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Dez Mason

"Great, just great, in an old house with a bunch of creepy old people. There better at least be hot girls here...."

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a character in “Power House: A House for Special Teens”, as played by BelieveInDreams



"My name's Destry, but everyone calls me Dez."

"Well, I'm not 24."

Captive or Keeper:

"I'm a good little boy, a ray of sunshine and I get along with everyone. Is that what you expected me to say?"
Dez is a loud and rebellious soul. No one can change him or tell him what to do.He cares absolutely nothing about what others think of him and is very outspoken and blunt. He says what's on his mind no matter what it is. He is also very kind-hearted and loves to make people laugh and smile. He's is known for his wit and sarcasm, but he stills knows how to be serious. He's very protective of those close to him and is known for being extremely reckless.He never takes the time to think something over and plan it out. He just does it. He always acts on impulse without thinking of the consequences and would be willing to take the fall for anyone that he truly cared about. He can be extremely playful and likes to tease others. He quickly makes friends and is extremely outgoing. He can become friends with anyone and date anyone.He's not judge-mental and bases the people he likes and hangs out with on their personalities. He is also very loyal and trusting, even though he's been used countless times. Once he trusts someone he completely trusts them with everything and becomes completely blind to most of the bad things that they could do to him. In this way he is sometimes easily manipulated.

"I can beam pink fairy dust out of my eyes and shit rainbows." *smiles*
What you didn't believe him? Well his real power is controlling fire. If things weren't the way they were this could be something he'd dream about after reading a comic book but in reality if he could just be normal then he would. His power caused too many problems for him, and he tries his best to refrain from using it.

"My weakness would have to be supermodels. Or maybe just hot girls in general...."
Did you really expect a serious answer out of him? His main strong point is helping others. Even though he'd rather come off as a smart ass he's actually really sweet and would do something for some random person he just met off the street. His number one weakness is the people he loves or thinks he loves and his reckless attitude. He's quick to rush into things and easily trusts others so he's easily manipulated and when someone he cares about acts him for something he has no idea how to say no. He'd literally do anything for someone he cares about. It's sweet of him, but it's also pretty stupid too.

"I like your mom."

-Being a smart ass
-Having fun

"Your face."

-His F*cked up life
-His dad
-Being Judged
-People who can't take jokes
-Bitchy Girls
-Slutty Girls

Dez's Thoughts on You:
Aaliyah: "Ah you mean Mrs. Lollipops and rainbows?"
Despite what he might say he actually does like her, he just likes to tease her a lot. He actually admires her optimistic views and thinks that it's cute.

Kaitlin: "She's alright."
He doesn't really know that much about her so...yeah...

Charlotte "I think you meant Mommy Dearest."
He likes the fact that she looks out for other people, and in a way he feels like she's kind of like the mother that he never had.

"Ready to here a sob story?" (<< wow i spelled hear wrong. I fail..I'm not even gonna' fix it though. Just gonna leave it there....yeah....)
Saying Dez's life sucked is an understatement. Anyone who didn't look close enough would have just seen a kid with two rich parents and would have called him lucky. No one actually knew what went on inside that big mansion that they all lived in. Dez's parents had always expected more than the best out of him and always wanted him to over achieve. Even though he did all of what the wanted him to do at a young age they still didn't give him any recognition because it was expected that he be the best. His father would always cheat on his mom with prostitutes and other women he worked with too. When Dez found out it only made it worse. He wanted to tell his mom but knew that if he did she wouldn't believe him. When his mother did find out she killed herself leaving Dez alone with his dad. After that his dad got even more worse than he already was. One time his father actually tried to kill him, but instead it was Dez who ended up killing his father. At first it was unintentional. He just got mad abutnd hand blazed with fire. He burned his dad alive, then took his stuff and ran out of the house. He stayed with his Uncle but one day when he was walking a man snatched him and brought him to the house he's now in. He still has nightmares about the fire, his dad, and mom. It haunts him everyday.

So begins...

Dez Mason's Story


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Jud brought everyone down to a large table in the dining room and made them sit in hard wooden chairs. "Sit and stay" He threatened them. "Both hands flat on the table"

Charlotte sat down in a seat and placed her hands lightly on the table.

Connie came into the room and stared at all of the kids one by one, with a look of disgust. "Listen up. You are probably wondering why you are here. Well. You are all threats to the community. You have powers that put others in danger and it is our duty to keep you contained, until we can neutralize those powers. Don't think you can escape or try and use your powers on us. The bracelets that are attached to your ankles are electrified. With a push of a button i can sent volts through you that will eventually fry your brain if used continuously or frequently. Your powers are diluted by these objects, you may try and use your powers but they won't work nearly as much. There is an invisible fence on the edge of the property. They work much like dog collars. So unless you get those bracelets off, which is impossible, you will be staying here. " She was standing against one of the empty chairs. "You will eat light meals, 3 times a day. You will get to go outside for one hour and you have some access to reading materials and television. These are to keep you occupied. I don't need a group of crazy strange teenagers. The better your behavior, the more privileges you will receive. The worse your behavior, the worse your consequences will be. Please do not under estimate my son or I. We are skilled at what we do, and we hold power over you. There will be various tests you will go through weekly as well. Is there any questions?"

Charlotte wanted to cry. What the heck? Who just does that? Why would they want to neutralize her powers, she wasn't going to hurt anyone unless she absolutely had to. She was angry, but she kept composed. She would try to be on her best behavior.