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a character in “Post-Apocalypse”, as played by Lolkatlove


|| Esmra ||

|| Demon Knight ||

To live, is to entertain your imagination


Full Name || Esmralda
(Only Angels of old knew her by that name before she fell)
Preferred Name || Esmra
Sexuality || Anything Fun
Age || A woman never tells
Height || 5ft 8in
Eyes || Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair || Blonde
Build || Fit
Species || Demon - Fallen Grigori Angel (The last of the Grigori)


Demon Powers

Invulnerability: While not all demons are immune to Earthly weapons, most are not as vulnerable to them as the average human. A low-level demon can easily be hit by a car and survive.

Regeneration: Like angels, demons will heal from most any injury caused by Earthly weapons and hazards (like fire or car crashes) within seconds.

Super Stamina: Demons, like angels, do not require food, water, or sleep to sustain themselves. However, like angels, they can become exhausted if put through their paces by an angel or another demon and in this case.

Supernatural Perception: Demons can perceive magic, magical beings, and other supernatural entities like themselves. Additionally, so long as they aren't masked with magic, when a supernatural being enters their "field" of perception, a demon can "sense" it, immediately.

Immortality †

Flight/Wings (LOST) †

Demon Knight Additional Powers

Super Agility: Knights move quicker than humans and have exceptional reflexes.

Super Strength: A Knight can easily pull car doors off hinges, single handed or punch a hole in concrete.

Demonic Fire: Knights have the unique ability to create and manipulate fire. Additionally, the fire created by a Knight can burn other supernatural beings, like angels.

Demon/Hell Forges: Knights all possess weapons forged in the fires of Hell. These unique weapons are among the only things that can kill demons or angels and can come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. - Esmra's weapon is a blood stained Scythe

|| Who She Is ||


Esmra's personality is a difficult one for the light hearted. She has a whit most find unsettling and a flare for pain most fear. She enjoys teasing humans, playing with them and their emotions for her delight. It creates solace for her when she thinks of her anger towards God's war with Lucifer over the pitiful beings. Her tongue is sharp and she cares little for offending people. If they show offense she usually just burns them for being foolish, especially if they are her underlings. However, her temper doesn't show often as she is a cold calculating person, choosing to smile without laughter to unsettle her victims. But when her temper does grow she explodes and anyone near her become's collateral.

She takes her pleasures in life through simple means, she will often wake up with more than one partner, her hands soaked in blood as the human lovers lay dead beside her. She will take Demon partners but they know her heart is not up for negotiation. She has lost any part of her soul that knew how to love another. Her day to day life on Earth consists of causing mayhem. She will woefully invite guests to her popular bar within New York, treat them like VIP's draw them in, she make's them believe she cares for them no matter how long it takes her to woo them, and then she crushes their hearts taking pleasure in the look of their eyes at her betrayal. The same betrayal she felt when God betrayed her breathen letting them die like ants for the front lines. She also uses her bar as a greet and meet for many demons, as a creature of chaos she wants to be at the center of information. Her bar allows her to hear the most interesting secrets, the most devilish information and for her sell such secrets to their competitors. Developing the mayhem further. Many demons come to her for such information as she usually has some knowledge that can lead them where they wish to be, for a price. Esmra never gives away information for free, she always charges a price, be it your defining loyalty or your dignity to become her slave.

She has little care for the current war, she became a demon out of frustration towards the last war. Her thoughts towards Angels are platonic, she views them no differently from any other Demon or human. They are just beings existing like she is. She will tease them and manipulate them like she does any other being she comes into contact with, no less remorse or vengeance. Humans are the only beings that bring out her true vengeance for their pathetic existence.

|| History ||

Since her fall to Hell Esmra's compassion, loyalty, kindness and understanding have faded from her light. The darkness of Hell and its irrational logic has corrupted her once Angelic heart. As an Angel, she was a warrior of God, first on the front lines and fully prepared to die for the right cause. However, God's cause to oppose Lucifer's freedom did not serve her justice. Instead, she witnessed the death of the fellow Grigori as they dropped around her on the battlefield, their loyalty wasted, their compassion lost and their hearts dissolved in blood. They died for a worthless cause, a cause she no longer wanted to fight for. Alone on the battlefield during the first war fighting for survival, it was Lucifer's hand of hope that took her loyalty over gods. Abandoning God's demands Esmra turned her back on him and his selfish desires to be all powerful.

Upon falling to Hell Esmra's hatred for the war, for the humans that caused it brewed. She had thousands of years to fester her anger, to train, to focus her goal. Her soul slowly blackened as she watched the humans free to do as they please whilst she and her fellow demons had to make do with the souls that fell. Boredom in Hell soon consumed her so she trained, she grew stronger, she learned to travel to the earth realm possessing humans. On earth, she would cause chaos relishing in the murder, the death, and the heartache she would incite. She became cruel, uncaring and calculating. Her strength soon grew to that of a Knights, and with the power of flames Esmra burns a path wherever she goes.


So begins...

Esmra's Story

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|| Esmra ||

|| Demon Knight ||

Screams echoed beyond the metal doors of 'The Seventh Sanctum'. The small bar was quiet inside, low-lit without many patrons this blissful night. A sullen barman cleaned glasses in solitude, one patron sat at the bar sipping on scotch. The only sounds reaching them were the cries and screams of the rioters outside. A peaceful sound for the few demons that sat within the building. A pair of humans tucked away in the back, shaking, afraid of what was outside. If only they knew the truth of the people they surrounded themselves with. The demons that were mere inches away from them.

