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Xeno Min Yung

"Ahaha...what?!" WIP

0 · 314 views · located in New York City, New York

a character in “Possessed Instruments”, as played by ゆうい


Xeno Min Yung
The Leader and Good Twin


Basic Appearance
Xeno stands at 5'10 with a rather lean muscle build. He's rather pale, but it's set off perfectly with his jet black hair and eyes. He tends to stick with such colors as well. An calculating thoughtful look tends to play his features. It's rather unnerving. He has oriental features obviously, but he can't remember his past life. Xen is also identifiable because of his strange assortment of earrings.

"A single grain of rice can tip the scale. Just like how one note can ruin a whole orchestra."

Xeno Min Yung; He goes by Xeno because he doesn't know his first name. Even his twin does not know.

Eh...a little over 2000 years?


Black Flames - Darkness manipulated to look like flames. They drain energy and if Xeno wants, leave someone with a feeling of loneliness or despair.
Energy Manipulation - Basically create bolts of lightning and shock people, destroy objects, etc.

Weapon(s): Oddly none. On one occasion he has used his shamisen wire to put someone in a choke hold.

He used to own a Glock.




~Calm | Calculating | Scheming | Not a Bad Person~

In the "team", Xeno is the "cool" type. He is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when he wants to. He normally won't do anything that doesn't have any benefit for him, however has wondered if maybe he wishes to gain something intangible from his relationship with his friends. He is actually rather a softie when it comes to His friends, giving him more free reign when it comes to what he wants to do with the team. Xen sometimes pulls strings in some not so legal ways, showing that he is good-natured and cares for his friends, despite being cool and rational.

To clients this man is rather pleasant
And civil. The Butler "type". It attracts quite a lot of customers. Moreover he is the antique shop's financial manager and informational source. In away he's like a computer. A evil, scheming, killer computer who cares deeply for those close to him.

He is considered the "King of Shadows" at times since he pulls strings in the rough parts of town. As well as being a former gang leader and street fighter in Chinatown's underground. He also considers himself an egoist, despite the fact that he seems to care much about those on his side.

Being type AB, the rumor is he is has split personalities. This is most apparent when it comes to lack of sleep. Wake him up to early and he has a murderous aura about him. Without hesitation he will shoot you with his Glock. His evil self comes out if need be or if he wants to be.

-People who Appreciate Music
-Modern Stuff, Especially the toilet and shower.
-Any kind of noodle or pasta
-Other instruments
-his twin

-being woken up
-mistakes of the past
-old "friends"

-adept at his instrument
-some skill at writing his own music
-free running
-Genius brain

-Dense as a brick
-Enjoys sleeping as long as he likes
-Can sometimes say comments that hurts someone unintentionally

-Free Running
-Managing the shop
-Playing his instrument
-Street Brawling


Relationships/Thoughts towards Other Characters:


So begins...

Xeno Min Yung's Story