen. Her youthfulness is fading as she remains unplayed, smiling a distant memory.

When first created Isabella was a beautiful violin of willow, far above many others as was designed. But years of neglect have begun to show. Most of the majesty is lost now and the love put into her creation has faded. Her music is now heart wrenching and only inspires sorrow. rather fitting given the wood from which she was born.

Personality: Isabella on first appearance is cold and aloof. Courteous as is demanded of her but will fade away from people and often seek solitude. She rarely laughs and finds little joy in the banter of others. Words often fail her around large groups of people so struggles to speak clearly. Isabella often cares from afar rarely bonding with people as she struggles to trust. Isabella has not felt anger in a long time but feels a constant sense that she does not belong. She treats friendship with extreme caution but yearns for it the same. She will not open up to others about her past and it is crushing her inside yet she is too proud to ask for help. When it comes to her in violin form Isabella can only play heartbroken songs and mournful melodies. Her light notes are gone replaced with darker ones grieving over notes long since lost. It was not always this way however Isabella used to be full of life and laughter healing those around her with song but those days have long gone never to return. Perhaps.

Likes: solitude, reading, dancing and drawing

Dislikes: crowds, small spaces, interference and traitors

Powers: Isabella has the power to heal and cleanse herself and those around her. Befitting a instrument created to heal. However as she neglects herself her powers are waning.

Weapon: ... eoffic.jpg

A 18th century Austrian long sword which has begun to rust due to lack of use.

Talents: detailed drawings of nature and a reasonably fluent in several languages: German, French, English and basic Latin. As with all instruments she also possesses a great knowledge of music.

Flaws: has great difficulty speaking in public, quite proud and often refuses to do anything she sees as beneath her.

Hobbies: attends ballet 3 times a week and art class twice more. Also enjoys star gazing.

History: Isabella is very old perhaps older than most instruments. She belongs to the noble house of Ascania for many centuries passed from mother to daughter loved and loving each one spending many days playing happy melodies and washing worries away with laughter. While the fathers and sons of her family fought with their blades. However the power went to many of the families heads poisoning her music. With the constant strife and fear power was very difficult to maintain and in the struggle for it many of the house of Ascania lost their minds. Pouring more of themselves into their blades draining the life out of Isabella in the process. For many years Isabella was locked away in the families vaults never played. Until years later she was stumbled apon by chance by the last remaining Ascania. However he could not play her so sold her to antique shop for a small profit. Isabella never got over this betrayal though she began to heal under the old man’s care. But she still cannot trust anyone else yet. Her sword is last thing Isabella has of the Ascania household as it was sold along with her. Both unwanted and unloved. But trouble has begun to brew again among her people and it seems Isabella's going to be dragged along with them but maybe for the better.

Relationships: TBA

So begins...

Isabella Ascania's Story