Esmra stood upstairs in her private quarters, brushing her blonde hair she combed out some dried human blood that she had missed during her shower. Looking in a long mirror which was cracked in the right corner she pouted her lips checking her makeup. With a fleeting satisfied smile, she turned towards the double bed that lay at the center of the room. "Too bad you didn't survive longer. You were fun - for a while" she mused at the dead human man who lay there. Blood had spilled out of his ripped throat soaking the white linen bed sheets. Naked, he was torn all over, his skin bruised, the smell of death beginning to fill her nose.

Esmra stood and waltzed over to the dead man, bending down she kissed his bloodied forehead. "You shouldn't trust so easily" she said before straightening, wiping the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand. Adjusting the black jacket she wore Esmra opened the door to her apartment and began her descent downstairs to The Seventh Sanctum. This was hers, her sanctum, her place to live her life in her ideal of peace.

Upon opening the back doors the screams from the street filtered their way towards her. Esmra smiled upon hearing them, turning her attention to the barman. "John, tell me darling" she leant her elbows on the bar's surface. "what's new today?" she asked her loyal follower.
John was a quiet man. He spoke very rarely and only to Esmra. He was a Fiend demon. Placing down the glass he had been cleaning he immediately began to prepare Esmra's usual cocktail. Placing the Martini before her he leant his hands on the bar. "Scourge. Many of them. Seen climbing the building to the East.

"ugh disgusting things" Esmra picked up the Martini. "Why would they be gathering?" she sipped at it.

"Demon. Knight. Summon them. - Why I do not know."

Esmra's hand paused on the Martini as John mentioned another Demon Knight. It had been some time since she had crossed paths with another Knight like herself. Her curiosity peaked. Picking up the Martini she downed the drink in one go before lifting herself from the bar. "I do believe, we have a party to crash" she smirked "Have Lila clean up my room would you. It's a mess. Then grab your things. " She gave him her orders.

John nodded firmly moving into action. He wasted no time in arranging for Lila, another Fiend demon to clear up the body that lay on Esmra's bed. He then set up his replacement at the bar before walking towards the front doors. Holding them open for Esmra he held out her demon blade. Esmra took hold of her demon knights weapon, unlike many knights whom's weapons were swords, Esmra's weapon was a Scythe. Its hilt was as black as coal, the blade stained red with the blood of its victims. John followed her as they entered the streets. The riots were in full chaos. A bomb flew by Esmra exploding nearby.

"Calming, isn't it?" She spoke to John as they walked through the nights Midnight Massacre.
"Quite" John replied grabbing a human by the head as the woman ran at them with a bottle bomb in her hand. With one shove he threw the woman aside the bomb exploding still in her hand.

Soon they reached the building John had spoken of, hundreds of Scourge were scaling the buildings glass windows. They moved as one blending into a mass of bodies ravaging for blood.

"Well- someone's having quite a celebration" Esmra observed what lay before them. "Let us not waste time, we don't want to miss the fun" She said moving forward towards the building. John Nodded in agreement. Elegantly she pushed on two large glass doors. They flung open breaking from the hinges smashing the glass. Shards fell around them as Esmra and John began to traverse into the building.

Pausing for a moment on the bottom floor Esmra looked above her, she could feel blood, smell it even. Suddenly she sensed the Scourge. A few of them crawled through the doors she had smashed open climbed along the walls towards them.
"John, be a dear would you?" she asked him ignoring their presence.
"My pleasure ma'am" John cracked his knuckles turning around. With a start, he ran towards them. The scourge jumped at him in return pushing off from the walls. John grabbed the nearest one by the neck twisting its head under his arm in one swift motion breaking its neck.

"Vile Things" Esmra sighed heading towards the stairs. She was a Demon Knight, the scourge would obey her if she wished them too. However, she saw them as disgusting vile demons, their blood was mixed with human souls. She despised humans. Thus, the Scourge were vile. She had no qualms killing them.

Her scythe in hand Esmra scaled the stairs with ease, using her super agility she reached the floor she had smelt blood on in no time at all. Her boots echoed on the hall as she walked towards the smell. She could hear the scourge scuttling in the rafters above her. Approaching the smell Esmra moved her scythe to rest in the crook of her arm as she clasped her hands together forming a slow clap. The motion also echoed throughout the hallways as two figures came into view.

Various symbols had been drawn in human blood along the floor, A demon Knight like her was sharpening his demon blade. To the Knights left sat a blood ridden man, his plaid shirt, and jeans soaked in the blood that oozed out of his stomach wound. Esmra did not recognise the Demon Knight, but she knew the face of the bleeding man. Any Demon would.

My, My I am impressed She continued to clap until stepping into the dim light so her own features came into view. "Summoning all of these Scourge, obtaining the blood of the first to attract more angels, you have formed quite an event haven't you" she moved her scythe back into her hand. "However, I could have sworn we were obligated not to kill Gabriel, and well-" she stepped over to the Gabriel who lay on the floor clutching his stomach. Bending down she looked at him inspecting his wounds. Meeting his eyes she smiled for a moment. "Well he's not exactly in good shape is he. Care to explain Mr..?" she asked fishing for a name.

She had not expected to meet Gabriel here. Not in the slightest. It was a surprise, to say the least. As were, the writings this Knight had drawn in blood. She knew of them, a summoning spell. Whatever this Knight was planning, it was definitely more bloodshed. She was interested to see where this plan would lead too. This demon had definitely come prepared with all of the vile Scourge. A fight was imminent.